Shake Your Mailbox

Although undesired, there is always a potential for damage to mailboxes and fences during the snow removal process. Damage will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Mailboxes and fences that are damaged by actual physical contact with County equipment will be repaired at the County’s expense, but only if they were properly located and installed. The mail box owner is responsible for repair or replacement of the mailbox if the mailbox was damaged by the pressure of the plowed snow and there was no physical contact with the plow equipment.

Residents are encouraged to inspect their mailbox for any repairs it may need. For any mailbox located by the road, there is risk of damage caused by snow plows. Damage may also not be caused by contact with snow plow but by heavy wet snow being thrown off the plow. When inspecting your mailbox check and repair any weaknesses you may see such as rotten wood, deterioration, and/ or cracks in the post as well as leaning of the mailbox.

Any mailbox and its support considered to be a hazard should be removed from the road right-of-way and replaced. For information about mailboxes that are considered a hazard to the traveling public visit our webpage: Safety Topics.

Resources: U.S. Postal Services Mailbox Standards