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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC1:25 Abel Mr. 1894    
SC2:40 Able Ella 1896    
SC22:135 Abner Bessie Bea 1990 Miami  
SC12:185 Abner Hallie Jane 1952 Miami  
SC12:52 Abner Lucy Ann 1949 Miami  
SC28:171 Abner Rubin 2000 Miami US Army Air Corp
SC34:21 Abshear Leatha D. 2005 Miami  
SC34:121 Abshear Melvin E. 2005 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC3:100 Adair Laura 1902    
SC3:137 Adams Albert 1904    
SC6:243 Adams Albert 1926 Miami  
SC4:181 Adams Alice 1917    
SC19:145 Adams Blackburn 1979 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC3:191 Adams Charles 1907    
SC4:31 Adams Chas. 1911    
SC6:106 Adams David S. 1923 Miami  
SC3:204 Adams Diantha 1908    
SC6:273 Adams Elizabeth 1927    
SC17:163 Adams Ernest L. 1971 Miami  
SC11:82 Adams George Warren 1938 Miami  
SC36:77 Adams Gretchen L. 2007 Miami  
SC13:36 Adams James Franklin 1954 Miami  
SC15:155 Adams James Warren 1967 Miami  
SC18:161 Adams Karon Raye 1975 Miami  
SC4:129 Adams Lee 1915    
SC36:49 Adams Lora Jean 2007    
SC6:161 Adams Margaret 1924 Miami  
SC3:102 Adams Martha Jane 1902    
SC14:141 Adams Mary Alice 1962 Miami  
SC21:169 Adams Mary Elizabeth 1986 Miami  
SC9:79 Adams Mary Leah 1938 Miami  
SC18:19 Adams Maude 1974 Miami  
SC30:31 Adams Milton 2001 Miami US Army
SC15:218 Adams Minnie 1968 Miami  
SC29:225 Adams Raymond Paul 2001 Miami  
SC9:81 Adams Rosalie H. 1938 Miami  
SC17:117 Adams Samual M. 1970 Miami  
SC15:271 Adams Sandra Lee 1968 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:112 Adams Sarah 1902    
SC3:222 Adams Sarah M. 1909    
SC3:68 Adams Savory 1900    
SC21:185 Addis Stella May 1986 IOOF Cemetery,  Blanchester, OH  
SC22:379 Addison Edward George 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC25:339 Addison Gertrude Elizabeth 1996 Miami  
SC9:28 Adkins Claude 1937 Miami  
SC30:127 Adkins Jacob W. 2001 Miami US Army
SC19:381 Adkins Janice 1980 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC34:71 Adkins Ralaigh Bluphord Jr. 2005 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC19:319 Ake Hazel M. 1980 Fairmount, Jackson, OH  
SC17:161 Akers David 1971 Akers, Kentucky  
SC22:159 Akers Fallon Beverly 1989 Miami US Army
SC21:349 Albertson Reva Mae 1987 Miami  
SC33:29 Albertson Robert Eugene 2004 Miami US Army
SC11:218 Alcorn John M. 1944 Sandy Gap, KY  
SC25:217 Alcorn Lucille T. 1996 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC11:138 Alden Adeline Snow 1941 Miami  
SC6:266 Alden Cloie A. 1927 Springfield, OH  
SC11:168 Alden Francis Eaton 1942 Miami  
SC9:24 Alderman Robert Dale 1937 Miami  
SC17:343 Alexander Darryl W. 1972 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC13:104 Alexander Eliza 1956 Miami  
SC20:353 Alexander Eliza Ellen 1984 Miami  
SC15:112 Alexander Ern 1966 Red Fish  
SC25:195 Alexander George Andrew 1996 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC13:182 Alexander Glenn W. 1957 Spring Valley, OH  
SC17:83 Alexander Gloria Faye 1970 Miami  
SC24:77 Alexander Harrison 1993 Miami  
SC26:83 Alexander James 1997 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC12:202 Alexander Joe Burt 1952 Miami  
SC18:145 Alexander Myrtle L. 1975 Miami  
SC29:131 Alexander Odis 2000 Miami  
SC33:41 Alexander Opal 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC2:50 Alexander Raymond 1897    
SC30:165 Alexander Vernia M. 2001 Miami  
SC12:82 Alexander Walter Leon 1949 Madison Co, KY  
SC18:319 Allen Alfred D. 1976 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC14:155 Allen Alozo 1962    
SC21:295 Allen Alva Thomas 1986 Miami US Army, World War II
SC6:93 Allen Amos S. 1923 Miami  
SC8:9 Allen Angelina 1931 Miami  
SC10:219 Allen Arley B. 1951 Miami  
SC20:321 Allen Bessie 1984 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC8:286 Allen Carrie W. 1937 Miami  
SC11:189 Allen Catherine Jane 1943 Miami  
SC29:213 Allen Dorothy M. 2000 Centerville  
SC6:116 Allen Edna 1924 Centerville, OH  
SC15:188 Allen Elva 1967 Miami  
SC10:175 Allen Ennis 1949 Miami  
SC7:64 Allen Gaynell 1929 Miami  
SC15:192 Allen Goldie A. 1967 Miami  
SC15:89 Allen Grace 1966 Miami  
SC4:127 Allen Grace Gertrude 1915    
SC24:67 Allen Helene M. 1993 Miami  
SC13:176 Allen infant of Alva & Margaret 1957 Miami  
SC6:65 Allen James M. 1922 Miami  
SC14:184 Allen James William 1962 Miami  
SC17:59 Allen John A. 1970 Miami  
SC19:155 Allen Kenneth Joseph 1979 Centerville  
SC22:167 Allen Lena G. 1989 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:130 Allen Lydia 1903    
SC25:83 Allen Margaret Elizabeth 1995 Miami  
SC13:274 Allen Robert Carroll 1959 Miami  
SC18:141 Allen Robert D. 1975 Milledgeville  
SC10:4 Allen William H. 1944 Miami  
SC7:72 Allen Winnie 1929 Miami  
SC19:507 Allford Eunice Margaret 1981 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC36:127 Allford G. Elinor 2007 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC17:57 Allford Lon J. 1970 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Navy, World War I
SC31:143 Allford Ralph Robert 2002 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC18:265 Allison James W. 1976 Rose Hill US Army, World War II
SC32:165 Allison Jauqueline E. 2003 Miami  
SC23:31 Altick Harold Kenneth 1991 Calvary  
SC11:27 Altstaetter Walter 1935 Memorial Park  
SC32:83 Alvarado David V. 2003 Calvary LA, CA  
SC25:137 Amburgy Cortous 1995 Miami  
SC26:125 Amburgy Mattie 1997 Miami  
SC23:293 Amburgy Ragan 1992 Miami US Army
SC27:175 Ames Byron J. 1998 Miami US Army
SC23:87 Ames Marianna J. 1991 New Burlington, OH  
SC24:11 Ames Patricia Ann 1993 New Burlington, OH  
SC20:303 Amos Olive J. 1984 Knollwood, Mayfield Heights, OH  
SC17:169 Anderle Annette W. 1971 Miami  
SC12:137 Anderle Emil Joseph 1951 Miami Veteran, World War I
SC34:1 Anderle Frances E. 2005 Miami US Navy
SC14:132 Anderson Anna Frances 1961 Miami  
SC19:389 Anderson Bess C. 1980 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC16:15 Anderson Carl E. 1969 Jamestown  
SC23:219 Anderson Charles Edward 1992 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC9:111 Anderson David Henry 1939 Springfield Church  
SC19:355 Anderson Dolores R. 1980 Forrest Park  
SC17:119 Anderson Dorothy E. 1970 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC4:176 Anderson Ennis 1917    
SC27:101 Anderson Harold F. 1998 Miami  
SC29:133 Anderson Justin 2000 Miami  
SC19:111 Anderson Linda Jane 1978 Mulberry, Verne, KY  
SC25:127 Anderson Marian Sue 1995 Miami  
SC20:285 Anderson Michael Frieden 1984 Miami  
SC16:13 Anderson Stanley L. 1969 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC9:186 Anderson Stonewall Jackson 1941 Port William  
SC31:69 Andres Raymond John 2002 Miami  
SC34:137 Andres Robert E. 2005 Miami  
SC19:35 Andrews Edna M. 1978 Berea, Jefferson, TX  
SC26:75 Annello Dollie Rae 1997    
SC4:81 Anson Roy Casey 1913    
SC28:71 Anspach Allison T. 1999 Miami  
SC1:18 Anthram Wm. D. 1893    
SC2:48 Antram Aaron 1897    
SC6:92 Antram Ansalum 1923 Miami  
SC3:156 Antram Cornelia 1905    
SC6:224 Antram Hannah M. 1926 Springboro  
SC2:12 Antram I. 1895    
SC1:22 Antram Zalinda 1894    
SC9:298 Apgar Charlotte Elvira 1944 Miami  
SC9:271 Apgar Ellison 1943 Miami  
SC25:193 App Linda Sue 1996 Miami  
SC21:359 App Sheldon Wayne 1987 Miami US Army
SC6:114 Apple Anna 1923 Zion Lutheran  
SC6:50 Apple Daniel B. 1922 Zion  
SC6:88 Apple Elizabeth 1923 Zion  
SC6:269 Apple Viola 1927 Zion Lutheran, Dixie Highway  
SC11:92 Archdeacon Clara 1938 Springboro  
SC14:151 Archinal Frances K. 1962 Miami  
SC19:295 Armbruster Jay Michael 1980 Calvary, Dayton, OH  
SC22:329 Armitage Irma Lucille 1988 Miami  
SC6:22 Armitage Myrtle E. 1921 Turtlecreek  
SC31:7 Armold Forrest 2002 Miami  
SC31:149 Armstrong Clarence Paul 2002 Miami  
SC9:44 Armstrong David 1938 Miami  
SC36:93 Armstrong Frances L. 2007 Miami  
SC8:5 Armstrong Margaret 1931 Miami  
SC33:155 Arnett Ciller Ethel 2004 Miami  
SC24:95 Arnhart Ellen Pauline (Frey) 1993 Northfield Crematory  
SC17:77 Arnold Alice M. 1970 Rose Hill  
SC17:61 Arnold Arthur J. 1970 Woodland  
SC19:323 Arnold Dudley Mack 1980 Rose Hill  
SC28:149 Arnold Ernest Keever 1999 Springboro  
SC15:148 Arnold George Dale 1967 Miami Valley Memory Gardens Veteran, Vietnam
SC6:115 Arnold Hiram Wm. 1923 Miami  
SC29:97 Arnold Phyllis Dawn 2000 Butler County Memorial Park  
SC19:283 Arnold Richard Edward Jr. 1980 Butler County Memorial Park US Air Force, Korea
SC20:347 Arnold Richard Eldridge 1984 Butler County Memorial Park  
SC36:131 Arnold Truman D. Jr. 2007    
SC4:113 Arnold W.W. 1914    
SC18:221 Arnold Willa Margaret 1976 Butler County Memorial Park  
SC33:27 Arrasmith Robert E. 2004 Miami US Army
SC3:178 Arsett Leona V. 1906    
SC25:211 Arthur Amos 1996 Miami US Army, World War II
SC11:242 Arthur Anna 1945 Franklin Ohio  
SC30:99 Arthur Audrey Bernice 2001 Miami  
SC29:77 Arthur Dorothy E. 2000 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC23:93 Arthur Gladys 1991 Miami  
SC18:121 Arthur Harry 1975 Miami  
SC33:111 Arthur Ottis L. 2004 Miami  
SC20:11 Arthur Paul V. 1982 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC22:371 Ary Erma M. 1988 Silver Creek  
SC34:73 Ary E'Vonne A. 2005 Miami  
SC30:175 Ary Frances S. 2001 Silver Creek  
SC22:201 Ary Harold Dean 1989 Silver Creek  
SC17:55 Ary Kent 1970 Miami  
SC28:125 Ary Lewis Wilferd 1999 Miami US Army
SC21:373 Ary Linda Arlene 1987 Miami  
SC26:155 Ary Margaret Walker 1997 Miami  
SC18:399 Asbury Norma M. 1977 Miami  
SC12:220 Asbury Ralph Edwin 1952 Miami  
SC15:178 Ashley Mary Louisa 1967 Miami  
SC34:39 Ashmead Rose Mary 2005    
SC11:224 Asphern Emma 1944 Miami  
SC28:123 Atkins Brian Christopher 1999 Miami  
SC31:35 Atkins Glenn D. 2002 Miami US Army
SC14:143 Atkinson Anna 1962 Miami  
SC27:89 Atkinson Cecil LeRoy 1998 Miami  
SC15:17 Atkinson Cecil Willis 1965 Miami  
SC13:200 Atkinson Chester Arthur 1957 Miami  
SC1:29 Atkinson Ethel 1894    
SC20:95 Atkinson Herschel Carl 1982 Miami  
SC15:76 Atkinson Hilda 1966 Miami  
SC4:29 Atkinson Joseph 1910    
SC14:172 Atkinson Lee James 1962 Miami  
SC10:40 Atkinson Lew 1945 Miami  
SC4:190 Atkinson Lydia Ann 1918    
SC10:2 Atkinson William Alfred 1944 Miami  
SC3:91 Aumin Mary 1901    
SC17:485 Austin Alta 1973 Spring Valley, OH  
SC4:118 Austin Rachel 1914    
SC23:139 Avendano Michael Jerome 1991 Miami  



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