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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R7:70 Faecher Marcella Mary (Finkler) 1981
S&R5:169 Faeth Elizabeth J. 1974
S&R14:29 Faine Charles E. 1997
S&R20:130 Faine Richard B. 2005
S&R10:237 Fair Donald Eugene 1991
S&R11:53 Fair Elizabeth (Miller) 1991
S&R7:202 Fair Robert Merlin 1982
S&R5:198 Fair Thomas Edward 1975
GAL3:239 Fairchild Carl L. 1966
S&R15:85 Faline Kenneth M. 1999
S&R5:214 Fansler Janet Kay 1975
S&R11:89 Fansler Myrna Mae (Harding) 1992
S&R12:151 Fansler William James 1994
S&R17:115 Fantetti Ressie Lee 2002
S&R15:53 Farmer James Earl 1998
S&R15:119 Farris Charles 1999
S&R23:16 Farris Clara Julia (Gruppi) 2008
S&R12:103 Farris Francis Burgen 1994
S&R16:157 Farris Lola Mae (Doan) 2001
S&R11:90 Farwick Daniel Alan (Dr.) 1992
S&R9:199 Faulkner Darrell E. 1988
S&R24:109 Faulkner Mildred M. (Price) 2009
S&R4:29 Faulkner Nannie Pauline (Hardin) 1967
S&R23:34 Faulkner Peggy M. (Sutherland) 2008
S&R10:184 Faulkner Reba J. (Wheeler) 1990
S&R23:4 Faust Kenneth Earl 2008
GAL1:109 Feaster Barbara (Peringer) 1938
GAL1:174 Fee Frank (Dr.) 1942
S&R17:26 Fee Kenneth I. 2001
S&R14:103 Fee Mabel J. (Conner) 1997
S&R18:145 Fee Ralph M. 2003
GAL1:50 Feeley Julia (Cotton) 1934
GAL1:98 Feeley William 1937
S&R18:33 Feinstein Loretta K. (Abahazie) 2002
S&R14:153 Feix Dorothy Catherine (Mercer) 1998
S&R11:142 Felice Ruby (Gardner) 1992
S&R24:147 Felter Christopher L. 2009
GAL3:175 Felter Cora Belle (Ashmore) 1965
GAL3:52 Felter Isaac T. 1961
S&R19:131 Ferguson Donald Brent 2004
S&R13:107 Ferguson Donald 1995
S&R14:181 Ferguson Elva Kathleen (Bower) 1998
S&R24:30 Ferguson Frankie James Harold 2009
S&R11:41 Ferguson Lary D. 1991
S&R14:21 Ferrell Eugene Lee 1997
S&R18:137 Ferrell Larkin H. 2003
S&R19:2 Ferrell Martha Jane (Boothe) 2004
S&R24:135 Ferrell Mildred W. (Wolford) 2009
S&R13:119 Ferrell Ronald Lee 1996
S&R19:59 Ferrell Zelma Ruth (Bailey) 2004
GAL1:41 Ferris Edward M. 1934
S&R17:140 Ferriss Mary Ruth (McGlothin) 2002
S&R20:113 Fey Viola (Poynter) 2005
S&R7:247 Ficke Harry Carl 1983
S&R9:12 Field George H. 1986
S&R13:99 Field Mary Kathryn (Brate) 1995
S&R15:37 Fields A.B. 1998
S&R5:128 Fields Alva Dean 1974
S&R10:38 Fields Aultin Gilmer "Ted" 1989
S&R18:3 Fields Carson 2002
S&R5:196 Fields Cecil Robert 1975
S&R10:111 Fields Frona (Campbell) 1990
S&R7:267 Fields Gary Earl 1983
S&R6:234 Fields Pearl Waldin (Toshie) 1980
S&R5:26 Fields Sonja Lynn [Infant] 1972
S&R16:13 Filoso Thelma (Brown) 2000
S&R11:2 Fincel Charlotte Anita (Lehman) 1991
S&R21:96 Fincel Margie T. 2006
S&R10:169 Fincel Richard Michael Jr. 1990
S&R10:44 Finch Merlin Jacob 1989
S&R10:203 Finch Ruth "Lulu Alta" (Southworth) 1991
S&R5:48 Fingerle William Christian 1973
S&R7:139 Fink Miller Herman 1981
S&R5:77 Fink Raymond James 1973
S&R7:128 Fink Wilbert John 1982
GAL1:220 Fink William H. 1944
S&R9:6 Finkler Evelyn 1986
S&R7:33 Finley Bonnie Jean (Naylor) 1980
S&R19:36 Finney Ethel M. (Morris) 2004
S&R13:169 Finney John David 1996
S&R14:31 Fischer Basil Royal Jr. 1997
S&R7:28 Fischer Catherine Mary (Moening) 1980
S&R13:230 Fischer Elizabeth Jane (Gunnison) 1996
S&R15:42 Fischer Lois Jean (Wardwell) 1998
S&R17:110 Fischer Ronald Edward 2002
S&R14:30 Fiscus Ralph Arthur 1997
GAL2:87 Fisher Arthur 1953
S&R4:223 Fisher Dan Allen 1971
GAL1:247 Fisher Ethel (Snell) 1945
GAL2:280 Fisher Fred H. 1959
S&R6:144 Fisher Jeffery Thomas 1978
GAL2:171 Fisher Margaret Alice (Partee) 1956
S&R18:111 Fisher Ruth Jean (Reynolds) 2003
GAL1:99 Fisher Webster S. 1937
GAL3:228 Fisher William J. 1967
S&R14:177 Fite Nicholas Ryan 1998
S&R14:84 Flaig Marjorie (Knese) 1997
S&R20:20 Flanders Edna Ruth (Hawk) 2005
S&R23:17 Flannery Janet K. (Hartmann) 2008
S&R5:42 Fleckenstein John Joseph 1973
S&R13:212 Fleckenstein Kenneth Howard 1996
S&R7:201 Fleckenstein Mildred Grace (Funk) 1982
S&R6:199 Fleenor Lucille Anders 1979
S&R18:29 Fleenor Mary Lou 2002
S&R21:153 Flege Frank A. Jr. 2006
S&R15:32 Fleischer David M. 1998
S&R8:128 Fletcher Harold Eugene 1985
S&R4:106 Flick Lillian Mae (Keitel) 1969
S&R13:26 Flood Anna J. (Ernest) 1995
S&R11:193 Flood Carl W. 1993
S&R9:154 Floyd Myrl (Wright) 1988
S&R17:36 Fogel Lloyd Jr. 2001
S&R16:92 Fogle Robert D. 2000
S&R13:220 Follmer Marie Solsman (Emmons) 1996
S&R24:51 Foltz Cathy Y. (Clepper) 2009
S&R16:114 Fong Chuensai Tan 2000
S&R24:157 Fosbrink John 2009
S&R20:115 Fosbrink Mildred Ruby (Hutchison) 2005
S&R17:138 Foster Allison Louise 2002
S&R23:139 Foster Caroline C. 2008
GAL3:49 Foster Emma Gregory 1961
GAL2:80 Foulk Bertha (Long) 1952
S&R9:53 Foust Edna Mae 1987
S&R6:36 Foust James Mattern 1977
S&R18:37 Foust Wilbur K. 2002
S&R10:99 Fowler Edward Orval 1990
S&R16:191 Fox Albert Blair 2001
S&R16:149 Fox Christena C. (Ruff) 2000
S&R7:166 Fox Dennis Dean 1982
S&R7:229 Fox Donald Hollis 1983
S&R20:27 Fox Dorothy M. (Bordenfelter) 2005
GAL2:227 Fox George Edward 1958
GAL3:38 Fox George Edward 1961
GAL3:114 Fox Grover Cleveland 1963
S&R4:18 Fox Infant 1967
GAL2:313 Fox Infant 1957
S&R4:177 Fox James David 1970
S&R24:120 Fox John Clinton 2009
GAL2:26 Fox John M. 1950
S&R10:131 Fox Margarey Louise (McCurley) 1990
S&R9:132 Fox Mont 1987
S&R7:253 Fox Rebeccca (Snook) 1983
S&R6:175 Fox Stacy Lee 1979
S&R9:39 Fox Stanley McClung 1986
GAL3:225 Fox Stella M. (McClung) 1966
S&R14:183 Fox Thomas Edward 1998
S&R10:96 Fox Wilma Marine "Sis" (Shaffer) 1990
S&R13:7 France LuMary W. (Wolfard) 1995
GAL3:50 Francis August 1961
S&R4:5 Francis Emma (Stahl) 1967
S&R11:186 Frank Hilde Marie (Grun) 1993
S&R10:81 Frank John 1990
S&R10:1 Frank Marie Rose 1989
S&R9:110 Franklin Whitney Michelle 1987
S&R8:210 Frantz Samuel Philip 1986
S&R6:256 Franz Leslie Arnold 1980
GAL3:42 Franz Marie 1961
S&R8:229 Franz Sarah Katharina (Fuhr) 1986
S&R22:113 Frasure Imajean (Parker) 2007
S&R20:90 Fraze Alice M. (Huffmeyer) 2005
S&R10:125 Frederick Lester R. 1990
S&R10:110 Freeman Carl John 1990
S&R7:110 Freeman John Eugene 1981
S&R6:67 Freeman Myra Robin (Shawhan) 1977
S&R23:126 Freeze Albina M. (Bates) 2008
S&R23:79 Freeze Beverly Gail (Hall) 2008
GAL2:13 Freeze Forrest 1949
S&R4:216 Freeze Infant 1971
S&R23:89 Freeze James E. 2008
GAL1:261 Freeze Pearl (Cotterill) 1946
S&R21:136 Freeze Robert Lee 2006
S&R4:209 Freisens Charles Joseph 1971
S&R7:20 French Lois Imogene (Wheeldon) 1980
S&R4:80 Frey Alice Caroline (Tappe) 1968
S&R11:152 Frey David Jacob 1993
S&R17:25 Frey Peter 2001
S&R19:37 Freymuth Sharon Ann (Gravitt) 2004
S&R21:83 Fribush Kenneth G. 2006
S&R24:20 Fridley Lewis E. 2009
S&R25:90 Fridley Ruth C. (Cox) 2010
S&R4:119 Fritz Paula Jean (Smith) 1969
S&R19:125 Fromm Alma Grace (Des Marias) 2004
S&R11:145 Frommel George Lawrence 1992
S&R10:92 Frommel Louise Clara (Leist) 1990
GAL2:31 Fry Eloisa (Spuhler) 1950
S&R21:146 Fry Lulu O. (Jones) 2006
S&R22:23 Fryman Aiden Sean 2007
S&R18:48 Fryman Carmen E. (Plunkett) 2002
S&R8:14 Fryman Cecil William 1984
S&R4:201 Fuchs Lillian Pearl (Keith) 1971
S&R12:101 Fuell Eugene Lawrence 1994
S&R21:23 Fugate Arvel R. 2006
S&R24:7 Fugett James W. 2009
S&R11:88 Fugett Jerold Ellsworth 1992
S&R15:166 Fugich Louis 1999
GAL3:116 Fuhr Charles Henry 1963
GAL2:24 Fuhr Henry J. 1950
GAL2:50 Fuhr Wilhelmina "Wilma" (Case) 1951
GAL2:256 Fuhr William Clayton 1959
GAL1:119 Fullriede Louis Fred 1939
S&R7:46 Funk Anna (Bordwine) 1981
S&R4:149 Funk James Quinter 1970
S&R16:190 Furbee Adeline Catherine (Bene) 2001
S&R23:74 Furbee Arnold M. 2008
S&R11:114 Furbee Cecil Avery 1992
GAL2:264 Furbee E. Price 1959
GAL2:236 Furbee Jesse 1958
S&R7:99 Furbee Katie H. (Hall) 1981


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