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A "GPS monument" is simply a specific place that's exact coordinates have been studied and documented. A majority of Warren County’s GPS monuments are half-foot wide holes bored several feet into the ground, filled with concrete, then capped with small brass disks with a cross hair and ID number inscribed on the top. They are flush with the ground and can sometimes be difficult to find.

Historically called "Survey Monuments", for many decades these positions of known latitude and longitude have been used by various groups for many purposes. Most often, surveyors use them as a point of reference from which to begin their charts. Quite often, they are used to assist in determining exactly where a new house is being built and how close the construction comes to being within a potentially dangerous floodplain.

In the past few years, Warren County has been using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to more accurately place monuments. The old method required a surveyor to daisy-chain from one known point out to where the new point needs to be placed. This could be very time consuming and especially difficult in remote areas with poor access. In contrast, GPS technology has very good coverage in all areas and can be used anywhere.

If you are interested in finding a specific monument to help with surveying or would simply like to find out more information, here are the following resources:

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