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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
GAL3:86 Dakin Luella (Littell) 1962
S&R16:15 Dalby Miriam M. 2000
S&R18:39 Dalton Ida Dora (Fox) 2002
S&R9:30 Dames Grace (Popham) 1986
S&R19:101 Damico Sandra Marie 2004
GAL2:110 Danberry Cornelia (Thompson) 1954
GAL1:147 Danbury Charles N. 1941
GAL2:40 Danbury Delores 1951
S&R8:237 Danbury Earl O. 1986
S&R7:13 Danbury Margaret Regina (Draping) 1980
GAL3:15 Danbury Richard Ford 1960
S&R23:29 Daniels Edwin L. 2008
S&R9:234 Daniels Joy Ann (Dunn) 1988
S&R22:43 Daniels Lauramay V. (Schulz) 2007
S&R18:165 Darcy Collin Asher 2003
S&R22:69 Daugherty Beverly A. (Sissom) 2007
S&R25:105 Davenport Harold E. 2010
S&R21:25 Davenport Larry Edward 2006
S&R19:18 Davenport Robert Wayne 2004
S&R19:121 Davenport Roy W. 2004
S&R12:142 Davidsen Harriet Marthilde (Ariansen) 1994
S&R15:112 Davidson Elsie Marie (Glenn) 1999
S&R11:157 Davidson Herschelene (Spangler) 1993
S&R12:75 Davidson Wilbur Leroy 1994
S&R4:72 Davies Charles Warren 1968
S&R16:124 Davies JoEllen (Henry) 2000
GAL3:137 Davis Abbie M. (Keever) 1964
S&R15:11 Davis Bernice Ann (Knoop) 1998
GAL2:237 Davis Carrie L. (Hall) 1958
S&R5:258 Davis David Anthony 1976
S&R15:54 Davis Donald Frank 1998
S&R15:194 Davis Ervin L. 1999
S&R12:88 Davis Esther Marie (Gould) 1994
GAL3:68 Davis Evan B. 1962
S&R11:130 Davis Fannie Bell (Smith) 1992
GAL3:85 Davis James W. 1962
S&R14:107 Davis John A. 1997
S&R5:109 Davis Joseph Sr. 1973
GAL2:170 Davis Lawrence 1956
S&R6:260 Davis Lillie Max (Rose) 1980
S&R9:254 Davis Lona (Tabor) 1989
S&R8:109 Davis Mannie 1985
S&R24:40 Davis Mary Jane (Kettler) 2009
S&R15:41 Davis Merl Oakley (Canode) 1998
S&R16:187 Davis Otto Earl 2001
S&R21:138 Davis Ralph Harold 2006
S&R15:59 Davis Rebecca Marie 1998
S&R10:167 Davis Ronald Francis Jr. 1990
S&R9:241 Davis Ronald Francis Sr. 1988
S&R9:97 Davis Rosa Lee 1987
S&R15:182 Davis Troy W. 1999
GAL1:131 Davis Willis 1940
S&R13:136 Davis Zora B. (Saylor) 1996
S&R19:27 Dawdy Donald Arthur 2004
S&R11:64 Dawson Donald White "Tad" 1992
S&R16:35 Dawson Doris (Terry) 2000
S&R5:194 Dawson Esther Catherine (Conger) 1975
S&R14:154 Dawson Glenn Ora 1998
S&R17:70 Dawson Harry L. 2001
GAL2:287 Dawson Harry L. Sr. 1960
S&R17:63 Day Nellie Ruth (Wilder) 2001
S&R19:5 Day Robert K. 2004
S&R24:10 Day William Elmer 2009
S&R19:53 Dayton Donald K. 2004
GAL2:138 De Bord Chas. 1955
S&R18:141 De Bord June Lorene (Pennington) 2003
S&R21:61 De Latte Paul Lawrence 2006
S&R18:45 Dean Julia (Pennington) 2002
S&R16:77 Dean Katherine Lucy (Eaton) 2000
S&R11:1 Deaton Clell Gardner 1991
GAL2:161 DeBord Eva (Porter) 1956
GAL3:143 Debord Fred 1964
S&R25:83 DeBord James M. 2010
GAL3:196 DeBord Willis 1966
S&R15:202 Decker Mark Clement 1999
S&R9:259 DeFazio Amanda Mary (Harper) 1989
S&R18:56 Defend Jeffrey H. 2003
S&R9:122 Degenhart John 1987
GAL1:208 Dell Hattie Booth (Thompson) 1943
S&R24:31 Dell Lois L. (Maxon) 2009
S&R24:54 DeLorenzo Zerbina (Bacchi) 2009
S&R16:12 Delossantos Delfin 2000
S&R21:12 Delp Judith 2006
S&R10:50 DeMar Clifford Daniel 1989
S&R12:89 Demar Evelyn Louise Henrietta (Thie) 1994
GAL1:213 Denman Charles E. 1944
S&R9:173 Dennis Billy Hugh 1988
S&R20:14 DeOrian Zabelle (Setrakian) 2005
S&R25:36 DeRosa Brandon Scott 2010
S&R25:7 DeRosa Michael G. 2010
S&R8:30 DeSerisy Catherine (Arens) 1984
S&R24:19 Desfosses Yvon 2009
S&R20:124 Devine Forrest Anthony 2005
S&R14:37 DeVore Charles E. 1997
S&R7:117 DeWeese L. Pauline (Mason) 1981
S&R5:213 Dexter Robert Lee 1975
S&R13:202 Dexter Thomas Edward 1996
S&R17:38 Dick Elorise (Coker) 2001
GAL2:240 Dickinson Adam C. 1958
GAL2:49 Dickinson Maude (Spray) 1951
GAL2:207 Diehl Clifford T. 1957
S&R8:118 Dietz Donna Sue (Pemberton) 1985
S&R22:123 Dietz Thomas C. 2007
S&R8:28 Diggins James B. 1984
S&R9:232 Diggins Lola Marie (Atta) 1988
GAL1:144 Dill Emma (Armstrong) 1941
S&R16:196 Dill Evelyn Lucille (Poope) 2001
GAL2:6 Dill Maud Bennett 1949
GAL1:172 Dilley Gertrude 1942
S&R21:26 Dillon Francis J. 2006
S&R15:70 Dimond Horace E. 1999
S&R24:16 DiSalle Thomas J. 2009
GAL2:241 Dishon Richard 1958
S&R20:134 Dixon King L. 2005
S&R18:19 Dixon Lela Margaret (Morgan) 2002
S&R5:166 Docter Michael Allen 1974
GAL2:102 Docter William 1953
S&R12:6 Doerger Henry Lawrence 1993
S&R25:26 Doerger Marian W. (Menz) 2010
S&R6:123 Doerner Jill Elizabeth 1978
S&R13:163 Doerner John Henry 1996
S&R18:173 Doerner Kathleen R. (Romer) 2003
S&R20:104 Doersen Elsie Ann (Bohnke) 2005
S&R13:192 Dolan James Joseph Jr. 1996
S&R20:63 Dolan Jean M. (Braaten) 2005
S&R11:40 Domanski Molly Irene (Florence) 1991
S&R6:143 Doner Clayton William "Tony" 1978
S&R6:12 Doner Irma Wiggins (Shorts) 1976
GAL3:34 Donnelly Durlia Mae (Clark) 1961
S&R4:34 Donnelly Edward Marvin 1967
S&R11:127 Donnelly Emma Clay (Shepard) 1992
S&R25:3 D'Onofrio Barbara Ann (Knoop) 2010
S&R23:88 Donohoo Elizabeth Louise( Thompson) 2008
S&R12:5 Donohoue Thomas Elder 1993
S&R18:170 Donre Yoshiro S. 2003
S&R16:20 Dooley Gladys (Amyx) 2000
S&R8:199 Dooley James Raymond Sr. 1986
S&R14:140 Doran Martha Lamison (Pyle) 1998
S&R15:135 Doria Martin Francis 1999
S&R4:58 Dorsey Infant 1968
S&R23:24 Dosenbach Mildred M. (Schneider) 2008
S&R10:118 Dotson Cotella (Mullins) 1990
GAL1:54 Doty Eleanor E. (Torell) 1934
S&R18:119 Dowd Glenna D. (Parrett) 2003
GAL2:9 Downey Wilbur 1949
S&R12:29 Downing Harry E. 1993
S&R17:14 Doyle Lois L. (Brandenburg) 2001
S&R5:71 Drake Bertha Hanna (Wilson) 1973
S&R12:91 Drake Carl Levi 1994
S&R8:224 Drake Evelyn (Puckett) 1986
S&R17:132 Drake Robert W. 2002
GAL2:64 Drake Robert Wayne 1952
GAL2:100 Dremmen Ira 1953
S&R7:221 Drennan Anna Fern (Freeland) 1983
S&R10:23 Drennan John William "Bill" 1989
S&R15:60 Dreyer Casey Andrew 1998
S&R12:125 Dreyer Gertrude "Trudy" (Court) 1994
S&R4:213 Driever Alvin Herman 1971
S&R8:108 Driever Mabel (Blackwood) 1985
S&R20:56 Driver John A. 2005
S&R10:27 Dubs Robert J. 1989
S&R9:252 Dudley Cora Christine (Hausermann) 1989
S&R8:232 Dudley Harold W. 1986
S&R20:52 Dudley James William 2005
S&R9:32 Duffy Mary Alice 1986
S&R9:185 Duffy Michael J. 1988
S&R13:91 Duffy Nancy T. 1995
S&R25:118 Duke Jack 2010
S&R7:162 Dula Margaret (Guzo) 1982
GAL1:56 Duley Lucy 1934
S&R24:118 Dulovich Donald 2009
GAL2:160 Dumbacher Katherine 1956
S&R5:21 Dumford Bessie Nettie (Charlton) 1972
S&R6:164 Dumford Cynthia Isabelle "Belle" (Walker) 1979
GAL2:71 Dumford Dolph 1952
S&R9:54 Dumford Gale Edward 1987
S&R13:121 Dumford Harold Richard 1996
S&R15:115 Dumford Harry Blair 1999
S&R11:190 Dumford Helen (Hunter) 1993
GAL1:282 Dumford Infant 1947
GAL3:88 Dumford James 1962
S&R11:150 Dumford Katherine Opal (Davis) 1993
S&R4:78 Dumford Lawrence Leroy 1968
S&R21:16 Dumford Mary (Driever) 2006
S&R14:129 Dumford Maude Spencer (Smith) 1997
S&R11:68 Dumford Naomi Ruth (Stafford) 1992
S&R24:29 Dumford Nelda J. 2009
S&R9:247 Dumford Ora Warren 1988
S&R9:256 Dumford Russell 1989
S&R9:65 Dumford Vera Electra (DuVall) 1987
S&R9:242 Duncan Beulah G. (Wilson) 1988
S&R10:221 Dung Hon Wa 1991
S&R16:153 Dunham Carol Jean (Hennel) 2001
S&R5:187 Dunlap Estella Mae (Giltner) 1975
S&R5:53 Dunlap Stanley 1973
S&R14:61 Dunn Doris Ann (Ruser) 1997
GAL3:26 Dunnohew Gregory 1960
S&R21:124 Durham Hugh B. 2006
S&R21:88 Durham James Michael 2006
S&R5:225 Durham John Charles 1975
S&R16:10 Durham Paul J. 2000
GAL2:273 Durrell Elmer S. 1959
GAL3:229 Dutro Goldie 1967
GAL2:25 Dutro Joseph 1950
GAL3:211 Dutro Ray 1966
S&R5:153 DuVall Aubrey 1974
GAL1:137 Duvall Harry F. 1940
S&R6:102 DuVall Imogene (Brewer) 1978
GAL2:58 Dwire Donald C. 1952
S&R4:4 Dwire Esther (Cooper) 1967
S&R6:210 Dwire Grace V. (Vanderbrink) 1979
S&R20:138 Dwire Virginia May (David) 2005
S&R4:245 Dwire Walter Lorn "Bub" 1972
S&R13:189 Dwire William Charles 1996
S&R16:72 Dwyer Lester C. 2000
S&R24:91 Dwyer Louise (West) 2009
S&R17:58 Dye Donald Lee 2001
GAL2:154 Dye Sarah (Ball) 1955
GAL2:73 Dyer Alice (Townsend) 1952
S&R9:250 Dyer James S. 1989
S&R6:59 Dyer Lula Mae Bales (Kelley) 1977


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