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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 5 - Mason Area
(2013) 125 pages
     Gallimore Funeral Home (1931-1967)
     Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home (1967-2010)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 25 volumes of funeral records held by the Shorten & Ryan Funeral Home of Mason, Ohio. These records contain information about 5,336 funerals conducted from 1931 to 2010. Of these 5,287 listed the place of burial or cremation and 1,126 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
S&R13:184 Wagenknecht Conrad D. 1996
GAL1:168 Waggoner Elsie S. (McClung) 1941
S&R24:158 Waggoner Esther (Parks) 2009
GAL2:211 Waggoner Fred 1957
S&R12:145 Waggoner Willard 1994
S&R7:231 Wagner Flossie Marie (Hoff) 1983
S&R19:3 Wahl Carolyn Sue (Draper) 2004
S&R11:154 Wahlman Edna A. 1993
S&R12:123 Waiter Rebecca 1994
S&R8:103 Waits Clarence Arthur 1985
S&R4:65 Walb Maude Irene 1968
S&R19:122 Waldemayer Lucille M. (Harris) 2004
S&R14:104 Walden Betty M. (Jones) 1997
S&R12:156 Walden Paul Dennis 1994
S&R8:134 Walden William Lester 1985
S&R4:178 Walker Charles Edmund 1970
S&R14:92 Walker Doris Mae (Benson) 1997
S&R17:81 Walker Dorothy V. (Heck) 2001
S&R5:30 Walker Ethel (Kretz) 1972
S&R5:219 Walker Eunice (Love) 1975
S&R22:82 Walker Hugh E. 2007
GAL2:16 Walker John 1949
S&R15:187 Walker Jordan Arthur 1999
S&R24:9 Walker Larry Wade 2009
S&R13:155 Walker Marian B. (Beckenstein) 1996
GAL2:82 Walker Rezin 1952
S&R5:32 Walker Richard Alan 1972
S&R8:142 Walker Richard Ernest 1985
S&R15:63 Walker Ronald Ernest 1998
S&R5:176 Walker Thomas Foster (Dr.) 1974
S&R12:105 Walker William Roy 1994
S&R22:5 Walker Wyllodean M. (Putnam) 2007
GAL3:134 Wallace Ada Hill (Ferris) 1964
S&R18:97 Wallace Carl Dean 2003
S&R20:5 Wallace John Wayne 2005
S&R23:134 Wallace Stephanie Marie 2008
S&R7:191 Wallace Virgil A. 1982
S&R23:138 Wallace William Joseph 2008
S&R11:14 Wallen Yuleva (Smith) 1991
S&R16:178 Wallis Olive Alice (Lane) 2001
S&R14:174 Walsh Dora M. (Hensley) 1998
S&R6:1 Walsh Harry Elmer 1976
S&R11:116 Walter Albert George 1992
S&R25:88 Walter Helen Fay (Quackenbush) 2010
S&R8:38 Walton Edith Irene 1984
S&R9:95 Walton George Dean 1987
S&R15:133 Wampler Fred 1999
S&R17:137 Wampler Mary E. (Posey) 2002
S&R7:130 Wamsley Jared M. 1982
S&R17:54 Wanderlich Nellie (Cipicura) 2001
S&R13:38 Wanless Guy Howard 1995
S&R20:106 Wanless Mildred I. (Vincent) 2005
S&R22:140 Ward Dorothy (Tracy) 2007
S&R13:88 Ward Emma Gene (Wethington) 1995
S&R9:281 Ward Roy J. 1989
S&R12:38 Wardman Brahm O. 1993
S&R17:141 Warman Thomas J. 2002
S&R14:158 Warner Mary W. (Barinka) 1998
S&R4:82 Warren Arthur E. 1968
S&R6:93 Warren Delaina Janet (McBrayer) 1978
S&R15:111 Warren Frances N. (Miller) 1999
S&R21:102 Warren Freida C. (Hubbard) 2006
S&R21:8 Warren James F. Jr. 2006
S&R12:122 Warren Job Harrison 1994
S&R4:48 Warren Louise Evelyn (Johnson) 1968
S&R6:177 Warren Paul Andrew 1979
S&R10:116 Wasielowski John Joseph 1990
S&R4:244 Watchorn David Lee 1972
S&R6:28 Waters Billy Luther 1977
GAL1:11 Waters Edna (Walker) 1932
S&R7:141 Waters Eulias lvin 1982
S&R9:123 Waters Frances 1987
S&R5:6 Waters Shawn Randall 1972
S&R7:189 Watkins Edna Laura (Scofield) 1982
GAL1:159 Watkins Fannie 1941
GAL2:98 Watkins Frank 1953
S&R4:183 Watkins Jesse 1970
S&R13:56 Watt Coleman 1995
S&R5:125 Watt Florence Mae (Miller) 1974
S&R4:114 Watt George Martin 1969
GAL2:193 Watts Dewey 1957
S&R9:279 Watts Emma Mae (McGlothin) 1989
S&R10:68 Watts George B. 1989
S&R19:22 Watts Mary Patricia (Fields) 2004
S&R5:188 Waymire Beatrice Lee (Keith) 1975
S&R17:11 Weaver Eva Ruth (Hamblin) 2001
S&R16:195 Weaver Frank 2001
GAL3:11 Webb Everett 1960
S&R8:73 Webb Jessica Nicole 1984
S&R11:170 Webb Randy George 1993
S&R6:90 Webb William Taylor 1978
GAL1:57 Weber August 1935
GAL1:45 Weber Elnora (Orr) 1934
GAL2:147 Weber Harriet (Simonton) 1955
GAL1:8 Weber Karl 1932
GAL1:78 Weber Katherine (Neackay) 1936
GAL1:46 Weber William Sr. 1934
S&R5:205 Webster Jesse Franklin 1975
S&R10:164 Webster Jonah L. 1990
S&R12:90 Webster Margie Colleen (Wiles) 1994
S&R15:69 Webster Mary F. (Quigg) 1999
S&R5:63 Webster Melanie Gay 1973
S&R22:25 Weeda Margaret C. (Good) 2007
GAL2:167 Weeks Henry 1956
S&R19:81 Wehner Marc J. 2004
S&R21:141 Weigel Anna (Kostukow) 2006
S&R15:92 Weigl Robert Louis 1999
S&R24:156 Weiner Robert J. 2009
S&R23:65 Weis Eula A. (Tucker) 2008
S&R10:10 Weise Ronald Allen 1989
S&R19:144 Weisiger Bessie L. (Lewis) 2004
S&R21:82 Weisman Harold W. 2006
S&R5:143 Weisman Raymond E. 1974
S&R20:87 Weisman Sally C. (Jackson) 2005
S&R4:190 Weisman Thelma Irene (McDermott) 1971
S&R22:72 Weisse Karl W. 2007
S&R8:114 Weitzel Albert Hudson 1985
S&R10:195 Weitzel Jospehine Garnet (Bergen) 1991
S&R10:197 Welland Andrea Conrad 1991
S&R21:77 Weller Carolyn E. (Engel) 2006
S&R23:97 Weller Gladys Ameila (Henderson) 2008
S&R18:82 Weller James G. 2003
S&R7:94 Weller James Lee 1981
S&R4:240 Wells Andrew 1972
S&R13:110 Wells Hershel Willard 1996
S&R4:141 Wells Lida Marie (Mitchell) 1970
S&R9:114 Wells Lillian M. 1987
S&R8:184 Wells Maggie (Stanley) 1985
S&R23:87 Wells Marilyn Kay (Smith) 2008
S&R10:54 Wells Richard Estel 1989
S&R10:230 Wells Richard Lee "Rick" 1991
S&R15:169 Wells Timothy E. 1999
S&R15:64 Welsh Juanita Lawrence (Caufield) 1998
S&R18:187 Wendling John A. 2003
S&R20:135 Wergers Mary (Meidel) 2005
S&R19:85 Werts Larry L. 2004
S&R4:227 Wesbecher Marie Ona (Randall) 1971
S&R4:139 Wessel Aloysius Edward 1970
S&R5:79 Wessel Edward Joseph 1973
S&R7:69 West Alice Mae (McClure) 1981
S&R13:104 West Hester Martha (Watson) 1995
S&R15:145 West Oma Louise (Gibson) 1999
S&R5:239 West Ralph Alma 1976
S&R16:165 West Sharon K. (Lewis) 2001
S&R20:25 West William C. 2005
S&R11:98 West William Noble 1992
S&R7:183 Westerkamm Emily (Martin) 1982
S&R6:162 Wethington Lallie Elizabeth 1979
GAL2:153 Wethington Lucian 1955
S&R14:51 Wetzel Helen Lucille (Smith) 1997
GAL2:177 Wetzel Louise (Lowe) 1956
S&R14:50 Whalen Leo Michael 1997
GAL3:48 Whalen Rosemary (Bohn) 1961
GAL2:107 Whallon Perry 1953
S&R8:91 Wheeler Jessie Florence (Powell) 1985
S&R23:83 Wheeler Ralph 2008
S&R12:95 Whitacre Cheryl Annette (Newman) 1994
S&R22:98 Whitaker James A. 2007
GAL2:201 Whitaker Paul 1957
S&R8:227 Whitaker Roger 1986
S&R10:77 White Anna Lucy (Stevens) 1990
S&R7:257 White Anthony E. 1983
S&R6:241 White Charles Lawrence 1980
GAL2:35 White Ettie Marie (Scott) 1950
S&R5:200 White Evlalia Madeline (Kuwatch) 1975
GAL2:174 White George F. 1956
S&R7:42 White John 1981
S&R10:93 White John 1990
S&R4:126 White Mary Ann 1969
S&R14:66 White Mary Madeline 1997
S&R8:74 White Robert Gerald "Fid" 1984
GAL2:269 White Robert R. 1959
S&R10:2 White Rose (Hovark) 1989
S&R18:34 White Spencer L. 2002
GAL2:96 Whited Emma (McVay) 1953
S&R10:8 Whitehead Edward Scott 1989
S&R4:12 Whittaker Edward 1967
GAL1:66 Whitten Martha 1935
S&R23:120 Whitton Gladys A. (Brock) 2008
S&R6:131 Whitton James Frank 1978
S&R15:78 Whitton James R. 1999
S&R11:45 Whitton Margaret Josephine (Healey) 1991
GAL3:257 Wieck Adeline Lawrence (Stowe) 1961
S&R8:198 Wieda Thelma (Grassman) 1986
S&R8:24 Wieda William 1984
S&R4:127 Wiesman Emma Margaret (Miller) 1969
S&R14:120 Wiest John J. 1997
S&R19:123 Wiete Nella Louise (Blair) 2004
S&R21:78 Wiggins Arthur G. 2006
S&R13:82 Wiggins Betty Joyce 1995
S&R20:119 Wiggins Evelyn V. (Weisman) 2005
GAL2:152 Wiggins Jeanette 1955
S&R6:255 Wiggins John Edward 1980
S&R23:82 Wiggins Thomas Dixon 2008
S&R6:17 Wikoff Donald Raymond 1976
S&R21:139 Wikoff Elizabeth H. (Blaisdell) 2006
S&R5:88 Wikoff Nelle Mae (King) 1973
S&R7:52 Wilberding Clare Ann (Honerlaw) 1981
S&R5:224 Wilburn George Harlan 1975
S&R9:7 Wilburn Norma Jean 1986
S&R23:107 Wilcox Ann Elizabeth 2008
S&R14:125 Wilcox Edna Elizabeth (Shaw) 1997
S&R25:77 Wilcoxon Ruby Mae (Huff) 2010
S&R6:216 Wilder Charles Earl 1979
S&R8:221 Wilder John C. Breckenridge "Brack" 1986
S&R7:118 Wilder Mae (Robinson) 1981
S&R4:230 Wilder Willie "Bill" 1971
GAL1:124 Wiley Henry 1940
S&R13:154 Wiley Mattie (Hobbs) 1996
S&R24:83 Wilhelm James Boyd 2009
S&R20:100 Wilkens Herbert W. Jr. 2005
S&R18:10 Wilkens Herbert Willard 2002
S&R13:51 Wilkens Marilyn Lee (Gibson) 1995
S&R5:110 Wilkins Mary Margaret (Balrach) 1973
S&R12:84 Wilkinson Clarence Chester 1994
S&R18:81 Wilkinson Frances J. (McNeil) 2003
S&R11:36 Wilkinson Vida Lillian (McClung) 1991
GAL3:207 Willard Dean E. 1966
S&R15:14 Willer Ervin J. 1998
S&R12:120 Willet Kathryn Elizabeth 1994
S&R24:117 Willgoose Patricia Mary (Williamson) 2009
S&R12:137 Williams Anna Ruth (Taylor) 1994
S&R20:77 Williams Daniel Lee 2005
S&R16:197 Williams Esther J. (Beyer) 2001
S&R4:85 Williams Grover Cleveland 1968
S&R19:94 Williams Hugh 2004
S&R14:192 Williams James Carl 1998
S&R6:236 Williams Jerome Louis 1980
S&R7:39 Williams Jesse Roland 1981
S&R5:78 Williams John Sharp 1973
GAL3:258 Williams Johnathan 1961
S&R16:25 Williams Katherine C. (Cook) 2000
S&R17:150 Williams Nell (Collins) 2002
S&R18:117 Williams Patricia R. (Johnson) 2003
S&R9:204 Williams Paul E. 1988
S&R24:58A Williams Sharon Marie 2009
S&R17:86 Williams Thelma Joan 2001
S&R5:253 Williams Thomas Matthew 1976
S&R16:166 Williams Thomas S. 2001
S&R14:2 Williams Vernon Arthur 1996
S&R7:204 Williams Virginia Ruth (Gullett) 1982
GAL2:222 Williamson Alta (Price) 1958
GAL1:146 Williamson Freeman E. 1941
GAL3:97 Williamson Jessie 1962
GAL1:187 Williamson Lena 1942
GAL1:200 Williamson Mary E. (Maag) 1943
S&R15:167 Willingham Marilyn V. (Mann) 1999
S&R13:57 Willison Lillian Marie (McCutchen) 1995
S&R19:57 Willoughby Mary Lillian (Mills) 2004
S&R8:139 Wilshire Elizabeth U. (Underwood) 1985
S&R8:122 Wilshire William M. Jr. 1985
GAL3:200 Wilson Altha 1966
S&R5:172 Wilson Clifford 1974
S&R16:40 Wilson Dannie Lee 2000
S&R9:98 Wilson Douglas Dee 1987
S&R6:194 Wilson George Allen 1979
GAL1:232 Wilson Harmon S. 1945
GAL3:125 Wilson Ida Mae 1963
GAL3:46 Wilson Janice Edna 1961
S&R5:167 Wilson Katherine (Arnold) 1974
GAL3:123 Wilson Kenneth 1963
S&R18:32 Wilson Margaret A. (Hoetker) 2002
S&R6:155 Wilson Margaret F. (Feiler) 1978
S&R15:113 Wilson Margaret Rae (Maher) 1999
S&R25:106 Wilson Michael Hoover 2010
S&R19:63 Wilson Minnie (Conatser) 2004
S&R16:67 Wilson Monique Alexandrine (LeMaire) 2000
S&R8:180 Wilson Omer 1985
S&R10:208 Wilson Onie C. 1991
S&R21:30 Wilson Ophelia (Ready) 2006
GAL2:115 Wilson Oscar 1954
S&R4:173 Wilson Ruth Emma (Hammiel) 1970
S&R8:107 Wilson Ruth Lorraine (Trovillo) 1985
S&R19:89 Wilson Sandra Jean (Carter) 2004
S&R10:233 Wilson Virgil 1991
S&R12:11 Wilson William E. 1993
S&R7:138 Wilson William Wood 1982
S&R6:149 Wilson Wilma Jean (Risher) 1978
S&R17:1 Wilt Ray Frederick 2001
S&R4:172 Wiltsey Maude A. (Anderson) 1970
S&R6:52 Winburn Richard Emmons 1977
S&R6:271 Winchester Danny Wayne 1980
GAL3:162 Winchester Frank 1964
S&R6:228 Winchester Lena Irene (Mercer) 1979
S&R20:126 Winchester Mary T. 2005
S&R8:136 Winchester Virginia Lee (Owens) 1985
S&R5:237 Windland Sam 1976
S&R13:11 Windsor Dwight C. 1995
S&R20:122 Wineing Vernon S. 2005
S&R11:115 Wingenfield Fred Annel 1992
GAL3:155 Wingenfield Sara (Stewart) 1964
S&R16:23 Wingler Stella (West) 2000
S&R8:89 Wingo Gladys (Truman) 1985
S&R22:120 Winkelman Donald B. 2007
S&R9:188 Winston James Arthur 1988
GAL2:81 Winter Jack 1952
S&R8:236 Winters James M. Jr. 1986
S&R6:128 Wise Anna Cecelia (Phelan) 1978
S&R5:120 Wise Elvin Howard 1974
S&R25:59 Wise Robert Carl 2010
S&R16:130 Wise Robert D. 2000
S&R9:64 Wiseman Edna V. (Stanislaus) 1987
S&R13:59 Wisler Holly Carol (Pennock) 1995
S&R6:254 Witham Bertha "Mary" (Humphries) 1980
GAL3:174 Witham Marie (Argadine) 1965
GAL3:199 Witham Robert 1966
S&R13:211 Witmeyer Dorothy Alice (Holcomb) 1996
S&R12:76 Witt Carl C. Jr. 1994
S&R12:92 Witt Carl C. Sr. 1994
S&R21:73 Witt Michael Louis 2006
GAL2:97 Wolf William Henry 1953
S&R19:143 Wolfe Ella Arlen R. (Retallick) 2004
S&R9:169 Wolfe Gretchen (Van Harlingen) 1988
GAL3:14 Wolfe Katharine 1960
S&R5:19 Wolfe Lee Clair 1972
S&R12:7 Wolfe Robert Lee 1993
S&R5:27 Wolford Carl 1972
S&R18:140 Wolford Carl H. 2003
S&R11:9 Wolford Pearl 1991
GAL1:219 Wolking George 1944
S&R22:42 Wood Alice 2007
S&R20:13 Wood Daniel B. 2005
S&R16:131 Wood Emily Montana 2000
S&R14:148 Wood George Henry 1998
S&R24:153 Wood James R. 2009
S&R7:79 Wood Michael Patrick 1981
S&R23:13 Wood Peggy Sue (Mills) 2008
S&R16:109 Wood Ralph J. 2000
S&R12:39 Wood Stephen Ralph 1993
S&R11:123 Wood Thomas Henry Jr. 1992
S&R13:35 Wood Thomas Joseph 1995
S&R18:31 Wood William D. Jr. 2002
GAL3:259 Woodard Ida (Napier) 1962
GAL2:163 Woodrey Lulu 1956
GAL2:164 Woodrey Travis V. 1956
S&R4:51 Woodrum Harmon L. 1968
GAL2:308 Woodrum James Donald 1960
S&R10:84 Woodrum Marie R. (Rector) 1990
S&R6:141 Woods Buck Jr. 1978
S&R18:144 Woods Johnny 2003
S&R8:56 Woods Mattie Winston 1984
GAL1:61 Woods Payne W. 1935
S&R20:58 Woods Robert J. 2005
S&R13:86 Woods Tillie (Christy) 1995
S&R19:138 Woodsum Robert A. 2004
S&R5:230 Woodward Bertha Susan (Carter) 1975
S&R10:127 Woodward Brent R. 1990
S&R10:209 Woodward Catherine Elizabeth (Callahan) 1991
S&R18:60 Woodward Charles G. 2003
S&R4:10 Woodward Crit Mc Kinley 1967
S&R24:18 Woodward Ethel I. 2009
S&R17:85 Woodward Marion Gayle (McCoy) 2001
S&R10:53 Woody Elmer H. 1989
S&R22:59 Wooten Ollin Gold 2007
S&R12:24 Worlds Charleyna 1993
S&R10:103 Worley James Darrell 1990
S&R10:241 Worley Joshua D. 1991
S&R14:121 Worst Ray Howard 1997
GAL1:91 Worthman Charles 1937
GAL1:117 Worthman Walter 1939
S&R9:77 Wortman Gary Lee 1987
S&R10:114 Wren Lillian Carla "Dolly" (Riegler) 1990
S&R6:104 Wren Robert Eugene 1978
GAL3:78 Wright Carlona (Chandler) 1962
S&R9:118 Wright Chester 1987
S&R17:162 Wright Clyde Edward 2002
S&R6:129 Wright Earl Dewey "Sparky" 1978
S&R6:11 Wright Elmer 1976
S&R16:48 Wright Emiline 2000
S&R15:3 Wright Estella (Hobbs) 1998
S&R6:116 Wright Helen Marie (Sisco) 1978
GAL3:260 Wright Infant 1966
S&R17:165 Wright Jennifer (Watson) 2002
S&R4:236 Wright Kathryn Louise (Creager) 1972
S&R10:240 Wright Lewis H. 1991
S&R16:37 Wright Nell Grace 2000
S&R5:254 Wright Robert Perry 1976
S&R18:87 Wright William C. Jr. 2003
S&R19:74 Wright William E. 2004
S&R12:69 Wright Zelma (Wethington) 1994
S&R16:121 Wright-De Ridder Linda (Lilly) 2000
S&R14:53 Wulf Guenther Frederick 1997
S&R16:8 Wulf Janette (Whallen) 2000
S&R10:22 Wunker Helen R. (Vogel) 1989
S&R5:89 Wunker Remmert Paul "Doc" 1973
GAL3:70 Wyatt Edna (Patrick) 1962
S&R11:144 Wyatt Ethel H. (Hammonds) 1992
GAL3:165 Wyatt Roy 1965
S&R24:116 Wylds James 2009
S&R5:190 Wylds James Sottile 1975
S&R25:11 Wylds James 2010
S&R8:77 Wylds Jesse Alan 1984
S&R8:64 Wylds Ruth Evelyn (Morath) 1984
S&R6:54 Wyles Herve Marshall 1977
S&R9:219 Wylie Thomas H. Jr. 1988


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