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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R9:4 Saada Michael F. 1986
S&R20:112 Sainopulos Louis N. 2005
S&R14:106 Sajko Cleona D. 1997
S&R4:99 Salyer Mabel (Lambert) 1969
S&R15:22 Sampson Raymond Earl 1998
S&R20:46 Sams Oscar E. 2005
S&R10:56 Sams Ronald Howard 1989
S&R23:67 Sams Ronald S. 2008
S&R18:85 Samuels James V. 2003
S&R21:142 Sanders Inez T. (Traffarn) 2006
S&R13:200 Sanders Mary Gertrude (Caughorn) 1996
S&R17:64 Sanker Carl Henry 2001
GAL2:249 Sanker John 1958
S&R15:55 Sanker Mary Margaret (Unglesby) 1998
GAL2:291 Sanker Minie (Vater) 1960
S&R6:72 Sapp Agnes Evelyn 1977
S&R7:148 Satchell Walter William Jr. 1982
S&R24:101 Saulnier Audrey E. (Smith) 2009
S&R20:140 Saulnier Camile 2005
S&R8:13 Saunders Carrington "Keith" 1984
S&R23:108 Saunders Effie J. (Yates) 2008
S&R23:118 Saunders Russell E. 2008
GAL1:269 Sawyer Chester 1947
S&R5:252 Sawyer Howard Mills 1976
S&R5:264 Sawyer Lena Belle 1976
S&R25:85 Saylor Bernadette V. (Reed) 2010
S&R4:168 Saylor Darrell Clifford 1970
S&R6:105 Saylor Marie Amanda (Smith) 1978
S&R15:8 Saylor Robert Lee 1998
S&R10:151 Saylor Thomas Wayne 1990
S&R9:66 Saylors Anna Marie 1987
S&R5:111 Saylors Jurd Edward 1973
GAL1:118 Schaedle Parschal Yoeley 1939
S&R9:63 Schalk Roger C. 1987
S&R10:174 Schall Charles William Sr. (Rev.) 1990
S&R10:223 Schamer Anthony N. 1991
S&R7:219 Schamer Mary Bell (Barker) 1983
S&R13:225 Schatzman Catherine I. (Ward) 1996
S&R14:190 Schell Sara Rose (Irvine) 1998
S&R24:149 Schenck Jean Margaret (Hansen) 2009
S&R15:181 Schenck Judy Lynne (Carr) 1999
GAL1:229 Schenck Rozella 1945
S&R10:199 Scherbarth Kenneth Lee 1991
S&R8:111 Scheurer Herman Robert 1985
S&R22:51 Schiml Michael L. 2007
S&R10:79 Schlagheck Glenn L. "Benny" 1990
S&R16:115 Schlagheck Myrtle (Mathews) 2000
S&R13:80 Schley Leonard Elsworth 1995
S&R10:226 Schley May R. (Miller) 1991
S&R5:274 Schmahl Emil Heinrich 1976
S&R5:149 Schmahl Emma Alvina 1974
S&R6:51 Schmelzl Leopoldina (Schnuder) 1977
S&R10:58 Schmid Emma K. 1989
S&R9:38 Schmid Rudolf 1986
S&R18:177 Schmidt Charles N. 2003
S&R5:100 Schmidt John Bernard 1973
S&R19:107 Schmidt Mary Ann (Koch) 2004
S&R7:263 Schmidt Ralph Joseph 1983
S&R7:176 Schmidt Shirley Ann (Overbey) 1982
S&R11:120 Schmidt Verna Viola (Delano) 1992
S&R23:35 Schmit Evan Reilly 2008
S&R7:111 Schneider Clifford Eugene 1981
S&R18:163 Schneider Frances M. 2003
S&R4:211 Schneider Helen Mary (McDonough) 1971
S&R8:126 Schneider Robert Joseph 1985
S&R15:73 Schnell Mary E. (McClain) 1999
S&R14:175 Schnetzer Joseph Albert 1998
S&R25:21 Schnitzler Donald C. 2010
S&R8:205 Schoenbachler Betty J. (Gray) Cawood 1986
GAL3:250 Schoenborn Infant 1959
S&R17:143 Schoenherr Susan I. (Allen) 2002
S&R12:114 Schoenling Elmer Albert 1994
S&R8:212 Schoonover Bessie Eleanor (Newman) 1986
S&R17:34 Schoonover Kenneth R. 2001
S&R4:41 Schoonover Wherte "Bert" 1968
S&R24:74 Schorr Donald G. 2009
S&R15:76 Schorr Frieda Mae (Long) 1999
S&R19:115 Schram Russel N. 2004
S&R20:101 Schram Ruth Elsa (Krauss) 2005
S&R25:121 Schriever William D. 2010
S&R15:157 Schrimper Mary Elizabeth (Chrisman) 1999
S&R7:127 Schroeder Eva Kathryn 1981
S&R12:166 Schroeder Lawrence Ronald 1994
S&R15:71 Schroeder Marjorie (Churchill) 1999
S&R19:133 Schubert Carol Nancy (Baehr) 2004
S&R5:163 Schuck Essie Sylvia 1974
S&R5:62 Schuck John Jacob 1973
S&R6:262 Schuessler Raymond George 1980
S&R19:87 Schuh JoAnn Rose (Sol) 2004
S&R6:272 Schuler Alvin Henry "Punchy" 1980
S&R14:206 Schuler Esther Elizabeth 1998
S&R25:38 Schuler Gary Lynn 2010
S&R19:8 Schulte Sandra Helene (Tucker) 2004
S&R5:91 Schultz Charles Herman 1973
S&R22:60 Schultz Rosemary E. (Baltes) 2007
GAL2:258 Schumacher Edgar 1959
S&R4:47 Schumacher Emma Dorothy (Fielman) 1968
S&R7:61 Schumacher Roy John H. 1981
S&R8:2 Schumacher William Edgar 1984
S&R24:8 Schutte Albert E. 2009
S&R4:133 Schutte Albert Henry Sr. 1970
S&R5:233 Schutte Bertha Marie (Erdman) 1976
S&R4:194 Schutte Ernest Charles 1971
S&R16:150 Schutte Robert William 2000
S&R23:127 Schutte Walter F. 2008
S&R25:37 Schuyler Billy Leo 2010
S&R11:67 Schwartz Lillie M. (Mitkenbaugh) 1992
S&R8:220 Schweitzer Kenneth H. 1986
S&R7:196 Scofield Alice Rose 1982
GAL2:183 Scofield Blanche E. 1956
GAL2:180 Scofield Clinton A. 1956
GAL1:125 Scofield Edith (Urton) 1940
S&R4:165 Scofield Elbert I. 1970
S&R5:193 Scofield Emerson Burch "Cricket" 1975
GAL3:161 Scofield John 1964
S&R4:218 Scofield Lloyd Clinton 1971
S&R6:247 Scofield Miles 1980
S&R4:96 Scofield Shirley Mae (Burch) 1969
S&R5:67 Scott Charles Howard 1973
S&R24:96 Scott Davie L. 2009
S&R25:80 Scott Donald Lee 2010
GAL2:41 Scott Frank 1951
GAL2:21 Scott Infant 1949
S&R5:40 Scott Mabel Jordan 1973
S&R17:171 Scott Martha (Irwin) 2002
S&R7:5 Scott Mildred Marie (Thompson) 1980
S&R23:76 Scott Ollie M. (Compton) 2008
S&R5:80 Scott Russel Sr. 1973
S&R8:153 Scott Russell Jr. 1985
S&R5:204 Scott W. Leslie 1975
S&R7:254 Scull George Henry Sr. 1983
S&R5:68 Scull Stella Louise (Stewart) 1973
S&R20:10 Seale Donald P. 2005
S&R8:65 Seale Elizabeth Alberta (Sims) 1984
GAL3:189 Seale Ernest 1965
S&R9:41 Seale Harold E. 1987
GAL3:209 Seale Harold P. Sr. 1966
S&R19:67 Seale Jane 2004
S&R12:164 Seale Margaret (Schuster) 1994
S&R13:5 Seale Nell T. (Turner) 1995
GAL1:161 Seamon Mary (Roele) 1941
S&R15:45 Sears Diana R. (Payne) 1998
S&R13:61 Sears Duane Carroll 1995
GAL1:39 Seaver George W. 1934
S&R16:82 Sebastian Carl 2000
S&R9:8 Secrest Fern E. 1986
S&R10:229 Secrest Pauline Frances (Seale) 1991
S&R25:24 Secrest Richard L. 2010
S&R9:280 Secrest Virgie Mae (Walters) 1989
GAL2:233 Secrest Willis L. 1958
GAL2:109 Sedam Infant 1953
S&R6:100 Sedicum Ann Barbara (Huber) 1978
GAL2:66 See Luella (Melampy) 1952
S&R18:77 Segrist David J. Sr. 2003
S&R11:61 Seibert Edgar Otto 1992
S&R10:149 Seibert Mary Louise ( 1990
S&R17:133 Seidl Fred L. 2002
S&R16:158 Seippel Ruth Ann (Finke) 2001
S&R17:131 Seiter Paul David 2002
S&R19:23 Sekkadikuppam Narasimhan N. 2004
S&R18:89 Self Lillian W. (Henckel) 2003
S&R25:95 Sellmeyer Robert A. 2010
S&R7:169 Selph Mildred Catherine (Whitenack) 1982
S&R9:87 Semmens Thomas Michael 1987
S&R8:173 Semro Eleanor 1985
S&R13:33 Senour Edward Lee 1995
S&R25:74 Senour Esther (Pieper) 2010
S&R12:47 Sensbach Ann (Rowe) 1993
S&R15:33 Sepeck Jack Emery 1998
S&R11:205 Sercey James Melton 1993
GAL2:23 Sertel Anna (Diemer) 1950
GAL3:105 Sertel Blanche 1962
GAL2:265 Sertel Edwin 1959
GAL1:296 Sertel Lillie (Hoff) 1948
S&R18:61 Settelmayer Justin Wagner 2003
GAL2:221 Seward Jay 1958
GAL2:210 Seward Sally (Himes) 1957
S&R14:168 Sewell Ona (Baker) 1998
S&R22:112 Shafer Donald P. 2007
S&R4:3 Shaffer Clara Belle 1967
S&R13:145 Shaffer Garnet Eury (Gutermuth) 1996
S&R5:129 Shaffer Harry Wilbur 1974
S&R22:137 Shaffer Ruby Alice (Ashley) 2007
S&R17:87 Shaffernocker Nancy Kathryn (Bennett) 2001
S&R22:85 Shakib Yafa 2007
S&R22:110 Shallenberger Robert 2007
S&R23:9 Shane Patricia L. (Shaw) 2008
S&R5:25 Shank Marjorie L. (Corron) 1972
GAL1:244 Shankel Noah C. 1945
GAL3:251 Shankle Katherine (Danberry) 1965
GAL2:230 Sharon Arthur 1958
GAL3:190 Sharon Grace (Isacc) 1965
S&R9:112 Sharp Charley 1987
S&R8:116 Sharp Iva Mae 1985
S&R17:164 Shaw Edward 2002
S&R23:129 Shaw Ellen Louise (Smith) 2008
S&R12:43 Shaw Nancy Ann 1993
S&R4:63 Shaw Richard Francis 1968
S&R5:266 Shaw Robert Raymond 1976
S&R24:14 Shea Patrick 2009
S&R14:8 Shearer Nancy E. (Malicote) 1997
S&R9:58 Sheerwood Samuel W. Jr. 1987
S&R13:193 Sheffer Donald Alger 1996
S&R4:228 Sheldon Beryl Cecil 1971
S&R15:190 Sheldon Clarabelle (Dillon) 1999
S&R14:89 Sheldon Clyde Emmett 1997
GAL3:216 Shelley James 1966
S&R4:137 Shelley Walter 1970
S&R25:32 Shen Shi Ti 2010
S&R24:64 Sherburne Margaret J. (Russell) 2009
S&R22:19 Sherer Clinton Andrew Jr. 2007
GAL2:125 Sherer Martha (Everson) 1954
S&R25:63 Sherer Mary Elizabeth (Britton) 2010
S&R15:86 Sherman Gertrude (Rosselot) 1999
S&R17:21 Sherman Michael 2001
S&R13:179 Sherrill Charles 1996
S&R8:167 Sherrow Dennis F. 1985
S&R7:228 Sherwood Mary Alice (Compton) 1983
S&R22:118 Shields Claude W. 2007
S&R8:150 Shiflett Charlie E. 1985
S&R22:22 Shiflett Lakie A. 2007
S&R13:215 Shinkle Charles R. 1996
S&R25:128 Shinkle Doris F. (Gabbard) 2010
S&R18:113 Short Venus E. (Helton) 2003
S&R6:180 Shorten Harry Grant 1979
S&R24:75 Shorten James W. 2009
S&R5:131 Shorten Joseph Edgar 1974
S&R8:163 Shorten Nelle (Sayre) 1985
S&R10:214 Shorten Ryan James 1991
S&R18:79 Shott Ralph M. 2003
S&R11:159 Shouse Arlie 1993
S&R13:160 Shouse Bettie E. (Barnett) 1996
S&R21:76 Shrader Morris J. 2006
S&R14:100 Shroder Frances L. (Lindstrom) 1997
S&R6:78 Shroder William Jay 1977
S&R14:39 Shropshire Priscilla (Gooch) 1997
S&R19:120 Shumaker David E. 2004
GAL3:126 Shumaker Jerry Allen 1963
GAL3:16 Shumard James Warren 1960
GAL2:232 Shumard Mabel Alverta (Grismere) 1958
S&R25:44 Shumard Margaret (Gravitt) 2010
S&R12:149 Shumway Hellen Rebecca (Parker) 1994
S&R11:182 Shumway Lloyd Kelson 1993
S&R4:45 Shurts Ollie Daisy (Scott) 1968
GAL2:52 Shurts Virgil M. 1951
S&R12:130 Shurtz Ella J. (Johnson) 1994
S&R14:157 Shurtz Ronald J. 1998
GAL2:62 Sibcy Della (Mackley) 1952
S&R13:131 Sidwell Marshall Samuel Sr. 1996
S&R25:117 Sidwell Ruhama H. (Abney) 2010
S&R10:181 Siegman Hazel (Vaughn) 1990
GAL2:254 Sies William 1959
GAL1:64 Silman Charles 1935
S&R13:139 Silver Mary Catherine (Crissinger) 1996
S&R10:17 Simmons Ricky 1989
S&R10:17 Simmons Ryan 1989
S&R11:80 Simms Priscilla Lavonne (Edwards) 1992
GAL2:74 Simonton Ernest 1952
GAL1:260 Simonton Jennie (Weber) 1946
S&R14:82 Simpson (Lillie Mae (Truitt) 1997
S&R16:167 Simpson Donald E. 2001
S&R5:186 Simpson Mary Jane 1975
S&R25:33 Simpson Thomas 2010
S&R24:4 Sims Esther (Floyd) 2009
S&R21:36 Sims Walter Keith 2006
S&R13:205 Singer Eileen (Arness) 1996
GAL1:92 Singer George H. 1937
S&R9:120 Singletary Homer Fred 1987
GAL3:139 Sipe Beverly Michelle 1964
S&R8:98 Sisco Arthur Eldon 1985
S&R11:85 Sisco Gene Windell 1992
S&R16:43 Sissom James Douglas 2000
S&R23:86 Sissom Mildred L. (Wright) 2008
S&R15:198 Sizemore Charles Timothy 1999
S&R8:222 Skiff Charles Robert "Bill" 1986
S&R7:83 Skiff Susan Stella (Shaver) 1981
GAL1:204 Skinner Casey E. (Kay) 1943
GAL1:205 Skinner Christopher S. 1943
S&R7:133 Skinner Frances Shannon 1982
S&R4:120 Skinner Maude (Hudson) 1969
S&R24:92 Slaughter-Brown Betty Jo (Todd) 2009
S&R10:132 Slaven Francis Mae (Hollis) 1990
S&R14:41 Slaven Tilmon 1997
S&R25:122 Sledge Robert 2010
GAL3:168 Small Joseph 1965
S&R11:209 Smeltzer Loretta M. (Grisham) 1993
S&R7:206 Smith Alfred 1982
S&R5:104 Smith Anna (Krajci) 1973
S&R12:80 Smith Austin Tyler 1994
S&R25:28 Smith Bessie L. (Brewer) 2010
S&R11:129 Smith Betty Jane (Croswaite) 1992
S&R16:128 Smith Betty Jean (Seed) 2000
S&R18:22 Smith Betty L. (Bowling) 2002
S&R11:161 Smith Beulah Wright (Schwarz) 1993
S&R23:90 Smith Billy Joe 2008
S&R11:210 Smith Bobbie Faye (Mitchell) 1993
S&R22:84 Smith Brayden John 2007
S&R19:95 Smith Brian John 2004
S&R18:49 Smith Cassius 2002
S&R21:131 Smith Charlotte (Theetge) 2006
S&R6:159 Smith Clayton Martin 1978
GAL3:124 Smith Cleaver E. 1963
S&R10:139 Smith Cody Reed 1990
S&R4:83 Smith Crosby Underwood 1968
S&R20:74 Smith Dale G. 2005
S&R17:13 Smith Dale Gaynel 2001
S&R5:189 Smith Dana Richard 1975
S&R9:221 Smith David Kent 1988
S&R21:95 Smith Donald J. 2006
S&R4:235 Smith Edith Emily (Gardner) 1972
S&R14:78 Smith Edna Ruth 1997
GAL1:227 Smith Edward 1944
S&R6:185 Smith Edward Albert 1979
S&R14:10 Smith Edward D. 1997
S&R19:104 Smith Edward Riley 2004
S&R20:34 Smith Elaine (Bader) 2005
S&R15:96 Smith Elizabeth Lucille (Melampy) 1999
S&R16:93 Smith Ellen G. (Stall) 2000
GAL2:7 Smith Ettie (Keller) 1949
S&R22:119 Smith Fern D. (Cooper) 2007
S&R13:68 Smith French Betsinger 1995
GAL2:20 Smith Harry L. 1949
S&R20:9 Smith Hazel E. (Broughton) 2005
S&R8:191 Smith Hazel Lorene (Hurst) 1986
GAL3:63 Smith Ibu (Howard) 1961
S&R5:123 Smith James Edgar 1974
S&R4:220 Smith James Melvin 1971
S&R5:137 Smith Jeff 1974
S&R9:166 Smith Jerry Ray "Buck" 1988
GAL1:190 Smith John W. 1942
S&R21:125 Smith Juanita B. (Britton) 2006
S&R10:61 Smith Kabbcy "Walter" 1989
GAL1:141 Smith Lennie 1940
S&R4:140 Smith Lillie C. (Carroll) 1970
S&R4:144 Smith Linnie Allice 1970
GAL2:86 Smith Louie (Bell) 1953
GAL3:252 Smith Malcomb B. Sr. 1963
S&R6:233 Smith Marcella Sophia (Burcheit) 1979
S&R22:136 Smith Margaret Fay (Booth) 2007
S&R9:56 Smith Marie D. (Dunning) 1987
S&R22:86 Smith Martha E. (Eppenhart) 2007
S&R10:46 Smith Marvin 1989
S&R24:35 Smith Marvin G. 2009
S&R20:71 Smith Mary Louise (Franklin) 2005
S&R14:149 Smith Miriam D. (Brannen) 1998
S&R18:182 Smith Nancy Jean (Easter) 2003
S&R9:165 Smith Naomi (Stanley) 1988
S&R10:115 Smith Nathan Jr. 1990
S&R11:46 Smith Nicholas Ray 1991
S&R5:179 Smith Nora Diantha (Horton) 1975
GAL2:55 Smith Okie M. (Burch) 1951
GAL3:119 Smith Paul L. 1963
S&R16:122 Smith Pauline Kathleen (Harding) 2000
S&R8:234 Smith Ralph E. Sr. 1986
S&R5:133 Smith Ralph Lindel 1974
S&R18:156 Smith Richard Stephen 2003
GAL3:110 Smith Robert Bertrum 1963
S&R5:54 Smith Russell Timothy 1973
S&R5:84 Smith Sophia Leona (Hance) 1973
S&R11:109 Smith Tileston Dwight 1992
S&R11:58 Smith Tommy Lee 1992
S&R20:99 Smith Venna (Jenkins) 2005
S&R6:182 Smith William Arnold 1979
S&R19:132 Smith William T. 2004
S&R18:166 Smoller Harriette J. (Weller) 2003
GAL2:169 Snell Homer 1956
GAL1:265 Snell Lucy 1947
S&R16:81 Snider David L. 2000
S&R24:59 Snider David L. 2009
S&R24:113 Snider Dixie Jean (Harris) 2009
S&R7:252 Snider Edwin Donald 1983
S&R24:138 Snider James Wayne 2009
S&R4:13 Snider Mary A. (Brown) 1967
S&R24:11 Snider Mary Elizabeth (Ledford) 2009
S&R17:12 Snider Pauline (Hoskins) 2001
S&R16:7 Snider Peggy Sue 2000
S&R5:14 Snider Roy "Jack" 1972
S&R14:85 Snider Viola (Hammond) 1997
S&R19:9 Snook Claire (Dwyer) 2004
S&R16:168 Snook Joseph J. 2001
S&R22:14 Snowden Nola Jean (France) 2007
S&R18:36 Snowden Paul R. 2002
S&R8:202 Snyder Cheryl Ann 1986
GAL1:201 Solsman Aaron 1943
S&R22:102 Soltis Joseph J. 2007
S&R7:68 Sommers Robert Warner 1981
GAL1:167 Sommers William 1941
S&R14:142 Sonneberg Ted 1998
S&R12:57 Sorrell Easter Viola (Brewer) 1994
S&R5:201 Souders Daisy (Heller) 1975
S&R22:96 Souders John W. 2007
S&R7:210 Souders John Wesley 1983
S&R8:195 Souders Ramona J. (Richards) 1986
S&R14:197 Souders Warren 1998
S&R6:95 Soule Ralph Hayward Sr. 1978
S&R6:23 Sowder Mattie Lena (Whitis) 1977
S&R16:137 Sowder Walker F. 2000
S&R18:67 Sowers Beatrice (Rook) 2003
S&R9:55 Sowers John R. 1987
S&R6:91 Spaeth Allie (Collins) 1978
S&R24:86 Spaeth Donald G. 2009
S&R11:69 Spaeth Eula Chaney (Corwin) 1992
S&R16:51 Spaeth Frances L. (Runyan) 2000
GAL3:146 Spaeth John 1964
S&R6:270 Spaeth Karl Allen 1980
S&R8:66 Spaeth Leslie Lee 1984
GAL2:272 Spaeth Lula Mae (Williamson) 1959
S&R25:9 Spaeth Nancy Gail (Bercaw) 2010
S&R24:110 Spaeth Robert L. 2009
S&R4:182 Spaeth Vernie Ernest 1970
GAL2:298 Spahr Bertha 1960
GAL2:79 Spahr Osmond 1952
S&R9:59 Spangler Anna (Hoskins) 1987
S&R9:106 Spangler Dana Michelle 1987
S&R16:61 Spangler Elna F. (Kimberline) 2000
S&R16:159 Spangler Robert N. 2001
S&R6:92 Spangler Wayne Adam 1978
S&R5:243 Sparks Betty Joyce (Hall) 1976
S&R15:23 Sparks Gladys Ann (Allen) 1998
S&R11:178 Sparks Johnie 1993
S&R14:57 Sparks Leslie 1997
S&R9:142 Sparks Marjorie Ada (Schoonover) 1988
S&R24:159 Sparks Tim W. 2009
S&R14:26 Spaulding Charles Lee 1997
S&R14:25 Spaulding Patricia Ann (McReynolds) 1997
S&R4:159 Spears Elfrieda (Jasper) 1970
S&R23:122 Spears Soleta (Bingham) 2008
S&R19:61 Spears Victor H. 2004
S&R5:199 Specht Hester Marie (Murphy) 1975
S&R8:52 Specht William Sullivan 1984
GAL3:253 Speer Infant 1966
S&R21:37 Speigle William R. 2006
S&R16:112 Spencer Abner 2000
S&R8:171 Spencer Anna Laura (Terry) 1985
S&R15:130 Spencer Everett G. 1999
S&R14:18 Spencer Hassie O. (Oden) 1997
GAL1:89 Spicer Charles 1937
GAL1:114 Spicer Geo. W. 1939
S&R10:4 Spinner Inez Marie (Spurling) 1989
GAL2:202 Spinner Olive (Hurley) 1957
S&R6:142 Spinner Walter Jacob 1978
S&R23:28 Spohr Frederick Andrew 2008
S&R5:46 Spradlin Anna (Gamble) 1973
S&R12:135 Spradlin James Kelly 1994
S&R5:159 Spradlin John Henry 1974
S&R17:48 Spradlin Kathleen Delores 2001
S&R24:5 Spradling William D. 2009
S&R6:108 Spradling William Donald Jr. 1978
S&R5:235 Spradling William Floyd 1976
S&R10:82 Springman Karl Stanley 1990
S&R21:151 Springman RoseMarie 2006
S&R7:165 Spuhler Clifford 1982
S&R9:161 Spuhler Edna B. (Robison) 1988
GAL2:140 Spuhler Whitney 1955
S&R20:29 Spurling Donald Lee 2005
GAL2:242 Spurling George 1958
GAL2:181 Spurling Mary (Spence) 1956
S&R10:14 Spurling Wilma K. (Kindred) 1989
S&R4:212 Spurrier Gladas Tate 1971
GAL2:274 Squire Laura Gertrude 1959
S&R4:150 Stabler Carl Alfred 1970
S&R4:224 Stabler Rosa Belle (Patterson) 1971
S&R5:70 Stagge Dora Louise (Peters) 1973
S&R9:51 Stagge Fred Edward 1987
S&R25:123 Stahl Dorothy M. (Stouter) 2010
S&R24:104 Stahl Frederick J. 2009
S&R6:202 Stallo Nancy Ann (Flynn) 1979
S&R24:103 Stambaugh Ruthann E. I. (Weaver) 2009
S&R9:24 Stamper James O. 1986
S&R7:135 Stanforth Ruby Pearl (Conover) 1982
S&R8:146 Stanforth Willard Conn 1985
S&R21:93 Stang Carolyn (Redelman) 2006
S&R8:70 Stanifer Dewey C. 1984
S&R20:94 Stanton Lela (Bendel) 2005
S&R15:24 Stapleton Charles Edward 1998
S&R13:16 Stapleton David 1995
S&R4:8 Stapleton Lorie Ann 1967
S&R7:156 Stapleton Sherrie Lynn 1982
S&R16:3 Stark Bertha Mae (Draskin) 1999
S&R18:7 Stark Joseph John 2002
S&R8:177 Starkey Lester M. "Morton" 1985
S&R9:100 Staten Melissa Kay 1987
S&R19:32 Stebbins Elizabeth (Brown) 2004
S&R20:24 Steel Alexander J. 2005
GAL3:215 Steele Carlton W. 1966
S&R4:239 Steele Eleanora Anna (McCauley) 1972
S&R17:46 Steffen Donald William 2001
S&R24:100 Steffens Norman William 2009
S&R11:201 Steigerwald Claire M. (McDowell) 1993
S&R8:123 Steiner Mandy Lynn 1985
S&R17:156 Steinhauer Catherine Jane (Kettler) 2002
GAL2:309 Steinhauer Infant 1960
S&R15:174 Steinhauer Norbert A. 1999
S&R4:23 Steinhauer Thomas Andrew 1967
S&R5:244 Stemmler Virginia Lee (Campbell) 1976
GAL3:191 Stephens Beatrice P. (Coss) 1965
S&R22:92 Stephens Betty (Palmiter) 2007
GAL3:214 Stephens Brannon Howard 1966
S&R8:105 Stephens Cheryl E. (Robinson) 1985
S&R8:20 Stephens Donald Thomas 1984
S&R16:106 Stephens Elray 2000
GAL1:88 Stephens Etta (Spunger) 1937
S&R15:139 Stephens Marvin Harold 1999
GAL1:73 Stephens Robert Geo. 1936
S&R24:33 Stephenson Alleen Anne (Stwarka) 2009
GAL3:12 Stephenson Charles Clarence 1960
S&R7:121 Stephenson Clarence Ennis 1981
S&R5:116 Stephenson Harold Seeley 1974
S&R18:116 Stephenson Mary S. (Potts) 2003
S&R4:88 Stephenson Neva Dawn (Perkins) 1968
S&R4:115 Stephenson Silvie Etta (Pottorf) 1969
GAL3:95 Sterbling Katherine E. 1962
GAL3:254 Steuwe Carl 1966
S&R4:1 Steuwe Eleanor 1967
S&R9:143 Stevens Allen Gutherie 1988
S&R25:41 Stevens Jeanetta R. (Ronk) 2010
S&R23:18 Stevens Kathleen T. (Downes) 2008
S&R18:135 Stewart Brenda C. 2003
S&R15:118 Stewart Gregory R. 1999
S&R4:170 Stewart Harry 1970
S&R23:71 Stewart John Edwin 2008
S&R8:194 Stewart Joseph Rodger (Sgt.) 1986
S&R12:62 Stewart La Von Louise (Smith) 1994
S&R5:52 Stewart Nellie 1973
S&R8:69 Stewart Robert Dale 1984
S&R13:116 Stiens Jean Loraine (Jordan) 1996
S&R10:66 Stigers Derek Jerel 1989
S&R17:69 Stirneman John 2001
GAL3:195 Stitt Clara F. (Littell) 1966
GAL1:256 Stitt Frank 1946
S&R4:196 Stitt Sarah Louise 1971
S&R5:66 Stitt William Perrine 1973
S&R11:4 Stock Frank Walter 1991
S&R6:35 Stock Henry Mathew Jr. 1977
S&R6:161 Stock Hilda Josephine (Schultze) 1979
S&R9:268 Stock Katherine (Frey) 1989
S&R9:18 Stock Robert John 1986
S&R5:8 Stockton Emmie Marie "Baby Girl" 1972
S&R4:112 Stockton Rebella Lyn 1969
GAL1:17 Stocpel Paul 1932
S&R25:15 Stogsdill Ronald 2010
S&R14:127 Stone Andrew Michael 1997
GAL1:188 Stonebroker Anna Moore 1942
GAL2:127 Stonebroker Charles A. 1954
S&R13:37 Stopford Jeffrey Paul 1995
S&R18:1 Stotler Leeann 2002
S&R5:146 Stotler Misty Dawn 1974
S&R5:115 Stouder John Ralph "Mike" 1974
GAL1:145 Stouder Karl Applegate 1941
S&R4:70 Stouder Luella (Tompkins) 1968
S&R9:160 Stouder Martha Jeanette (Baysore) 1988
S&R15:106 Stout Clyde E. 1999
S&R21:115 Stout Edith Louise (Ward) 2006
S&R23:32 Stout Meda Jane (Werner) 2008
GAL1:115 Stover Geo. H. 1939
S&R17:78 Stover Mark R. 2001
S&R17:121 Stover Minnie M. 2002
S&R9:99 Stover Robert V. 1987
GAL1:93 Stowder Eliva (Parker) 1937
S&R21:99 Strain Caroline L. (Kaiser) 2006
S&R12:10 Strain Robert (Rev.) 1993
S&R7:177 Straub Adrian Lynne 1982
S&R18:169 Straub Richard F. 2003
S&R21:46 Strobel Helena (Sporte) 2006
S&R13:226 Strobel Megan Sierra 1996
S&R11:206 Stroberg Larue S. (Sewell) 1993
S&R10:242 Strong Gladys F. (Terry) 1991
S&R12:56 Strong James Leonard 1994
S&R17:136 Strong Raymond E. Jr. 2002
S&R16:52 Strosnider Byron Earl 2000
S&R10:161 Strunck Dorothy Mae 1990
S&R7:145 Strunk Clarence David 1981
S&R25:14 Strunk Dana R. (Phipps) 2010
S&R6:22 Strunk Sophia (Green) 1977
S&R19:62 Strunks Anthony William 2004
S&R4:189 Stubbs Alfred "Stubby" 1971
S&R5:117 Stubbs Blanche (Wilson) 1974
S&R25:39 Stubbs Laura Kay 2010
S&R10:86 Stuck Donald F. 1990
S&R15:178 Stump A. Frank 1999
GAL1:28 Stump Harry P. 1933
S&R20:8 Stump James D. 2005
S&R16:27 Stump Ruth Imogene (Ruhrbaugh) 2000
S&R8:226 Sturgill Lucille D. (Marshall) 1986
S&R13:231 Sturk Imogene M. 1996
S&R12:129 Sturk Robert James Sr. 1994
S&R24:73 Sturk Willard "Jim" 2009
S&R17:112 Sturm Betty F. 2002
S&R6:266 Stutts Grace (Parker) 1980
S&R8:81 Suman Blanche A. (Conger) 1984
S&R5:168 Supe Robert Frank 1974
GAL3:45 Sutherland Ronnie 1961
GAL3:194 Sutphie Harold 1966
S&R6:58 Sutton Iva Jean (Taylor) 1977
S&R4:238 Sutton Tipton Mathew 1972
S&R15:18 Swan James Edward 1998
S&R5:141 Swanger Bertha (Feiler) 1974
S&R4:158 Swanger George Walden 1970
GAL2:8 Swanger Mary (Sidell) 1949
GAL2:262 Sward Bertha (Oldfield) 1959
S&R18:88 Sward Francis L. 2003
GAL3:29 Swartz Blanche (Shurte) 1961
GAL3:103 Swasky Julia M. 1962
S&R18:17 Sweet Francis William 2002
S&R7:144 Swift Ella (Blong) 1982
GAL2:178 Swigert Raymond W. 1956
S&R15:131 Sydnor Zula (Martin) 1999


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