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A New Road has been Named: Red Lion – Blackburn Way

Published 01/28/2015

Lebanon, Ohio – A new section of roadway that serves as a connecting road for Old SR 123 and SR 123 has been name Red Lion – Blackburn Way. The name Blackburn was used in honor of past County Commissioner Benjamin Blackburn who served intermittently between 1836-1851. A descendent of Commissioner Blackburn, Ruth Blackburn, age 94, was in attendance today for the installation of the new road sign.

A section of roadway that has been re-constructed with a cul-de-sac on both ends, and relies on the new Red-Lion Blackburn Way for access, has been renamed. Old SR 123 was given as the new name for the this portion of State Route 123 that had been removed from the state highway system and still serves the public good. A public hearing was held February 18, 2014 to take comments on the road name change that resulted in general consensus that a name change to Old State Route 123 was most preferable.

Both roads are located in Clearcreek Township, Ohio.

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