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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 7 – Stine Kilburn Funeral Home
(2014) ___  pages
     Stine Kilburn Funeral Home (1987-2012)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 24 volumes of funeral records from the Stine Kilburn Funeral Home in Lebanon, Ohio. These records contain information about 2,223 funerals conducted from 1987 to 2012. Of these 2,186 listed the place of burial or cremation and 539 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral can vary greatly. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
SK4:58 Salley Elizabeth Danielle 1992
SK13:22 Salmors Deric Robert 2001
SK9:62 Salyer Samuel Mark 1997
SK22:31 Sampson Barbara (Milam) 2010
SK24:117 Sampson Robert P. Jr. 2012
SK23:128 Sanchez Eulalia Lopez 2011
SK17:23 Sanders Dora (Wright) 2005
SK21:71 Sanders Gilbert Howard 2009
SK9:51 Sanders Heather Marie 1997
SK19:21 Sanders Lewis 2007
SK5:50 Sanders Margaret E. 1993
SK2:14 Sanders Raymond Lee 1990
SK12:39 Sanders Raymond 2000
SK4:49 Sanders Wise Erwin 1992
SK14:67 Sandlin Audrey (Bishop) 2002
SK15:82 Sandlin Beverly L. 2003
SK1:26 Sandlin Carol Eugene (Gene) 1989
SK19:58 Sandlin Daniel 2007
SK18:79 Sandlin Delbert 2006
SK24:2 Sandlin Edith Mae (Houston) 2012
SK14:74 Sandlin Eugene 2002
SK18:93 Sandlin Florence Louise (Goodin) 2006
SK18:83 Sandlin Janet 2006
SK1:19 Sandlin Laura (Rice) 1989
SK6:42 Sandlin Lorraine 1994
SK1:11 Sandlin Walker (Matt) 1989
SK1:27 Sanlin Rebecca Jo (Leonard) 1989
SK19:40 Sargeant Mark E. 2007
SK10:20 Sargeant Therman H. 1998
SK22:63 Sargent Charles Carroll 2010
SK15:34 Sasse Winfried 2003
SK6:6 Sawyer Gladys L. (Hammiel) 1994
SK21:81 Sawyer Roger L. 2009
SK18:112 Saylor Anna Rose (Bishop) 2006
SK13:61 Saylor Danny Ray 2001
SK7:36 Saylor Evelyn (Turner) 1995
SK13:6 Saylor Fannie M. 2001
SK15:87 Saylor Margie B. (Endicotte) 2003
SK18:43 Saylor Mary (West) 2006
SK23:93 Saylor Tracie Lynn 2011
SK9:58 Saylor Walter 1997
SK11:25 Scharrer Leona (Gerst) 1999
SK2:35 Schelhorn Elmer P. 1990
SK24:71 Schenck Harry Bernard 2012
SK23:138 Schliesser Lue A. 2011
SK11:11 Schmick Waldo V. 1999
SK17:1 Schmidt Glenna Russell 2005
SK13:15 Schneider Robert S. "Bob" 2001
SK15:13 Schneider Samuel Joseph "Joe" 2003
SK24:18 Schroeder Albert W. 2012
SK24:23 Schuh Robert K. Sr. 2012
SK23:89 Schuler Peggy (Rowland) 2011
SK22:22 Schultz Edwin Robert 2010
SK8:7 Schultz Robert Eugene 1996
SK3:10 Schutter George E. "Pete" 1991
SK8:64 Schutter Helen H. (Ulrich) 1996
SK4:25 Schutter Jacob E. 1992
SK6:70 Schutter Margaret Lillian (Conroy) 1994
SK18:39 Schwartz Herbert C. 2006
SK2:17 Schwed Milly L. (Lang) 1990
SK23:114 Scott Connie Rae (Chenoweth) 2011
SK20:98 Scott Joyce Elaine 2008
SK21:107 Scott Verlie 2009
SK15:76 Sebecke Doug 2003
SK20:11 Secrest Evelyn M. 2008
SK19:84 Seitz Vera Mae 2007
SK23:87 Selvia Goldie 2011
SK24:53 Sempsrott Ruth Ann (Weis) 2012
SK7:20 Sewell Clarence D. "Conk" 1995
SK21:90 Sewell Kevin 2009
SK13:52 Sewell Loren E. Jr. 2001
SK11:8 Sexton Melanie (Singleton) 1999
SK10:47 Sexton Wilson Clarence 1998
SK14:26 Sexton-Oharold Norma J. 2002
SK13:68 Shaffer Kathryn Louise (Frost) 2001
SK14:31 Shaffer Natasha Dee 2002
SK7:13 Shank Edith Ann (Gerst) 1995
SK13:20 Shankle Christa 2001
SK24:26 Shannon Anna M. (Hale) 2012
SK13:36 Sharp Gilbert Ruth (Redden) 2001
SK9:45 Shaw Doris T. 1997
SK11:20 Sheffer Harvey I. 1999
SK14:59 Shelton Otto 2002
SK21:25 Shepheard Obra Jean (Matthews) 2009
SK23:46 Shepherd Albert E. "Al" 2011
SK9:2 Shepherd Ella M. (Williamson) 1997
SK6:53 Shepherd Felix J. 1994
SK18:106 Shepherd Gloria J. 2006
SK17:45 Shepherd Jason Hayes 2005
SK17:108 Shepherd Rex A. 2005
SK2:1 Shepherd Richard L. "Rick" 1990
SK24:10 Shepherd Steve B. 2012
SK14:56 Shepherd Vincent M. "Vince" 2002
SK16:72 Shepherd Willard 2004
SK20:84 Shimer Douglas C. 2008
SK23:2 Shimer James W. 2011
SK9:41 Shine Thelma 1997
SK9:28 Shircliff Pauline 1997
SK9:7 Short David Lou 1997
SK11:72 Short Jaquelin M. (Osgood) 1999
SK8:18 Short Marcus Wendell 1996
SK8:27 Shorten Edward K. 1996
SK2:25 Shultz Clarence William 1990
SK1:18 Shumaker Alfred W. 1988
SK16:36 Shumaker Dorothy (Eyler) 2004
SK5:13 Shutts Geraldine 1993
SK4:61 Shutts Mary E. 1992
SK7:44 Silcox Jessie Marie (Roberts) 1995
SK23:68 Silcox Leon 2011
SK1:38 Simpson Emma J. (Alcorn) 1989
SK11:22 Simpson Richard Charles "Rick" 1999
SK11:31 Singleton Adeline (Bertram) 1999
SK19:23 Singleton Flora 2007
SK18:51 Singleton John Mark 2006
SK10:14 Singleton Russell W. 1998
SK21:46 Sisk Leila Meriam 2009
SK12:23 Sites Mertie Dell (Bontrager) 2000
SK24:75 Sizemore Betty Sue 2012
SK12:84 Sizemore Clayton 2000
SK21:9 Sizemore Ed 2009
SK14:16 Sizemore Elmer 2002
SK23:51 Sizemore William Jr. 2011
SK21:87 Sizemore` Zelma (Brandenburg) 2009
SK4:20 Slone Myrtle Imogene 1992
SK13:12 Smiddy Anna Mae (Wormsley) 2001
SK15:89 Smiddy Clarence B. 2003
SK15:43 Smiddy James E. 2003
SK22:91 Smith Albert Russell "Shorty" 2010
SK17:115 Smith Arthur Newton "Little Beaver" 2005
SK13:43 Smith Beverly (Hollon) 2001
SK23:6 Smith Challis E. 2011
SK8:8 Smith Donald Roy 1996
SK7:56 Smith Gerald M. Sr. 1995
SK24:70 Smith Harry Lee 2012
SK21:120 Smith Judith (Sullivan) 2009
SK6:43 Smith Leona 1994
SK24:61 Smith Louise (Gibson) 2012
SK9:16 Smith Margaret Ann 1997
SK10:17 Smith Mary Lou (Noe) 1998
SK19:81 Smith Minnie Ruby 2007
SK22:66 Smith Pamela Marie (Bien) 2010
SK6:51 Smith Roger Lee "Weasel" 1994
SK20:109 Smith Roscoe 2008
SK7:68 Smith Ruby L. (Shuler) 1995
SK23:35 Smith Virgie 2011
SK19:63 Smith Virginia N. 2007
SK20:19 Smitty Floyd 2008
SK22:69 Snapp Donald Joseph Jr. 2010
SK18:34 Snead Millie M. (Plumley) 2006
SK7:12 Snowden Lela M. (Nelson) 1995
SK21:93 Snyder Rose Waspe (Benjamin) 2009
SK23:129 Socha John J. 2011
SK17:5 Sonny Han Cha 2005
SK16:17 Sorge Michael David 2004
SK17:109 South Charles D. 2005
SK18:95 Southwick Carolyn (Powell) 2006
SK5:63 Sowder Cecil L. 1993
SK11:61 Spadafora Michael Paul 1999
SK22:58 Spangler Daniel Adam 2010
SK12:73 Sparks Lucy H. 2000
SK6:67 Spencer Cornelius B. "C.B." 1994
SK7:19 Spencer Ora Raymond 1995
SK17:93 Spencer Stephen 2005
SK8:25 Spicer Minnie Mae (Fueston) 1996
SK1:32 Spicer Ollie James 1989
SK11:40 Spray R. Pauline 1999
SK20:7 Sprinkle Jimmie 2008
SK11:14 Spry Spencer Craig 1999
SK15:61 Stacey Gipsy 2003
SK11:56 Stacey James H. 1999
SK16:60 Stacey William 2004
SK19:75 Stacy Mattie 2007
SK16:84 Stacy Rosemary 2004
SK3:52 Stafford John P. 1991
SK16:51 Stahley Mollie Frances 2004
SK19:112 Stahley Wanda M. 2007
SK17:65 Stallings Earl E. 2005
SK14:55 Stallings Lillian 2002
SK11:9 Stamper Elizabeth Ann (Fouts) 1999
SK14:92 Stamper Harlan 2002
SK7:16 Stamper Jana Marie Ann 1995
SK16:45 Stanifer Ken "Darrell" 2004
SK24:107 Stanley Edith (Woliber) 2012
SK11:45 Stanley Robert W. 1999
SK21:65 Starrett Carrie Ann (Zurweller) 2009
SK23:124 Staten Liam Isaac 2011
SK21:45 Steele James Richard "Rick, Bama" 2009
SK17:82 Steele Mary Sue (Mullins) 2005
SK22:102 Stegemoller Mary Evelyn (Boyden) 2010
SK5:38 Stegemoller Robert E. "Bud" 1993
SK5:2 Stegemoller Robert H. "Bob" 1993
SK10:49 Steil Orba Jean (Brandenburg) 1998
SK23:117 Stephens Charles Franklin 2011
SK21:30 Stephens Daniel I. Sr. 2009
SK19:32 Stephens Della Sue (Coomer) 2007
SK20:30 Stephens Lessie Mae 2008
SK10:9 Stephens Ruth Lucille (Fattig) 1998
SK15:29 Stephens Shirley 2003
SK18:91 Stern Billie Jo 2006
SK5:59 Stevens Barbara Ann 1993
SK19:57 Stevens Emily J. 2007
SK23:96 Stevens Ethel Jane (Jones) 2011
SK22:59 Stevens Harold F. 2010
SK3:68 Stevens Sandra K. 1991
SK21:32 Stevens Sandra Lynn "Sandy" (Ferrell) 2009
SK8:45 Stickels Katherine Louise 1996
SK12:62 Stidham Eugene "Gene" 2000
SK22:120 Stillman Allyn 2010
SK14:12 Stith Lorain 2002
SK14:94 Stone Louise W. 2002
SK7:8 Stone Rebecca Ann (Spry) 1995
SK15:40 Stouder Doug 2003
SK22:98 Stout-Bradley Elizabeth June (Davis) 2010
SK18:4 Stratton Jean (West) 2006
SK18:71 Straw Bernice (Portwood) 2006
SK14:39 Stroud Dale Lindsay 2002
SK24:55 Stvis William 2012
SK12:59 Sulfsted Florence L. (Wingerter) 2000
SK14:83 Sulfsted Frederick 1977
SK23:122 Sulfsted Robert G. "Bob" 2011
SK23:73 Sunnycalb Margaret Ann (Gillespie) 2011
SK20:28 Sutberry Joyce L. (Knickerbocker) 2008
SK19:28 Swarts Jerry Victor 2007
SK20:65 Swartwood Ronald Keith 2008
SK19:45 Swartzel Wm. Garrett 2007
SK17:19 Swayne Donald Gregory 2005
SK19:9 Swearingen Nadine 2007
SK10:76 Swearingen Robert V. 1998
SK10:19 Sweeney Mary C. (Vogel) 1998
SK19:50 Szekeresh Albert James "Bert" "Jim" 2007


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