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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 7 – Stine Kilburn Funeral Home
(2014) ___  pages
     Stine Kilburn Funeral Home (1987-2012)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 24 volumes of funeral records from the Stine Kilburn Funeral Home in Lebanon, Ohio. These records contain information about 2,223 funerals conducted from 1987 to 2012. Of these 2,186 listed the place of burial or cremation and 539 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral can vary greatly. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
SK19:22 Cable Ashley Brooke 2007
SK18:2 Callahan Clyde 2006
SK20:135 Callahan Jimmy Wayne 2008
SK6:21 Calmes Dixie S. 1994
SK20:5 Calvert John C. 2008
SK11:7 Cameron Walter 1999
SK3:9 Camp Kenneth E. 1991
SK12:9 Campbell Charles W. 2000
SK19:94 Campbell Dan 2007
SK15:73 Campbell Darrell W. 2003
SK14:62 Campbell Edward 2002
SK9:48 Campbell Goldie S. 1997
SK3:35 Campbell James Daniel 1991
SK6:64 Campbell Lewis H. 1994
SK8:34 Campbell Marjorie Ellen (Cornwell) 1996
SK11:32 Campbell Mitch 1999
SK16:37 Campbell Nelson 2004
SK14:73 Campbell Opal "Viola" (Yeary) 2002
SK10:4 Campbell Ronald Lewis 1998
SK23:91 Cantrell Marie W. (Wells) 2011
SK24:19 Carmack Myrtle (Stamper) 2012
SK12:16 Carpenter Arthur J. 2000
SK23:76 Carpenter Pearl Mae 2011
SK14:77 Carpenter Reather D. 2002
SK24:116 Carrier Kilburn Shirley (Simpson) 2012
SK10:28 Carroll Osie T.A. 1998
SK5:47 Carroll Robert 1993
SK17:52 Carson Betty Jane (Boggess) 2005
SK18:12 Castaneda Angelica 2006
SK14:28 Castle Donald Leroy 2002
SK11:24 Castle Wilma A. (Prater) 1999
SK14:48 Caudill Traci Andrea 2002
SK4:15 Caum Clifford H. Sr. 1992
SK5:33 Cavanaugh Giles J. 1993
SK15:74 Center Dorothy 2003
SK18:65 Center Winston Dwight 2006
SK14:23 Chamberlain Florence A. (Sellner) 2002
SK7:26 Chamberlain Robert Dale Jr. 1995
SK18:73 Chandler David 2006
SK12:41 Charles Shelby Jr. 2000
SK4:60 Charlton John Henry 1992
SK22:2 Cheek James S. 2010
SK16:18 Cheeseman David 2004
SK22:119 Cheeseman Hazel (Driscoll) 2010
SK14:90 Cheesman Irene 2002
SK8:6 Cheesman Robert J. Sr. 1996
SK22:24 Chenoweth Ernie Lee 2010
SK9:49 Chess Robert Lain Jr. 1997
SK18:11 Chestnut Marjorie Ruth (Hubble) 2006
SK24:6 Childers Anna Lee (Smyth) 2012
SK20:47 Childers Nova C. 2008
SK23:55 Childers Zollie Keith 2011
SK9:35 Childers Zollie 1997
SK12:38 Chilton Susan M. (Hunt) 2000
SK6:65 Chrisman Mary L. (Norman) 1994
SK7:45 Chrisman Ralph F. Sr. 1995
SK21:11 Christman Jack L. 2009
SK10:69 Clabbers Agnes Marie 1998
SK14:60 Clark Albert 2002
SK8:35 Clark Alex Scott 1996
SK9:56 Clark Esther T. (Trubbee) 1997
SK21:68 Clark Garnet W. 2009
SK19:92 Clark Helen Mae (McClure) 2007
SK17:85 Clark Layman Dwayne 2005
SK19:73 Clark Raymond Thomas 2007
SK6:33 Clark Taylor 1994
SK2:26 Clasby Ora Jane (McNutt) 1990
SK9:3 Clatty Charles William 1997
SK22:47 Cleveland Donald J. 2010
SK1:26 Clouse William D. 1988
SK8:46 Coates Perry Pettis Reed 1996
SK15:70 Coates Ruth E. (Glosser) 2003
SK22:25 Cockerham Roger Wayne 2010
SK4:30 Coffee Elbert Lowell 1992
SK7:39 Coffee Odella (Drake) 1995
SK6:74 Coffey Evon 1994
SK9:55 Coffman Vernon A. 1997
SK6:47 Coldiron Charlotte Ann 1994
SK22:3 Coldiron Cora "Lucille" Eltzroth 2010
SK20:49 Cole (Poe) Bruce 2008
SK12:22 Cole Carl 2000
SK24:12 Cole Dennis W. "Denny" 2012
SK3:39 Coleman Guy Franklin 1991
SK20:96 Collett Bygia "Bud" 2008
SK19:101 Collett Virginia (Zettel) 2007
SK11:63 Collins Gladys B. 1999
SK9:17 Collins James Owen 1997
SK24:80 Collins Kimberly R. (Hamilton) 2012
SK17:34 Collins Robert E. 2005
SK11:75 Collinsworth Betty Jane 1999
SK5:24 Collinsworth Clyde 1993
SK24:99 Collinsworth Warren Scott 2012
SK21:59 Colwell Clay Junior 2009
SK17:103 Colwell Lonzo 2005
SK12:60 Colwell Sabra M. (Fugate) 2000
SK10:74 Colwell Waldon 1998
SK6:24 Colwell Willie 1994
SK17:71 Combest Inez (Frost) Money 2005
SK5:56 Combs Allene S. 1993
SK23:33 Combs Dorothy (Burns) 2011
SK11:70 Combs Eva (Holland) 1999
SK12:18 Combs Ivan Jr. 2000
SK22:45 Combs Ivan 2010
SK20:53 Combs Kelley M. (Burkhart) 2008
SK1:33 Combs Kelly 1989
SK13:37 Combs Loretta (Oldham) 2001
SK12:37 Combs Randy "Blue" 2000
SK13:16 Combs Roy 2001
SK17:3 Cone Nadena (Gilbert) 2005
SK18:55 Conger John F. 2006
SK3:55 Conn Lucy 1991
SK21:2 Conner Dorothy Mae 2009
SK17:40 Conroy Lawrence A. 2005
SK22:89 Conway Berton 2010
SK1:3 Conway Elisha 1987
SK21:73 Cook Dewey Lee 2009
SK12:2 Cook Frankie Mae (Jaynes) 2000
SK21:115 Cook Phillip 2009
SK12:69 Cook Thomas Harvey 2000
SK23:47 Coomer Billy Ray 2011
SK24:92 Coomer Bobbie Edward Sr. 2012
SK6:54 Coomer Malvery 1994
SK24:126 Coomer Martha (McIntosh) 2012
SK19:2 Coomer Wayne 2007
SK5:31 Coon Charlie 1993
SK3:27 Cooper Cody Allen 1991
SK24:38 Coopey Barb 2012
SK22:40 Copas Francis Marion 2010
SK12:1 Cope Lucy F. 2000
SK17:62 Cornett Carolyn Jean (Rogers) 2005
SK10:38 Cornett Mary Ann 1998
SK23:133 Corwin Sarah Ethel (Ward) 2011
SK23:110 Coteral Jennie Marie (Fox) 2011
SK4:33 Cottle Wendle Alan 1992
SK6:11 Cottrell Matthew James 1994
SK11:36 Cowan Walter Scott Jr. "Walt" 1999
SK21:80 Cowley Marion L. 2009
SK16:31 Cox G. B. 2004
SK7:65 Coyle Mary M. 1995
SK17:60 Crabtree Larry 2005
SK7:5 Crabtree Ruby 1995
SK18:23 Craft Arthur E. "Popps" 2006
SK22:100 Craft Janice Hayden (Gray) 2010
SK21:20 Craft Richard Jr. 2009
SK22:93 Craig Ethel F. (Stegemoller) 2010
SK6:1 Cramer Howard A. "Lonnie" 1994
SK17:75 Crase Charles Wayne 2005
SK24:15 Crase Lula Mae (Pottorf) 2012
SK1:9 Crase Osa 1989
SK19:43 Crase Ray Rexford Jr. 2007
SK13:30 Crawford Ethel B. 2001
SK4:8 Crawford Francis W. "Frank" 1992
SK7:59 Crawford Gary L. 1995
SK24:49 Crawford James F. 2012
SK21:12 Crawford Thomas 2009
SK16:46 Creager Velma B. (Stouder) 2004
SK22:85 Creamer Charles Paul 2010
SK19:34 Creamer Cora Lee 2007
SK24:95 Creamer Howard A. 2012
SK1:29 Creech Daisy Mae 1989
SK22:113 Creech Jimmy 2010
SK10:25 Creech Lulu (Hill) 1998
SK4:17 Creech Roger Dean 1992
SK16:50 Creech Zelma Stacey 2004
SK20:106 Crisenbery Larry 2008
SK16:15 Crisp Linda June (Ward) 2004
SK13:24 Crisp Maxine 2001
SK20:4 Crist Bette Mae (Underwood) 2008
SK11:4 Crist Glen R. 1999
SK20:9 Crist Phyllis Jean (Apgar) 2008
SK13:77 Croy Theodore (Ted) William 2001
SK23:84 Cruz Beta Reyes Campos de 2011
SK5:64 Culbertson Charles F. 1993
SK9:11 Culbertson Linda Lucille 1997
SK21:43 Culbertson Ruby Delores (Ream) 2009
SK23:29 Cummings Robert L. 2011
SK24:85 Cupp Oscar Cecil 2012
SK24:67 Cutright James E. 2012


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