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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R6:21 Bach Flora K. 1977
S&R25:104 Back Lois (Hampton) 2010
S&R9:139 Baehr Mary Ann 1988
S&R20:92 Baer Richard Lee 2005
GAL1:184 Bahr John 1942
S&R7:209 Bailey Artie (Thompson) 1983
S&R4:152 Bailey Virgil Bernard 1970
S&R14:19 Bailey Willard Conley 1997
S&R6:173 Bair Lucille W. (White) Harter 1979
S&R12:163 Baker Arnold E. 1994
S&R8:72 Baker Betty Lou (Harrison) 1984
S&R20:1 Baker Brenda Sue 2005
S&R21:103 Baker Bruce 2006
S&R8:204 Baker Conley "Johnny" 1986
S&R15:68 Baker Dixie Lynn 1998
S&R4:11 Baker Elizabeth Crain 1967
GAL1:135 Baker Ella J. (Rich) 1940
S&R19:137 Baker General Custer 2004
S&R18:131 Baker George B. 2003
S&R7:132 Baker Harold Leroy 1982
S&R18:122 Baker Isaac J. 2003
GAL2:296 Baker James Alvin 1960
S&R22:141 Baker Lewis K. 2007
S&R20:131 Baker Lloyd Wayne 2005
S&R12:18 Baker Martha Beatrice (Sargent) 1993
S&R22:127 Baker Mary Jane (McClung) 2007
S&R4:113 Baker Omer Clay 1969
S&R21:137 Baker Reva (Caldwell) 2006
GAL1:166 Baldwin Henrietta (Williams) 1941
S&R24:15 Bales Robert K. 2009
S&R22:71 Ball Angelina M. (Martinelli) 2007
GAL1:278 Ball Burt 1947
S&R7:112 Ball Carl Eugene 1981
GAL1:248 Ball Eva (Voorhis) 1946
S&R9:2 Ball Hollis J. 1986
GAL2:148 Ball Rex W. 1955
S&R10:85 Ball Russell O. 1990
S&R19:93 Ball Wilhelmina (Crayman) 2004
S&R7:236 Ballinger Charlie 1983
S&R20:4 Ballou Leuara (Montague) 2005
S&R5:50 Ballweg Alfons 1973
S&R6:221 Ballweg Frieda Lisa (Barthell) 1979
S&R19:70 Balm Debra Faye (Cloyd) 2004
S&R6:244 Banas Thomas Stephen 1980
S&R9:103 Banks Grace 1987
S&R22:121 Banschbach Jerome L. 2007
S&R15:9 Barbetta Aline P. (Petty) 1998
S&R23:94 Barczak Chester F. 2008
S&R16:180 Bare Wayne E. 2001
S&R24:28 Barker Grace Dorine (Purtlebaugh) 2009
S&R22:54 Barkley Andrew 2007
S&R11:39 Barlow Carroll Eugene 1991
GAL3:173 Barnes Brett 1965
S&R12:23 Barnes Carissa Nicole 1993
S&R7:43 Barnes Charles Glenn 1981
S&R5:3 Barnes Enos James 1972
S&R7:9 Barnes Florence Eskalene (Stephenson) 1980
S&R5:255 Barnes Garvice Evell 1976
S&R11:87 Barnes Geneva (Robinson) 1992
S&R23:91 Barnes Herschel E. 2008
S&R5:43 Barnes Hosie Benjamin Jr. 1973
S&R4:207 Barnes Ina Selesta 1971
S&R6:75 Barnes Jeffrey Scott 1977
S&R18:94 Barnes Lillie O. (Edwards) 2003
GAL2:277 Barnes Millard 1959
GAL2:90 Barnes Otto 1953
S&R14:36 Barnes Polly Anne (Mitchell) 1997
S&R12:45 Barnes Robert Lee 1993
S&R16:36 Barnes Ronald Glenn 2000
S&R6:250 Barnes Thelma Rae (Holman) 1980
S&R19:41 Barnett Marjorie A. (Flynn) 2004
S&R22:94 Barnhart Melvin Ronald 2007
S&R8:47 Barnthouse Genevieve (Duffy) 1984
S&R9:1 Barr Brenda Darlene 1986
S&R12:71 Barr Edwin Woodmansee "Fat" 1994
S&R5:226 Barr Emily Louise 1975
S&R5:95 Barr Hazel Katherine (Woodmansee) 1973
S&R4:250 Barr John James 1972
S&R6:169 Barr John William 1979
S&R10:191 Barr Joseph Elbert 1991
S&R22:122 Barr Michael J. 2007
S&R21:118 Barr Ruth Annette (Brunk) 2006
S&R19:20 Barrett Chester 2004
S&R25:76 Barrett Magnolia 2010
S&R19:142 Barrow William L. 2004
S&R8:201 Barth Ada J. (Yost) 1986
S&R21:75 Barth Beatrice E. 2006
S&R13:105 Barth Walter George 1995
GAL1:95 Bartimeus Charles Logan Fagan 1937
S&R11:11 Bartow Robert Lamonte 1991
S&R18:142 Basford Christina M. 2003
S&R9:10 Basford Howard T. 1986
S&R9:232 Bates Alice Marie (Welch) 1988
S&R9:186 Bates Blanche L. (Williamson) 1988
GAL2:126 Bates Harry L. 1954
S&R6:18 Bates Jonathan Lee "Jack" 1976
S&R14:87 Bates Kenneth Edward 1997
GAL1:223 Bates William L. 1944
S&R17:113 Batsche Ruth Hope 2002
S&R10:138 Batshce Frank H. (Dr.) Sr. 1990
S&R18:11 Batulanon Daniel 2002
S&R9:210 Baubach Carolyn J. (Miller) 1988
S&R9:153 Baudendistel Ellen O. (Dumford) 1988
GAL2:136 Baudendistel Henry 1954
S&R4:91 Baudendistel Maude (Stroud) 1969
GAL3:17 Baudendistel Robert H. 1960
S&R6:150 Bauer William J. 1978
S&R18:184 Baumann Clarence C. 2003
S&R6:94 Baumann Clarence Sr. 1978
S&R23:137 Baumann Herbert 2008
S&R15:168 Baumann Hilda F. (Swanger) 1999
S&R12:86 Baumann Louis Henry 1994
S&R5:231 Baumann Mary Elizabeth (Voorhis) 1975
GAL3:233 Baumann Patric Wayne 1966
S&R25:84 Baumbaugh Anna Mae (Van Thorne) 2010
S&R18:83 Baysore Ada M. (Mockabee) 2003
S&R24:56 Baysore Betty Ann (Platt) 2009
GAL3:136 Baysore Clyde 1964
S&R13:182 Baysore Dan L. 1996
GAL2:191 Baysore Della (Long) 1957
GAL3:5 Baysore Ella (Usher) 1960
S&R15:34 Baysore Esther Marie (Grisham) 1998
GAL3:76 Baysore Fanamay (Long) 1962
S&R8:19 Baysore Harry E. "Eugene" 1984
S&R10:57 Baysore James Allen Sr. 1989
S&R22:97 Baysore James E. 2007
GAL1:136 Baysore Matilda (Cione) 1940
S&R7:223 Baysore Myrtle Belva 1983
S&R4:110 Baysore Nathan Christopher 1969
S&R16:32 Baysore Paulette 2000
S&R6:257 Baysore Thomas Allen 1980
S&R8:188 Baysore Thomas Clayton 1986
S&R7:18 Bear Evalyn Dorothy (Schwart) 1980
S&R14:123 Beaty Alonzo F. 1997
S&R19:29 Beaty Maurine R. (Burgess) 2004
S&R7:275 Beauchamp Frank Warner 1983
S&R18:186 Beaven Charles Leo 2003
S&R16:117 Beazley Margaret A. (MacIntyre) 2000
S&R25:100 Beck Robert G. 2010
S&R6:69 Beckelhimer Calvin 1977
S&R8:239 Beckelhimer Sarah Blanche (Monce) 1986
S&R9:124 Becker Clarence Leslie "Beck" 1987
S&R21:7 Becker Doris Mae (LeBlang) 2006
GAL3:104 Becker John J. Sr. 1962
GAL3:202 Beckett Helen W. (Houghton) 1966
GAL1:158 Beckman Cora Alice (Littell) 1941
S&R6:258 Bedacht Casper Henry 1980
GAL2:289 Bedacht Emma (Schoenberg) 1960
S&R15:87 Bedinghaus Robert Allen 1999
S&R4:28 Bedsole Elizabeth Jane (Kurtz) 1967
S&R24:131 Beebe-Wallace Dorothy 2009
GAL1:226 Beel Robert Howard 1944
S&R11:202 Beers Cozette (Perkins) 1993
S&R15:137 Begley Lance 1999
S&R16:19 Begley Mills L. 2000
S&R11:177 Begley Robert Lee 1993
S&R25:52 Begley Rosaile (Reed) 2010
S&R7:240 Behm Mildred (Ayers) 1983
S&R17:128 Behymer Ada Belle 2002
S&R17:130 Behymer Ella 2002
S&R6:38 Behymer George 1977
S&R18:176 Behymer Judith A. 2003
GAL3:213 Behymer Lee Isaac 1966
S&R14:188 Behymer Mary Ann (Peters) 1998
S&R7:163 Behymer Matthew 1982
S&R4:117 Behymer Rachael (Robinson) 1969
S&R22:73 Behymer Roy 2007
S&R5:11 Behymer Samuel Sr. 1972
S&R10:135 Bell Beverly 1990
S&R8:49 Bell Carlene Sue (Losson) 1984
S&R25:55 Bell David Lee 2010
S&R22:27 Bell Hazel D. (Bishop) 2007
GAL2:112 Bell James 1954
S&R17:90 Bell Patricia Ann (Wallace) 2002
GAL1:245 Bell Virginia (Bartram) 1945
GAL2:217 Beller Edith (Klein) 1957
S&R5:60 Beller Joseph George 1973
S&R23:104 Bells Lauren Mackenzie 2008
S&R18:148 Belshaw James W. 2003
S&R18:28 Bench William C. 2002
S&R23:85 Bendel William J. 2008
S&R6:130 Bender John Reynolds (Rev.) 1978
S&R14:143 Bene Alice Jane (Hauck) 1998
S&R16:88 Bene Elmer A. 2000
S&R12:54 Bene Harry William 1994
S&R15:31 Bene Janet Helen (Sunnycalb) 1998
GAL3:204 Bene Josephine 1966
GAL2:206 Bene William E. 1957
S&R8:183 Benefield Paul Clinton 1985
S&R15:35 Benjamin Kenneth William 1998
S&R17:80 Benner David H. Jr. 2001
S&R17:8 Benner Lucille (Turner) 2001
S&R11:82 Benner William Manne 1992
GAL2:43 Bennett Albert 1951
S&R8:119 Bennett Albert Leroy 1985
GAL3:203 Bennett Alvona (Finney) 1966
S&R10:134 Bennett Clement (Philip) 1990
S&R23:114 Bennett Elli R. 2008
S&R8:113 Bennett Elsie K. (Kirk) 1985
S&R19:19 Bennett George Franklin 2004
GAL3:193 Bennett Harold A. 1966
GAL2:30 Bennett Marshall 1950
S&R5:236 Bennett Mary Rosanna (LaMar) 1976
GAL1:255 Bennett William R. 1946
S&R23:78 Benson Clint R. 2008
S&R11:122 Benson Dale David 1992
GAL3:41 Bental Elizabeth 1961
S&R12:19 Bentley Benjamin Harrison 1993
S&R20:57 Bentley Benjamin Harrison II 2005
S&R16:164 Bentley Naomi C. (Collins) 2001
S&R6:16 Bercaw Charles William Sr. 1976
GAL2:172 Bercaw David W. 1956
S&R12:112 Bercaw Eleanor (Ingles) 1994
GAL1:128 Bercaw Helen P. (Argadine) 1940
S&R5:265 Bercaw Lucile (Flowers) 1976
S&R15:148 Bercaw Marshall Earl 1999
S&R22:135 Bercaw Mary Josephine (Heywood) 2007
GAL1:233 Bercaw Robert 1945
GAL2:173 Berdaw Betty Lou 1956
S&R5:1 Bergen Dale Roger 1972
S&R6:29 Bergen Hazel Marie (Reid) 1977
S&R14:134 Bergen Richard Lee 1998
S&R8:85 Bergen William Roger 1985
S&R11:8 Berger Madeline Ruth (Whalen) 1991
S&R4:42 Berkery Michael Wayne (Lt.) 1968
S&R23:66 Bernard Frances R. (Wood) 2008
S&R24:129 Bernard Gordon E. 2009
S&R7:116 Bernardo Emiliano Dizon 1981
S&R14:70 Bernas Anna F. (Kostolnik) 1997
S&R5:260 Berner Marie Catherine 1976
S&R12:14 Berner Martin Carl 1993
S&R17:170 Berner Thomas Michael 2002
S&R4:105 Bernett Howard John 1969
S&R12:2 Bernett Ocie Blanche (Heitkamp) 1993
S&R23:102 Berry George W. Jr. 2008
S&R10:18 Berry Sudie (Garland) 1989
S&R10:194 Berryhill Ota I. (Warfield) 1991
S&R5:96 Besh Mary Ella (Anderson) 1973
S&R8:124 Besl Edward John 1985
S&R11:188 Bettencourt Kevin Patrick 1993
S&R14:138 Bezares Consuelo Thomasa 1998
S&R21:14 Bicknell Wesley Eugene 2006
S&R11:24 Biddle James Randall 1991
S&R11:200 Biedenkopf Stella M. (Lottos) 1993
S&R21:35 Biehle Adolph F. 2006
S&R5:222 Biehle Alma Margaret Louise (Paske) 1975
S&R6:124 Biehle Beth Marie 1978
S&R10:222 Biehle Henrietta Virginia (Hollingshead) 1991
S&R13:10 Biehle Herbert 1995
S&R8:140 Biehle Lola F. 1985
S&R4:21 Biehle Otto 1967
S&R12:147 Bieler Grace W. (Weil) 1994
GAL1:191 Biggs John W. 1942
S&R22:57 Bilban Frank 2007
S&R23:110 Billington Mitzi (Cook) 2008
S&R15:20 Binder Carol Lea (Daugherty) 1998
S&R12:104 Binder Robert Edgar 1994
S&R11:167 Binnall Imogene Emily (McClung) 1993
S&R13:98 Biretta Julia (Sukacov) 1995
S&R9:237 Birney Charles Garnard 1988
S&R9:246 Birney Esther Marie (Barnes) 1989
S&R6:115 Biser Shanna Marie 1978
S&R17:72 Biser Zachary Nathan 2001
S&R9:85 Bishop Albert 1987
S&R18:103 Bishop Albert Lee 2003
S&R10:21 Bishop Carolyn Jean (Cammack) 1989
S&R12:31 Bishop Evelyn (Todd) 1993
S&R9:237 Bishop Gladys (Gavs_ 1988
S&R11:76 Bishop Jerry Lee 1992
S&R5:83 Bishop Lewis 1973
GAL3:89 Bishop Mariana (Dwire) 1962
GAL3:234 Bishop Sandra 1966
GAL3:151 Bishop Tammy Lee 1964
GAL2:36 Bishop William E. 1950
GAL1:62 Black Chas. M. 1935
S&R15:16 Black Doris Angela (Power) 1998
S&R16:63 Black Eugene M. 2000
S&R13:67 Blackburn Henry 1995
S&R21:154 Blackwell Kent P. 2006
GAL2:219 Blair Addie Odom (Mitchell) 1957
S&R6:239 Blair Alice Mae (Parr) 1980
S&R7:35 Blair Francis Marion 1981
S&R11:91 Blair Harry 1992
S&R7:197 Blair William David 1982
S&R5:107 Blake Henry Edward 1973
S&R5:261 Blake Lillian Elizabeth (Forbee) 1976
S&R5:49 Blankenship Douglas Carl [Infant] 1973
S&R23:111 Blatt Marguerite A. 2008
S&R5:165 Blenke Nicholas Joseph 1974
S&R7:153 Blevins Caswell 1982
S&R4:237 Blevins Joseph Banner 1972
S&R9:17 Blevins Laura (Deaton) 1986
S&R11:138 Blevins Myrtle (Spradling) 1992
S&R15:27 Blevins Sara F. (Whiteside) 1998
S&R15:21 Bloch Arthur LeRoy 1998
S&R18:69 Blomer Charles W. 2003
GAL2:89 Bloom Charles S. 1953
S&R10:165 Bloom Miriam (Bowyer) 1990
S&R4:60 Bloomer Emma Mae (Rowe) 1968
S&R4:155 Bloomer Hillard Ezra 1970
S&R5:74 Bloomer Hillary Ezra Jr. 1973
S&R9:172 Boal Louise (Carlisle) 1988
GAL1:27 Bochmer William 1933
GAL2:197 Bockerman Lena 1957
S&R14:132 Bodenbender David George 1998
S&R21:22 Bodenstein Deva Morine (Garrett) 2006
S&R10:163 Bodenstein Michael John 1990
S&R16:18 Boerschig Harry Joseph 2000
GAL3:54 Bogan Edna V. 1961
S&R9:236 Bogan Melva Mae (Cook) 1988
GAL3:171 Bogan Wilbur C. 1965
S&R11:112 Bogen James H. 1992
GAL1:281 Bohr Ruth (Stabler) 1947
S&R5:183 Boitnott Leslie Fern (Hetzler) 1975
S&R4:151 Boland George William 1970
S&R9:67 Boland Gertrude (Craycraft) 1987
S&R10:122 Bolce Joyce W. (Wheeler) 1990
S&R16:163 Bolling Dorothy (Frazier) 2001
S&R15:83 Bollinger Gertrude F. (Roeder) 1999
GAL3:210 Bolser Merrill W. 1966
S&R4:43 Bolser Weller A. 1968
S&R25:48 Bolte Stephen J. 2010
S&R24:2 Boltz Carl George 2009
GAL3:198 Bone Minnie 1966
S&R11:44 Bonham Arthur T. 1991
S&R21:41 Bonham Bonnie A. (Hill) 2006
GAL3:22 Bonham Flossie 1960
S&R17:66 Bonham Julia (Hartsog) 2001
GAL2:243 Bonham Roy S. 1958
S&R22:83 Bonham Theodore S. 2007
S&R16:194 Boop Dorothy Thelma (Shuli) 2001
GAL3:99 Boop James David 1962
S&R23:1 Boop James David 2007
S&R17:147 Boop Robert L. 2002
S&R13:106 Booth Hattie N. (Booth) 1995
S&R15:122 Booth Mildred (Schultz) 1999
S&R11:71 Booth Paul L. 1992
S&R24:99 Boothby Clara Marie (Miner) 2009
S&R12:33 Borch Garnet (Henninger) 1993
S&R8:115 Borchers Clinton Harry 1985
S&R10:168 Borchert Elizabeth Caroline (Wagner) 1990
S&R8:120 Bordenfelter Clara (Silvers) 1985
S&R6:248 Bordenfelter Clifford Marion 1980
GAL2:143 Bordenfelter Conrad 1955
S&R18:125 Borgemenke Adam E. 2003
GAL2:224 Bosley James L. 1958
S&R17:94 Bosley Marlin L. 2002
S&R16:134 Boston Shirley Ann (Garl) 2000
S&R8:208 Boswell Richard H. 1986
GAL3:92 Bothe Christian J. 1962
GAL1:243 Botts Thomas 1945
S&R17:31 Bowen Barbara Lee "Bunny' 2001
S&R9:148 Bowen Nettie L. (Pace) 1988
S&R21:127 Bowing Della M. (Denny) 2006
S&R23:125 Bowing William F. 2008
S&R4:164 Bowles Melissa Ann 1970
S&R4:200 Bowman Alva Niles 1971
S&R8:164 Bowman Alvin K. 1985
S&R14:185 Bowman Edna (Sparks) 1998
S&R11:100 Bowman Therma (Smith) 1992
GAL2:38 Bowyer Arthur D. 1950
GAL2:12 Bowyer Chas. Halleck 1949
S&R6:251 Bowyer Frank Mulford III 1980
S&R5:76 Bowyer Frank Mulford Jr. 1973
S&R7:27 Bowyer Genevieve 1980
S&R7:234 Bowyer Genevra 1983
S&R8:117 Bowyer Georgia F. (Feiler) 1985
S&R9:149 Bowyer Juanita L. 1988
GAL2:166 Bowyer Minnie (Irwin) 1956
S&R9:94 Bowyer Roger Eldon 1987
S&R6:48 Bowyer Thelma Kurry 1977
S&R9:125 Bowyer Vera Ethel 1987
GAL3:10 Bowyer William W. 1960
S&R7:62 Boyd Minnie Kanein 1981
S&R18:75 Boyd-Johnson Margaret V. (Turner) 2003
S&R22:105 Boyer Dale L. 2007
S&R24:164 Boyer Mida Ann 2009
S&R4:198 Boynton Pauline (Guilkey) 1971
S&R7:123 Bradley Chelcie (Cole) 1981
S&R25:79 Brady Dorothy (Morrow) 2010
S&R20:65 Brady Vincil A. 2005
GAL2:91 Bragg Burley L. 1953
S&R9:267 Brandenburg Arthur Elsworth 1989
S&R7:164 Brandenburg Mary 1982
S&R14:115 Brandenburg Ralph Willard 1997
S&R16:111 Brandhorst Corrine E. (Newton) 2000
S&R24:53 Brant Beulah (Chapman) 2009
S&R12:13 Brant Leroy Ortie 1993
S&R9:182 Brant Robert Donnally "Robby" 1988
S&R18:101 Bratcher Rainer H. 2003
GAL2:19 Braun Lenora (Wahl) 1949
GAL1:74 Braun Susanna (Dumlocher) 1936
S&R13:94 Bravard Benjamin F. 1995
S&R17:126 Bravard Helen E. 2002
S&R21:150 Bray D. Lee (Cox) 2006
S&R22:139 Brayton Stanley W. 2007
S&R4:186 Brazzell Rodney Harold 1970
S&R6:240 Breckenridge Prudence Hope (Hanscom) 1980
S&R8:78 Brewer Eva Mae (Calvert) 1984
S&R13:126 Brewer Norma Mae (Roy) 1996
S&R10:162 Brewsaugh Alton E. "Talc" 1990
S&R12:64 Brewster Francis Edward "Frank" or "Dutch" 1994
S&R9:36 Brewster Jack N. 1986
S&R10:90 Brewster Joellen (Sullivan) 1990
S&R21:128 Brewster Margaret R. 2006
GAL1:165 Brewster Paul James 1941
S&R25:93 Brewster Ruth Louise (Hobson) 2010
S&R18:115 Bright Lucille Taylor (Dye) 2003
S&R5:211 Brinker Helen Carolyn (Hornback) 1975
S&R14:45 Britton Addie (Hoskins) 1997
S&R21:114 Britton Evelyn J. (Perkins) 2006
S&R16:101 Britton Herman E. 2000
S&R12:108 Broadway Joseph James 1994
GAL1:37 Broadwell Epaminondas 1934
S&R8:5 Brock Casie Lynn 1984
S&R11:194 Brock Erika R. (Neumann) 1993
S&R19:78 Brockman Ramona Rosa-Lee 2004
S&R21:111 Brohan Elda Caroline (Smith) 2006
S&R10:192 Brokamp Maudie S. (Stratton) 1991
GAL3:74 Bromley Hester (Griffin) 1962
S&R9:205 Brooks Ethel M. (Gaffney) 1988
S&R16:57 Broom Robert H. 2000
S&R19:51 Brothers Charles Henry 2004
S&R14:52 Brothers Mildred Louise (Meeks) 1997
S&R14:201 Brotherton Joella Ruth (Noakes) 1998
S&R22:53 Brotherton Thomas R. 2007
S&R25:49 Brown Carol Jean (Tonkin) 2010
S&R16:22 Brown Clarence 2000
GAL2:122 Brown Clarence A. Sr. 1954
S&R14:64 Brown Clarence James 1997
GAL2:113 Brown David E. 1954
S&R8:40 Brown Dorothy "Helen" (Burnett) 1984
S&R4:102 Brown Elizabeth Ann (Bell) 1969
S&R13:232 Brown Gene Louise (Posch) 1996
GAL1:69 Brown Geo. E. 1936
S&R13:217 Brown George Stewart 1996
GAL3:62 Brown Georgia E. 1961
GAL3:265 Brown Harlis J. 1961
S&R25:23 Brown Harlis 2010
S&R11:164 Brown Harold 1993
S&R21:130 Brown Hazel (Reynolds) 2006
GAL1:1 Brown Infant 1931
S&R13:181 Brown Jack Douglas 1996
S&R5:232 Brown James Anthony 1975
S&R11:175 Brown Janis (Hampton) 1993
S&R8:197 Brown Joseph A. 1986
S&R6:154 Brown Margaret 1978
S&R18:23 Brown Margaret E. (West) 2002
S&R9:285 Brown Mary Pearl (Boyd) 1989
S&R8:207 Brown Oriville Atwood 1986
S&R7:258 Brown Paul William 1983
S&R4:20 Brown Raymond John 1967
S&R25:70 Brown Raymond L. 2010
S&R11:195 Brown Reginald 1993
S&R13:227 Brown Tammy Lee (Robbins) 1996
S&R5:229 Brown Wendell Earl 1975
S&R7:215 Brown Wilbur Franklin "Bud" 1983
GAL1:217 Brown William L. 1944
S&R14:112 Brown Yuelta M. (Fields) 1997
S&R11:83 Browning Bertha (Smith) 1992
S&R7:182 Browning Ira Edward 1982
S&R10:42 Bruce Theodore M. 1989
S&R20:22 Bruce Virginia A. (Ashurst) 2005
S&R23:68 Bruening Nancy (Snyder) 2008
S&R7:50 Brumagen Sharon Kay (Cornwell) 1981
S&R16:86 Brumagen Sheila 2000
S&R15:48 Brumagen Vivian Rose (Faecher) 1998
S&R18:58 Brune Richard Owen 2003
S&R14:12 Bruning John R. 1997
GAL1:295 Brunk Annette (McMahan) 1948
GAL2:141 Brunk Harley 1955
S&R5:142 Brunk Helen May (Bahr) 1974
S&R5:57 Brunk Leslie Earl 1973
S&R9:29 Bruno Albert I. 1986
S&R20:68 Bryan Richard Allen 2005
S&R13:172 Bryan Ruth Elizabeth (Marshall) 1996
S&R19:76 Bryan William A. 2004
S&R25:72 Bryant Doris (Hammond) 2010
S&R18:133 Bryant Gail Ann (Cadinha) 2003
S&R13:22 Buchanan Frances Louise (Brayton) 1995
S&R13:70 Buchanan James Eugene 1995
S&R9:198 Buchanan Michael Perry 1988
S&R11:70 Buchanan Raymond 1992
S&R10:187 Bucheit Charlotte L. (Ross) 1990
GAL2:220 Buckhart Dora Belle (Williams) 1957
S&R12:68 Buckley Harry L. 1994
S&R22:109 Buckner Mildred Irene (Norman) 2007
S&R6:201 Buergermeier Mattie Gertrude (Malott) 1979
S&R9:203 Buergermeier Robert Edward 1988
GAL1:299 Buerkle Sebastin M. 1948
S&R6:223 Bullis Jeff Ray 1979
S&R9:189 Bullock Alice (Bradley) 1988
S&R5:256 Bullock Bertie (Sandlin) 1976
S&R16:65 Bullock Everette "Pete" 2000
S&R9:217 Bullock James M. 1988
S&R10:107 Bullock Jesse Joplin 1990
S&R9:218 Bullock Laura Sibyl (Hunt) 1988
S&R8:76 Bunch Jackie Lavern 1984
S&R8:235 Buns Jean Lang 1986
S&R7:195 Buns Robert Edward 1982
S&R17:127 Bunting Muriel H. 2002
S&R5:87 Bunting Myron Anderson "Mike" 1973
S&R8:96 Burbank Alice Louise (Berger) 1985
S&R11:30 Burchell Homer L. 1991
S&R7:106 Burchett Edwin Price 1981
S&R17:123 Burchwell Emma Jane 2002
S&R18:38 Burchwell Grace Mae (Reeves) 2002
S&R9:177 Burchwell Obra W. 1988
S&R6:213 Burchwell Otus 1979
S&R10:176 Burchwell Victor 1990
S&R4:191 Burchwell Wanda L. (Perkins) 1971
S&R6:14 Burger Adeline (Decker) 1976
S&R17:172 Burgess Terence 2002
S&R6:208 Burke Esther Louise (Fielman) 1979
GAL3:39 Burke Martin Jr. 1961
S&R5:181 Burke Marvin Martin 1975
S&R13:185 Burleson Barry B. 1996
S&R24:6 Burleson Michele S. (Wilhelm) 2009
GAL1:13 Burlew Amelia (Slausser) 1932
GAL1:97 Burlew Lewis B. Sr. 1937
GAL3:167 Burnes William F. 1965
S&R13:162 Burns Mary Agnes (Whalen) 1996
S&R20:6 Burns Michael David 2005
S&R19:71 Burns Richard R. 2004
S&R16:14 Burns William Francis 2000
S&R13:153 Burnside Julie Renea 1996
GAL3:166 Burnside Oscar 1965
S&R15:129 Burnside Otto Louis 1999
S&R10:102 Burnside Vallie Faye (Craddock) 1990
S&R24:106 Burnside Viola Ray (Clayton) 2009
S&R24:161 Burrows Gordon R. 2009
S&R7:250 Burrows Michael Francis 1983
GAL2:106 Bursk Dewey 1953
S&R6:205 Bursk Helen 1979
S&R9:273 Bursk Joseph Kleeman 1989
S&R6:103 Bursk Julia 1978
GAL1:239 Bursk Vern 1945
S&R14:144 Bursk Wilda Lou (Hoff) 1998
S&R7:6 Burton Edwin Luke 1980
S&R10:219 Burton William Lee Sr. 1991
S&R18:136 Burton-Weisbrod Shirley (Gundrum) 2003
S&R23:106 Burtosky Elena (Monzo) 2008
S&R14:38 Bush Lillian A. (Hanns) 1997
S&R8:102 Bush Powell "John" 1985
S&R9:138 Bush Vester M. 1988
S&R6:186 Bussell Delbert 1979
S&R5:178 Bussell Sallie Marlene (Doan) 1975
S&R4:16 Busser Robert Walter 1967
S&R25:78 Butcher Mary (Prete) 2010
S&R17:89 Buten Giles Anthony 2001
S&R8:154 Butler Albert C. 1985
S&R14:110 Butler Eva Mae (Whitaker) 1997
S&R24:47 Butler Helen L. (Rizzo) 2009
GAL3:169 Butler Mary (Price) 1965
S&R5:28 Butler Melvin Angelo 1972
S&R23:124 Butler Paul J. 2008
S&R15:108 Butler Paul Stewart 1999
GAL3:43 Butler Raymond 1961
S&R10:182 Butler Vivian Z. (Scott) 1990
GAL1:96 Byrd Minnie (Singleton) 1937


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