Clifton Cousins


On August 8, 1991 the defendant was an inmate at the Lebanon Correctional Institution as a result of his prior convictions from Cuyahoga County for Drug Abuse and Aggravated Robbery. On that date, he attacked another inmate, attempting to cause serious physical harm to that inmate. On October 14, 1991, while the Felonious Assault charges were pending against Mr. Cousins, he attempted to set fire to his cell at Lebanon Correctional Institution. He was subsequently sentenced to a prison term of not less than three nor more than fifteen years on the Felonious Assault charge and eighteen months in prison on the Arson charges.

Location: Southern Ohio Correctional
Offenses: Arson
Fel Assault
Min Sentence: 15 years
Max Sentence: Life
Date Admitted: 10/18/1990
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