Harold Jr. Rotherum


Inmate Rotherum pled guilty to and was convicted of the offenses of attempted rape, abduction and compelling prostitution in 1991. These crimes involved a fourteen year old middle school student with whom the defendant fondled and attempted to engage in sexual conduct. He offered the victim money or baseball cards to engage in sex and finally threatened the young man that if he ever told anybody “even if I go to jail…I will hunt you down and put you in a grave”. As a result of his convictions, Rotherum was sentenced to seven to fifteen years on the charge of attempted Rape, two to ten years on the abduction, plus an additional two years on the charge of compelling prostitution. Several years later Rotherum received what was then referred to as “super shock probation”. However, within two years after being released from prison, he violated his probation by being convicted of a new offense in Greene County, Gross Sexual Imposition, as well as associating with children which was a direct violation his probation. It is our understanding that he was also associating with children in Miami County, though it appears no charges came out of that incident. In 1998, he was determined to be a sexual predator. Prior to the instant offenses, the defendant had been convicted of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles in 1974.

Location: Madison Correctional Institution
Offenses: Attempted Rape
Compell Prostitution
Min Sentence: 7 Years
Max Sentence: 25 Years
Date Admitted: 5/14/1991
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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