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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R16:198 Machen Frank H. 2001
S&R24:76 Machen Marilyn 2009
GAL3:98 Mackey Helen Louise (Ritchey) 1962
S&R9:262 Maddox Arthur Hamilton 1989
S&R12:50 Maddox Bernice Mae (Brown) 1993
S&R7:150 Maddox Bertha Emeline 1982
S&R18:106 Maddox Christine B. (Feiler) 2003
S&R5:161 Maddox Clyde Garr 1974
GAL2:204 Maddox Esther (Erbeck) 1957
S&R11:33 Maddox Floyd Raymond 1991
S&R4:7 Maddox George H. 1967
S&R8:43 Maddox Lonnie Francis "Lon F." 1984
GAL3:153 Maddox Lydia S. (Binion) 1964
S&R19:45 Maddox Martha Ellen (Nash) 2004
GAL1:287 Maddox Nancy Jane (Walker) 1948
S&R17:163 Maddox Olive Vandever (Hendricks) 2002
S&R15:124 Maddox Roberta C. (Combs) 1999
S&R13:159 Maddox Roy Lee 1996
S&R18:174 Maddox Virgie M. (Carpenter) 2003
S&R9:282 Maddox Virgil Wade 1989
S&R15:39 Mader Robert D. 1998
S&R6:113 Magie Andrew Joseph 1978
S&R9:92 Magie Leah Martha 1987
GAL3:131 Maham Edwin E. 1963
S&R6:30 Maher Merle Naomi (Rittgers) 1977
S&R22:104 Mahlenkamp Joyce (Buop) 2007
S&R15:140 Majuri Louis 1999
S&R18:108 Malone Thurman S. 2003
S&R15:143 Maloney Cynthia (Harris) 1999
GAL3:135 Malott William W. 1964
S&R14:101 Manek Amritlal M. 1997
S&R21:43 Manis Kelly 2006
S&R19:114 Manly Lolaetta Grace (Brandenburg) 2004
S&R17:148 Mann Brian Seth 2002
GAL2:83 Mann Mary Jane 1953
S&R7:243 Manning Elsie Regina (Heiney) 1983
S&R16:154 Manning Joseph W. 2001
S&R4:52 Manning William Cramer 1968
S&R6:140 Mansfield Barbara Ann (Overman) 1978
S&R6:198 Mansfield Foy Eugene 1979
S&R4:241 Mansfield Luther B. 1972
S&R21:70 Manuell Christopher J. 2006
S&R16:2 Maphet Frances P. (Abney) 1999
S&R10:130 Marah Eva L. (Todd) 1990
S&R12:124 Marakovits Christopher Steven 1994
S&R11:57 Maringer Junko (Wantanabe) 1992
S&R10:72 Mark Mary Louise 1989
GAL2:77 Marlette Mollie 1952
S&R15:44 Marlow Betty Jean (Proffitt) 1998
S&R17:111 Marple-Kabel Mary Justina 2002
S&R8:31 Marquardt Evelyn L. (Mick) 1984
S&R5:2 Marquardt Oscar 1972
S&R8:174 Marsh Arthur A. Sr. 1985
S&R4:124 Marshall Anna Florence (Melampy) 1969
S&R15:151 Marshall Bobby S. 1999
S&R4:76 Marshall Delmar Chester 1968
S&R8:55 Marshall Dorothy Loretta (Miller) 1984
GAL2:157 Marshall Edwin 1956
S&R9:144 Marshall Elizabeth (Carleton) 1988
GAL1:33 Marshall Evylin 1933
GAL1:75 Marshall William 1936
S&R25:116 Martin Anna L. (Ball) 2010
S&R16:140 Martin Charles Lewis 2000
GAL1:72 Martin Harry H. 1936
S&R8:225 Martin Hugh Stokely 1986
S&R9:27 Martin James K. 1986
S&R24:133 Martin John 2009
S&R5:152 Martin Jonathan Thompson 1974
S&R21:47 Martin Joseph Richard 2006
S&R11:94 Martin Julie Eileen 1992
S&R8:162 Martin Kathryn B. (Bergen) 1985
S&R7:262 Martin Marielis Frances (Beller) 1983
GAL3:53 Martin Mary B. (Henderson) 1961
S&R13:42 Martin Mary Ruth (Bloomer) 1995
S&R5:99 Martin Pallie (Bowling) 1973
S&R5:55 Martin Ruby Ellen 1973
S&R23:53 Mason Barbara Ellen (Wade) 2008
S&R5:147 Mason Christine (McFarland) 1974
S&R17:160 Mason Hugh M. 2002
S&R25:101 Mason Naomi M. (Kline) 2010
S&R14:54 Massie Jacqueline M. (Maher) 1997
S&R25:58 Masters Christine E. (Segrest) 2010
S&R9:136 Mathews Rhoda 1988
S&R4:247 Mathews Roscoe 1972
S&R18:25 Mathison Robert M. 2002
S&R18:118 Matson Marjorie K. (Banyard) 2003
S&R21:129 Matthews Jeannette P. 2006
S&R7:242 Matthews Judy Gail (Saylor) 1983
S&R20:32 Mattis Norman R. Sr. 2005
S&R6:203 Matz John Henry 1979
S&R7:272 May Elsa Fay (Bogan) 1983
S&R5:257 May Eugene Pontius 1976
S&R21:33 May Helenn M. (Haisch) 2006
S&R4:161 Maybury Sarah Louise (Houston) 1970
S&R5:217 Maynard Grace 1975
S&R12:17 Maynard James Everett 1993
S&R16:91 Maynard Lou Vernie (Spradlin) 2000
S&R4:55 Maynard William Herbert 1968
S&R11:66 Mayne Alex John 1992
S&R13:62 Mayne Bertha E. (McKeehan) 1995
S&R10:109 Mays Alice M. (Manning) 1990
S&R15:43 Mays John David 1998
S&R11:54 McAfee Jean Elizabeth (Binning) 1991
S&R13:66 McAfee Paul G. 1995
S&R16:100 McAllister Raymond Skyles 2000
S&R9:69 McBee Frank Suter Sr. 1987
S&R10:63 McCabe Harvey Wolcott 1989
S&R15:159 McCabe Helen (Devins) 1999
S&R11:38 McCabe Joseph Tyler 1991
S&R16:56 McCall Eric Bryan 2000
S&R13:198 McCarnan Ara Lillian (DeSerisy) 1996
S&R11:55 McCarthy Janice Lou (Alsip) 1992
S&R19:47 McCarthy Thomas 2004
GAL2:235 McCarty Pearl 1958
S&R22:32 McClain Elizabeth J. (Gibbons) 2007
S&R13:171 McClain Helen W. (Walsh) 1996
S&R11:173 McClain Jesse Leslie 1993
S&R5:267 McClung Alice Marie 1976
GAL1:294 McClung Burton 1948
S&R18:93 McClung Francis W. 2003
S&R6:49 McClung Howard Milton 1977
S&R16:5 McClung James Thomas 2000
S&R14:170 McClung John Louis 1998
S&R10:210 McClung Lawrence Vernon "Barney" 1991
S&R14:43 McClung Mary Helen (Thompson) 1997
GAL1:198 McClung Mary R. (Hill) 1943
S&R12:115 McClung Mildred Anna (Cramer) 1994
S&R5:269 McClung William Elmer 1976
GAL1:14 McClure Emma (Davis) 1932
GAL1:35 McClure John L. 1933
GAL1:44 McClure John L. Jr.. 1934
GAL3:56 McComas Allen & Mary 1961
GAL1:291 McComas Paul 1948
GAL2:39 McCormack Dora May (Gorsuch) 1950
GAL2:103 McCormack Thomas F. 1953
S&R25:29 McCormick Elizabeth (Schmitt) 2010
S&R11:192 McCormick Robert Timothy 1993
S&R6:66 McCowan Joshua Davis 1977
S&R22:95 McCoy Doloris May (Burton) 2007
S&R19:116 McCray Marilyn Jean (Rutherford) 2004
S&R15:75 McCullough Howell 1999
S&R10:155 McCurley Alice (Cox) 1990
S&R7:40 McCurley Betty Louise (Cummings) 1981
GAL1:301 McCurley Clifford H. 1948
S&R4:135 McCurley Robert Thayer 1970
S&R18:16 McCurley William H. 2002
GAL3:242 McCurry Nola (Wilson) 1965
S&R4:146 McDaniel Ida Maude (Crowe) 1970
S&R14:133 McDaniel William S. 1998
GAL1:53 McDermott Hannah 1934
S&R19:4 McDonald Rachel K. (Holthaus) 2004
GAL1:274 McDowell Harvey W. 1947
S&R20:18 McFeeters Helen Louise (Royse) 2005
S&R13:190 McGarth Mildred Mary 1996
S&R19:50 McGee Elwood R. "Mac" 2004
S&R11:118 McGee Helen Margaret (Burke) 1992
S&R21:60 McGill Roseann 2006
S&R7:78 McGinnis David Ingle 1981
S&R5:69 McGinnis John Walter 1973
GAL1:237 McGinnis Mary A. (Quinn) 1945
S&R9:261 McGlothin Frank Wesley 1989
S&R4:197 McGowan Clyne Lavern 1971
S&R17:99 McGowan Opal Christine (Truett) 2002
S&R9:251 McGrath Edward C. 1989
S&R25:73 McGrath Elizabeth J. (Knox) 2010
S&R25:60 McGrath Fred 2010
S&R7:16 McGrath Ruby (England) 1980
S&R24:27 McGrath Thomas K. 2009
S&R25:6 McGregor Shelby B. 2010
S&R16:113 McGuinness Colette D. (Pumell) 2000
S&R5:242 McGuire Benjamin Franklin 1976
S&R11:106 McGuire Carol Ann (Kennedy) 1992
S&R13:141 McGuire Myrtle Lee (Oakley) 1996
S&R17:101 McGurty James August 2002
S&R24:42 McHaffie Patricia Dale (McGee) 2009
S&R23:113 McIlvain Edwin G. 2008
S&R16:102 McIlvain Steven G. 2000
S&R8:161 McIntosh Doris (Bishop) 1985
S&R8:80 McIntosh Kimberly Sue 1984
S&R16:171 McIntosh Maggie 2001
S&R5:13 McIntosh Mark Anthony 1972
S&R16:199 McKeehan Preston 2001
S&R11:103 McKeehan Wanda Lou (Smith) 1992
S&R11:110 McKenney Thelma Frances (Hudson) 1992
S&R18:149 McKenzie Albert F. 2003
S&R17:79 McKinney Bernice L. (Pursley) 2001
S&R5:38 McKinney Henry Shelby 1972
S&R8:60 McKinney John "Eugene" 1984
S&R16:139 McKinney Martha (Price) 2000
S&R4:243 McMahan Donald Wayne 1972
GAL3:24 McMahan Lelia (Daugherty) 1960
GAL3:222 McMahan Sam B. 1966
GAL1:104 McMannanman Nora 1938
GAL2:56 McMath Mary (Brown) 1951
S&R9:109 McMillian David Marion 1987
S&R21:143 McMillian Emma Louise (Worthington) 2006
S&R15:99 McMinn Roy Ray 1999
S&R13:180 McMullen Shirley Diane (Godby) 1996
S&R22:26 McNamee James B. 2007
S&R12:81 McNemar Julia Eleanor (Petrick) 1994
S&R9:47 McPheters Linwood S., Sr 1987
S&R20:44 McQueary Harold Jackson 2005
S&R15:58 McQueen Geraldine (Smith) 1998
S&R7:86 McQueen Larry Lynnville 1981
S&R11:179 McQueen Wade Lynn 1993
S&R24:63 McQuillan Elizabeth (Sutton) 2009
S&R6:212 McReynolds Arlene Chester (Edgemon) 1979
S&R4:71 McReynolds James Lynn 1968
S&R8:104 McReynolds Joseph Daniel 1985
S&R11:111 McReynolds Paul 1992
S&R11:16 McSpadden Samuel Vernon 1991
GAL2:270 McVay Grace (Cassidy) 1959
GAL1:175 McVay Harry D. 1942
S&R6:231 McVicker Constance Elizabeth (Leech) 1979
S&R15:161 McVicker Paul M. 1999
S&R12:30 McWilliams Jerry 1993
S&R12:121 Meade Franklie (Roark) 1994
S&R13:50 Meade Howard Glenn 1995
S&R13:197 Meade Vernon Wise 1996
S&R15:110 Meadows Rose Burnette 1999
S&R20:78 Meassick James V. 2005
S&R16:87 Meassick Josephine M. 2000
S&R23:132 Meddings Audrey H. (Ramsey) 2008
S&R24:150 Meddings Dona M. (Fleming) 2009
S&R5:220 Meddings Floyd Cecil 1975
S&R7:237 Meddings Lillian Francis (Harville) 1983
S&R16:62 Meece Artie 2000
S&R22:66 Meece Doris Jean 2007
S&R13:89 Meece Paulyn (Conley) 1995
S&R14:122 Meece Rollo 1997
S&R22:75 Meehan Timothy J. 2007
S&R17:6 Meek Don C. 2001
S&R16:39 Meeks Albert R. 2000
S&R9:35 Meeks Anna T. 1986
S&R25:120 Meents Catherine Ann (Schmitt) 2010
GAL3:148 Megie Minnie (Hendricks) 1964
S&R9:135 Meguire Harry Clifford 1988
S&R6:47 Meguire Laura Victoria (Davidson) 1977
S&R21:4 Mehaffey Martha 2006
S&R9:211 Mehn Joseph Francis 1988
S&R10:11 Mein Alan C. 1989
S&R9:190 Mein Mabel O. (Schumacher) 1988
GAL3:150 Melampy Audrey (Dimmack) 1964
S&R4:49 Melampy Clarence 1968
S&R17:166 Melampy Francis H. 2002
GAL2:234 Melampy Harry J. 1958
GAL1:173 Melampy James D. 1942
GAL1:171 Melampy James F. 1941
S&R8:3 Melampy Jennie (Rhodes) 1984
GAL1:129 Melampy Katherine Lucille (Dane) 1940
GAL1:173 Melampy Louis E. 1942
GAL2:145 Melampy Mabel (Bone) 1955
GAL2:22 Melampy Mary E. (Eiler) 1949
GAL3:80 Melampy Nell (Gutermuth) 1962
S&R13:175 Melampy Onda Jane (Bahns) 1996
S&R22:115 Melampy Virginia Lucille (Cox) 2007
S&R4:15 Melampy William Ralph 1967
S&R4:147 Melampy William Stephen 1970
S&R17:82 Melick Alan D. 2001
S&R4:219 Mellish Albert Edward 1971
S&R16:21 Mellish Bertha (Christiansen) 2000
S&R19:72 Melosh Dorothy C. (Werrell) 2004
S&R5:191 Melvin Violet C. (Miller) 1975
S&R10:215 Melvin Wayne Wm. 1991
GAL2:251 Melzer George H. 1958
S&R20:117 Melzer Robert C. 2005
S&R22:89 Meranda Ryan Lee 2007
S&R21:50 Mercer Robert W. 2006
GAL3:100 Mercer Tennessee 1962
S&R17:18 Merchant Herman L. 2001
GAL3:243 Merchant Herman Lloyd 1965
S&R7:269 Merchant Lorraine Marie (Murray) 1983
S&R17:3 Mercier Harriet (Hayner) 2001
GAL3:159 Mercier Joseph T. 1964
S&R18:57 Merland Robert John 2003
S&R19:30 Messick Barbara (Ellery) 2004
S&R10:3 Methlie Eva (Herland) 1989
S&R17:9 Metzger Charles H. 2001
S&R13:168 Meyer Christopher Anthony 1996
S&R14:23 Meyer Irene (Parr) 1997
S&R17:17 Meyer Marlin 2001
GAL2:162 Meyer Mary E. 1956
S&R8:110 Meyer Milton Paul "Barney" 1985
S&R6:261 Meyer Ruth Mae (Harrison) 1980
GAL3:132 Meyers Philip A. 1964
S&R5:114 Meyers Robert L. 1974
S&R21:92 Michael Habib 2006
S&R16:90 Michael Nesma (Henein-Morgan) 2000
S&R19:68 Michaels Edward John 2004
S&R9:83 Michaels Margaret A. 1987
GAL1:6 Mickey Benjamin J. 1931
S&R20:67 Micklas James M. 2005
S&R8:135 Middleton Bettie Lou (Doan) 1985
S&R12:141 Middleton Elnora (Boland) 1994
GAL1:214 Middleton Infant 1944
S&R10:206 Middleton Judy Lee (Price) 1991
S&R4:111 Middleton Teddy Eugene 1969
S&R10:36 Middleton Theodore Morris "Bud" 1989
S&R22:81 Midkiff Sarah L. (Russell) 2007
S&R15:101 Milbern Glen E. 1999
S&R22:67 Miles James Samuel Sr. 2007
GAL1:63 Millar Elizabeth F. 1935
GAL1:47 Millar Katherine Mae (Diels) 1934
GAL2:198 Miller Avery J. 1957
S&R9:126 Miller Bertha H. (Meier) 1987
S&R6:50 Miller Bertie (Rupert) 1977
S&R21:5 Miller Charles Marlin 2006
S&R14:159 Miller Christine Sue (Petrus) 1998
S&R11:141 Miller Claire Marie (Kuntz) 1992
S&R5:106 Miller Colin Dominic 1973
S&R14:150 Miller Corrine Alexis 1998
S&R9:216 Miller Earl Ben 1988
S&R8:15 Miller Ellen Camilla (Archer) 1984
GAL3:149 Miller Fred L. 1964
S&R16:89 Miller George D. 2000
S&R16:50 Miller Gloria 2000
S&R9:127 Miller Harry David 1987
S&R9:266 Miller Hazel Ann (Johnson) 1989
S&R7:175 Miller James Charles 1982
S&R24:55 Miller James E. 2009
S&R16:119 Miller Jeremy Shawn 2000
S&R6:166 Miller John George 1979
S&R24:82 Miller Larry V. 2009
S&R24:45 Miller Lee E. 2009
S&R10:20 Miller Lyle H. Sr. 1989
S&R4:116 Miller Margaret Eloise (Bergen) 1969
GAL2:195 Miller Milan 1957
S&R12:98 Miller Orville 1994
S&R4:179 Miller Raymond 1970
S&R17:7 Miller Ricauda Clifford 2001
S&R19:141 Miller Robert E. 2004
S&R20:95 Miller Stanton R. 2005
S&R5:247 Miller Theodore Roosevelt 1976
S&R13:161 Miller Thomas L. 1996
S&R18:132 Miller Trilby S. (Lovely) 2003
S&R7:184 Miller William Frederick 1982
S&R10:16 Miller William Sr. 1989
S&R7:87 Milligan Harvey Campbell 1981
S&R10:204 Milligan Luella Edna (Griffith) 1991
S&R16:33 Million Martin Everett 2000
GAL3:40 Mills Alethe C. 1961
S&R12:126 Mills Chad A. 1994
S&R21:27 Mills Connor David 2006
GAL3:73 Mills Gladys 1962
S&R16:125 Mills Irene A. (Wiwi) 2000
S&R18:120 Minahane Rena (Patricia) 2003
S&R15:102 Minic Michael John 1999
S&R15:12 Mink Amos D. 1998
S&R15:82 Mink James A. 1999
S&R8:137 Mink James Wesley 1985
S&R11:86 Mink Vernon 1992
S&R13:138 Mink Wilma Jean (Petrey) 1996
S&R16:16 Minnick Billy Dale 2000
GAL3:141 Mintkenbaugh Joseph 1964
S&R5:135 Minton Alice (Magie) 1974
S&R9:28 Miracle Alene Grace 1986
S&R10:48 Miracle Alfreda G. (Painter) 1989
S&R19:31 Miracle Virgil W. 2004
S&R5:81 Misel Cleora Shawhan (Wellman) 1973
S&R11:151 Misel Geneva L. (DeYoung) 1983
S&R12:42 Misel Harry 1993
GAL1:277 Misel John 1947
GAL2:314 Misel Richard J. (Capt) 1949
S&R19:102 Misura Donald Raymond 2004
S&R17:142 Misura Patricia (McPhilomy) 2002
GAL3:145 Mitchell Arthur 1964
S&R7:36 Mitchell Ella (Johnson) 1981
S&R4:39 Mitchell George Starner 1968
S&R6:46 Mitchell Pearl Amanda (Smith) 1977
S&R9:283 Mitchell William Richard 1989
GAL1:83 Mittendorf William G. 1937
S&R24:38 Moeller Susanna J. (Pierson) 2009
S&R18:54 Mohanco Michael D. 2002
S&R21:51 Mokas Dorothy (Andoni) 2006
S&R10:98 Monahan Denver J. 1990
S&R13:84 Monahan Rose Louise (Dollman) 1995
S&R18:86 Monnier Eugene J. 2003
S&R18:46 Monnier June R. (Holland) 2002
S&R18:123 Montague Lillian Belle (Easter) 2003
GAL3:205 Montague Thomas D. 1966
S&R18:4 Monteforte Vincent J. 2002
S&R17:139 Monteith William F. 2002
S&R14:186 Montgomery Dallas Sterling 1998
S&R4:199 Montgomery Ira Sidney "Uncle Sid" 1971
S&R15:200 Montgomery Rebecca (Collins) 1999
S&R18:90 Moody Joe 2003
GAL1:216 Moody Louise 1944
S&R24:87 Moore Barbara L. 2009
GAL2:260 Moore Charls 1959
S&R12:134 Moore Eugene J. 1994
S&R18:84 Moore Lyndall E. 2003
S&R10:94 Moore Marion Travis 1990
S&R14:187 Moore Martin J. 1998
GAL2:186 Moore Retta 1956
S&R15:17 Moore Robert Alva 1998
S&R20:61 Moore Rose Ella (Kimble) 2005
S&R20:89 Moore Russell B. 2005
GAL1:258 Moore Sarelda (Stitt) 1946
S&R19:66 Moorehead James F. 2004
S&R20:133 Moorehead Martha H. (Henderson) 2005
S&R11:189 Morello Gengehis John 1993
S&R11:168 Morello Virginia G. (Garmon) 1993
S&R25:127 Morgan Charles Samuel 2010
S&R16:129 Morgan Guy 2000
S&R8:200 Morgan Mabel 1986
GAL3:177 Morgan Mary (Baird) 1965
GAL2:252 Morris Anna (Masson) 1958
S&R5:44 Morris Gregory Scott 1973
S&R4:162 Morris Joe 1970
S&R21:106 Morris June Eva (Nutley) 2006
S&R8:169 Morris Richard R. "Bracken" 1985
S&R23:109 Morris Ryan Dale 2008
S&R8:32 Morris William John 1984
GAL1:283 Morrison Carey 1948
S&R7:167 Morsch Howard Frank 1982
S&R7:276 Morsch Katherine Lillian (Kraus) 1983
GAL1:156 Morse Adam M. 1941
S&R6:80 Morse Inez Cramer 1977
GAL2:11 Morse Mildred (Waites) 1949
GAL2:116 Morse Opal 1954
GAL2:292 Morse Roy R. 1960
GAL1:228 Morse Sarah (Wallace) 1945
S&R18:104 Morsie Thomas Marvin 2003
S&R17:149 Morton Ballard 2002
S&R13:40 Morton Leola Mae (Brown) 1995
S&R6:191 Morton Leroy "Roy" 1979
GAL1:112 Morton Minnie (Diezett) 1938
GAL1:257 Morton Nettie (Hoff) 1946
S&R10:179 Morton Vernon Leroy 1990
S&R7:108 Moseley Clarence Wesley 1981
S&R8:84 Moseley Lawrence Allen 1985
S&R9:75 Moseley Pansy Muse 1987
S&R9:57 Moseley Sarah 1987
GAL2:301 Moses J. Bernard Jr. 1954
GAL2:299 Moshier Helen 1960
S&R6:168 Moshier Walter Howard 1979
S&R8:206 Mosley Richard Wayne 1986
GAL1:87 Moss Mary 1937
GAL2:194 Mosteller Anna 1957
GAL1:130 Mosteller Omar 1940
S&R13:111 Mottashed Nellie Grace (Mosebager) 1996
GAL3:224 Mount Dorothy P. (Price) 1966
S&R7:239 Mount Hazel Marie (Malott) 1983
S&R13:125 Mount Ralph Willard 1996
GAL2:315 Mount Robert M. (2d Lt) 1945
S&R8:130 Mount Vernon 1985
S&R9:284 Mount Victor Lowell 1989
S&R17:2 Mount William Virgil 2001
S&R15:61 Muegel Sue Edna (Smith) 1998
S&R13:183 Mueller Hilda Marie (Ott) 1996
GAL1:288 Mueller Max 1948
S&R18:114 Mueller Raymond 2003
S&R8:23 Muenich Donald Lawrence 1984
S&R8:155 Muennich Clemens G. "Gerhard" 1985
S&R15:28 Muennich Donald C. 1998
S&R7:173 Muennich Eric Andrew 1982
S&R7:278 Muennich Eugene John 1983
S&R16:116 Muennich Ida Matilda (Rhodes) 2000
GAL3:244 Muennich Infant [Girl] 1962
S&R12:161 Muennich Joseph Ernst 1994
S&R6:33 Muennich Julia (Metz) 1977
S&R20:31 Muennich Mary Elizabeth 2005
S&R8:106 Muennich Ruth Ann (Johnson) 1985
S&R7:218 Muhlberg Victor Edward 1983
GAL1:215 Muitkenbaugh Elsie (Brunner) 1944
S&R14:165 Mulcahey John W. 1998
S&R8:62 Mullen Tabitha Marie 1984
S&R15:186 Mullikin Troy Andrew 1999
S&R9:15 Mulling Ralph Edward 1986
S&R9:88 Mullins Beulah K. (Yater) 1987
S&R13:218 Mullins Beulah Mae (Miller) 1996
S&R22:38 Mullins Bruce 2007
S&R6:120 Mullins Clarence Littleton 1978
S&R18:96 Mullins Dee 2003
GAL2:284 Mullins Essie (Ellison) 1959
S&R7:23 Mullins Homer Edward 1980
S&R9:194 Mullins Joseph C. 1988
S&R23:15 Mullins Lena H. (Cox) 2008
S&R17:41 Mullins Margie (Price) 2001
S&R18:158 Mullins Marjorie Lee (Strong) 2003
S&R22:3 Mullins Mary A. 2006
S&R5:185 Mullins Raymond 1975
S&R25:31 Mullins Thelma M. (Jefferies) 2010
S&R22:106 Mullins William D. 2007
S&R13:114 Mundrick Alexander 1996
S&R11:166 Mundrick Helen (Gretchen) 1993
S&R14:62 Munsch Linda Rae (Carey) 1997
S&R5:108 Munson James 1973
S&R24:102 Murawsky Sophia Lorraine (Miquet) 2009
S&R9:116 Murawsky Walter Joseph 1987
S&R11:15 Murawsky Walter Joseph 1991
S&R5:203 Murphey Ethel A. (Adair) 1975
S&R16:127 Murphy Bonnie (Baker) 2000
GAL1:43 Murphy Charles 1934
S&R17:173 Murphy Francis Eugene 2002
S&R9:121 Murphy Gladys Juanita 1987
S&R13:63 Murphy Lucian 1995
S&R14:97 Murray Betty Jane (Riley) 1997
GAL1:193 Murthland Marilyn 1942
S&R13:140 Mutz Gertrude S. (Silvers) 1996
S&R18:100 Myers Lily Anne 2003
S&R22:41 Myers Ralph Todd 2007
GAL3:221 Myers Richard Sr. 1966
S&R7:157 Mynes Jane 1982
S&R10:186 Mynes Zackary Steven 1990


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