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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R22:80 Gabbard Joanne A. (Northrup) 2007
S&R9:249 Gabbard Raymond David 1989
S&R11:162 Gabbard Ronald Clarence 1993
S&R22:125 Gabe Theodore W. 2007
S&R15:193 Gabe Vernon G. 1999
S&R9:104 Gabelman Harry Lee 1987
S&R11:12 Gaddis Leota M. (Cable) 1991
S&R9:174 Gaddis Robert V. 1988
S&R20:85 Gaffney David Patrick 2005
S&R23:21 Gaffney Marjorie Ann (Stark) 2008
S&R14:163 Gallagher D. Scott 1998
GAL1:181 Gallimore Ann 1942
S&R4:125 Gallimore Charles Raymond 1969
GAL3:30 Gallimore Elizabeth 1961
GAL2:313A Gallimore Elizabeth B. 1949
GAL2:313B Gallimore J. Wesley 1949
S&R15:177 Gallimore Lila L. (Levyne) 1999
S&R7:97 Garbee Allen Kent 1981
S&R14:169 Garbenis Barbara (Reilley) 1998
S&R4:87 Gardner Bessie Leonia (Hagy) 1968
S&R21:69 Gardner Geri Lynn (Mollman) 2006
S&R25:69 Gardner Mary J. (Brewster) 2010
S&R7:96 Gareis Andrew John 1981
S&R10:71 Garland Mary Margaret "Peg" (Tully) 1989
S&R8:218 Garner Charles Edward 1986
S&R13:152 Garnett Jack Francis 1996
S&R14:136 Garnett Jennie Foster (Holbert) 1998
GAL3:32 Garrison Stella 1961
GAL1:286 Garver Leonard 1948
S&R7:22 Garver Paul Atlee 1980
S&R21:94 Garvin Douglas Cartwright 2006
S&R25:111 Garza Roma (Morris) 2010
S&R5:174 Gassert Virginia Ruth (Fogle) 1974
S&R7:255 Gassert William Louis 1983
S&R21:48 Gathof Leo A. 2006
S&R11:22 Gatliff Joseph S. Sr. 1991
S&R17:93 Gawchik Sue (Smith) 2002
S&R9:269 Gay Bessie (Deaton) 1989
S&R8:216 Gay Grover Sr. 1986
S&R6:39 Geckler Ernest George 1977
S&R5:162 Geckler Paula Emma 1974
S&R5:238 Geesner Raymond Andrew 1976
S&R7:142 Gehlenborg John Herman 1982
S&R18:105 Geiger Chad R. 2003
S&R10:28 Geiser Irvin George 1989
S&R6:222 Gentile Adelaide (Davey) 1979
S&R18:5 Gentry Kenneth William 2002
S&R22:16 George Jerry D. 2007
S&R16:31 George Linda Lou (Ferryman) 2000
S&R5:228 Gerard George Robert 1975
S&R7:251 Gessendorf Rita Genevieve (Gelnas) 1983
S&R11:97 Gettelfinger Mallie M. (Montgomery) 1992
GAL3:101 Getz William 1962
S&R21:21 Gibbs Richard L. 2006
S&R21:81 Gibbs William R. 2006
S&R16:70 Gibson George William 2000
S&R21:39 Gibson Nora Edna (Gray) 2006
S&R19:91 Gick Della V. (Cunningham) 2004
S&R7:246 Gick Marie (Standafer) 1983
S&R14:108 Gidley Benjamin Andrew 1997
S&R11:72 Giehls Georgeanna (Potts) 1992
S&R16:73 Giehls Russell C. 2000
S&R21:66 Giffen William 2006
S&R10:32 Gifford Adria Jean (Gooding) 1989
S&R8:50 Gifford Don Charles 1984
S&R11:93 Gilbert Carl Jr. 1992
GAL2:216 Gilbert Leslie 1957
S&R23:56 Gilbert Mark S. 2008
S&R16:136 Gilbert William Leslie 2000
S&R8:193 Gilchrist Nellee Mae (Patterson) 1986
S&R11:108 Gililland Eula Augustia (Meadows) 1992
S&R6:34 Gill Christine Emily 1977
S&R9:37 Gill Curtis William 1986
S&R7:256 Gill Irene (Phelps) 1983
S&R24:160 Gill Sarupinderpal Singh 2009
S&R17:74 Gilliam Emma A. (Sisco) 2001
S&R16:96 Gilliam Loren Devon 2000
S&R21:113 Gilmore Billie Ann (Perry) 2006
S&R15:90 Gilmore Edna M. (Mulrean) 1999
S&R10:178 Gilmore Henry James 1990
GAL1:9 Gilpin Infant 1932
S&R24:112 Giordano William M. 2009
GAL2:203 Girton Dean 1957
S&R21:31 Girton Elizabeth Marie (Simmons) 2006
S&R7:57 Girton Francis Marshall 1981
S&R17:59 Girton Helen Virginia (Bishop) 2001
S&R15:51 Girton Katherine P. 1998
S&R7:186 Girton May Flossie (Snell) 1982
GAL3:111 Glackin Anna (Menefee) 1963
GAL2:209 Glackin Clarence 1957
S&R9:208 Glackin Virginia L. (Newman) 1988
S&R14:44 Gladd James R. 1997
S&R18:185 Glardon Shirley A. (Whitley) 2003
S&R4:25 Glass Dorothy W. "Dolly" (Wilson) 1967
S&R9:181 Glazell Dorothy Emily (Anderson) 1988
S&R8:149 Glazell Infant 1985
S&R14:200 Glenn R. Christopher 1998
S&R10:37 Glover Ella Laverne (Ayers) 1989
S&R23:133 Gobbi Jeffrey M. 2008
S&R16:143 Gobbi Kathleen L. (Cipolio) 2000
S&R6:242 Godown Jessica Joy 1980
S&R11:181 Goens Carrie A. (Osborne) 1993
S&R5:160 Goetz Eleanor Florence (Sinnard) 1974
S&R7:131 Goetz Jacob 1982
GAL1:235 Goforth Louis E. (Sgt.) 1945
S&R23:3 Gonic Charles Sr. 2007
S&R14:13 Goodchild Anne Frances (James) 1997
S&R9:155 Goode Debra Jo 1988
S&R18:129 Goodlander Ruama Rose (Centers) 2003
S&R17:152 Goodlander Samuel W. 2002
S&R15:114 Gorman Daniel Raymond 1999
S&R5:140 Gorsuch Anna Irene (Chance) 1974
GAL2:208 Gorsuch Cordelia 1957
GAL3:25 Gorsuch Effie (Murphy) 1960
GAL1:280 Gorsuch Ernest 1947
GAL2:128 Gorsuch Ethel 1954
GAL2:218 Gorsuch Flora (Dilley) 1957
GAL2:29 Gorsuch Frank 1950
GAL3:65 Gorsuch Lester 1961
GAL3:201 Gorsuch Lizzie (Hill) 1966
S&R5:7 Gorsuch Pearlie 1972
GAL3:19 Gorsuch Stanley 1960
S&R21:110 Gort Stephen 2006
S&R18:65 Gosser Jahue 2003
S&R16:80 Gosser Jeffery H. 2000
S&R13:93 Gosser Ronald J. 1995
S&R5:139 Gotthardt Cliffford Henry 1974
S&R17:145 Gotthardt Mary C. (Case) 2002
GAL2:132 Gould Hazel Hollister 1954
S&R17:42 Goulet Ronald J. 2001
S&R23:26 Grabarczyk Joseph William 2008
S&R20:39 Grabarczyk Kevin 2005
GAL1:21 Graber John 1932
S&R20:97 Graef Grace E. (Essell) 2005
S&R20:137 Graf Pauline (Allen) 2005
S&R25:92 Grambsch Pauline E. (Minor) 2010
S&R12:41 Grambsch Russel John 1993
GAL1:241 Gramlich Anna (Burch) 1945
GAL2:61 Gramlick Reba 1952
S&R20:48 Grassan George E. 2005
S&R17:96 Grassan Mary Eva (Wilson) 2002
S&R14:7 Grat Sandra Jean (Reed) 1997
S&R14:191 Grau Arthur R. 1998
S&R12:48 Grau Charles Leroy "Bob" 1993
S&R14:199 Grau Elizabeth Louise (Cycovic) 1998
S&R23:19 Grau Geraldine (Newcomb) 2008
S&R13:46 Grau Julia T. (Fellhauer) 1995
S&R19:79 Grau Paul N. 2004
GAL2:247 Gravitt Clarence 1958
S&R5:9 Gravitt Leafy Mae (Marshall) 1972
S&R13:208 Gravitt Robert C. 1996
S&R10:15 Gravitt Velma Elizabeth (Chesney) 1989
S&R21:42 Gray Cecil 2006
S&R25:107 Gray Diming 2010
S&R4:46 Gray Ellison 1968
GAL3:218 Gray Flora A. (Nibarger) 1966
S&R4:171 Gray George Justis 1970
S&R6:63 Gray Grace Marie (Needham) 1977
S&R17:105 Gray Helen Elizabeth 2002
S&R7:199 Gray Joseph Clifford Sr. 1982
GAL1:12 Gray Joseph P. 1932
S&R9:20 Gray Josephine Wood 1986
GAL3:94 Gray Leslie 1962
S&R5:130 Gray Owen T. 1974
S&R18:13 Gray Richard H. 2002
S&R12:127 Gray William J. "Bill" 1994
GAL1:270 Gray William M. 1947
S&R6:127 Gray William Thomas 1978
S&R9:147 Green Alverta Abbie Rose (Bedacht) 1988
S&R6:64 Green Fannie Harper 1977
S&R18:24 Green Floyd J. 2002
S&R6:27 Green Grover 1977
S&R7:161 Green Jesica Lynn 1982
S&R6:4 Green Michael Anthony 1976
S&R19:26 Green Paul L. 2004
GAL2:118 Green William 1954
S&R24:61 Green William Raymond 2009
S&R20:30 Greene Doris J. (Kerrigan) 2005
S&R7:60 Greene Mae Margaret (Moore) 1981
S&R17:62 Greene Roy L. 2001
S&R24:154 Greenup Virginia (Mula) 2009
S&R21:90 Greenwell Adline Rose (Hoes) 2006
S&R20:47 Greenwood Michelle Renee (Grove) 2005
S&R13:92 Greer Charles Edward 1995
S&R16:184 Greer Edward C. 2001
S&R11:147 Greer Laura Etta (Adams) 1992
S&R4:136 Greer Milton Gregory 1970
S&R16:11 Gregg Geneva (Davis) 2000
S&R14:147 Gregg Janet Sue 1998
S&R14:196 Gregg Larry E. 1998
S&R12:139 Gregory Charles Lee 1994
S&R16:98 Gregory Willard 2000
S&R6:26 Gregory William Cleo 1977
S&R9: Grehl Albert "Bud" 1988
S&R11:135 Grehl Pauline (Corder) 1992
S&R11:62 Grehl Rose (Whalen) 1992
S&R22:130 Gribbin Charles 2007
S&R22:48 Gribbin Helen F. (Remy) 2007
S&R13:209 Griffen Patricia Ellen (Garman) 1996
GAL1:86 Griffeth Helen G. (Coably) 1937
S&R10:9 Griffin George Neal Sr. 1989
S&R14:131 Griffin Sue T. L. (Crabtree) 1998
S&R24:23 Griffith Jaden Arella 2009
S&R16:169 Griffith Janice (Thompson) 2001
S&R17:39 Griffith Mary B. (Zwicker) 2001
S&R9:5 Griffith Ronald George 1986
S&R9:196 Grigsby Jack B. 1988
S&R8:203 Grimes Edward W. 1986
S&R6:88 Grimes Jack Jr. 1978
S&R12:51 Grimes Randall 1994
S&R8:148 Grindle Barbara A. (Lillard) 1985
S&R7:233 Grindle James Warren Sr. 1983
S&R8:132 Grisham Doris Bonnabelle 1985
S&R9:184 Grisham Earl 1988
S&R10:40 Grisham Howard Richard 1989
S&R8:147 Grisham Leroy 1985
GAL1:203 Grisham Mamie (Carter) 1943
S&R13:201 Gross James Richard 1996
S&R19:40 Gross Leona Helen 2004
S&R6:170 Gross Lloyd 1979
S&R18:64 Gross Patricia Faye (Wigglesworth) 2003
S&R20:38 Grote Warren 2005
S&R12:144 Grotjan Debra Ann (Payne) 1994
S&R10:120 Grubb Dewey Edward 1990
S&R10:119 Grubb John J. "Joe" 1990
S&R10:75 Grubbs Orville 1990
S&R22:87 Gruber James Thomas 2007
S&R14:27 Gruber Martin S. 1997
S&R4:73 Gruber Martin Steve Jr. 1968
S&R20:116 Gruber Stephen J. 2005
GAL1:240 Guard Ivar 1945
S&R11:198 Guenther Anna Martha (Leider) 1993
S&R6:61 Guffey Hubert Goodson 1977
S&R17:119 Guilfoyle Matthew Anthony 2002
S&R11:23 Gulick Ivan Henry 1991
S&R25:81 Gulick Paula E. (Dumas) 2010
GAL2:303 Gullett April Kaye 1958
S&R7:17 Gullett Chalmer 1980
S&R15:155 Gullett Norma Frances (Braehender) 1999
S&R4:79 Gullett Paul D. 1968
S&R19:108 Guo Xifu 2004
GAL1:169 Gutermuth Eury (Fox) 1941
GAL2:214 Gutermuth Robert Peter 1957
S&R21:15 Gutzwiller Clarence R. 2006
S&R23:72 Gutzwiller Mildred Alma (Stamm) 2008
S&R13:219 Guy Ida S. (Sutton) 1996


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