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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R25:56 Tackett Carol Jane (Secrest) 2010
S&R20:66 Tackett Charles E. 2005
GAL1:25 Taggart Margaret (Mathews) Roberts 1933
S&R16:42 Tait Florence Ellen (Clarke) 2000
S&R15:2 Tankersley Kenneth 1998
GAL2:278 Tanner J. Norvel 1959
GAL3:158 Tanner Jerry 1964
S&R7:47 Taphorn Cecila Julia (Reck) 1981
GAL2:156 Tarlton Penny (Fox) 1956
S&R17:104 Tarter Lena L. 2002
S&R13:143 Tarvin Alice (Roark) 1996
GAL3:2 Tarvin Carrie (Thorton) 1960
S&R14:184 Tassotti Ursala S. (Paulkis) 1998
S&R18:55 Tate LeVoyd 2003
S&R24:46 Tate Lorraine Evangeline (Denham) 2009
S&R21:53 Tatum Billy E. 2006
GAL3:122 Tatum Earnest F. 1963
GAL3:152 Tatum Willie J. 1964
S&R15:26 Taulbee Ural Dutch 1998
S&R16:132 Taylor Bessie Whitney (James) 2000
S&R16:170 Taylor Charles Milton 2001
S&R12:106 Taylor Curtis Wayne 1994
S&R7:230 Taylor George Washington 1983
S&R15:93 Taylor Gladys (Gibson) 1999
S&R16:103 Taylor Hayden H. 2000
S&R18:162 Taylor Irma A. (Helvey) 2003
S&R17:91 Taylor James William 2001
S&R8:157 Taylor Julia Lynne 1985
S&R9:278 Taylor Laura (Gregory) 1989
S&R7:37 Taylor Lowell Granville 1981
GAL2:150 Taylor Mary (Chesney) 1955
S&R11:73 Taylor Mary Elizabeth (Davis) 1992
S&R15:109 Taylor Maureen Patricia 1999
S&R6:122 Taylor Ninaree Pearl 1978
S&R15:15 Taylor Olive Fern (Dumford) 1998
S&R5:5 Taylor Pauline Paris (Schradin 1972
S&R17:43 Taylor Walter D. 2001
S&R19:24 Teague Dorothy (Conley) 2004
S&R7:7 Teague William 1980
S&R14:49 Tebelman William H. 1997
S&R20:132 Teets Dale Allen 2005
S&R22:103 Tepfenhart Linda (Duarte) 2007
GAL1:211 Terrell Flavina J. 1944
S&R17:169 Terry Howard Corbin 2002
S&R9:62 Terry Mildred E. (Deatley) 1987
GAL3:36 Terry Ruse (Wilder) 1961
GAL2:175 Tetrick Emma (Long) 1956
GAL2:45 Tetrick Paul 1951
S&R9:191 Teufel Marie E. (Gibson) 1988
S&R12:119 Tewart Thelma Louise (Estep) 1994
GAL3:7 Thacker Mabel 1960
S&R8:46 Thacker Marion 1984
GAL2:10 Thacker Nellie Blanche 1949
GAL2:68 Thacker William 1952
S&R10:62 Tharp John Wallace (Walkie) 1989
S&R21:18 Thebaut Hazel T. (Tipping) 2006
S&R18:168 Theile Robert W. 2003
GAL2:190 Thomas Everett Roy 1957
S&R9:145 Thomas Lloyd Ray 1988
S&R4:226 Thomas Nine Rosella (Williams) 1971
S&R5:138 Thomas Starling Delmas 1974
S&R10:78 Thomas Thelma M. (Crawford) 1990
S&R19:126 Thompson Anna L. (Pelletier) 2004
S&R12:59 Thompson Annabelle (Gerhardt) 1994
GAL3:57 Thompson Bernice (Cummins) 1961
S&R17:23 Thompson Betty Jo (Bolen) 2001
S&R10:180 Thompson Carol Lee 1990
GAL2:199 Thompson Cora A. (Wilson) 1957
S&R16:34 Thompson Donald J. 2000
GAL3:182 Thompson Earl S. 1965
S&R9:101 Thompson Edna Jane 1987
S&R8:63 Thompson Elbert -Bert- Reed 1984
GAL2:60 Thompson Ezra W. 1952
GAL3:142 Thompson Florence 1964
S&R8:181 Thompson Francis L. 1985
S&R16:160 Thompson George Dallas 2001
S&R5:170 Thompson Glenn W. 1974
S&R16:110 Thompson Gloria Anna (Campbell) 2000
S&R6:214 Thompson Herbert Leslie 1979
GAL2:196 Thompson James W. 1957
S&R10:213 Thompson Julia Marie (Titus) 1991
GAL2:212 Thompson Laura Emma (Needham) 1957
S&R7:260 Thompson Leonard Earl 1983
GAL3:8 Thompson Lydia S. (Stonebraker) 1960
S&R4:176 Thompson Mabel Alice (Pettis) 1970
GAL3:64 Thompson Margaret (Siegle) 1961
GAL1:142 Thompson Mary F. (Scull) 1940
GAL3:33 Thompson Medora (Stalder) 1961
S&R6:200 Thompson Merril 1979
S&R5:197 Thompson Nancy Terrell (Dunn) 1975
S&R18:52 Thompson Newell C. 2002
S&R15:189 Thompson Suzie L. (Desfosses) 1999
S&R8:131 Thornton Helen Mae (Switzer) 1985
S&R14:172 Thornton Hubert Dale 1998
S&R12:100 Thrasher Gladys Irene (Hamilton) 1994
S&R6:45 Thrasher Walter Ellis 1977
S&R21:116 Thumann Amanda Jane (Fugate) 2006
S&R16:58 Tignor Naoma C. (Miller) 2000
S&R21:29 Tillinghast Delores M. (Barger) 2006
S&R11:49 Tincher James Franklin 1991
S&R16:162 Tingler Mary Lee (Woods) 2001
S&R5:184 Tippie Hoeard Wesley 1975
S&R5:47 Todd Myrtle Mae (Bryant) 1973
S&R7:105 Tokarsky Edward A. 1981
S&R11:124 Tolley Harold Edward 1992
GAL3:255 Tompkins Charles 1965
GAL2:228 Tompkins Cora 1958
S&R9:243 Tompkins Helen (Rowanowski) 1988
S&R4:206 Tompkins Laura (Grimes) 1971
GAL2:18 Tompkins Victor W. 1949
S&R17:27 Toms Margaret Ann (Ross) 2001
GAL1:284 Tonnes Joseph H. 1948
S&R5:180 Tonney William 1975
S&R9:96 Topper Elizabeth Harriet 1987
S&R8:12 Topper Paul Freola 1984
S&R5:136 Toshie Andrew Louis 1974
S&R22:50 Toshie Edward Louis 2007
S&R6:156 Toshie Gertrude Janie 1978
S&R16:49 Toshie Mary Alma (Taylor) 2000
GAL3:117 Toshie Maude (Dye) 1963
S&R10:231 Townsend Lena L. (Stamper) 1991
S&R12:82 Townsend Owen Lee 1994
S&R12:74 Townsley Irene C. (Hertzler) 1994
GAL1:23 Townsley J. E. (Dr.) 1933
S&R10:207 Tracy Golden (Colley) 1991
S&R22:70 Tracy Jeffrey Shane 2007
S&R9:45 Tracy Leavle 1987
S&R7:129 Tracy Leavle Wade 1982
S&R13:95 Tracy Tony Dwayne 1995
S&R8:68 Tracy William Walker 1984
S&R7:168 Trammell Osco Eurple 1982
S&R14:79 Tran Luong Thi 1997
S&R8:58 Traylor Herbert Jack 1984
S&R21:122 Treadwell Anntoinette R. 2006
S&R12:133 Treesh Marion (Adams) 1994
S&R9:241 Tremmel Barbara (McCoy) 1988
S&R19:90 Tressler Clarence L. 2004
S&R17:118 Tressler Dorothy Margaret 2002
S&R18:150 Trice Mary Jane (Nordhoff) 2003
S&R21:62 Triplett Emmitt 2006
S&R4:6 Triplett Janet Lee 1967
S&R15:80 Triplett Virgie (Tuttle) 1999
S&R18:72 Trisler Truman H. Jr. 2003
S&R17:55 Troude Isabelle 2001
S&R15:49 Troutman Thelma R. (Reed) 1998
S&R22:9 Troxell William Ray 2007
S&R4:217 Truesdale Kenneth Leroy (SSgt) 1971
GAL1:264 Truman Donna Sue 1947
S&R10:83 Truman Estol L. 1990
S&R25:62 Truman Everett 2010
S&R10:19 Truman Everett 1989
S&R9:46 Truman Kevin Keith 1987
S&R6:138 Truman L. Helen 1978
S&R9:40 Truman Nella (Dean) 1987
S&R9:277 Tucker Delilah (Bolington) 1989
S&R6:263 Tucker Wesley Earl 1980
S&R18:130 Tucker William David 2003
GAL3:47 Tuckett Charles James 1961
S&R19:84 Tudor Geraldine A. (Matthews) 2004
S&R25:109 Tudor Marilyn (Brundage) 2010
S&R13:108 Tudor Thomas Jefferson 1996
S&R17:4 Tuggle Lillie T. (Abbott) 2001
S&R10:218 Tullar Richard M. 1991
S&R5:72 Tunney Gladys Arlene (McGlothlin) 1973
S&R5:56 Turner Allen Prather 1973
S&R4:84 Turner Asa Arvin 1968
S&R7:188 Turner Bertha Adeline (McQueen) 1982
S&R12:83 Turner Dorothy May (Poppe) 1994
S&R6:13 Turner Emery Roscoe 1976
S&R8:143 Turner Frank Louis 1985
S&R6:224 Turner Jeffrey Marshall 1979
S&R8:21 Turner John Russell 1984
S&R18:159 Turner Kate L. (Smith) 2003
S&R8:71 Turner Rachel Margaret (Norris) Pearson 1984
S&R19:7 Turner Roger L. 2004
GAL2:53 Turner Samuel R. 1951
S&R7:268 Turner William Lisle 1983
S&R17:95 Turpin James M. 2002
S&R11:51 Tymitz Michael Stephen 1991


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