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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 7 – Stine Kilburn Funeral Home
(2014) ___  pages
     Stine Kilburn Funeral Home (1987-2012)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 24 volumes of funeral records from the Stine Kilburn Funeral Home in Lebanon, Ohio. These records contain information about 2,223 funerals conducted from 1987 to 2012. Of these 2,186 listed the place of burial or cremation and 539 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral can vary greatly. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
SK3:31 Maddox Margaret Mary (Craft) 1991
SK14:3 Maddox Ruth J. 2002
SK13:60 Madison Herbert L. 2001
SK8:11 Madison Lorene B. (Byrd) 1996
SK16:24 Maffeth Erma (Roflow) 2004
SK8:57 Maggard Mildred Jean (Armentrout) 1996
SK20:45 Mahler William F. "Bill" 2008
SK24:89 Mailhot Krista S. "Sunshine" (Xander) 2012
SK8:47 Malicote Clifford 1996
SK8:3 Mallott Mary Edith (Melampy) 1995
SK17:32 Maloney Victor McKinley 2005
SK15:5 Malott Elmer 2003
SK3:32 Malott Letitia Sue (Hammiel) 1991
SK20:140 Manges Kirby Wayne 2008
SK13:13 Manhardt Addis 2001
SK10:27 Manhardt Howard J. Jr. 1998
SK13:17 Mann Janet Marie 2001
SK8:63 Manning Ada Fern (Adams) 1996
SK19:106 Manning Patricia S. 2007
SK19:14 Mansfield David Reece 2007
SK17:97 Mantle Irene Faye (Skaggs) 2005
SK24:28 Marcum Charles L. 2012
SK19:100 Marcum Mary Joyce (Byrd) 2007
SK20:70 Marker Barbara Ann (Hubbard) 2008
SK19:65 Marlatt James 2007
SK7:47 Marr Dorothy C. (Chapman) 1995
SK20:17 Marr Steven L. "Larry" 2008
SK21:116 Marr William S. 2009
SK16:26 Marrs Alberta (Lehman) 2004
SK17:59 Marshall Alex 2005
SK23:137 Martin Anna Sue Rae (Johnson) 2011
SK7:33 Martin Vernon "Bunny" 1995
SK20:34 Martin Virgie 2008
SK19:87 Martin Virginia Elizabeth 2007
SK1:36 Mason Dorothy C. 1989
SK8:5 Mason JoAnn Elaine (Hudecek) 1996
SK18:69 Mason Sarah (Hamblin) 2006
SK15:8 Masterson Lela Mae 2003
SK2:41 Mathis Audrey Barger 1990
SK2:34 Mathis Charles 1990
SK3:44 Mathis Etta 1991
SK22:95 Maus Ruth (Yeakle) 2010
SK6:60 Maves Paul Benjamin 1994
SK12:46 Maxwell John Anthony 2000
SK13:74 May Maud 2001
SK7:31 May Sarah (Allen) 1995
SK2:9 May Stevie Joe 1990
SK21:109 Mc Cabe Blanche E. 2009
SK21:106 Mc Cracken Harriette J. (Hicks) 2009
SK20:37 McCabe Michael D. 2008
SK17:112 McCallister George 2005
SK19:53 McCann Joyce M. "Jo" 2007
SK14:88 McCarley Carib M. (Hice) 2002
SK20:97 McCarty Bessie Mae 2008
SK24:57 McCarty Geraldine (Rothhaas) 2012
SK4:4 McClellan Helen Louise 1992
SK16:22 McClelland Michael Shannon 2004
SK20:32 McCollister Darrell Lance "Biggie" 2008
SK23:71 McComas Arley Ferm (Terry) 2011
SK1:27 McComas Robert W. 1988
SK8:53 McConnaughey Ronald Mason 1996
SK10:71 McConvery John C. 1998
SK4:14 McCorkle Alex Ted 1992
SK15:32 McCormick Mary 2003
SK10:3 McCoy Victoria "Vickie" 1998
SK12:82 McCurdy Janet E. 2000
SK9:42 McCurry Richard E. "Richie" 1997
SK21:74 McDonald Roy Lee 2009
SK12:43 McEllhannon Donna Louise 2000
SK19:103 McElliott Linda Carol (Venable) 2007
SK8:52 McGeorge Zirl 1996
SK3:34 McGrath Donald Eugene 1991
SK20:31 McGraw Joseph Wilson "Bill" 2008
SK24:120 McGraw Lois Marie (Hemming) 2012
SK16:89 McGuire Clara Almeda 2004
SK11:26 McIntosh Ethel (Johnson) 1999
SK19:68 McIntosh Geneva 2007
SK15:77 McIntosh Jeannette (Marshall) 2003
SK11:34 McIntosh Joyce A. (Davis) 1999
SK17:91 McIntosh Ray Sr. 2005
SK14:66 McIntosh Ross 2002
SK5:45 McIntosh Seldon 1993
SK18:94 McIntosh William 2006
SK24:33 McKamey Mary C. (Hildebrecht) 2012
SK20:85 McKee Charles David 2008
SK13:66 McKee Dollie (Frasure) 2001
SK17:86 McKee Glen Eddie 2005
SK15:17 McKeever Robin (Kees) 2003
SK23:8 McKenzie Wallace Diaz 2011
SK23:40 McKinney Lloyd J. "Freddye" 2011
SK18:27 McKinney Teresa (Green) 2006
SK16:34 McKoy Kathilyn 2004
SK23:57 McLain Mikah Skye 2011
SK3:72 McNutt Loraine W. (Hall) 1991
SK15:56 McNutt Rose 2003
SK1:2 McNutt William "Lee" 1988
SK10:66 McPherson Melvin Alfred 1998
SK2:10 McVay Frank M. 1990
SK24:100 McVay Irene Dora (Brewer) 2012
SK8:29 Meadors Christopher A. 1996
SK18:13 Meek Rober Lee 2006
SK10:80 Melzer Earl Robert 1998
SK19:82 Merland Kathy Marie 2007
SK11:46 Merritt Mary Nona (Sutton) 1999
SK20:20 Merz William N. "Skip" 2008
SK16:54 Mescher Ronald Wayne 2004
SK24:39 Mettey Debra Lynn 2012
SK13:62 Mettey Joan Rochelle (Millay) 2001
SK15:35 Metz Raymond A. 2003
SK10:24 Metzger Nitro Geneva 1998
SK19:47 Meyers Georgia E. 2007
SK9:14 Meyers Janet Elaine 1997
SK4:53 Meyers Ray G. 1992
SK23:24 Michael Doris Emma 2011
SK21:126 Mihalek Stephen Douglas 2009
SK4:16 Mikkelson Elsie E. 1992
SK5:6 Millar Mabel P. 1993
SK14:45 Millard Clara B. 2002
SK14:57 Millard E. Freeman 2002
SK4:23 Millard Henry A., II 1992
SK23:99 Miller Everett Charles Jr. "Teatle" 2011
SK15:19 Miller Mary Minta "Mint" (Clark) 2003
SK14:20 Miller Rhoda "Lois" (Gilbert) 2002
SK22:118 Milner Charles Robert "Bob" 2010
SK16:35 Miniard Dan 2004
SK11:71 Minor Duane Stewart 1999
SK16:13 Minor Mary Florence Ella (Laforce) 2004
SK13:7 Mitchell Wayne 2001
SK23:131 Mobley Hobert A. "Austin" 2011
SK19:59 Mobley Janet 2007
SK8:24 Monce Opal G. (Furbee) 1996
SK7:43 Monday Evan 1995
SK22:5 Monday Jodella 2010
SK8:59 Money Malcom 1996
SK11:3 Money Samuel 1999
SK15:14 Montgomery Mae B. Eve (Bolin) 2003
SK12:48 Moore Berney Glenn 2000
SK18:45 Moore Bruce 2006
SK19:55 Moore Christine 2007
SK21:75 Moore Daniel "Boone" 2009
SK18:85 Moore Douglas 2006
SK1:40 Moore E. Christine 1989
SK18:57 Moore Jordan D. Jr. "Junior" 2006
SK9:36 Moore Maudie (Peters) 1997
SK23:12 Moore Nona May (Singleton) 2011
SK4:6 Moore Pauline E. 1992
SK19:62 Moore Virginia Irene (Taulbee) 2007
SK24:47 Moore William Henry 2012
SK21:124 Morehead Donald Paul 2009
SK9:46 Morgan Crystalyn Dawn 1997
SK19:52 Morgan Harry 2007
SK16:4 Morgan Phillip Ray 2004
SK22:21 Morgan Ronald Leroy 2010
SK24:35 Morgan Shawn W. 2012
SK9:57 Morgan Ulysses Sherman 1997
SK11:73 Morgan Zell (Young) 1999
SK21:27 Morhous Elizabeth Marie "Liz" 2009
SK16:49 Morris Allen Lee 2004
SK11:44 Morris Colleen Mara (Counterman) 1999
SK9:9 Morris Eliza Mae 1997
SK8:72 Morris Ethel Mae 1996
SK11:35 Morris Gladys W. (Williams) 1999
SK21:95 Morris Ralph Herbert Jr. 2009
SK13:54 Morris Roger 2001
SK17:105 Morton David Allen 2005
SK19:29 Morton Delbert Bartley (Bart) 2007
SK17:113 Moss Carol Ann (Stebbins) 2005
SK21:58 Moss Harlin 2009
SK7:57 Motz Franklin Daniel "Danny" Jr. 1995
SK5:51 Mulkey Katherine E. 1993
SK18:54 Mullins Ollie "O.J." 2006
SK4:40 Muncy Gladys Irene 1992
SK22:4 Muncy John 2010
SK15:42 Muncy Omer 2003
SK20:64 Muncy Todd Derek 2008
SK23:11 Murphy Lori Diane 2011
SK17:17 Murray Jannie (Morton) 2005
SK18:25 Murray Johnny "Mouse" 2006
SK13:58 Murray Myntha Mae (Money) 2001
SK16:27 Murray Theodore E. 2004
SK3:58 Music Charles W. "Bub" 1991
SK13:67 Music Christopher R. 2001
SK3:60 Music Scott Alan 1991
SK1:5 Musser Arthur Gregory 1988
SK12:61 Mustard Shawn Leslie 2000
SK17:83 Myers JoAnn Lee (Resibois) 2005
SK24:121 Myers Thomas Leonard 2012
SK22:77 Myers Timothy 2010
SK6:45 Myers Timothy James 1994


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