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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R11:107 Haag Harriet Lois (Minsterman) 1992
S&R19:113 Haag Jerry R. 2004
S&R23:47 Hackman John B. 2008
S&R5:122 Hackman Viola Margaret (Prassie) 1974
S&R6:273 Hackman William Henry 1980
S&R13:113 Hagee Joseph Lynn 1996
S&R24:126 Hagee Joseph Lynn Jr. 2009
S&R24:93 Hagemeyer Frieda M. (Landrum) 2009
S&R21:24 Hagemeyer Gary L. 2006
S&R14:176 Hagemeyer James Lee 1998
S&R25:64 Hagenschneider Bonnie S. (Apking) 2010
S&R18:41 Hagenschneider Marie F. (Turner) 2002
S&R19:54 Hagenschneider Theodore R. 2004
S&R13:48 Hagood Charles William 1995
S&R19:124 Hagood Gladys L. (Roberts) 2004
GAL3:163 Hagood Hugh 1964
GAL3:170 Haidle Robert F. 1965
S&R9:13 Hainkel Arthur Chester 1986
S&R6:135 Hainkel Cecilia (Caldwell) 1978
S&R9:235 Haisley John Frederick 1988
S&R4:24 Halcomb Harmon Monroe 1967
S&R9:73 Haldeman Ronald Ettinger 1987
S&R9:80 Hale Bruce 1987
S&R14:173 Hale Marie (McGowan) 1998
S&R6:121 Hall Amanda Marie 1978
S&R9:233 Hall Bonita Imogene (Smith) 1988
S&R13:69 Hall Cornelius Ellsworth 1995
S&R10:239 Hall Deanna Michele 1991
S&R24:17 Hall Donald Lee 2009
S&R22:58 Hall Howard Douglas 2007
S&R14:179 Hall Jesse D. 1998
S&R24:143 Hall Joanne (Meadows) 2009
S&R4:242 Hall Mabel Loretta (Hutchinson) 1972
S&R8:100 Haller Lucille Agnes (Taylor) 1985
S&R23:22 Hallinan Rose Ann (Kelly) 2008
S&R19:110 Halls Christine Taylor (Anderson) 2004
S&R5:209 Hamer Elizabeh Olwen (Joseph) 1975
S&R11:155 Hamilton Allen G. 1993
S&R20:45 Hamilton Betty J. (Weisman) 2005
S&R5:23 Hamilton Earl Lewis 1972
S&R10:43 Hamilton Gloria A. (Harkins) 1989
S&R5:273 Hamilton June Maxine (Mittelstadter) 1976
S&R11:21 Hamilton Ricky D. 1991
S&R6:15 Hamilton Robert Elwood 1976
GAL2:168 Hamilton Savilla 1956
S&R10:113 Hamm Mollie Ellen (Brown) 1990
S&R16:118 Hammock Michael Lee 2000
S&R16:177 Hammond Larry B. 2001
S&R9:33 Hammond U. Grant 1986
S&R24:43 Hampton Gary R. 2009
S&R9:275 Hancock Wonita "Netie" (Dumford) 1989
S&R10:196 Handshaw Genevieve Lois "Toby" (Gumbus) 1991
S&R10:216 Handshaw George Augustus 1991
S&R10:95 Hankins Daniel Steven 1990
S&R15:127 Hanna Alpha (Williams) 1999
S&R16:126 Hansbauer Robert H. 2000
S&R16:94 Hansel Chester Harold 2000
S&R9:157 Harbaugh Carlene (Chaney) 1988
S&R8:82 Harbaugh Paul Edwin 1985
S&R14:67 Harbers Edward John 1997
S&R5:241 Harden Larry James Jr. 1976
S&R12:107 Hardiman Gary 1994
S&R20:72 Hardiman Sharon A. (Niederman) 2005
S&R10:175 Hardwick Cynthia Marietta 1990
S&R12:117 Hardyman Charles Everett "Chuck" 1994
S&R11:132 Hardyman Deborah K. (Hawks) 1992
GAL2:293 Harken John J. 1960
S&R18:155 Harman Eula (Eads) 2003
S&R4:33 Harness Jeffery Carl 1967
S&R12:27 Harpen Edward James 1993
S&R12:58 Harper Joseph David 1994
S&R9:117 Harper Norman Jasper 1987
S&R25:1 Harpold Frances Midge (Buchanan) 2010
GAL1:59 Harrington Geo. 1935
S&R24:108 Harrington Herbert William 2009
S&R19:136 Harris Arlo Ellsworth 2004
S&R12:8 Harris Ethel Ruth (Brown) 1993
S&R9:248 Harris Joe H. 1988
S&R6:165 Harris John Leonard 1979
GAL2:268 Harris Margaret F. B. (Self) 1959
S&R7:171 Harris Pearl Marie (Collier) 1982
S&R14:151 Harris William H. 1998
S&R23:33 Harrison Carol H. (Hurst) 2008
S&R15:162 Harrison Charles William 1999
S&R13:144 Harrison Doris I. (Ingels) 1996
S&R16:1 Harrison Earnest Alvin 1999
S&R23:45 Harrison Katherine (Esz) 2008
GAL3:69 Harrison Victor 1962
S&R9:183 Hart Charles H. Jr. 1988
S&R15:201 Hart Janice Marie (Sivrais) 1999
GAL1:19 Hart John 1932
GAL1:148 Harter Anna 1941
GAL1:253 Harter David 1946
S&R4:185 Harter Frank Joseph 1970
GAL1:199 Harter Frank Sr. 1943
S&R5:113 Harter George Clement 1973
S&R24:36 Harter Ida Delene (Howard) 2009
GAL3:178 Harter William 1965
GAL3:108 Hartman William R. Sr. 1963
S&R11:25 Hartmann Edna Louise (Heller) 1991
S&R12:60 Hartmann Erwin Oscar 1994
S&R17:37 Hartmann Patricia Anne (Dempsey) 2001
S&R8:179 Hartshorn Elizabeth (Ashbrook) 1985
S&R19:86 Harvey Clarence R. 2004
GAL2:205 Harvey Elizabeth 1957
S&R17:157 Harvey Reva M. (Edwards) 2002
S&R7:101 Hasley Loren Thomas 1981
S&R8:138 Hasselbring John Kenneth "Jack" 1985
S&R14:77 Hasty John Lloyd Jr. 1997
GAL3:226 Hatfield Charlette Ramon 1966
S&R11:125 Hattar Margarette Adwani 1992
S&R16:46 Hattrich George A. Jr. 2000
S&R9:16 Hauck Frank 1986
S&R15:72 Hauck Stewart Cronley 1999
S&R7:211 Haun Raymond Joseph (Rev.) 1983
S&R16:38 Hava Stephanie (Ludwig) 2000
S&R22:79 Hawk Cecil Lee 2007
S&R19:11 Hawkins Arthur C. 2004
S&R19:13 Hawkins Florence W. (Case) 2004
S&R14:28 Hawkins Mildred C. 1997
S&R18:71 Hayden Janet L. (Richardson) 2003
S&R5:156 Hayes Bobbie Jean (Proctor) 1974
S&R7:238 Hayner Donal Garvin 1983
GAL2:259 Hayner Mamie (Rusche) 1959
S&R25:45 Hazelbaker Rosie Kathrine (Turpin) 2010
S&R12:32 Hazlett Helen Lula (Miller) 1993
S&R9:265 Head George Carmac 1989
S&R25:51 Head Jennie Marie (Elam) 2010
S&R16:69 Head Ron W. 2000
S&R14:75 Headley Marilyn Rose (Poth) 1997
S&R14:98 Headworth Mary Margaret 1997
S&R13:58 Healy John W. 1995
S&R11:99 Heaster Wyatte N. 1992
S&R15:25 Hechler Beverly Joan (Arthur) 1998
S&R15:56 Hechler Frederick A. 1998
S&R21:54 Hechler Robert Joseph 2006
S&R21:80 Heck Shirley D. 2006
GAL3:58 Heffelfinger Joseph John 1961
S&R14:161 Heffner Dorothy Irene (Volk) 1998
S&R10:157 Heffner Howard Austin 1990
GAL2:246 Hefke Eva 1958
GAL2:307 Heflin Fetal Death 1959
S&R6:163 Heger Elmer Nicholas Helmuth 1979
S&R6:136 Heger Philomena Emma (Greissinger) 1978
S&R15:158 Hegner Alma (Baudendistel) 1999
GAL2:142 Hegner William 1955
S&R9:195 Heil Philip Robert "Bud" 1988
S&R14:90 Heileman Edna 1997
S&R16:30 Heileman Paul 2000
S&R25:125 Hein Betty J. (Cunningham) 2010
S&R16:172 Hein Marjorie Louise 2001
GAL3:6 Heisel Lillie 1960
S&R10:7 Heisler Emma 1989
S&R20:16 Heisler Oretha (York) 2005
S&R7:213 Heitkemper Terry Albin 1983
S&R9:274 Helgert Sandra Kay (Chaney) 1989
S&R9:276 Helsinger Alvin Francis 1989
S&R13:117 Helsinger Bruce Alan 1996
S&R12:3 Helsinger Denzil Edward 1993
S&R15:191 Helsinger Eva (Conger) 1999
S&R4:107 Helsinger Infant 1969
S&R14:204 Helsinger Vivian Lorain (Dowers) 1998
S&R18:74 Helton Charles W. 2003
S&R13:49 Helton Donna Jean (Sisco) 1995
S&R5:86 Helton Ellen (Helton) 1973
S&R7:44 Helton Lula Mae (Turner) 1981
S&R15:172 Helton Ray 1999
S&R23:44 Helwig Marjorie B. (Metzcar) 2008
S&R5:58 Helwig Rodney Rodrick 1973
S&R4:19 Helwig Russell H. 1967
S&R11:42 Hembree Charlotte Ann (Mehan) 1991
S&R13:148 Hendershot Kathy Jane (Fussner) 1996
S&R16:26 Hendershot Lloyd Allen 2000
GAL2:229 Henderson Clarence 1958
S&R4:210 Henderson Floyd Kay 1971
S&R8:86 Henderson Richard Wesley 1985
S&R6:264 Henderson Travis Edward Lee 1980
S&R6:174 Hendricks Albert "Nick" 1979
S&R14:65 Hendricks Alvin Cecil 1997
GAL1:252 Hendricks Bertha (Hendricks) 1946
S&R12:77 Hendricks Donna Gertrude (Dumford) 1994
GAL2:248 Hendricks Emil 1958
S&R22:134 Hendricks Helen (Taylor) 2007
GAL3:118 Hendricks John 1963
GAL3:183 Hendricks Julia (Hurley) 1965
S&R9:271 Hendricks Rose Angela (Brun) 1989
S&R7:245 Hendricks Sue Pearl (Eldridge) 1983
GAL1:186 Hendricks William 1942
GAL1:279 Hendricks William Jr. 1947
S&R5:268 Hendrickson Frank William 1976
S&R11:29 Hendrickson Joan L. (Souders) 1991
S&R4:37 Henn George Emil 1968
S&R15:150 Hennel James Edward 1999
GAL1:16 Hennigan Annie S. 1932
S&R17:135 Hennin Eloise Marie (Larson) 2002
S&R17:107 Henninger Irma 2002
S&R5:31 Henninger Richard Paul 1972
S&R7:58 Henrdrickson Frank William Jr. 1981
GAL1:102 Henry Clifford 1938
GAL1:157 Henry Josephine (Hume) 1941
GAL2:304 Henry Lizzie 1958
S&R22:36 Henry Margaret (Hasty) 2007
S&R17:102 Henry Wilmer 2002
GAL3:147 Hensley Charles H. 1964
S&R13:210 Henson Artys D. 1996
GAL2:92 Henson Laura Rette (Wells) 1953
S&R8:26 Herbert Charles Raymond 1984
S&R22:55 Herman Michael P. 2007
S&R9:245 Hermanson David A. 1988
S&R21:133 Hernandez Dorothy K. (Kramer) 2006
S&R20:91 Herr Martin J. 2005
S&R17:57 Herring Irene W. (Reeves) 2001
S&R17:65 Herring Roy C. 2001
S&R12:40 Herron Clyde 1993
S&R9:213 Herron Mary Kathern (Carter) 1988
GAL1:71 Hersch Philip 1936
S&R8:11 Herweh Arthur John 1984
S&R16:185 Herweh Virginia (Pancher) 2001
S&R11:149 Herzog Bernard W. 1993
S&R9:150 Herzog Blanche (Behrman) 1988
S&R17:5 Hesketh Betty Jo (Mullins) 2001
S&R22:146 Hess William C. 2007
S&R15:171 Heston Jack V. 1999
S&R13:96 Hetzer Eugene Lawrence 1995
GAL1:52 Heuson Magnolia (Stewart) 1934
S&R9:  Hewitt Charles A. 1986
S&R13:65 Heyne Marjorie I. (Burt) 1995
S&R20:76 Heyne Russell A. 2005
S&R5:208 Heywood David Earl 1975
S&R6:55 Heywood Hortense Elizabeth (Anshutz) 1977
S&R15:66 Hiers Geraldine (McDonald) 1998
S&R11:153 Highfill Maurice Edwin 1993
S&R5:251 Hilcoske Arlis Leota (Carr) 1976
GAL1:48 Hilge Ernest 1934
S&R15:13 Hill Arthur Burton 1998
S&R10:224 Hill Benjamin Albert 1991
S&R7:84 Hill Clarence Charles 1981
S&R9:52 Hill Edna E. (Hardin) 1987
S&R4:156 Hill Ethel McCormick (Sample) 1970
S&R22:63 Hill Hazel Marie (Bell) 2007
S&R23:103 Hill James W. 2008
S&R15:165 Hill Johnnie Lou (Ensor) 1999
GAL3:185 Hill Leo 1965
S&R4:109 Hill Marion Leon 1969
S&R21:134 Hill Mary Alberta (Gaehi) 2006
S&R20:7 Hill Michael Dale 2005
S&R4:59 Hill Tracy 1968
S&R17:32 Hill Vernon Keith 2001
S&R18:109 Hill Walter J. 2003
S&R14:63 Hille Lucy Katherine (Stevens) 1997
S&R14:111 Hilliard Devon Shaye 1997
S&R14:15 Hilliard Emogene D. (Wallace) 1997
S&R14:117 Hilliard John William 1997
S&R11:119 Hilshorst William Edward 1992
GAL2:189 Himes Harry 1957
S&R8:112 Hines Mary Lou (Whitaker) 1985
S&R7:147 Hinken Raymond 1982
S&R7:29 Hinkle Charles 1980
S&R20:12 Hirst Merelyn M. (Molder) 2005
S&R17:108 Hitchings Robert W. 2002
GAL1:164 Hoake Gustav Franz 1941
GAL2:182 Hoake Gustave 1956
S&R22:145 Hoalcraft David A. 2007
S&R5:35 Hobson Winnie (Martin) 1972
S&R24:125 Hodge Joyce (Wright) 2009
S&R4:184 Hodgson James Leonard 1970
GAL1:55 Hoehlander Francis M. 1934
S&R11:184 Hoey George James 1993
S&R9:111 Hoff Berniece 1987
S&R6:31 Hoff Edna Mae (Long) 1977
S&R7:55 Hoff Harold Forest 1981
GAL2:34 Hoff John D. 1950
GAL1:179 Hoff Lelia Florence (Beedle) 1942
S&R19:77 Hoff Robert N. 2004
S&R6:229 Hoff Velma Mae (Finney) 1979
S&R13:6 Hoffert David James 1995
GAL1:26 Hoffman Jesse B. 1933
S&R5:33 Hogan Irma Elizabeth (Niehaus) 1972
S&R6:181 Holaday Carrie Elizabeth (Witte) 1979
S&R23:41 Holbrook Ronald 2008
S&R19:16 Holland Dorothy Elizabeth (Neufarth) 2004
S&R7:192 Holland Ronald "Francis" Sr. 1982
S&R7:98 Holliday Edward Orville 1981
GAL1:2 Holliday Harry E. 1931
GAL1:110 Holliday Lincoln "Link" 1938
S&R6:211 Hollingsworth Frank Liming 1979
S&R8:217 Hollingsworth Mabel Elizabeth (Campbell) 1986
S&R18:152 Holm Robert C.A. 2003
S&R5:45 Holman Robert 1973
S&R13:158 Holmes James Dallas 1996
S&R17:144 Holodnak Richard H. 2002
S&R22:117 Holzhauer Phyllis B. (Buck) 2007
S&R18:107 Holzman Helen J. (Dann) 2003
S&R6:98 Honerlaw Anna Louise (Sanger) 1978
S&R15:50 Honerlaw Herbert E. 1998
S&R8:67 Honerlaw Theodore "Ted" Sr. 1984
S&R25:2 Honerlaw Theodore Phillip 2010
S&R10:126 Honeycutt Fred 1990
S&R20:105 Honeycutt Jaunell (Raynes) 2005
S&R24:122 Honish Sadie Elsie (Wisnefske) 2009
S&R5:263 Hoobler Dorothy Violet (Ossman) 1976
S&R20:128 Hoobler Marianna R. (Redmon) 2005
S&R23:121 Hood Steven David 2008
S&R23:136 Hoon John Robert 2008
S&R23:39 Hoot Jay F. 2008
S&R5:175 Hoover Daisy (Dumford) 1974
S&R7:126 Hopkins John Wilson 1981
S&R25:25 Hopkins Merlin A. (Thompson) 2010
S&R14:113 Hopson Otis Melvin 1997
S&R19:112 Horning James Victor 2004
S&R5:182 Hornsby Randall Lee 1975
S&R9:244 Horstman Mildred A. (Weber) 1988
S&R4:232 Horton 2 male Infants 1972
S&R20:49 Horton Heather A. (Silcott) 2005
S&R11:95 Horton John Lang 1992
S&R14:20 Horton Robert Crane 1997
S&R23:6 Horwarth Dorothy Ann 2008
S&R10:141 Hosea Frank H. 1990
S&R14:160 Hosea Harold Orville 1998
S&R11:19 Hosea Helen Ida (Mastio) 1991
S&R13:120 Hosea Ruth Edna (Ross) 1996
S&R12:26 Hoskins Laura (Baker) 1993
S&R17:97 Hoskins Leah 2002
S&R20:88 Hoskins Sonia Flynn 2005
GAL3:208 Hoss Flora Mae 1966
GAL1:170 Hoss Homer 1941
S&R5:51 Hoss Lewis Edgar Sr. 1973
S&R7:249 Houghton Arlene Marie (Bauer) 1983
S&R8:190 Houghton Russell Wayne "Chick" 1986
GAL3:266 Houseworth Daisy Leora 1963
GAL1:152 Houseworth Foster G. 1941
GAL2:15 Houseworth Mina (Getts) 1949
S&R10:147 Housteau James Matthew 1990
S&R23:51 Howard Florence (York) 2008
S&R8:61 Howard Geneva (Gibson) 1984
S&R7:151 Howard George Kendrick 1982
GAL2:245 Howard I. J. 1958
S&R18:181 Howard Majel G. (LaMar) 2003
S&R16:138 Howard Paul J. 2000
S&R4:98 Howard Sarah Elizabeth (Sawyer) 1969
GAL3:160 Howard William Kenneth 1964
S&R24:114 Howell Willard C. 2009
S&R23:80 Hoyer John Zilg 2008
S&R12:102 Hoyer Nicholas John 1994
S&R14:141 Hubbard Richard Howard 1998
GAL2:305 Hubbell Denise 1958
S&R10:74 Huber Marie Elizabeth (Logan) 1990
S&R20:111 Huberty Jean E. 2005
S&R20:118 Hudak Alexander Carter 2005
GAL1:212 Hudgel Wilbur E. 1944
S&R23:105 Hudnot David Jr. 2008
S&R12:99 Hudnot Randall Wayne 1994
GAL2:94 Hudson Chas. J. 1953
GAL1:189 Hudson Edith M. (Martindale) 1942
S&R11:3 Hudson Effie Ann (Belew) 1991
S&R7:93 Hudson Evelyn C. (Cox) 1981
GAL3:223 Hudson Frank A. 1966
GAL2:185 Hudson Nina (Boulware) 1956
S&R10:101 Huey Dorothy Gladys (Jonas) 1990
GAL1:180 Huff Joyce Ann 1942
S&R13:170 Huffman Frank David 1996
S&R6:57 Huggard Dolores C. (Baumel) 1977
S&R11:101 Huggard Michael Francis 1992
GAL2:46 Hughes Caroline 1951
GAL1:207 Hughes Cora (Patterson) 1943
S&R5:250 Hughes Daniel Lewis 1976
GAL1:103 Hughes Dewey 1938
S&R5:240 Hughes Edith Myrtle (Gorsuch) 1976
S&R10:52 Hughes Kenneth Foch 1989
S&R7:114 Hughes Martha Catherine (Logan) 1981
S&R25:86 Hughes Robert J. 2010
GAL2:129 Hughes Ruth Frances 1954
S&R7:200 Hull Lucille Marie (Hird) Kettler 1982
S&R24:142 Hulse Sara Jane (Coleman) 2009
S&R5:171 Humphrey Birchie Meredith (Aucker) 1974
S&R4:97 Humphrey Clyde Thomas 1969
S&R25:68 Humphrey Evelyn L. (Hudgens) 2010
S&R13:41 Humphrey Fannie Aidria (Weeks) 1995
S&R10:91 Humphrey Freda Allene (Mink) 1990
S&R13:36 Humphrey Joseph Richard Jr. 1995
S&R23:63 Humphreys Robert R. 2008
S&R11:104 Humphreys Sylvania Alban 1992
S&R24:84 Hundley Bill 2009
S&R11:199 Hunt Carol Ann (Sabol) 1993
S&R5:105 Hunt Sandra Sharon 1973
S&R12:138 Hunter Charles Edward Jr. 1994
GAL3:90 Hunter Elliott 1962
GAL1:150 Hupp John 1941
S&R25:8 Hurd Kathleen (Lynch) 2010
S&R15:152 Hurd William W. 1999
S&R10:185 Hurkes Gerald J. 1990
S&R16:142 Hurst Collen (Proctor) 2000
S&R22:45 Hutchinson Matthew J. 2007
S&R7:51 Hutchinson Robert Charles Sr. 1981
S&R6:10 Hutten Elverna Ruth (Neller) 1976
S&R22:31 Hymore Geneva (Richardson) 2007
S&R19:129 Hymore Joseph H. 2004
GAL1:81 Hyndman Stella Marie 1937


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