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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R9:23 Raasch Harriet E. 1986
S&R25:47 Rabbitt Francis Michael 2010
S&R19:58 Rabe Frederick W. 2004
S&R10:124 Rabe Julia B. (Eielers) 1990
S&R7:220 Racicot Francis Edward Jr. 1983
S&R8:99 Rackers Clarence Henry "Rex" 1985
S&R6:25 Rackers Mary Catherine (Schilmiller) 1977
S&R5:41 Radabaugh Everette Eugene 1973
S&R13:157 Rager Earl Martin 1996
S&R11:17 Rager Minnie E. (Schoneman) 1991
S&R12:87 Rager Russell Delbert 1994
S&R9:74 Rainey Robert Timothy "Tim" 1987
S&R9:156 Rains Nora Mae (Siler) 1988
S&R10:234 Raker Madelyn (Atonna) 1991
S&R18:68 Raleigh Addie 2003
S&R9:240 Raleigh Launa (Day) 1988
S&R6:151 Ramey Stanley 1978
S&R5:85 Ramsey Clifford Thomas 1973
S&R11:203 Ramsey Joshua Nicholas 1993
S&R25:65 Rancka James F. 2010
S&R11:28 Randa Mackenzie Lynn 1991
GAL2:51 Randall William R. 1951
GAL1:249 Randolph Jennie (Piper) 1946
S&R13:187 Randolph Max Franklin 1996
S&R17:30 Randolph Stanton F. 2001
S&R16:182 Ranson Harriet L. (Wolverton) 2001
S&R16:105 Rapier Dora D. (Jones) 2000
S&R22:12 Rapier William L. 2007
S&R9:89 Rapp George Robert 1987
GAL2:32 Rapp Lillian H. (Bender) 1950
S&R15:136 Rapp Louis 1999
S&R14:83 Rasch Gene Allen 1997
S&R15:77 Rasch Margie May (Hardwick) 1999
S&R20:37 Rasico Donald W. 2005
S&R9:93 Ratliff Bobbie Lee 1987
S&R24:60 Ratliff Ed 2009
S&R17:61 Ravencraft Donald L. 2001
S&R14:205 Rawlings George F. 1998
S&R21:10 Rawlings Glenna L. (Phillips) 2006
S&R19:97 Rawlings Harry J. Sr. 2004
S&R10:205 Rawlings Lois M. (Robertson) 1991
S&R8:44 Rawlings Mary Jane (Landenbergh) 1984
S&R18:180 Rawlings Nell Helen (Sexton) 2003
S&R4:166 Rawlings Walter Ray 1970
GAL2:176 Rawlings William 1956
GAL1:209 Ray Elijah Allen 1943
S&R19:82 Raymundo-Agustin Nerisa 2004
S&R5:16 Reagan Ralph Shirley 1972
S&R12:153 Reagan Vicki Lynne 1994
S&R22:78 Reber Chiquita (Paul) 2007
S&R16:83 Reber Hilda Elizabeth (Fassold) 2000
S&R14:130 Reber Raymond Gerald 1998
S&R18:179 Redd- La Flamme Paul William 2003
S&R5:272 Redden James Lincoln 1976
S&R13:17 Redden Margaret Elizabeth (Jost) 1995
S&R12:70 Redding Donald Beldon 1994
S&R7:82 Reed Agnes (Frahim) 1981
S&R22:52 Reed Charles Lee 2007
GAL1:20 Reed Geo. T.S. 1932
S&R13:30 Reed Grace (Fox) 1995
S&R24:105 Reed James P. 2009
S&R4:30 Reed Jolie (Bishop) 1967
S&R13:32 Reed Mary Elizabeth (Behymer) 1995
S&R13:75 Reed Virginia Evangela (Clear) 1995
S&R4:221 Reed William Bernard "Shorty" 1971
S&R20:55 Reese Clarice C. (Burrows) 2005
S&R10:172 Reeves Charlie 1990
S&R4:202 Reeves Earl Wayne 1971
S&R10:183 Reeves Emmett Mark 1990
S&R6:74 Reeves James Edward 1977
S&R11:134 Reeves Michael Lewis 1992
S&R13:176 Reeves Nettie Pauline (Rev.) 1996
GAL2:300 Reeves Zurie (Boyd) 1960
S&R13:195 Reichel Catherine Ann (Heidelman) 1996
S&R19:140 Reichel Elmer W. 2004
S&R10:171 Reilly John J. 1990
S&R8:176 Reinhard Barbara (McCullough) 1985
S&R17:106 Reinhard Elmer J. 2002
S&R15:79 Reinhard James George 1999
S&R24:85 Reinhard Kenneth R. 2009
S&R4:50 Reinhard Kennth R. Jr. 1968
S&R6:7 Reinhard Lynne Marie 1976
S&R8:53 Reitz Florence Mae (Apgar) 1984
S&R9:133 Rempe Robert Richard 1988
GAL2:263 Rempler Ella M. (Gethers) 1959
S&R7:120 Rempler George William 1981
S&R4:54 Rempler Lorena Janet (Asbach) 1968
S&R25:129 Renfrow Cleo (Tomes) 2010
S&R6:160 Renner Daniel Lovell 1979
S&R14:182 Renner Dolly Catherine (Norton) 1998
S&R21:147 Renners Geraldine M. (Auskamp) 2006
S&R16:188 Resibois Harold J. 2001
S&R11:117 Rettberg Ludwig Carl Jr. (Rev.) 1992
S&R18:18 Rettberg Shirley (Fleischer) 2002
S&R8:145 Reynolds Ada Blanche (Wagner) 1985
S&R14:60 Reynolds Earl R. 1997
S&R13:196 Reynolds Frances Ann 1996
GAL2:59 Reynolds Louis 1952
GAL2:165 Reynolds Randolph 1956
S&R15:195 Reynolds Ruth (Embler) 1999
S&R6:157 Rhineheimer Charles Ray "Toots" 1978
S&R4:17 Rhinehimer George 1967
S&R4:40 Rhinehimer Infant 1968
S&R5:212 Rhinehimer Margaret Atwood 1975
S&R16:176 Rhoades Robert E. 2001
S&R16:192 Rhodes Andrew Jr. 2001
GAL2:158 Rhodes Clinton 1956
GAL2:114 Rhodes Jessie (Denman) 1954
S&R6:109 Rhodes Morris Ellsworth 1978
S&R7:75 Rhodes Ollie D. 1981
S&R7:81 Rhodes Thelma Katherine (Crittenden) 1981
S&R13:13 Rice Maxie E. (McDavid) 1995
GAL2:253 Rice Thelma Wood 1959
S&R17:83 Rich James Anthony 2001
GAL1:49 Richards Bertha Bell (Metzer) 1934
S&R8:156 Richards Edith Leola (Tarvin) 1985
S&R13:19 Richardson Elza Carl 1995
S&R21:65 Richardson Everett Otis 2006
S&R18:151 Richardson Hazel M. (Wagers) 2003
S&R22:17 Richardson Ruth (Kimbley) 2007
S&R5:223 Richey Scott 1975
S&R16:179 Richmond Kyle Douglas 2001
S&R16:78 Richmond Lucy Frances (McClure) 2000
S&R18:44 Richmond Otis G. 2002
S&R10:123 Rieck Dorothy M. 1990
S&R7:194 Rieger Thelma Mae (Osborne) 1982
S&R20:35 Ries Jean (Irwin) 2005
S&R21:64 Ries Paul William 2006
S&R11:7 Riesenberg Nancy Lee (Windland) 1991
S&R19:80 Rieth Holly Sue 2004
S&R19:43 Rieth Virginia F. (Wehr) 2004
S&R20:28 Riffe Charles J. Sr. 2005
S&R16:24 Riffe Dollie J. (Kennard) 2000
S&R4:74 Riggs Charles Clarence 1968
S&R4:134 Riggs Josephine Marian "Josie" (Young) 1970
S&R6:111 Riley Donald Bandon 1978
S&R12:159 Riley Genevieve (Cook) 1994
S&R16:44 Riley George 2000
S&R7:193 Riley Henry Thomas "H.T." 1982
S&R7:274 Riley Imogene S. (Spencer) 1983
S&R20:139 Riley James W. 2005
GAL3:106 Riley Katherine 1962
S&R22:46 Riley Leo 2007
S&R21:6 Riley Lois I. (Milne) 2006
S&R16:151 Riley Lottie M. (Hambrick) 2001
S&R10:41 Riley Walter Otis 1989
S&R20:102 Rill Gail S. (Schilling) 2005
S&R21:3 Rindfleisch Andrew Michael 2006
S&R25:131 Rinehart Betty (Gray) 2010
S&R19:106 Ring Nannalee (Mercer) 2004
S&R5:215 Ringeisen Edna (Heisel) 1975
S&R7:170 Ringeisen Leroy 1982
GAL3:184 Ringler Blanche (Philhower) 1965
S&R7:31 Ringsby Homer John 1980
S&R10:236 Rischar Angel Marie 1991
S&R11:74 Rischar Carl Anton 1992
S&R24:144 Ritter Joanne (Leever) 2009
S&R6:167 Rizzo Anthony 1979
S&R21:126 Rizzo Frank L. 2006
S&R6:85 Rizzo Rose (Diangalo) 1978
S&R12:165 Roa Ernestine (Bollinger) 1994
GAL3:247 Roark Elizabeth Ann 1965
S&R7:265 Robb Emma Lee (Carr) 1983
S&R9:26 Robbins James W. 1986
GAL1:210 Robbins Jasper 1944
S&R14:14 Robbins Wanda Frances (Winder) 1997
GAL3:248 Roberta Gary 1961
S&R14:34 Roberts Betty J. (Cramer) 1997
S&R6:24 Roberts Carl Fredrick 1977
S&R6:269 Roberts Charles David 1980
S&R18:8 Roberts Charles F. 2002
S&R16:152 Roberts Edna M. (Mize) 2001
S&R10:158 Roberts Elbert Wyle 1990
S&R14:73 Roberts James E. 1997
S&R17:22 Roberts Kathleen Mary (Kreilpch) 2001
S&R14:178 Roberts Kathryn Mae (Herman) 1998
S&R24:162 Roberts Mary M. (Wells) 2009
S&R17:51 Roberts Rufus 2001
S&R12:61 Roberts William Barnard 1994
S&R4:104 Robertson Allen 1969
S&R9:134 Robertson Delmer 1988
S&R16:186 Robertson Lura (Bullock) 2001
S&R6:274 Robertson Polly Lee 1980
S&R19:28 Robertson Shelby E. 2004
GAL1:138 Robinett Charles J. 1940
S&R4:167 Robinett Earl 1970
S&R25:94 Robinett Kenneth Lee 2010
S&R11:187 Robinett Marguerite Leola (Aylstock) 1993
GAL3:128 Robinette Robert Louis 1963
GAL2:192 Robinson Archie 1957
GAL3:20 Robinson Charles 1960
S&R4:205 Robinson Edward D. 1971
GAL2:105 Robinson Ida May (Drenman) 1953
S&R7:178 Robinson James Lee 1982
S&R13:128 Robinson Joe 1996
S&R6:232 Robinson Joyce Ann (Allen) 1979
S&R12:65 Robinson Julia (Hornsby) 1994
S&R25:40 Robinson Kenneth W. 2010
S&R8:141 Robinson Kenneth Wayne 1985
GAL2:297 Robinson Lu Ann 1960
S&R7:174 Robinson Mary Elizabeth (Bell) 1982
S&R16:123 Robinson Mary Ellen (Edlin) 2000
S&R14:105 Robinson Prentis 1997
GAL2:84 Robison Elias 1953
S&R25:89 Roddenberry Thomas Phillip 2010
S&R11:18 Rode Werner M. 1991
S&R7:41 Rodgers Raymond Lee 1981
S&R6:246 Roessner Charles Flornz 1980
S&R22:6 Rogala Helene K. (Stohr) 2007
S&R18:102 Rogers Carl Leo Jr. 2003
S&R9:255 Rogers Ernestine (Mabey) 1989
S&R20:62 Rogers George Ballard 2005
S&R6:37 Rogers George M. 1977
S&R17:28 Rogers Lillian Frances (Smith) 2001
S&R14:166 Rogers Rheta B. 1998
S&R7:122 Rogers Rosa Lee 1981
S&R8:29 Rohde Katherine (Hecker) 1984
GAL3:83 Rohol Myra (Rosewarne) 1962
S&R5:98 Rollins Thomas James 1973
S&R8:215 Romans Ada M. 1986
S&R17:47 Romer Joan E. 2001
S&R10:245 Romine Patricica A. (Robinson) 1991
S&R22:116 Romine William B. 2007
GAL2:85 Roosa Emmett E. 1953
S&R6:71 Roosa Norma Bell (Hall) 1977
S&R14:80 Rose Amy Clara (Daulton) 1997
S&R10:225 Rose Charles W. 1991
S&R6:226 Rose John Randall 1979
S&R7:48 Rose William 1981
GAL3:231 Roseboam Adah (Colemann) 1967
S&R5:34 Rosenbury Joy Nellie (Dean) 1972
GAL3:129 Ross Albert E. 1963
S&R12:150 Ross Alice Mae (Tighe) 1994
S&R14:139 Ross Angela Kay (Thompson) 1998
GAL3:31 Ross Barbara K. 1961
S&R12:109 Ross Bess T. (Thompson) 1994
S&R5:75 Ross Charles Austin 1973
S&R9:72 Ross Helen Hunt 1987
GAL1:183 Ross Jesse Kenneth 1942
S&R7:64 Ross John F. 1981
S&R7:49 Ross Joseph Leroy 1981
S&R7:109 Ross Keith Preston 1981
S&R17:35 Ross Leah Anne (Thullen) 2001
GAL2:2 Ross Mary L. (Harding) 1948
S&R21:13 Ross Paul Henry 2006
S&R7:179 Ross Walter William 1982
S&R15:1 Roth Patrick Paul 1998
S&R7:270 Rother Marie Fanny (Fischer) 1983
S&R9:137 Roundtree Emma E. (Steffey) 1988
S&R14:3 Rountree Robert Leslie 1997
S&R6:126 Rouse Michael Anthony "Giuffre" 1978
S&R13:90 Rovnak Andrew Peter Jr. 1995
S&R7:92 Rowe Bessie Ellen (Stokely) 1981
S&R10:29 Rowe Brian Scott 1989
S&R21:84 Rowe George A. 2006
S&R11:136 Rowland Charles Frederick 1992
S&R13:34 Rowland Dorothy Eileen 1995
S&R10:70 Rowland Robert Brown 1989
GAL3:249 Roy William Grant 1961
S&R11:6 Royse Lloyd Sterling 1991
S&R22:7 Rudd Rudolph William 2007
S&R6:188 Ruehrwein Carl Vincent 1979
S&R25:10 Ruehrwein Lorraine Cecilia (McCaffrey) 2010
S&R12:25 Ruff Carol Louise (Davis) 1993
S&R13:3 Ruffalo Albert Joseph 1995
S&R12:160 Ruggiero Jean (Frietch) 1994
S&R23:5 Ruggles Lucille M. (Mercer) 2008
S&R12:34 Rullmann Nanct I. 1993
GAL1:272 Runyan Elva M. (Stitt) 1947
S&R4:36 Runyan Lotta Amanda 1967
GAL2:155 Runyan Louis 1955
GAL2:316 Runyan Richard D. (PFC) 1948
GAL3:3 Runyon Floyd Tyler "Jack" 1960
GAL3:1 Runyon Rose (McFerran) Snook 1960
S&R14:76 Runyons Phyllis Ann (Grace) 1997
S&R24:70 Ruoff Christopher 2009
S&R15:5 Rush Brandon Wayne 1998
S&R21:67 Rush Harold W. 2006
S&R24:134 Rush Virginia (Pierson) 2009
S&R22:62 Russell Dustin Lee 2007
S&R15:89 Rust Robert Leroy 1999
S&R23:96 Ruth Betty L. (Monomaker) 2008
S&R8:121 Ruth Fannie M. (McClure) 1985
S&R10:156 Rutherford Steven Howard 1990
S&R10:193 Rutherford Virginia L. (Lykins) 1991
S&R16:175 Rutherford Walter H. 2001
S&R5:59 Rutledge Clarence Lee "Bud" 1973
S&R16:45 Rutledge Mary Alice (Hegner) 2000
S&R10:69 Ryan Patrick Joseph 1989


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