Warren County Transportation Improvement District Open House April 24

Study and Evaluation for Warren County Heritage Area Transportation Plan including State Route 63 to be Shared

Published 04/10/2019

LEBANON, OH – 10 April 2019 – The Warren County Transportation Improvement District (WCTID), in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Transportation, District 8, will host an open house on April 24, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the Armco Park Pavilion, 1223 State Route 741, Lebanon, Ohio 45036.

The open house will provide the public with an update on the Warren County Heritage Area Transportation Plan. This plan consolidates and continues work from the 2017 State Route 63 Scoping Study and other related studies to identify and prioritize the possible range of actions, or “projects” that should be advanced. One area already identified as a priority is improving State Route 63 from Union Road to State Route 741.

The WCTID will share information on the Warren County Heritage Area, which extends across central Warren County running East-West. Displays will be available on broad area issues, as well as those specific to known problem areas on State Route 63, such as traffic demand, safety, land use, environmental and cultural preservation. An update on progress of the State Route 63 priority project will also be available.

An important consideration of this transportation planning effort is to ensure public and stakeholder engagement. By having open communication between the WCTID and stakeholders in the area, the WCTID will be able to ensure appropriate transportation planning and design decisions are being made, while also respecting more comprehensive community goals:

  • Improve the quality of life of the local community;
  • Respect the historic context and character of the area;
  • Protect the environment; and
  • Identify community goals that would benefit from concurrent development with the project.

The open house will enable conversations with the public that provide the WCTID with different perspectives on what’s happening in the area. For example, emerging problems that may not be recognized yet, or new ideas that should be considered. Maps of the Warren County Heritage Area will be available for the public to mark-up to identify areas of concern or opportunity.

In addition to the transportation information being discussed, other Warren County organizations will have tables at the open house to share information on related activity happening in the surrounding area such as transit and land use planning.

“We understand the importance of this area as we look at transportation improvements,” said Neil Tunison, Warren County Engineer and member of the WCTID Board of Trustees. “We must collaborate with other organizations to respect the character and the heritage of the area, while also enabling it to serve future generations with the vision the community has for Warren County.”

For more information, visit http://www.wctid.us.

The Warren County Transportation Improvement District (WCTID) is a governmental entity created by the Warren County Board of County Commissioners. The WCTID possesses general powers to operate and fund highway-related projects with the purpose to improve the transportation system in Warren County.

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