About the Warren County Emergency Operations Center (WCEOC)

The Warren County EOC provides a central location for interagency and inter-jurisdictional coordination and executive decision-making to better manage disaster response and recovery operations in our community. Local officials can assemble at this facility to plan and coordinate effective responses to dangerous events such as tornadoes, floods, terror attacks, and other large incidents.

The Warren County EOC is designed to foster effective communications, build situational awareness and establish a common operational picture for all involved in the incident response. The facility and its staff serve to support local Incident Commanders and jurisdictional leadership through information collection, evaluation, display and dissemination, the establishment of clear priorities, short- and long-term planning, efficient resource management and coordination of damage assessment and other recovery operations.

Under the Ohio Revised Code, the Warren County EOC is¬ the link between the 27 different jurisdictions of Warren County and the state and federal resources that may be needed during and after an incident.

Through the fostering of non-political cooperation among all local jurisdictions and contiguous counties, the Warren County EOC provides for a unified, synergistic approach to community disaster response and recovery – all designed to minimize loss of life and property in a crisis.