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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
GAL1:116 Pabst Harry J. 1939
S&R5:158 Pace Leonard 1974
S&R17:40 Pace Vernon 2001
GAL1:218 Padgett Donald Marian 1944
S&R4:93 Padgett Ethel Marie 1969
S&R4:130 Padgett William Benjimen 1969
S&R24:98 Paige Donald Lee 2009
S&R16:189 Paige Laurine L. 2001
GAL2:302 Palazzi Urban 1956
S&R21:56 Paljieg Natalie Amelia (Chlapecka) 2006
S&R16:85 Palmer Eugene Guy 2000
S&R12:111 Palmer Roberta Nicole (Mount) 1994
S&R15:100 Palmiter Florence M. (Schooley) 1999
S&R13:79 Pansky Lisa Renee 1995
S&R22:133 Pantona Anthony Marcus 2007
S&R6:146 Papenfus Winifred (Bartley) 1978
S&R17:167 Papin Shirley V. (Moore) 2002
S&R17:20 Paris Judith (Barschi) 2001
S&R7:8 Parke Arlie 1980
GAL1:84 Parker Donald 1937
S&R21:1 Parker Ethel Mae (Pieczonka) 2006
S&R13:2 Parker Gayle Ellen (Gross) 1995
S&R6:243 Parker Manton Clay 1980
S&R16:68 Parker Robert G. 2000
GAL1:106 Parker Virgil L. 1938
GAL1:202 Parkhill Jerry 1943
GAL3:187 Parkhill Orville 1965
S&R19:119 Parks Nina Louise (Strom) 2004
S&R25:126 Parnell Raymond 2010
S&R7:85 Parr Hugh Wesley 1981
S&R4:204 Parr Mabel Bell 1971
S&R18:128 Parshall Hugh N. 2003
S&R14:69 Parsons Brenda Kay 1997
S&R13:52 Parsons Eileen (Tarvin) 1995
GAL1:94 Parvin Frank 1937
S&R22:138 Pasch Melissa Ann 2007
S&R18:14 Paskert Charles Frank Jr. 2002
S&R24:151 Passalacqua Leonard N. 2009
S&R6:73 Patch Eugene Newell 1977
GAL3:220 Patrick Catherine Louise (Gray) 1966
S&R25:57 Patten Robert W. 2010
S&R7:224 Patterson Alice Mae (Carl) 1983
S&R14:167 Patterson Arthur Lawrence 1998
S&R6:81 Patterson Jeanette (Benson) 1977
S&R17:158 Paul David Louis 2002
S&R20:79 Paul Karen Ann (Tambling) 2005
S&R21:74 Pawlak Edna Helen (Palton) 2006
S&R25:30 Pawlak Walter J. 2010
S&R23:37 Paxton Daniel R. 2008
S&R21:44 Paylor Donald E. 2006
S&R19:52 Payne Betty Jo (Hunt) 2004
S&R7:30 Payne Lloyd 1980
S&R14:102 Payne Nellie S. (Head) 1997
S&R14:91 Paynter Griffin Wilson 1997
GAL3:59 Peacock Estella (Bromley) 1961
S&R4:214 Peacock Walter Aaron 1971
S&R7:80 Pearson Fred Henry 1981
S&R6:139 Pearson Irene Louise (Riker) 1978
S&R6:193 Pectol Patricia Ann (Lind) 1979
S&R16:120 Peffly Laura R. 2000
S&R25:43 Pelcha David S. 2010
S&R15:62 Pelcha Diana Lee (Kohl) 1998
S&R8:231 Pell Charlotte Dowling 1986
S&R14:4 Pell Clara Rozella 1997
S&R19:17 Pell Michael 2004
S&R13:236 Pell Morton D. 1996
S&R4:56 Pell Morton Harlan 1968
S&R18:146 Pelley Ronald E. 2003
S&R24:139 Pelopida Maria Lynn (Jasper) 2009
S&R22:100 Peloppida Joseph J. 2007
S&R11:204 Pemberton Howard 1993
S&R22:131 Pemberton Jeannette (Miller) 2007
S&R17:154 Pemberton Toye Kim 2002
S&R13:174 Pence Donald Ray 1996
S&R24:62 Pendleton Phyllis Eileen (Evilsizer) 2009
S&R12:140 Penney Glenn Harold 1994
S&R25:91 Penningon Thelma M. (Holliday) 2010
S&R14:116 Pennington Arthur Nathen 1997
S&R13:235 Pennington Grace (Moore) 1996
S&R6:215 Pennington Jay Richard 1979
S&R6:112 Pennington Lillard Harold 1978
S&R10:49 Pennington Samantha Christine Ann 1989
S&R19:55 Pennington Tami Lee 2004
GAL2:179 Penquete Bertha (Hill) 1956
S&R10:145 Penza Joseph Patrick 1990
S&R8:9 Pepin Gaston Phillip 1984
S&R15:74 Perdew Gladys Mary (Stubbs) 1999
GAL1:3 Perdiment Henry T. 1931
S&R12:67 Perkins Harry Thomas "Buster" 1994
S&R25:27 Perkins Sheena Lynn (Ridner) 2010
S&R22:61 Perkinson Frances G. (Gray) 2007
S&R9:258 Perry Clark Henry 1989
S&R10:154 Perry Rosemary P. (Gering) 1990
S&R5:17 Persley Olan 1972
S&R5:103 Peter Hilda Marie (Heim) 1973
S&R6:3 Peter John George 1976
GAL3:206 Peters David A. 1966
GAL2:275 Peters Frank A. 1959
S&R15:103 Petersen Ann E. (O'Linn) 1999
S&R13:74 Petrosky Patricia Ann (Martin) 1995
S&R17:129 Pettit Donald R. 2002
S&R21:101 Pettit Dove (Metzger) 2006
S&R12:12 Peyton Vyrle Agnes (Mudd) 1993
S&R16:107 Pfeiffer Kenneth R. 2000
S&R14:156 Pfister Ashlyn Ellen 1998
GAL1:40 Phares Monica (Perrinyer) 1934
S&R9:102 Phelps Jeneva M. 1987
S&R7:134 Phelps Raymond Earl 1982
S&R7:225 Phillips Benjamin Crayford 1983
GAL2:257 Phillips Daisy A. (Bell) 1959
S&R5:119 Phillips Ethel 1974
S&R24:128 Phillips Ethel I. (Owens) 2009
S&R21:123 Phillips Gary L. 2006
S&R13:28 Phillips Joe T. 1995
S&R18:183 Phillips Lawrence L. 2003
S&R22:33 Phillips Mary-Ann M. (Menaul) 2007
S&R19:130 Phillips Mattie G. (Thomas) 2004
S&R21:119 Piatt Ben Saunders 2006
GAL2:75 Pickering Laura 1952
GAL2:69 Pickering Marion 1952
GAL2:76 Pickering Perry 1952
S&R14:119 Pickering Ronald Lee 1997
S&R7:146 Pickering Stanley Carl 1982
S&R17:159 Pickering Vivian I. (Fink) 2002
S&R21:58 Pieper Barbara J. (Langford) 2006
S&R6:204 Pierce Mabel E. 1979
GAL3:79 Pierson Clara (Lepley) 1962
GAL3:21 Pierson Frances E. 1960
S&R4:175 Pierson Richard Harding 1970
S&R14:198 Pierson Vera Catherine (Hayicek) 1998
GAL2:101 Pierson Wilbur L. 1953
GAL2:200 Piersons Clarence 1957
S&R6:148 Pierstorff Edna C. (Watson) 1978
S&R4:132 Pierstorff Rolland Franklyn 1969
S&R20:110 Pinkerton Glenn A. 2005
S&R6:133 Pippen Charles Howard 1978
S&R10:105 Pippen Jessie Marie (Williams) 1990
S&R5:112 Pitstick Jeff 1973
S&R10:220 Pitzer James Elwood II 1991
S&R19:99 Place Daniel A. 2004
S&R20:114 Plantner John Albert 2005
S&R16:173 Platt Joseph M. 2001
S&R16:66 Platt Mary Lena (Morrison) 2000
GAL2:213 Platt Omer 1957
S&R22:107 Plessinger Ronald T. 2007
S&R8:35 Plettner Josephine "Doll" (Meyer) 1984
S&R22:114 Ploski Donna Kay (Snowden) 2007
S&R23:46 Plummer Edna Mae 2008
S&R12:15 Plummer Marjorie Ruth (O'Dell) 1993
S&R23:2 Plunkett Paul W. 2008
S&R4:248 Poe Ethel May (Brewster) 1972
S&R19:92 Poff John David 2004
GAL2:123 Pohlman Frances (Stockman) 1954
GAL2:88 Pohlman Oscar J. 1953
S&R6:217 Pollard Charles Thomas Jr. 1979
GAL1:38 Ponchot Jack 1934
S&R17:52 Poore James Aloysius Jr. 2001
S&R13:133 Pope Eleanor F. (Fedigan) 1996
S&R21:57 Pope Richard L. 2006
S&R10:160 Popham Goldie Mae (Whalen) 1990
S&R7:149 Popham Orville Garnet 1982
S&R7:125 Popp Anton John Jr. 1981
S&R16:193 Popp George A. 2001
S&R15:188 Poppe Gilbert G. 1999
GAL2:63 Poppe Sylvan R. 1952
S&R15:67 Popplewell David P. 1998
S&R13:4 Poptic Elizabeth Mary 1995
S&R11:126 Porter James Samuel 1992
S&R9:14 Porter Monnie 1986
S&R6:77 Portwood Ollie (Woodrow) 1977
S&R23:25 Potkonicky Rachel (Parillo) 2008
S&R13:87 Potrafke Ellen C. (Manning) 1995
GAL2:121 Potratske Henry G. 1954
S&R17:161 Potter Carl L. 2002
S&R10:24 Potter Mabel "Yanser" 1989
S&R23:98 Poulton Gerald D. 2008
S&R19:33 Powell Faron "Dale" 2004
S&R15:147 Powell George Boyd 1999
S&R23:64 Powell Nell B. (Brock) 2008
S&R15:160 Powell Thaddeus McKinley 1999
S&R24:41 Powers James I. 2009
S&R24:123 Powers Lucero Angelica 2009
S&R18:160 Poynter Barbara Joyce (Martin) 2003
S&R24:52 Poynter Cheryl L. (Umbarger) 2009
S&R15:94 Poynter Clarence David 1999
S&R24:49 Poynter Donald R. 2009
S&R25:67 Poynter Hollice 2010
S&R21:52 Poynter Virginia D. (Bowling) 2006
S&R19:15 Poynter Willie D. 2004
S&R5:121 Precht Arthur George 1974
S&R23:69 Precht Mary Alice (Rockwell) 2008
S&R10:121 Preest Evelyn Lucetta (Hall) 1990
S&R4:66 Preest Ralph Russell 1968
S&R17:50 Preller Sara Louella 2001
S&R9:214 Prenatt Bertie L. (Miten) 1988
GAL2:225 Price Gertrude (Chaille) 1958
S&R7:226 Price Irene Gwen 1983
GAL1:285 Price James O. 1948
S&R13:221 Price Jeffrey William 1996
S&R15:164 Price Walter Franklin 1999
GAL3:133 Prichard Addie (Small) 1964
GAL3:176 Prichard Harriet (Neimeyer) 1965
S&R4:145 Prichard Willard Ralph 1970
S&R19:44 Pridemore Maxie 2004
S&R11:84 Priebe Clara T. (Staschke) 1992
S&R5:248 Pringle Joan Everett 1976
S&R11:10 Pringle Lawrence Allan 1991
S&R8:17 Privett Ruth Amelia (Frasher) 1984
S&R14:146 Proctor Albert Clay 1998
S&R6:237 Proctor Beulah Marie (Owens) 1980
S&R9:209 Proctor Billy C. 1988
S&R20:53 Proudfit William A. 2005
S&R7:14 Pruce Mildred Lucile (Phillips) 1980
S&R13:164 Pruett Elsie Marie (Laurain) 1996
S&R20:98 Puckett Robert A. 2005
S&R7:107 Pugh John Ambrose "Jack" 1981
S&R18:21 Pugh Margaret Ellen (Jenkins) 2002
S&R13:166 Pulkingham Grace B. (Pusey) 1996
S&R9:78 Pulkingham Lloyd T. 1987
S&R22:88 Pullem Arthur S. 2007
S&R6:8 Pullen Clyde Krouskoupf 1976
GAL2:130 Pulse Grace (Fenner) 1954
S&R24:111 Pupsiewicz Edward R. 2009
S&R17:29 Purdy Frank Thomas 2001
S&R9:233 Pursinger Violet L. (Jones) 1988
GAL3:35 Putman Charles V. 1961
GAL1:300 Putnam Andrew 1948
S&R10:146 Putnam Bessie Francis (Riffle) 1990
S&R4:101 Putnam Howard Raymond 1969
S&R8:34 Putnam James Andrew 1984
S&R7:66 Putnam Lula Belle (Hamlin) 1981
S&R23:140 Pyeatt Gene B. 2008
S&R19:34 Pyles Edward J. 2004
GAL1:29 Pyper Samuel Thomas 1933


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