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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
GAL3:82 La Mar C. Wilbur 1962
S&R8:92 La Mar Verna Katherine (Cornell) 1985
S&R25:113 LaBazzo Joseph Patrick 2010
S&R25:108 Labenz Martha J. (Moore) 2010
S&R14:42 Lacker Mary R. (Humble) 1997
S&R4:153 LaCure Hilton George 1970
S&R7:89 Lake Lily Mary (Jones) 1981
S&R20:41 Lakes Lynn Marie (Bales) 2005
GAL3:71 LaMar Ida B. (Pelham) 1962
S&R4:208 Lamar Marie Gertrude (Cole) 1971
S&R6:65 LaMar Turman Chester 1977
GAL1:5 LaMay Frederick D. 1931
S&R12:22 Lamb Mert 1993
S&R25:4 Lamb Mollie V. (Eades) 2010
S&R18:175 Lambdin James Clifford 2003
S&R9:212 Lambert David Wayne 1988
S&R4:215 Lambert Nellie M. (Hilson) 1971
S&R23:60 Lamendola Nicholas J. 2008
GAL1:80 Lamping Reese F. 1937
S&R6:179 Lancaster James Ercie 1979
S&R22:8 Land Helen (Poundstone) 2007
S&R15:117 Landen Earl 1999
S&R17:45 Landen Elmer Edward 2001
GAL1:139 Landen Hermon 1940
GAL2:306 Landen Infant 1959
S&R6:76 Landen Lizzie (Campbell) 1977
GAL1:182 Landen Mary Louise 1942
GAL1:290 Landen Namon E. 1948
S&R6:207 Landenwitsch Robert Michael 1979
S&R15:91 Lane Evelyn Margaret (Enfield) 1999
S&R17:60 Lane Kenneth 2001
GAL2:124 Lane Loring D. 1954
S&R14:124 Lane Warren Guy Sr. 1997
S&R21:89 Lang Harriet J. (Eck) 2006
S&R8:36 Langdon Annetta Elizabeth (Hoff) 1984
S&R4:131 Langdon Jeannette Norris (Failing) 1969
S&R8:170 Langdon Richard Wheeler 1985
S&R5:90 Langenbrunner Grace (Peters) 1973
S&R11:156 Langford Charles Roscoe 1993
S&R4:128 Langford Delbert Sheridon 1969
S&R15:104 Langford-Farmer Clemerance (Wilson) 1999
S&R20:23 Langston Calvin W. 2005
S&R6:60 Lanham Anna Helen (Allen) 1977
S&R10:246 Lanham Gilbert Eugene 1991
S&R6:5 Lanham Susan Mariea 1976
GAL2:37 Lanigan Katherine 1950
GAL2:5 Lanigan Paul G. 1949
S&R22:77 Lansdell Bobby 2007
S&R10:173 Lantzer Floyd Nelson 1990
S&R11:27 Lantzer Lila Irene (Pfile) 1991
S&R16:76 Larson Alestar 2000
S&R22:24 Larson Ida E. (Schultz) 2007
S&R19:69 Larson Kenneth M. 2004
S&R13:9 Lassen Mary Elizabeth (Watson) 1995
S&R22:93 Laswell Marshall David 2007
S&R9:158 Latchaw Janet Rose (Butler) 1988
S&R16:55 Latsko George Vincent 2000
GAL2:184 Lau August 1956
S&R14:114 Lau Edna Marie 1997
S&R10:34 Laughlin Albert Lewis 1989
S&R15:142 Laughlin Dorothy Mae 1999
S&R24:22 Laurence Pauline M. (Murphy) 2009
S&R24:81 Lautenslager Alfred John 2009
S&R15:120 Lautenslager Rosemary (Bunnell) 1999
GAL1:149 Law Emma U. (Dusenberry) 1941
S&R19:1 Lawson Ann V. (Wingert) 2004
S&R7:91 Lawson Myrtle (Wilson) 1981
S&R11:183 Lawson Raymond Kellis Jr. 1993
GAL1:289 Lay Silas G. 1948
GAL2:104 Layman Hazel (Thompson) 1953
GAL3:154 Laymon Charles 1964
GAL1:132 Lear Alice (Davidson) 1940
GAL1:113 Lear Louis M. 1939
S&R20:75 Leary Earl Raymond 2005
GAL1:276 Leary Ellen Elizabeth (Conley) 1947
S&R8:51 Leblang Anna (Roth) 1984
S&R21:107 Ledford Stanage B. 2006
S&R4:90 Ledford Tonya Gail [twin] 1969
S&R9:44 Leever Laura E. 1987
S&R15:146 LeFevers Joe Ray 1999
S&R21:152 Lefik Andrew D. 2006
S&R15:128 Leis Anton P. 1999
S&R13:228 Lemke David Robert 1996
S&R11:197 Lemond William Davidson 1993
S&R15:173 LeMonn Mary (Carder) 1999
S&R11:131 Lennig Arthur Francis 1992
S&R12:73 Lennon Tilford Earl 1994
GAL2:111 Leonard John 1954
S&R16:64 Lepper Howard F. 2000
S&R24:1 Lester Virgie Mae (Crowley) 2009
S&R18:26 Levesque Albert 2002
S&R9:43 Lewis Addie M. 1987
S&R9:19 Lewis Carol Jean 1986
S&R24:44 Lewis Jackie L. 2009
S&R10:144 Lewis Robert Eugene 1990
S&R14:17 Lewis Robert Stephen 1997
S&R24:136 Lewis Thomas Clinton 2009
S&R20:17 Lewis Wesley Forrest 2005
GAL2:144 Leyon Gunnar 1955
S&R14:22 Lichtenberg Dorothy (Miller) 1997
S&R9:86 Lichtenberg Theodore Clement 1987
GAL2:54 Liddil Harold D. 1951
S&R18:30 Liddil James R. 2002
S&R11:35 Liddil Margaret Edith 1991
S&R4:222 Liebisch Milderd Jeanette (Smith) 1971
S&R9:235 Liedhegner Mary L. (Esz) 1988
S&R23:31 Liedhegner William H. 2008
S&R8:41 Lievestro Johannetta Theodora "Dora" (Klumper) 1984
S&R21:112 Lievestro Louis 2006
S&R20:93 Lievestro Nicholas Andrew 2005
S&R24:88 Lievestro Paul Jeffrey 2009
S&R12:146 Lillard Lydia Renee 1994
S&R21:79 Lillie Jack A. 2006
S&R12:154 Lillie Juanita Florence (Moser) 1994
S&R20:127 Lilly Elizabeth Ann 2005
S&R19:88 Limanowski Wanda A. (Stock) 2004
S&R22:128 Limbacher Nancy Rose (Merritt) 2007
S&R9:180 Lindemann Edith (Baas) 1988
S&R14:162 Lindenberger Doris A. (Neumyer) 1998
S&R7:190 Lindermann William Carl Fredrick 1982
S&R13:134 Lindhout Herman 1996
S&R24:90 Lindhout Janna (Van der Tang) 2009
S&R24:48 Lindquist Keith Paul 2009
S&R17:116 Lindsay Helene B. 2002
GAL2:187 Lindsay William 1956
S&R7:143 Lindy Betty Jean (Roof) 1981
S&R7:25 Lingo Leslie Adin 1980
S&R17:33 Link Russell James 2001
S&R21:91 Linnert LaVerne E. (Eck) 2006
S&R6:252 Linville Linda "Lore" 1980
S&R16:41 Lippincott Shirley L. (Huff) 2000
GAL3:107 Lipscomb Dawson 1963
S&R10:76 Little Bess (Johnson) 1990
S&R22:2 Livingston Ralph Louis 2006
S&R7:71 Lloyd Malcolm Paul Jr. 1981
S&R12:132 Lloyds Grace Loraine (Baker) 1994
S&R10:211 Lockard Kelly 1991
S&R9:119 Loewenstein Lillian Maybelle 1987
S&R11:180 Logan Eva Louise (Steele) 1993
S&R15:38 Logan Frank 1998
S&R20:42 Logan Olan 2005
S&R9:11 Logan Vera E. 1986
S&R13:132 Logsdon Willie Rema (LuAllen) 1996
S&R21:104 Lonczak Florence 2006
S&R23:20 Lonczak Sophie 2008
GAL3:212 Long Dorothy (Moody) 1966
S&R6:106 Long Lum 1978
S&R8:209 Lonsberry Bruce D. 1986
S&R13:178 Looker John Paul 1996
S&R20:123 Looker Kathryn N. (McBee) 2005
S&R15:84 Lorenz Fred J. 1999
GAL2:294 Losh Edward W. 1960
S&R5:210 Losh Minnie Muriel (Crawford) 1975
S&R10:198 Losh Richard Edward 1991
S&R10:227 Louis Edith May (Campbell) 1991
S&R5:245 Louis George Joseph 1976
S&R14:9 Louis George Thomas 1997
S&R24:163 Louis-Kamp Donna M. (Fisher) 2009
S&R8:8 Lovell Deborah Jean 1984
S&R18:35 Lovell Jeanette D. (Smith) 2002
S&R13:24 Lovell Russell 1995
S&R4:118 Lowe Harold Gibson 1969
GAL1:185 Lowe John W. 1942
GAL3:241 Lowe Lisa 1966
GAL1:266 Lowe Mary Jane (Bercaw) 1947
GAL1:160 Lowe Morgan 1941
GAL1:177 Lowe William 1942
S&R10:45 Lowenstein Gordon Marcus 1989
S&R6:107 Lubkeman Harry Daniel 1978
S&R9:131 Lubkeman Mary Chrisitne 1987
S&R22:40 Lucas Sandra P. (Ford) 2007
GAL3:72 Luck Elnora (Offerman) 1962
S&R11:191 Ludwick Frank William 1993
S&R13:129 Ludwick Zillah (McGrew) 1996
S&R7:38 Luhn Emma Lisette 1981
S&R9:159 Luke Nancy L. (Lancaster) 1988
S&R18:147 Lum Aleda V. (Abrahamson) 2003
S&R14:202 Lum Milton L. 1998
S&R22:18 Luman Mary Evelyn (Cox) 2007
S&R15:179 Lumley Dorothy M. (Karger) 1999
S&R19:135 Lumley Gordon F. 2004
S&R6:20 Lundy James Patrick 1977
S&R4:22 Lutes Birdie Faye 1967
S&R21:11 Lutes David Lee 2006
S&R9:178 Lutes Forest Irwin 1988
S&R20:121 Lutes Jane (McIntosh) 2005
S&R11:121 Lykins Carl Woodford 1992
S&R13:146 Lymangrover James Patrick 1996
S&R17:124 Lymangrover Tonia B. 2002
S&R8:214 Lynch Ethel Mae (Corran) 1986
S&R13:29 Lynch G. Rod 1995
S&R23:43 Lynch Rhonda Sue (Fischer) 2008
S&R7:235 Lyons Mary (Dudash) 1983
S&R5:151 Lyons Raymond 1974
S&R5:20 Lyons Virginia (Gard) 1972
S&R17:71 Lytle Marc W. 2001
S&R25:53 Lytle Sherry Elizabeth (Straub) 2010


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