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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R8:125 Cable Ashley Danielle 1985
S&R12:79 Cable Harold Louis 1994
GAL2:99 Cable Louis 1953
GAL2:290 Cable Nettie (Aunker) 1960
S&R7:248 Cable Opal (Doan) 1983
S&R10:232 Cable Paul Douglas 1991
S&R6:183 Cable Randy Glenn 1979
S&R12:28 Cable Wiley Carter 1993
S&R22:76 Cain Georgia Anne 2007
S&R11:59 Cain Peggy Sue (Wesley) 1992
S&R14:135 Calacci Mary (Bianchi) 1998
S&R23:101 Calchera Jesse L. 2008
S&R23:77 Calchera Rachel M. (Combs) 2008
S&R24:145 Caldwell Herbert William 2009
S&R19:64 Callahan Geneva 2004
S&R11:143 Calland Jackie Laverne (Agee) 1992
S&R18:53 Callon Floyd R. 2002
S&R19:100 Calvert Charles H. 2004
S&R10:106 Calvert Geneva Mae (Lannie) 1990
S&R6:97 Calvert Helen Glen (Runyan) 1978
S&R13:85 Calvert Lydia Jane (Dumford) 1995
S&R9:207 Calvert Max Runyan 1988
GAL3:164 Calvert William Wilbourne 1964
GAL3:188 Calvert Wilson Wick 1965
S&R12:136 Camp Elizabeth Ann (Eggert) 1994
S&R5:94 Camp Williams Nicholas 1973
S&R13:101 Campbell Anna Marie (Hicks) 1995
S&R9:152 Campbell Bobby Cooper, M.D. 1988
S&R11:79 Campbell Charles Walter 1992
S&R9:171 Campbell Cindy Lou 1988
S&R6:32 Campbell Claud Merril 1977
S&R11:174 Campbell Delmer Elvin 1993
S&R12:152 Campbell Dorothy M. (Long) 1994
S&R7:1 Campbell Emmitt 1980
S&R16:28 Campbell Eva Lena (Gallagher) 2000
GAL3:66 Campbell Gary Roy 1961
S&R7:271 Campbell Harry 1983
S&R17:103 Campbell Mary M. (Wade) 2002
GAL3:227 Campbell Rose A. 1966
S&R16:59 Campbell Roy L. 2000
S&R7:3 Campbell Thomas Ralph 1980
S&R10:59 Campbell Toby Carl 1989
S&R9:192 Campbell Wilma Lois (Roberts) 1988
S&R14:194 Campisi Patricia Belle (Shirk) 1998
S&R25:112 Campisi Peter Ignatius 2010
S&R13:177 Campos Mario 1996
GAL1:90 Canel Robert Denning 1937
S&R18:178 Cannava Jacqueline V. (Coccia) 2003
S&R5:22 Canter Jack L. 1972
S&R23:123 Cantrell Evelyn L. (Lewis) 2008
S&R21:34 Carey Adeline (Stephens) 2006
S&R7:59 Carey Joseph Othal 1981
S&R7:74 Carey Lillian Edna (Stoll) 1981
S&R17:168 Carey Paul S. 2002
S&R7:21 Carlier Deborah Phillipine 1980
S&R18:126 Carlton Ellen Joanne (Seifer) 2003
S&R17:16 Carlton John 2001
S&R4:95 Carman Jakki 1969
S&R9:200 Carman Rebecca (Mount) 1988
S&R4:233 Carmichael Emily Louise (Schweikart) 1972
S&R4:86 Carnahan George Everett 1968
S&R4:75 Carnahan Nellie B. (Brown) 1968
S&R6:206 Carpenter B. M. [Infant] 1979
S&R11:171 Carpenter B.M. 1993
S&R7:136 Carpenter Gracie Nell (Harris) 1982
S&R9:31 Carpenter Herman L. 1986
S&R18:62 Carpenter Inez (McIlvain) 2003
S&R6:53 Carpenter Raymond Emerson 1977
S&R6:119 Carpenter Robert Carston 1978
S&R17:92 Carpenter Rosa A. (Slagel) 2002
S&R11:34 Carr Arvil J. 1991
S&R15:199 Carr Everett S. 1999
S&R11:26 Carr Pansy M. (Caldwell) 1991
GAL1:58 Carrel Elizabeth (Stevenson) 1935
S&R10:30 Carrel George W. Sr. 1989
S&R9:167 Carrel Irene G. (Goodwin) 1988
GAL1:143 Carrel J. Wallace 1940
S&R17:146 Carrel Kim 2002
S&R10:137 Carrel Marion B. (Bryson) 1990
GAL1:76 Carrel Maud R. 1936
S&R5:150 Carrel Parker James 1974
GAL3:13 Carrel Robert R. 1960
S&R12:49 Carrell Kenneth Robert II 1993
S&R7:259 Carrico Betty Carolyn (Witt) 1983
S&R24:37 Carrier Joyce (Little) 2009
S&R15:197 Carrier Shirley Maxine (Johnson) 1999
S&R17:53 Carroccio Maria Teresa (LeMarca) 2001
S&R19:6 Carroll John L. Jr. 2004
S&R12:162 Carroll Shirley S. (Smith) 1994
S&R6:147 Carroll Virgil Lee 1978
S&R9:197 Carroll William A. 1988
S&R6:195 Carson Lawrence Joseph 1979
S&R12:128 Carson Virginia M. (Yenke) 1994
S&R8:25 Carson Walter Ernest 1984
S&R22:132 Carstens Harry A. 2007
S&R16:155 Carter Arlie 2001
S&R8:4 Carter Earl Otto "Jimmy" 1984
S&R14:171 Carter Flossie Marie (Barker) 1998
GAL1:293 Carter George W. 1948
S&R10:5 Carter Homer L. 1989
S&R7:4 Carter James Melvin 1980
S&R13:72 Carter Katherine Sarah (Toshie) 1995
S&R8:97 Carter Kriss Allen 1985
S&R20:36 Carter Mabelle (Sanders) 2005
S&R11:60 Carter Margaret Elizabeth (Rice) 1992
S&R23:52 Carter Marilyn J. (Legg) 2008
S&R5:92 Carter Nancy Jane (Robbins) 1973
GAL2:117 Carter Sarah W. (Malott) 1954
S&R24:78 Carver Erma L. (Sears) 2009
S&R5:15 Case Bertha (Baldwin) Windsor 1972
S&R18:172 Case Luther B. 2003
GAL1:151 Case Rebecca Lee 1941
GAL3:67 Case Roscoe 1961
S&R19:49 Case Thelma I. (Jones) 2004
GAL2:149 Case Wilbur 1955
S&R20:82 Caseldine Geneva M. (Elsener) 2005
S&R12:116 Cash Beatrice (Roberts) 1994
S&R20:59 Cash Ernest R. 2005
S&R25:71 Cash Reed 2010
S&R14:109 Cash Sarah (Osborne) 1997
S&R10:47 Cash Virginia Faye 1989
S&R14:189 Casner John Richard 1998
S&R20:60 Cassidy Kenneth Dale 2005
S&R12:37 Caster Arthur George 1993
S&R13:81 Caster Neva (Sheldon) 1995
S&R11:160 Cates Anna Ellen (Elam) 1993
S&R21:40 Catlin Russel E. 2006
S&R4:57 Catron Everett John 1968
S&R10:238 Catron Julia Lillian (Tippenhaur) 1991
S&R4:61 Caudell Peggy (Lumsden) 1968
S&R13:203 Caudill Bridget Pauline (Blackman) 1996
S&R13:112 Caudill Bruce Edward 1996
S&R13:77 Caudill Carl 1995
S&R5:262 Caudill David Powell 1976
S&R8:57 Caudill Steven Mark 1984
S&R24:72 Caudill Susana (Raleigh) 2009
S&R6:137 Caughorn George Alexander 1978
S&R18:121 Cavanaugh Charles L. 2003
S&R14:24 Cecil Elsie (Richardson) 1997
S&R10:188 Cecil Reginald Clark 1990
S&R8:159 Cerbus George (Dr.) 1985
S&R21:9 Chace James 2006
S&R20:54 Chaganava Levan A. 2005
S&R18:80 Chalk George D. 2003
S&R11:48 Chamberlain Francis William Jr. 1991
S&R21:149 Chamberlin Pamela D. (Dexter) 2006
S&R7:227 Chambers Mallory Dean 1983
S&R9:179 Chandler Gladys (Dennison) 1988
S&R18:50 Chandler Thomas 2002
S&R4:231 Chaney George 1972
S&R23:95 Chapman Donald 2008
GAL2:17 Chapman Henry L. 1949
S&R13:14 Chapman Lois Virginia (Logsdon) 1995
S&R13:18 Chapman Warner 1995
S&R25:124 Chappell Kenneth 2010
GAL2:250 Charbonneau Gertrude (Dauplin) 1958
S&R13:109 Charland George A. 1996
GAL1:82 Chase John B. 1937
S&R20:69 Chase Margaret V. (Vale) 2005
S&R21:28 Chase Marston A. 2006
S&R12:66 Chen Feng Chao 1994
S&R20:108 Cheshire Richard A. 2005
S&R20:19 Chesney Christina 2005
GAL3:127 Chesney Fronie T. (Tully) 1963
S&R12:85 Chesney Harry Neely Jr. 1994
GAL2:78 Chesney Harry S. Sr. 1952
S&R21:2 Chesney Mark William 2006
S&R24:137 Chesney Max T. 2009
S&R10:190 Chesney Raymond V. 1991
S&R5:195 Chesney Raymond Vaughn 1975
S&R23:50 Chesney Ruth Ellen (Runyan) 2008
S&R9:176 Chesney Ruth Virginia (Newtown) 1988
S&R16:54 Chesney Selma F. (Preuss) 2000
S&R6:219 Chesney Walter Eugene 1979
S&R21:87 Chesser John Dale 2006
S&R4:68 Chestnut Infant 1968
S&R9:202 Chestnut Oval Tye "Butch" 1988
S&R14:94 Childers Ulis Ray 1997
S&R6:40 Childerson Albert 1977
S&R6:275 Childress Sylvia (Roy) 1980
S&R15:65 Chipman Betty Jean (Long) 1998
S&R17:153 Chipman James 2002
GAL2:3 Chittom Infant 1948
S&R16:147 Chittum Robert W. 2000
S&R11:5 Cholmondeley Sophia B. (Whitis) 1991
S&R6:172 Cholomdeley George Marsh 1979
S&R17:19 Christian Garrett Edward 2001
S&R21:49 Christianson Donald C. 2006
S&R7:158 Christman Arthur Paul 1982
S&R25:75 Christman Fairy E. (Lunsford) 2010
S&R12:63 Christman Francis Sherman 1994
S&R8:223 Christman Helen I. (Tetrick) 1986
S&R8:54 Christman Mildred Elizabeth (Keever) 1984
S&R25:18 Christophersen Carl Louis 2010
S&R14:6 Christy Abbadean (Horn) 1997
S&R16:29 Christy Walter L. 2000
S&R7:77 Chu-Fong Loo Young 1981
GAL1:105 Clancy Thomas Parks 1938
GAL2:67 Clark Charles Wesley 1952
S&R4:122 Clark Donald E. 1969
S&R13:127 Clark Dorothy Jean Merideth(Humphrey) 1996
S&R18:59 Clark Ellen L. (McClung) 2003
S&R7:181 Clark Ethel Mae (Edwards) 1982
S&R23:10 Clark Jack M. 2008
S&R13:43 Clark Josie Adiline (Blevins) 1995
GAL1:32 Clark Julia (Wedekind) 1933
S&R7:26 Clark Keith Glass 1980
S&R7:102 Clark Luther Elmer 1981
GAL2:1 Clark Mary A. (Sinclair) 1948
S&R24:119 Clark Michael Neal 2009
S&R22:4 Clark Shirley Ann (Murdock) 2007
S&R15:52 Clark William Clayborn 1998
S&R20:21 Clarkson Bertie Mae (Johnson) 2005
S&R6:145 Clarkson Harvey 1978
S&R18:66 Clarkson Minnie E. 2003
S&R11:128 Clarkson Paul Rogers 1992
S&R15:7 Clarkson Ray 1998
S&R8:45 Clawson Kevin Armono 1984
S&R13:25 Clawson Marie Iona (Pippen) 1995
S&R10:39 Clawson Ralph Herbert 1989
S&R15:116 Clayland Cora (Fladeland) 1999
S&R8:151 Clayland James 1985
S&R13:1 Claypoole Margaret L. (Lutz) 1995
GAL1:42 Clayton Jack 1934
S&R8:186 Clem Kathryn Alice (Jackson) 1986
S&R6:158 Clem Melvin 1978
S&R20:40 Clinard Lawrence D. 2005
S&R13:71 Clingner Floyd Nelson 1995
S&R4:121 Clingner H. Floyd 1969
S&R20:129 Clingner Mildred C. (Compton) 2005
GAL3:144 Clingner Ruth (Hightower) 1964
S&R25:110 Clinkscales Ray Caldwell 2010
GAL3:235 Clontz Infant 1966
S&R14:46 Close Maxwell Lynn 1997
S&R11:92 Clutter Carl Edward 1992
S&R16:9 Clutter Helen Loretta (Erke) 2000
S&R8:22 Cobb Julius Adger "Red" 1984
S&R6:87 Cobb Lucinda Emily 1978
S&R14:1 Cochran John Edward 1996
S&R15:47 Cochrane Geraldine M. (Sexton) 1998
GAL2:288 Cochrane Josephine (Drake) 1960
GAL1:123 Codlington Margaret 1939
S&R9:201 Coe Ward Denzil 1988
S&R15:184 Coffee Katherine S. 1999
S&R12:35 Coffee Louis Oscar 1993
S&R9:270 Coldiron Ethel (White) 1989
S&R20:73 Coldiron Floyd 2005
S&R22:129 Coldiron Marie (Barger) 2007
S&R12:53 Coldiron Willa 1994
S&R16:148 Cole Ada B. (Bailey) 2000
GAL3:112 Cole Clara (Fair) 1963
GAL1:178 Cole Joseph Wright 1942
S&R21:72 Cole Ray Louis 2006
S&R9:76 Cole Roy L. 1987
S&R11:133 Cole Russell P. 1992
S&R21:105 Cole William H. 2006
S&R17:151 Coleman John W. 2002
S&R13:216 Coleman Mildred (Court) 1996
S&R24:77 Coleman Thelma (Auman) 2009
S&R5:154 Colley Bessie (Kendrick) 1974
S&R14:118 Colley Jack 1997
S&R17:10 Collier Kenneth James 2001
S&R7:198 Collins James L. 1982
GAL1:194 Collins John W. 1942
S&R18:47 Collins Nora (Ellison) 2002
S&R13:135 Collins Ralph Gerald 1996
S&R7:244 Collins Robert Blair 1983
S&R12:52 Colliver John Robert 1994
S&R7:67 Coltz Anthony C. 1981
S&R9:215 Coltz Anthony James 1988
S&R23:48 Coltz Mary Catherine 2008
S&R18:91 Coltz Rose 2003
S&R10:217 Colvin Raymond L. 1991
S&R14:68 Colwell John 1997
S&R9:253 Colwell Maudie (Baker) 1989
GAL3:93 Combs Francis M. "Buss" 1962
GAL2:14 Combs Iva 1949
S&R6:2 Combs Paul Leroy 1976
S&R9:82 Combs Paul Theodore "Ted" 1987
GAL2:48 Compton Alfred R. 1951
GAL2:27 Compton Elmer L. 1950
S&R6:44 Compton Eugene Oliver 1977
S&R24:39 Compton Gertrude Lois (Wright) 2009
S&R13:123 Compton Jack Watkins 1996
S&R7:95 Compton Mary Elizabeth (Kelly) 1981
S&R7:113 Compton Nina May (Scott) 1981
GAL3:18 Compton Oscar D. 1960
S&R10:6 Compton Virginia (Losh) 1989
GAL1:127 Condon Fannie (Crist) 1940
S&R13:206 Conley Thurman 1996
S&R13:47 Conn Clyde O. 1995
S&R16:4 Conn Edna (White) 2000
S&R10:12 Conn Marshall Boyd 1989
S&R14:32 Conn Martha M. (Monce) 1997
S&R6:83 Connely Myrtle Marie (Smith) 1978
S&R10:143 Conner Amber (Buchanan) 1990
S&R5:24 Conner Della Marie (Roberts) 1972
S&R7:277 Conner James Wandell 1983
S&R18:78 Conners Robert M. 2003
S&R16:75 Connors Edward 2000
S&R10:100 Connors Ervin Thomas Sr. 1990
S&R9:240 Connors Helen Elizabeth (Morrone) 1988
GAL1:275 Conover Effie (Buelman) 1947
S&R12:46 Conover Mae (Young) 1993
S&R13:199 Conover Marvin 1996
GAL1:225 Conover Melissa (Coulson) 1944
S&R7:205 Conover Mildred M. (Misel) 1982
GAL3:237 Conover Roy W. 1960
S&R6:192 Conrad-Fischbach Viola Ruth (Snyder) 1979
GAL1:122 Conroy Cora (Rempler) 1939
S&R19:75 Conyer Laticia L. (Ellis) 2004
S&R24:57 Cook Catherine 2009
S&R16:47 Cook Charles L. 2000
S&R22:29 Cook Danielle R. 2007
S&R8:166 Cook Harry 1985
S&R18:2 Cook Violet Mary (Chipman) 2002
GAL1:134 Cook Walter E. 1940
S&R25:115 Cook Waudean V. (Cooper) 2010
S&R14:81 Cooney Leona Mae (McComb) 1997
S&R13:222 Cooper Charles Vermont 1996
S&R15:185 Cooper Dorothy May (Reiser) 1999
S&R13:130 Cooper Elizabeth Helene 1996
S&R8:182 Cooper Leslie R. 1985
S&R11:163 Cooper Mattie R. (Robertson) 1993
GAL2:93 Cooper Reatha (Williams) 1953
S&R25:16 Cope Marion Helen (Luehrmein) 2010
S&R13:31 Copens Dale E. 1995
S&R21:155 Copley Gregory Allen 2006
S&R23:11 Copley Patsie Jo (Anderson) 2008
S&R23:93 Cora Marion Anne (Reome) 2008
S&R24:141 Corbin Blanche A. (Jackman) 2009
S&R16:84 Corbin James Brian 2000
S&R17:56 Corbin Trice Willis 2001
S&R4:154 Cordrey Gaylord Lawrence 1970
S&R4:143 Coriell Alfred George 1970
S&R21:68 Cornor Velva T. (Applegate) 2006
GAL1:254 Corrington Elnora 1946
S&R16:95 Corwin Sean Kevin 2000
S&R19:111 Cory Jeffrey Mark 2004
S&R25:87 Cottey Ruth (Hill) 2010
S&R25:34 Cotton Tammy L. (Cox) 2010
S&R7:159 Couch Basker W. 1982
S&R18:12 Couch Ruby Mae (Cornett) 2002
GAL1:262 Coulson Benjamin 1946
S&R5:246 Coulson James Leadley 1976
S&R8:37 Coulson Sarah Almelda (McClung) 1984
GAL1:36 Countryman A. M. Amphias (Dr.) 1934
S&R13:64 Cowan Clarence A. 1995
S&R21:59 Cowan Dorothy Ann (Bauer) 2006
S&R22:10 Cox Delores (Bowman) 2007
GAL1:222 Cox Elmer D. 1944
S&R13:100 Cox Grayson Clay 1995
S&R7:216 Cox Homer Gene 1983
S&R9:164 Cox Infant Boy 1988
S&R4:188 Cox Irene (Moody) 1971
S&R4:100 Cox J. Earl 1969
GAL1:268 Cox John 1947
S&R11:65 Cox Lawrence Sr. 1992
S&R8:233 Cox Mildred (Kelly) 1986
S&R19:109 Cox Mildred Ruth (Bergen) 2004
S&R23:36 Cox Richard M. 2008
S&R4:249 Cox Richard Mount 1972
S&R24:130 Cox Robert C. 2009
S&R8:172 Cox Vendetta (DuVall) 1985
GAL1:238 Cox William N. 1945
S&R17:134 Coy Roger W. 2002
S&R9:239 Coyle James Partick 1988
GAL2:255 Cozad Cecilia (Raechsers) 1959
S&R25:20 Crable Mabel Louise (Liddil) 2010
S&R13:194 Craig Aaron Robert 1996
S&R18:9 Craig Calvert S. 2002
S&R10:153 Crain Lawrence William 1990
S&R10:13 Cramer Cecilia Augusta (Lares) 1989
S&R5:18 Crawford Gary Lum 1972
S&R8:187 Crawford Lee Roy 1986
S&R21:135 Crawford Ted Parker 2006
S&R6:220 Creekbaum Louis William 1979
S&R25:13 Cress Clinton H. 2010
GAL1:196 Crist Edward 1943
GAL1:133 Crist Frank 1940
S&R8:158 Crist James Wallace 1985
S&R10:170 Crocker Bernard Ernest 1990
S&R8:192 Crocker Dorothy Mary (Bennett) 1986
S&R9:21 Crocker Ernest L. (Dr.) 1986
S&R7:232 Crockett George F. "Franklin" 1983
S&R8:219 Crockett Mattie (Freeman) 1986
S&R5:145 Crockett Myrtle (Ellison) 1974
S&R10:228 Cronk Lester A. 1991
S&R6:132 Cropper Eldon Hale "Tiny" 1978
S&R7:65 Cropper Imogene (Davenport) 1981
GAL1:111 Cropsey Wilbur S. 1938
S&R13:23 Crosby Robert J. 1995
S&R6:117 Cross Reed Long 1978
S&R24:152 Crow Florence (D'Orazio) 2009
S&R4:246 Crowe Lina Belle 1972
GAL1:234 Crowe Marian (Hitch) 1945
S&R7:124 Crowe Martin Joseph 1981
S&R16:174 Crowley Christine B. (Martin) 2001
GAL2:95 Crowley Edward J. 1953
S&R10:33 Crull Helen Rose (Ballinger) 1989
GAL3:28 Crumb Mary (Haggard) 1960
S&R23:54 Crutcher Ralph J. 2008
S&R15:30 Culberson Janice Jo (Fugett) 1998
S&R25:35 Cullinan James Robert 2010
S&R4:148 Cullins Arthur Bertran 1970
S&R11:139 Culver Kelly Kay 1992
GAL3:186 Cummings Erma (Baysore) 1965
GAL3:77 Cummings Harley C. 1962
S&R18:138 Cummins Steven A. 2003
GAL1:271 Cunningham Elizabeth (McCormack) 1947
S&R16:183 Cunningham Naomi Ruth (Ashcraft) 2001
GAL1:192 Cunningham Richard Mount 1942
S&R21:100 Curliss Gary Lee 2006
S&R10:51 Curro Dominic J. 1989
S&R20:51 Curry Patrick Alan 2005
S&R18:112 Cushing Dorothy Jane (Malone) 2003
GAL3:236 Custer Myrtle Ellen 1964
S&R4:103 Czerwonka Leroy James 1969


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