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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 7 – Stine Kilburn Funeral Home
(2014) ___  pages
     Stine Kilburn Funeral Home (1987-2012)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 24 volumes of funeral records from the Stine Kilburn Funeral Home in Lebanon, Ohio. These records contain information about 2,223 funerals conducted from 1987 to 2012. Of these 2,186 listed the place of burial or cremation and 539 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral can vary greatly. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
SK22:14 Bach Harold W. 2010
SK21:55 Bach Ruth E. 2009
SK21:29 Bach Steven L 2009
SK24:113 Bachelor Lucy P. (Pressley) 2012
SK8:36 Bailey Clifford C. 1996
SK21:16 Bailey Eugene G. "Gene" 2009
SK18:87 Bailey James D. 2006
SK22:117 Bailey Karlene G. (Graham) 2010
SK10:37 Bailey Mable "Irene" (Boyden) 1998
SK20:72 Bailey Ronald L. Jr. 2008
SK16:6 Bailey Virgil Lee 2004
SK10:56 Baily Angeline Jett Marris 1998
SK17:42 Baker Bonnie Rae (Parker) 2005
SK1:45 Baker Carl Lionel 1989
SK21:50 Baker Corey A. 2009
SK4:42 Baker Forrest Dale 1992
SK11:57 Baker Lester 1999
SK22:8 Baker Micah Shane Jr. 2010
SK1:12 Baker Nancy 1989
SK1:17 Baker Nelson 1988
SK14:43 Baker Norma Jean (Taulbee) 2002
SK4:36 Baker Oda (Allen) 1992
SK19:108 Baker Ray C. 2007
SK23:95 Baker Rosalee (Abner) 2011
SK2:18 Baker Shelby 1990
SK24:124 Baker Trula (Halcomb) 2012
SK1:37 Baker Virginia 1989
SK23:34 Baldock Arthur "Art" 2011
SK10:51 Baldock Maymie L. "Vicki" (Condry) 1998
SK1:13 Baldridge Heber Douglas "Doug" Jr. 1989
SK6:71 Baldridge Mary Eva (Porter) 1994
SK22:80 Baldwin Bruce B. 2010
SK12:81 Baldwin Luther 2000
SK12:83 Baldwin Mary J. 2000
SK3:18 Ball Delmar Ray "Dale" 1991
SK10:8 Ballman Eula Frances (Bustle) 1998
SK8:56 Ballman Paul R. 1996
SK17:35 Banks Carleda (Wright) 2005
SK21:64 Banks Mary Kathleen (Hymer) 2009
SK4:10 Banning Goldie (Bartlett) 1992
SK18:52 Banta Martha Esther (Rose) 2006
SK24:50 Barker Phyllis A. 2012
SK24:60 Barker Sharon L. (Reynolds) 2012
SK6:56 Barker William Lloyd "Will" 1994
SK5:32 Barnes Albert H. 1993
SK24:119 Barnes James Elery 2012
SK20:38 Barnett Betty Jeanne 2008
SK7:66 Barnett Roy Clayton 1995
SK19:99 Barnett Warren Dale 2007
SK17:12 Barnhart Clifford 2005
SK14:6 Barnhart Curtis Leroy 2002
SK18:74 Barnhart Della Allene (Johnson) 2006
SK23:42 Barnthouse John Oliver Jr. 2011
SK19:37 Barrett Chester 2007
SK6:26 Barrett Edna (Bailey) 1994
SK22:82 Barrett Iona Marie (Saylor) 2010
SK14:51 Barrett James Michael 2002
SK18:72 Barrett Lawrence 2006
SK24:87 Bartels Retha J. (Kilburn) 2012
SK23:82 Bartizek Janice (Spellacy) 2011
SK5:42 Barton Adam David 1993
SK13:3 Bastin Ida Luella "Dolly"(Brumenschenkel) 2001
SK15:7 Baudendistel Margaret Mary 2003
SK15:9 Baudendistel William O. "Bill" 2003
SK20:105 Beatty Jennifer Rebecca (Jones) 2008
SK16:23 Beck Elizabeth 2004
SK23:92 Bedwell Elva Euphema (Romaine) 2011
SK20:61 Bedwell Hubert Allen "Sam" 2008
SK7:46 Beekley Lucille C. 1995
SK12:87 Behm Richard "Tiny" 2000
SK4:1 Benner James Anthony 1992
SK18:38 Bennett Buren (Rev.) 2006
SK8:15 Bennett Edna I. 1996
SK23:79 Bennett Elizabeth R. (Joy) 2011
SK7:32 Benson Emma R. (Mathis) 1995
SK21:70 Benton Becky Sue (Phelps) 2009
SK15:58 Berry Myron 2003
SK18:24 Berry Zella P. (Powell) 2006
SK6:14 Berryman Richard A. 1994
SK23:27 Bess Edward J. 2011
SK1:30 Betts Kenneth G. 1988
SK22:34 Bevins Floyd "Tom" Thomas 2010
SK16:57 Bevins John "Steven" 2004
SK24:52 Bevins Lillian (Tate) 2012
SK8:33 Bicknell Cindy (Cynthia) 1996
SK19:114 Bigelow Robert D. 2007
SK24:73 Bird Jerry Lee 2012
SK15:54 Bishop - Henderson Lawnie E. (Morgan) 2003
SK23:66 Bishop Anna Lisa (Reese) 2011
SK3:30 Bishop Donald Gene 1991
SK22:104 Bishop George R. Sr. 2010
SK15:64 Bishop Grace (Baker) 2003
SK13:35 Bishop Hilda Eileen 2001
SK22:111 Bishop Kevin Allen 2010
SK19:39 Bishop Larry 2007
SK18:102 Bishop Larry C. 2006
SK7:49 Bishop Mattie Mae 1995
SK22:41 Bishop Tillman 2010
SK18:107 Bishop Timothy P. 2006
SK6:76 Bishop Willie 1994
SK19:56 Blackwell Aevion Spencer 2007
SK9:61 Blair Arnice (Garrett) 1997
SK1:11 Blair Ova "Ovie" 1988
SK11:30 Blakely Alonzo David 1999
SK3:53 Blakely Beulah V. 1991
SK5:20 Blankenship Leonard "Banjo" 1993
SK22:70 Blanton Billy Ray 2010
SK11:19 Blanton Robert 1999
SK5:62 Blanton William Clark 1993
SK5:15 Blanton Willie (Mabus) 1993
SK18:64 Blazey Betty Carolyn (Grieshaber) 2006
SK11:39 Blevins Lillie 1999
SK9:23 Blue Betty Lou 1997
SK9:32 Boatman John Cecil 1997
SK9:43 Boatrager William L. 1997
SK19:98 Boehme Amy 2007
SK19:49 Boger Raymond 2007
SK8:70 Boger Veneva (Haynes) 1996
SK15:59 Boger Wilbur "JR" 2003
SK19:74 Boggs Imogene (McIntosh) 2007
SK22:78 Boggs John B. Jr. 2010
SK24:16 Bolling Liming Elizabeth (Noble) 2012
SK16:67 Bolling Christopher Eric 2004
SK24:9 Bolling Eleanor L. (Coates) 2012
SK20:62 Bone Paul N. 2008
SK21:89 Bone Tracy Martin 2009
SK19:33 Bone William Norman 2007
SK7:41 Bonnell Anna (McClain) 1995
SK10:12 Bonner Thelma (Kennedy) 1998
SK8:32 Booher Bryan Russell 1996
SK24:105 Books James E. 2012
SK7:40 Boothe Robert "Bob" Laudery 1995
SK23:18 Borowitz Anthony Thomas 2011
SK17:16 Borum Dorothy (Lively) 2005
SK12:25 Bowles Bettie F. (McDaniel) 2000
SK23:118 Bowles Ruth Evelyn (Harn) 2011
SK5:21 Bowling Clara F. 1993
SK16:10 Bowman Bryan Wayne 2004
SK12:10 Bowman Carolyn J. (Crutchfield) 2000
SK17:22 Bowman Clarence 2005
SK4:7 Bowman James C. 1992
SK5:54 Bowman Lois Enola 1993
SK4:54 Boyer Mildred E. (Overton) 1992
SK12:8 Bradley Gardis "Brad" 2000
SK14:64 Bradley James Edward "Heavy" 2002
SK10:62 Bradley Matthew Rick 1998
SK14:68 Brady Charles David 2002
SK10:45 Braithwaite Esta 1998
SK9:53 Branam Carrie Gustava 1997
SK18:20 Brandenburg Barbara Lowery (Leak) 2006
SK8:30 Brandenburg Beulah (Terry) 1996
SK17:47 Brandenburg Bobby Joe 2005
SK19:13 Brandenburg Dennis Ray 2007
SK12:76 Brandenburg Herman Eugene 2000
SK5:48 Brandenburg Marvin 1993
SK14:33 Brandenburg Robert 2002
SK16:3 Brannen Robert F. 2004
SK24:3 Brant David Wayne 2012
SK16:43 Bratka Barbara Lynn (Schaeffer) 2004
SK13:73 Bray Jerry Lynn 2001
SK1:19 Bray Nancy R. 1988
SK11:13 Brewer Claude M. 1999
SK2:39 Brewer Essie N. (Grass) 1990
SK12:55 Brewer Fern 2000
SK19:107 Brewer Jeffrey S. 2007
SK11:54 Brewer Lorena P. 1999
SK1:2 Brewer Manford 1989
SK5:16 Brewer Robert Carl 1993
SK8:51 Brill Max Lowell 1996
SK7:73 Brinegar Willie "Bill" 1995
SK5:5 Brinson Jeremy Adam 1993
SK3:41 Brison Maralyn A. 1991
SK18:53 Brock Ellen Gertrude (Cheesman) 2006
SK20:147 Brock Ida M. 2008
SK18:113 Brock James Arthur "Art" 2006
SK18:108 Brock James L. "Jimbo" 2006
SK22:51 Brock Jerry R. 2010
SK7:28 Brock Thomas Junior 1995
SK24:106 Brock William Robert 2012
SK1:10 Brockman Cledus 1988
SK21:44 Brooks Perry J. "Chip" 2009
SK18:75 Brotherton Christian 2006
SK24:72 Brown Darlene 2012
SK20:14 Brown Flo M. 2008
SK7:70 Brown Gardner Posey 1995
SK16:21 Brown Herb H. 2004
SK7:6 Brown Mary F. (Minnick) 1995
SK6:50 Brown Michael Wayne 1994
SK12:33 Brown Olnie L. "Joe" 2000
SK3:26 Brown Palo 1991
SK20:139 Brown Rodney Dean 2008
SK24:62 Brown Vera M. (Allen) 2012
SK1:1 Brown William Shafter 1988
SK4:3 Browning Arkie (Ledford) 1992
SK12:49 Browning Benjamin Franklin "Ben" 2000
SK13:42 Browning Mike 2001
SK24:109 Browning Sara Lou 2012
SK22:81 Brumfield Amy (Keeton) 2010
SK13:2 Brumfield Jack 2001
SK17:80 Bruno Steven Vincent 2005
SK10:34 Bryant Charles Elmo 1998
SK21:104 Bryant David Wayne 2009
SK7:23 Bryant Emerson 1995
SK17:2 Bryant Erma C. (Coffman) 2005
SK21:98 Bryant Henry Quinton 2009
SK15:15 Bryant Ouida (Munice) 2003
SK24:22 Bryant Paul E. 2012
SK22:96 Bryant Willard "Clarence" 2010
SK23:72 Buchanan Jack Lee 2011
SK22:39 Buckle Catherine R. (Reinhardt) 2010
SK22:106 Buckler Stella Jo (Davis) 2010
SK6:25 Burden Adrian 1994
SK20:50 Burden Ruby 2008
SK22:116 Burgemeir Wanda Lee (Shultz) 2010
SK20:149 Burgess Brian D. 2008
SK6:79 Burgess William C. Jr. 1994
SK20:90 Burkhardt Molly M. 2008
SK7:22 Burlile Mary Rose (Tucker) 1995
SK12:24 Burns Dewey 2000
SK11:59 Burns Jaqueline Sue (Maffet) 1999
SK23:30 Burns Leonard Allen 2011
SK21:69 Burton John J. 2009
SK14:96 Burton Ray Elmo 2002
SK7:42 Bush Emily Clara 1995
SK23:3 Bush Finley 2011
SK15:50 Bush Lillian Jean 2003
SK2:22 Bush William Curtis 1990
SK12:27 Bussell Judy E. (Bryant) 2000
SK24:83 Butcher Sandra Kae (DeVan) 2012
SK3:28 Butcher Shirley Ann (Thatcher) 1991
SK12:50 Butler Alma (Puckett) 2000
SK3:17 Butler Burl 1991
SK13:1 Butler Charles 2001
SK14:17 Butler Dale 2002
SK9:29 Butler Eva (Walling) 1997
SK3:69 Byrd Albert Jr. 1991
SK12:74 Byrd Bill 2000
SK24:90 Byrd Brice 2012
SK16:80 Byrd Callie (Taylor) 2004
SK21:117 Byrd Darrell 2009
SK9:60 Byrd Hallie (Griffitts) 1997
SK19:16 Byrd Hazel 2007
SK10:75 Byrd Hubert 1998
SK6:5 Byrd Jewell M. 1994
SK9:50 Byrd Joyce Dean "Haddix" 1997
SK3:8 Byrd Merritt 1991
SK4:2 Byrd Millard D. 1992
SK10:40 Byrd Oliver (Rev.) 1998
SK4:50 Byrd Sarah (Hacker) 1992
SK9:31 Byrd Shirley Faye (Hollon) 1997
SK8:20 Byrd Walton Eugene 1996
SK23:61 Byrge Ralph 2011


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