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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC2:38 Babb Baby 1896    
SC6:201 Babb Mary Alice 1926 Port William  
SC33:165 Baca Edward J. 2004 Manasota Memorial Park  
SC22:117 Back Hattie 1990 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC34:141 Bacon George M. 2005 Miami US Army
SC8:139 Badgley Donald Lee 1934 Spring Valley, OH  
SC8:188 Badgley James Arnold 1935 Spring Valley, OH  
SC7:92 Badgley Lilly S. 1929 Spring Valley  
SC6:237 Badgley Nancy Jane 1926 Spring Valley, OH  
SC12:130 Bailey Amy M. 1951 Centerville  
SC22:267 Bailey Bonnie Mae 1989 Miami  
SC21:273 Bailey David Wayne 1986 Miami  
SC25:131 Bailey Edna Chloe 1995 Miami  
SC4:70 Bailey Elizabeth 1912    
SC8:76 Bailey Elizabeth B. 1933 Miami  
SC13:259 Bailey Ethel Idola 1958 Byron  
SC35:161 Bailey Helen F. 2006 Centerville  
SC12:149 Bailey Huber Carl 1951 Centerville  
SC12:68 Bailey infant of Raymond & Chloe 1949 Miami  
SC11:9 Bailey Infant of Stanley & Amy 1935 Centerville, OH  
SC17:227 Bailey James Edward 1971 Miami US Marine Corps, Korea
SC3:153 Bailey Laura Sherwood 1905    
SC3:192 Bailey Mary 1907    
SC26:3 Bailey Max O. 1998 Miami US Army
SC35:49 Bailey Orville L. 2006 Washington Township  
SC20:265 Bailey Raymond O. 1983 Miami  
SC24:181 Bailey Tyler Lee 1994 Miami  
SC6:177 Baily Emmor S. 1925 Miami  
SC22:323 Baird Donald Theodore 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC28:67 Baird George N. 1999 Burch Alford Cemetery KY  
SC23:65 Baird Irene Minnie 1991 Lebanon  
SC3:139 Baird Margaretta 1904    
SC14:102 Baird Merton 1961 Lebanon  
SC18:339 Baird Naomi L. 1977 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:48 Baird William 1899    
SC25:229 Baker Alma Irene 1996 Miami  
SC11:161 Baker Anna 1941 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC21:123 Baker Cecilia 1985    
SC25:353 Baker Delcie Marie 1996 Bear Creek  
SC4:34 Baker Dora Dean 1911    
SC35:167 Baker Harold R. 2006 Pleasant Hill US Army
SC14:56 Baker Ina Florence 1960 Miami  
SC6:194 Baker Infant 1925 Bellbrook  
SC22:91 Baker James Lee 1990 Miami US Navy, World War II
SC24:159 Baker James Robert 1994 Miami  
SC30:37 Baker Levi David 2001 Miami US Marine Corps
SC22:343 Baker Norma Garnet 1988 Miami  
SC19:97 Baker Ottis H. 1978 Glen Haven  
SC13:121 Baker Owen Luther 1956 Miami  
SC12:23 Baker Robert Franklin 1948 Miami  
SC9:273 Baker Thomas Jr. 1943 Baptist church near Bellbrook  
SC11:23 Baker Walter J. 1935 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC18:407 Baldwin James R. 1977 Miami US Army, Korea
SC4:165 Baldwin Mary J. 1916    
SC29:121 Bales Gladys M. 2000 Sherwood Memorial Gardens, TN  
SC19:65 Ball Claude R. 1978 Miami US Army, World War II
SC19:473 Ball Evelyn Irene 1981 Miami  
SC15:298 Ball Helen M. 1969 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC12:164 Ball Jenna Bee M. 1951 Memorial Park  
SC18:157 Ball Samuel M. 1975 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC33:45 Ball Ted R. 2004 Miami  
SC19:213 Ballentine Bess 1979 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC23:89 Ballew Imogene 1991 Miami  
SC25:223 Ballin Avelina C. 1996 Miami  
SC22:163 Ballin Jose 1989 Miami US Army
SC3:146 Ballinger Enoch 1904    
SC6:219 Ballinger Magdaline 1926    
SC1:28 Banes Mrs. 1894    
SC14:237 Banks Bonnie Sue 1963 Miami  
SC15:104 Banks J. Mark 1966 Miami  
SC7:6 Banks Rosa 1928 Miami  
SC8:125 Banta Emily Jane 1934 Springboro  
SC13:197 Banta May 1957 Miami  
SC12:11 Banta Peter D. 1948 Miami  
SC17:151 Bantham Gay Nell 1970 Harmon  
SC3:241 Barban J.W. 1910    
SC13:173 Barbee Charles Whitley 1957 Miami  
SC8:85 Barbee Minnie Ree 1933 Miami  
SC25:255 Barber Charles Russell 1996 Miami US Army, World War II
SC15:38 Barber Clara E. 1965 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC22:305 Barber Etta 1988 Miami  
SC17:417 Barber Jerry H. 1973 Miami US Army, World War I
SC3:121 Bargdall John 1903    
SC35:53 Barger Daisy M. 2006 Miami  
SC34:109 Barger Martha 2005 Greenlawn Memory Gardens  
SC19:115 Barger Pleasie 1978 Greenlawn, Coalton, Oh.  
SC12:115 Barger Thomas T. 1950   Veteran, World War I
SC27:47 Barger Thomas 1998 Miami US Navy
SC35:131 Bargo Otis 2006 Miami  
SC19:335 Barker Rena Mary 1980 Ottawa Hills, Toledo, OH  
SC33:63 Barlow Elva A. 2004 David's  
SC22:225 Barlow George H. 1989 David  
SC3:151 Barnard Clarence 1905    
SC21:221 Barnard John Elliott 1986 Spring Valley, OH  
SC7:187 Barnes Henry Howard 1930 Warren Cemetery  
SC11:41 Barnes James Alexander 1936 Miamisburg  
SC4:68 Barnes Lemuel 1912    
SC12:66 Barnett Anderson N. 1949 Fairview  
SC9:123 Barnett Caroline 1939 Xenia, OH  
SC27:67 Barnett Clarence O. 1998    
SC9:231 Barnett Emma E. 1942 Miami  
SC10:170 Barnett Infant of Joseph & Mary 1949 Centerville, OH  
SC10:113 Barnett Infant of Lawrence & Francis 1947 Xenia, OH  
SC7:143 Barnett infant of Samuel & Hazel 1930 Centerville  
SC15:156 Barnett Jesse 1967 Fairview  
SC27:193 Barnett Lura Helen 1998 Lee Memorial Gardens  
SC15:66 Barnett Nancy Minnie 1965 Fairview  
SC8:118 Barnett Ohmer Joshua 1933 Xenia, OH  
SC14:197 Barnett Orben 1963 Fairview  
SC3:81 Barnhart Annie 1901    
SC18:325 Barnhart Catherine W. 1976 IOOF, Amelia, OH  
SC10:98 Barnhart Ephraim V. 1946 Miami  
SC11:43 Barnhart Ethel Mary 1936 Miami  
SC15:62 Barnhart Irene 1965 Miami  
SC10:51 Barnhart Lida 1945 Miami  
SC7:69 Barnhart Lou Marie 1929 Miami  
SC17:7 Barnhart Orville Harrison 1970 Miami  
SC26:111 Barr Ella E. 1997 Miami  
SC24:73 Barrett Addie 1993 Miami  
SC21:237 Barrett Arthur 1986 Miami  
SC15:168 Barrett Crystal Ann 1967 Fairview  
SC15:263 Barrett Hester Ella 1967 Memorial Park  
SC24:187 Barrett Theodore Francis 1994 Miami  
SC17:477 Barrett Thurman 1973 Miami US Army, World War I
SC31:125 Barrett Virgil 2002 Miami US Army
SC30:101 Bartels Albert Henry 2001 Dayton National Cemetery US Navy
SC35:21 Barth Flora E. 2006    
SC12:224 Bartlett infant of Charles & Reba 1952 Miami  
SC20:127 Barton Arnold Lacy 1982 Bellbrook  
SC15:45 Barton Dallas Alfred 1965 Lebanon  
SC14:180 Barton Florence Minnie 1962 Bellbrook  
SC33:81 Barton Helen J. 2004 Bellbrook  
SC35:89 Barton Rocky 2006 Lebanon  
SC35:135 Bartram Philip H. 2006 Miami US Marine Corps
SC12:237 Bateman Rebecca Ellen 1953 Lynchburg  
SC13:120 Bates Victoria Elizabeth 1956 Miami  
SC33:101 Bauer Donna E. 2004 Miami  
SC10:221 Bauer Dorothy K. 1951    
SC23:3 Bauer Evelyn Arlene 1991 Miami  
SC25:139 Bauer Harold Edmond 1995 Miami US Army, World War II
SC22:23 Bauer Robert Michael 1990 Miami  
SC10:155 Bauer Rosa E. 1948 Guardian  
SC3:75 Baufman Infant of Chas 1900    
SC30:39 Baughman Alma Jean 2001 Clarksville  
SC22:241 Baughn Opal Delilah 1989 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC23:109 Baughn Pearl W. 1991 Milledgeville,  Plymouth Cemetery  
SC14:241 Bax William 1963 Spring Grove  
SC21:83 Bayes Ochel James 1985   US Navy, Korea
SC4:136 Bayhan Isabella 1915    
SC4:99 Baynes Jesse V. 1913    
SC6:171 Beach Ella 1925 Miami  
SC11:8 Beach Emma 1934    
SC10:133 Beach John 1948 Miami  
SC20:407 Beal Milo M. 1984 Miami  
SC27:201 Beal Opal Louise 1998 Miami  
SC23:13 Beamon Infant Brittany Danielle 1991 Miami  
SC12:56 Bean John W. 1949 Springboro  
SC3:55 Bean Samuel 1899    
SC12:194 Beason Ethel 1952 Miami  
SC18:421 Beason Florence E. 1977 Miami  
SC15:239 Beason Harold David 1968 Miami  
SC14:213 Beason Robert Eugene 1963 Miami  
SC17:411 Beaty Infant Girl 1972 Miami  
SC15:172 Beaty Randall T. 1967 Miami  
SC3:38 Beck Rachel 1898    
SC6:213 Beckett Edna 1926 Miami  
SC13:264 Beckett Ethel 1958 Miami  
SC12:265 Beckett Lon 1953 Miami  
SC4:176 Beckett Lucy Neal 1917    
SC34:163 Beckett Marguerite 2005 Lebanon  
SC4:187 Beckett William 1917    
SC4:120 Beckett William L. 1914    
SC15:304 Beegle infant of Claude & Diana 1969 Bellbrook  
SC34:143 Beeton Claire M. 2005    
SC36:135 Begley Archie 2007 Miami US Army
SC11:95 Belcher Dolores Ann 1939 Centerville, OH  
SC12:95 Belcher Henry Ruth 1950 Lebanon  
SC19:5 Belcher Mary Belle 1978 Russell Memorial  
SC12:127 Bell Ada May 1951 Clarksville  
SC12:15 Bell John 1948 Clarksville  
SC29:173 Bell Stella Mae 2000 Miami  
SC4:161 Bell Susan E. 1916    
SC33:151 Bellman Herman E. Sr. 2004 Middle Run Baptist Church US Army
SC34:161 Bellman Mary J. 2005 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC12:287 Beltz Emmett 1954 Miami  
SC8:61 Beltz Lytle K. 1932 Miami  
SC10:66 Beltz Nancy 1945 Miami  
SC13:32 Beltz Ruth 1954 Miami  
SC13:238 Benbow Ethel Marie 1958 Shiloh, Dayton, OH  
SC12:286 Benbow Orville E. 1954 Shiloh  
SC11:102 Benbow Thomas L. 1939 Shiloh Cemetery  
SC6:102 Benham James 1923 Miami  
SC4:76 Benham Joseph P. 1913    
SC13:43 Benham Lilla 1955 Miami  
SC9:263 Benham Wesley J. 1943 Miami  
SC9:69 Bennett Charles Mason 1938 Miami  
SC24:161 Bennett Dawn Kelly 1994 Miami  
SC9:99 Bennett Edgar L. 1939 Miami  
SC21:43 Bennett Hazel W. 1985 Woodhill  
SC2:38 Bennett John 1896    
SC6:89 Bennett Rasmus 1923 Miami  
SC24:121 Bennett Russell Jr. 1993 Miami US Army
SC4:39 Bennett Wayatt 1911    
SC6:186 Bennington Carey 1925 Miami  
SC11:111 Benson Harvey 1939 Spring Valley, OH  
SC3:212 Benson Henry 1908    
SC10:165 Bentley Elias Russell 1949 Miami  
SC15:149 Bentley Goldie 1967 Miami  
SC6:23 Bently Clarence 1921 Miami  
SC19:309 Benton Brian James 1980 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC34:27 Benton Dorsey 2005 Miami  
SC14:145 Bergan Addie 1962 Miami  
SC14:37 Bergan James 1960 Miami  
SC10:15 Bergan Julia 1944 Miami  
SC13:205 Bergdall Leora 1958 Miami  
SC13:195 Bergdall William C. 1957 Miami  
SC36:109 Berges Jon F. 2007 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC13:62 Bernard Buford Smith 1955 Miami  
SC28:87 Bernard Charles Walter "Bill" 1999 Miami US Navy
SC18:401 Bernard Elvyn L. 1977 Miami US Navy
SC30:103 Bernard Evelyn Marie 2001 Miami  
SC18:79 Bernard Goldie K. 1974 Miami  
SC21:63 Bernard Harriet 1985 Miami  
SC4:145 Bernard Mary E. 1916    
SC18:355 Bernard Robert L. 1977 Miami US Army, World War II
SC29:101 Bernard Wallace M. 2000 Miami US Army Airforce
SC18:185 Bernard William B. 1975 Miami  
SC3:138 Berry Charles 1904    
SC14:65 Berry Clideth J. 1960 Miami Veteran, World War II
SC23:107 Berry Delmar L. 1991 Miami US Marine Corps, Korea
SC15:210 Berry Dennis Jay 1967 Miami  
SC3:119 Berry George 1903    
SC4:82 Berryhill Douglas 1913    
SC4:96 Berryhill Douglas 1913    
SC8:105 Berryhill Emily 1933 Bellbrook, OH  
SC4:90 Berryhill Ethel M. 1913    
SC10:186 Berryhill Flora 1949 Miami  
SC4:59 Berryhill Mathew T. 1912    
SC6:216 Berryhill Robert Herman 1926 Bellbrook  
SC4:84 Berryhill Sarah Ann 1913    
SC6:81 Berryhill Thomas C. 1923 Bellbrook  
SC13:191 Betther Rosella M. 1957 Woodland  
SC21:5 Bettker Archie J. 1985 Woodland  
SC18:241 Bevan Ethel D. 1976 Sugar Grove  
SC19:19 Bevan Jonathan V. 1978 Sugar Grove  
SC7:118 Bevington Arthur Jr. 1929 Mt. Zion  
SC7:76 Bevington Marion Jack 1929 Mount Zion  
SC7:75 Bevington Thomas Jene 1929 Mount Zion  
SC12:54 Biddlecum Jason 1949 Springfield  
SC6:172 Biddlecum Martha Elizabeth 1925 Springfield  
SC12:142 Biggs Audrey Jane Collins 1951 Miami  
SC13:177 Biggs Charles Ernest 1957 Miami  
SC30:59 Biggs Charles Ernest 2001 Miami US Army
SC3:57 Biggs Clarence 1899    
SC20:261 Biggs Ellen Gladys 1983 Miami  
SC12:2 Biggs Elsworth F. 1947 Miami Veteran, World War I
SC30:79 Biggs Elvora 2001 Miami  
SC20:143 Biggs Gerald Eugene 1983 Miami US Army, World War II
SC17:357 Biggs Gertrude R. 1972 Miami  
SC14:211 Biggs Gilbert 1963 Miami  
SC7:58 Biggs infant of Louisa 1929 Miami  
SC3:165 Biggs Infant Walter 1905    
SC2:34 Biggs Infant 1896    
SC25:275 Biggs John Donald "Jack" 1996 Miami US Army, World War II
SC3:98 Biggs John W. 1902    
SC7:58 Biggs Louisa 1929 Miami  
SC12:228 Biggs Maybelle 1953 Miami  
SC10:191 Biggs Myrta 1949 Miami  
SC14:138 Biggs Ralph 1962 Miami  
SC25:329 Biggs Susie J. 1996 Miami  
SC8:100 Biggs Thomas Wesley 1933 Miami  
SC10:23 Biggs Walter E. 1944 Miami  
SC8:210 Biggs William 1935 Miami  
SC20:185 Biggs Willie 1983 Miami  
SC14:75 Billett George Henry 1961 Centerville  
SC25:65 Billings Karen Noelle 1995 Miami  
SC25:11 Bingham Ernest 1995 Miami  
SC21:409 Bingham Myrtle V. 1987 Miami  
SC3:129 Binkley Infant 1903    
SC3:154 Binkley Infant of Thos. 1905    
SC3:195 Binkley Lydia 1907    
SC18:363 Bishop Anna May 1977 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC15:44 Bishop Charles Thomas 1965 Miami  
SC13:159 Bishop Debra Sue 1957 Miami  
SC6:226 Bishop Emma L. 1926 Hill Grove  
SC14:175 Bishop infant of Charles & Dee Ann 1962 Lebanon  
SC27:141 Bishop Iseral 1998 Miami US Army
SC26:55 Bishop Lucile Josephine 1997 Springboro  
SC23:91 Bishop Urban "Russell" 1991 Miami  
SC30:19 Bishop Violet Marie 2001 Miami  
SC9:188 Bishop William Calvin 1941 Miami  
SC7:107 Bispham Francis Malcolm 1929 Miami  
SC6:149 Bisphane Mary E. 1924 Miami  
SC19:395 Bixby David D. 1980   US Army
SC25:303 Black Effie May 1996 Memorial Park  
SC32:9 Black John Rex 2003 Miami  
SC29:51 Black Mavis M. 2000 Florida National Cemetery US Army
SC27:65 Black Wahneta Eva 1998 Miami  
SC23:173 Blackaby Mary E. 1992 Miami  
SC15:257 Blackburn Ronald Lee 1968 Miami  
SC17:545 Blackshaw Pauline Varner 1973 Miami  
SC35:95 Blaho Michael 2006 Glen Haven Memorial Gardens  
SC8:3 Blair Alva C. 1931 New Burlington, OH  
SC18:371 Blakely George Roger 1977 Miami  
SC18:443 Blakely Ralph L. 1977 Miami  
SC33:113 Bland L. Lucile 2004 Miami  
SC26:53 Bland Lauris Glen 1997 Miami  
SC3:158 Blanton Chester 1905    
SC32:53 Blaylock Elvie E. 2003 Miami  
SC14:109 Bledsoe Eugene 1961 Bellbrook  
SC18:261 Bledsoe Jack B. 1976 Miami US Air Force
SC24:117 Bledsoe Oren Gale 1993 Miami  
SC18:253 Bledsoe Ruth V. 1976 Bellbrook Primitive Baptist  
SC18:435 Blevins Gerald M. 1977 Miami US Army, Korea
SC15:107 Blevins Shula 1966 Miami  
SC31:163 Blythe Bobby G. 2002 Miami US Army
SC33:149 Boal Harry J. 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC10:129 Bocock Amelia 1948 Miami  
SC11:34 Bodenbender Karl Eugene 1936    
SC19:119 Boerstler Lee Ursa 1978 Miami  
SC8:8 Boerstler Loren Levi 1931 Miami  
SC9:60 Boerstler Lucile Marie 1938 Miami  
SC27:9 Boerstler Mary Louise 1998    
SC18:183 Bogan Albert O. 1975 Miami  
SC13:272 Bogan Bernice Davis 1959 Miami  
SC8:47 Bogan Bert F. 1932 Springfield Church  
SC14:268 Bogan Carl Ronald 1964 Miami  
SC14:250 Bogan Carl W. 1963 Miami Veteran, World War II
SC6:160 Bogan Caroline 1924 Miami  
SC11:157 Bogan Caroline Mae 1941 Miami  
SC14:43 Bogan Charles E. 1960 Clarksville  
SC17:469 Bogan Charles W. 1973 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC14:52 Bogan Charles Woodrow 1960 Miami  
SC13:157 Bogan Cleta E. Dakin 1957 Miami  
SC12:10 Bogan Davis S. 1948 Miami Veteran, World War II
SC6:49 Bogan Donald Lester 1922 Miami  
SC23:165 Bogan Dora Lou Sherritt 1992 Miami  
SC32:47 Bogan Eugene 2003 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC32:93 Bogan Everett W. "Pete" 2003 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC29:179 Bogan F. Audrey 2000 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC6:60 Bogan George W. 1922 Springfield  
SC6:10 Bogan Gladdis 1921 Miami  
SC6:265 Bogan Hannah O. 1927 Springfield  
SC6:84 Bogan Hazel 1923 Miami  
SC4:87 Bogan Howard H. 1913    
SC6:20 Bogan Ida 1921 Clarksville, Oh  
SC11:287 Bogan James Hamilton 1947 Miami  
SC15:294 Bogan John Edwin 1969 Sugar Grove  
SC7:202 Bogan Joseph Franklin 1931 Miami  
SC4:102 Bogan Leslie Moon 1914    
SC11:244 Bogan Lida 1945 Clarksville, OH  
SC18:209 Bogan Lula K. 1975 Miami  
SC3:252 Bogan Lulu 1910    
SC4:104 Bogan Mary E. 1914    
SC14:120 Bogan Mary G. 1961 Miami  
SC21:29 Bogan Mary Lena 1985 Clarksville  
SC32:61 Bogan Mary Ruth 2003 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC9:45 Bogan Moses Barkley 1938 Miami  
SC32:103 Bogan Richard "Rick" A. 2003 Springboro US Air Force
SC13:13 Bogan Stanford 1954 Spring Grove  
SC7:177 Bogan Susan Anna 1930 Miami  
SC8:65 Bogan Warren S. 1932 Clarksville, OH  
SC12:107 Bogan Weldon C. 1950 Miami  
SC21:433 Bogan Willard Wilson 1987 Miami US Coast Artillery Corp
SC15:180 Bogan William E. 1967 Miami  
SC7:199 Boger Charles M. 1931 Springboro  
SC4:159 Boger JohnW. 1916    
SC21:353 Boggs Ali Elizabeth 1987 Miami  
SC30:55 Boggs Barbara Jean 2001 Miami  
SC33:71 Boggs Bessie 2004 Rest Haven  
SC19:479 Boggs Beverly Jean 1981 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC29:9 Boggs Bobby Wayne 2000 Miami  
SC22:105 Boggs Charles David 1990 Miami US Army, Vietnam
SC26:131 Boggs Edna Burl 1997 Miami  
SC22:249 Boggs Harvey B. 1989 Miami US Army
SC21:47 Boggs John Baynard 1985 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC24:101 Boggs Martin Orville 1993 Miami  
SC24:1 Boggs Ronny E. 1993 Miami US Army
SC32:147 Bohnsack Betty "Jo" 2003    
SC22:43 Bolender Ada Frances 1990 Miami  
SC15:42 Bolin Burl 1965 Miami  
SC8:224 Bolin John Harlan 1935    
SC33:95 Bollinger Dorothy H. 2004 Clarksville  
SC21:111 Bollinger Richard Alvin 1985 Clarksville US Army, World War II
SC35:13 Bolser Felma Pauline 2006 Miami  
SC22:7 Bolser Nina Margaret 1990    
SC18:247 Bolton Burl B. 1976 Dayton National Cemetery US Army
SC9:117 Bolton Louisa Anne 1939 Memorial Park  
SC30:67 Bonardi Gregory Alan 2001 Miami  
SC2:58 Bone Adrian 1897    
SC21:249 Bonham Doyle Lee 1986 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Navy
SC26:65 Bonneau Madeleine Angele 1997    
SC2:40 Bonneville Clara 1896    
SC6:167 Bonneville W.S. 1925 Miami  
SC34:57 Boone Garland 2005 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC30:5 Boone Lillian 2001 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC20:343 Booth Alene 1984 Rest Haven, Stanton, KY  
SC17:5 Borden Glenn Dale 1970 Springboro  
SC19:221 Borden Goldie M. 1979 Springboro  
SC21:119 Bors Brandon David 1985 Calvary  
SC20:365 Bost John Paul 1984 Bethany  
SC15:225 Bost Robert Wayne 1968 Bethany  
SC18:313 Bost Stephanie Michelle 1976 Lebanon  
SC23:137 Bost Virgil N. 1991 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC35:87 Botts Aileen Stewart 2006 Miami  
SC4:44 Botts Elsie 1911    
SC4:113 Botts Lillian V. 1914    
SC10:164 Botts Pearl M. 1949 Miami  
SC9:112 Bourne Chester Everett 1939 Miami  
SC18:343 Bourne Jerry Lee 1977 Miami  
SC7:54 Bowen Mary 1929 Miami  
SC21:149 Bowers Bertha V. 1986 Bellbrook  
SC6:254 Bowker Emma Keever 1927 Lebanon  
SC2:56 Bowker George (Mrs.) 1897    
SC8:176 Bowker William T. 1935 Lebanon  
SC30:85 Bowles Jennifer A. 2001 Miami  
SC27:199 Bowling Leslie Clay 1998 Miami US Army
SC34:25 Bowman Everett 2005 Miami  
SC3:234 Bowman Howard S. 1909    
SC19:265 Bowman Mattie 1980 Miami  
SC17:289 Bowman Owen 1972 Miami US Army, Spanish American
SC3:38 Bozarth   1898    
SC2:44 Bozarth Eliza 1896    
SC10:34 Brace Clifford H. 1944 Miami  
SC17:517 Brackin Rachel S. 1973 Colerain Friends  
SC7:166 Brackney A. Doane 1930    
SC34:51 Brackney Charlotte C. 2005 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC6:250 Brackney