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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC13:150 Fairchild Amos 1956 Miami  
SC13:167 Fairchild Dave B. 1957 Miami  
SC13:117 Fairchild Florence 1956 Miami  
SC20:79 Fairchild Glenna E. 1982 Miami  
SC22:143 Fairchild Herbert 1989 Miami  
SC17:23 Fairchild infant of Glenn & Ida 1970 Miami  
SC15:248 Fairchild Susan M. 1968 Miami  
SC15:269 Fairchilds Fred K. 1968 Miami  
SC3:195 Fairfax Richard 1907    
SC35:105 Falkenstine Lucille 2006 Sunset Memorial Park  
SC4:176 Fallis Martha 1917    
SC21:77 Fannon Virginia P. 1985 Miami  
SC18:351 Farley J. Stanley 1977 Miami  
SC18:93 Farley James S. III 1974 Miami  
SC18:303 Farley Michelle Lee 1976 Miami  
SC24:165 Farley Ocie Mae 1994 Miami  
SC26:9 Farney Velma L. 1997 Memorial Park  
SC35:79 Farquer Geraldine 2006 Miami  
SC27:53 Farquer Raymond 1998 Miami  
SC11:205 Farquer Trillena 1943 Miami  
SC3:193 Farr A.L. 1907    
SC6:244 Farr Elizabeth 1926 Springboro  
SC12:27 Farr Frank Albert 1948 Miami  
SC12:13 Farr Mabel 1948 Miami  
SC4:25 Farr Mary M. Taft 1910    
SC3:178 Farr Thomas G. (Mrs.) 1906    
SC7:146 Farr Thomas Gibson 1930 Springboro  
SC8:252 F'arris Grauville M. 1936 Miami  
SC8:6 Farris Serena E. 1931 Miami  
SC9:80 Fauber Clara Asenith 1938 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC8:223 Faul Henry Leonard 1935 Shannonch, near Maysville, KY  
SC30:217 Faul Leonard 2001 Miami US Army
SC31:95 Faul Virgil Lee 2002 Lebanon US Navy
SC3:73 Faulkenburg George 1900    
SC6:289 Faulkinburg John Odell 1928 Miami  
SC19:23 Faulkner Nora 1978 Robinson  
SC26:145 Fausett Chester Wilbur 1997 Springboro  
SC14:206 Fealy Berda Ellen 1963 Miami  
SC14:118 Fealy Faye Kelly 1961 Miami  
SC14:32 Fealy Glenn W. 1960 Miami  
SC7:94 Fealy John W. 1929 Miami  
SC17:131 Fealy Lawrence O. 1970 Miami US Army, World War II
SC19:137 Fealy Viola M. 1979 Miami  
SC27:181 Fearing Jack 1998 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Air Force
SC20:149 Fearing Jeffrey Lee 1983 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Marine Corps, Vietnam
SC19:207 Fenlon Martha Maureen 1979 Miami  
SC15:37 Ferdig Frank P. 1965 Miami  
SC34:125 Fergus David Alexander Sr. 2005    
SC22:161 Ferguson Fern Elois 1989 Greenwood  
SC22:33 Ferguson Forester 1990 Miami  
SC6:299 Ferguson Margaret Elizabeth 1928 Bellbrook  
SC17:389 Ferris Anna M. 1972 Clarksville  
SC15:120 Ferris Sherman D. 1966 Clarksville  
SC7:11 Fetter David P. 1928 Miami  
SC8:221 Fetters Maud 1935 Miami  
SC23:287 Fiarchild Ida Bruce "Boots" 1992 Miami  
SC31:151 Fields Edwin 2002 Miami  
SC30:221 Fields Scott E. 2001 Miami  
SC31:85 Filer Bertha Daniels 2002 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC13:140 Filer Carrie 1956 Cynthiana, KY  
SC32:141 Filer Esther G. 2003 Miami  
SC24:163 Fillmore Betty Lou 1994 Miami  
SC17:205 Fillmore Mary C. 1971 Miami  
SC25:151 Fillmore Michael Lee 1995 Miami  
SC17:85 Fillmore Michala R. 1970 Miami  
SC31:101 Fillmore Robert Walter 2002 Miami  
SC8:244 Finch Mary Jane 1936 Miami  
SC9:214 Fires Elvan Richard 1941 Miami  
SC22:297 Fires Flossie M. 1988 Miami  
SC15:85 Fires Louis 1966 Miami  
SC12:275 Fires Rose 1953 Miami  
SC9:31 Firman Robert Eugene 1937 Miami  
SC8:7 Firman Ruth 1931 Miami  
SC12:284 Fischer Nellie Edna 1953 Springfield Friends  
SC18:295 Fisher Ernest Ray 1976 Centerville  
SC25:333 Fisher Fredericka Christina 1996 Lebanon  
SC3:70 Fisher John 1900    
SC23:269 Fisher Kimberly Ann 1992 Miami  
SC14:254 Fitch John William 1963 Miami  
SC19:99 Fite Jane Ellen 1978 Miami  
SC18:415 Fite Louise N. 1977 Miami  
SC4:58 Flecher George Lewis 1912    
SC18:89 Fleenor Mary Marie 1974 Miami  
SC35:7 Fleenor Thomas Lee 2006 Miami  
SC28:75 Flesher Harry 1999    
SC36:7 Fleshman Eula V. (Williams) 2007 Valley View Memorial Gardens  
SC19:317 Fleshman Willaim R. 1980 Valley View Xenia, Oh. US Army
SC4:98 Fletcher Chester M. 1913    
SC6:193 Fletcher Laura A. 1925 South Charleston  
SC18:99 Fletcher Mary M. 1974 Deans  
SC4:57 Fletcher Wayne 1912    
SC11:194 Flora Gilby Wood 1943    
SC13:34 Florence Howard 1954 Miami  
SC25:183 Florence Howard Thomas 1996 Miami US Army Air Corp
SC10:134 Florence Sadie Frances 1948 Miami  
SC30:169 Flowers Shirlely Jean 2001 Rose Hill  
SC17:493 Foley Clement R. 1973 Silver Creek  
SC28:115 Foley Edmond G. 1999 Miami  
SC22:185 Foley Florence Lucille 1989 Miami  
SC4:158 Foley Margaret 1916    
SC6:244 Foley Mary Eleanor 1926 Miami  
SC7:129 Foley Mary M. 1930 Miami  
SC17:353 Foley Patrick Ray 1972 Miami  
SC11:151 Folk Agnes Lillian 1941 Springboro  
SC11:128 Folk John Henry 1940 Springboro  
SC14:55 Fordyce Harry Rae 1960 Miami  
SC9:61 Fordyce Naomie Stanford 1938 Miami  
SC9:282 Foreman Bertha Morris 1943 Bellbrooke Cemetery  
SC13:160 Forst Alonzo 1957 Miami  
SC36:1 Forsythe Charles W. 2007 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC26:52 Forsythe Gaynell 1997 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC7:5 Fort infant of Earl & Zora 1928 Miami  
SC3:201 Foster Charles 1907    
SC23:135 Foster Clifford G. 1991 Northfield Crematory  
SC26:5 Foster David C. 1997 Bell  
SC8:178 Foster Jennie 1935 Miami  
SC9:199 Foster Joshua S. 1941 Miami  
SC2:54 Foster Leona Irene 1897    
SC6:228 Foster Sarah Ann 1926 Miami  
SC21:425 Foster Virginia Lucille 1987 Mt. Zion Park, Beavercreek, OH  
SC21:223 Fouch Bessie 1986 Miami  
SC9:97 Foulke Isaac Henry 1939 Miami  
SC3:101 Foulks Alva 1902    
SC8:33 Foulks Emma E. 1932 Miami  
SC15:34 Foulks Ernest 1965 Miami  
SC8:149 Foulks Flora Jane 1934 Miami  
SC13:296 Foulks Horace C. 1959 Miami  
SC9:264 Foulks Infant of Donald & Eleanor 1943 Miami  
SC4:52 Foulks Obidiah 1911    
SC4:71 Foulks Samuel F. 1912    
SC15:233 Foulks William W. 1968 Miami  
SC36:157 Fowler Herbert L. 2007 New Burlington, OH US Army
SC11:248 Fox Alpha 1945 Jackson Co, KY  
SC17:235 Fox Anis 1971 Miami  
SC11:260 Fox Bertha E. 1946 Foxtown, KY  
SC16:8 Fox Brian Edgar 1969 Miami  
SC25:349 Fox Catherine Alice 1996 Miami  
SC28:137 Fox Earl Woodrow 1999 Miami US Navy
SC13:48 Fox Frank M. 1955 Springboro  
SC14:64 Fox George Washington 1960 Miami  
SC12:116 Fox Grace F. 1950 Springboro  
SC31:79 Fox Hazel Estelle 2002 Miami  
SC12:81 Fox Jessie Virginia 1949 Bellbrook  
SC17:409 Fox Larry M. 1972 Miami  
SC18:337 Fox Leroy 1977 Brown  
SC21:207 Fox Lillian Irene 1986 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC24:285 Fox Morris 1994 Miami  
SC17:307 Fox Ralph H. 1972 Miami  
SC12:248 Fox Raymond 1953 Miami  
SC22:63 Fox Richard Ray 1990 Miami  
SC20:419 Fox Roy Edward 1984 Miami  
SC24:215 Fox Virginia Lee 1994 Rose Hill  
SC18:223 Fox Wanda F. 1976 Miami  
SC6:14 Frame Mary Furnas 1921 Miami  
SC27:137 Francisco Morris Craig 1998 Miami Veteran, Korea
SC22:345 Franer Elizabeth S. 1988 Mound  
SC10:194 Franer Karen Sue 1949 Miami  
SC4:144 Frank C. R. (Mrs.) 1915    
SC3:37 Frank Infant Arch 1898    
SC17:247 Franklin Walter C. 1971 Perkins Township  
SC29:21 Fraser William J. 2000    
SC23:63 Frasure Beulah M. 1991 Miami  
SC24:85 Frasure Walter Scott 1993 Miami  
SC6:117 Frazee Eva R. 1924 Miami  
SC9:245 Frazee Glenn 1942 Miami  
SC6:232 Frazer Anna 1926 Miami  
SC9:150 Frazer Emerson S. 1940 Miami  
SC8:186 Frazer Manley Alfred 1935    
SC12:207 Frazer Ralph L. 1952 Miami  
SC8:245 Frazer William Wallace 1936 Miami  
SC12:165 Frazier Edith Frances 1951 Miami  
SC3:122 Frazier Herbert 1903    
SC14:198 Frazier James E. 1963 Miami  
SC4:142 Frazier Marion Emerson 1915    
SC12:17 Freeland Aaron 1948 Miami  
SC13:208 Freeland Anna 1958 Miami  
SC17:297 Freeland Charles Dean 1972 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC10:163 Freeland Clarence R. 1949 Miami  
SC36:161 Freeland Eleanor L. 2007 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC21:427 Freeland Elvena Marie 1987 Miami  
SC9:122 Freeland Lydia 1939 Miami  
SC8:174 Freeland Robert 1934 Miami  
SC9:29 Freeman Rose Belle 1937 Miami  
SC15:181 Freeze Celesta 1967 Lebanon  
SC9:224 Freeze Florida Ollivine 1942 Lebanon  
SC8:111 Freeze Mabel 1933 Lebanon  
SC8:116 Freeze Martin Van Buren 1933 Lebanon  
SC18:409 Freeze Nannie B. 1977 Miami  
SC17:323 Freeze Ray L. 1972 Miami  
SC15:86 Freeze Rose Mae 1966 Springfield Friends  
SC29:89 Freshour John Andrew 2000 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC24:135 Freshour Sylvia M. 1993 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC33:77 Frey Harry W. 2004 Miami US Army
SC31:119 Frey Martha Jean 2002 Miami  
SC17:351 Fricke Dorothy M. 1972 Miami  
SC27:165 Fricke Wilbur Henry 1998 Miami US Army, World War II
SC18:133 Friend C. Robert 1975 Miami  
SC6:262 Friend Edith Lucile 1927 Miami  
SC14:265 Friend Effie 1964 Oxford  
SC36:99 Friend Irvin R. 2007 Miami US Air Force
SC4:123 Friend John H. 1914    
SC20:389 Friermood Lorena 1984 Lebanon  
SC26:107 Friermood Robert LeRoy 1997 Centerville  
SC17:65 Friermood Roy E. 1970 Lebanon  
SC7:224 Friermood Walter H. 1931 Lebanon  
SC28:5 Fritts Harvey Lee 1999 Miami US Navy
SC21:69 Fritts Tempie E. 1985 Miami  
SC21:215 Frodge Daniel S. 1986 Rugby, Tennessee  
SC25:157 Frohardt Muriel Elizabeth 1995 Valhalla, St. Louis  
SC14:276 Fromm John 1964 Miami  
SC8:257 Fromm Kenneth Hawke 1936 Miami  
SC13:158 Fromm Minnie B. 1957 Miami  
SC6:264 Frost Earl Jr. 1927 Springfield  
SC15:69 Frost Florence A. 1965 Miami  
SC14:157 Frost George Frank 1962 Springfield Church  
SC12:219 Frost George Maynard 1952 Miami  
SC26:105 Frost James Robert 1997 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC15:79 Frost Minnie 1966 Springfield Friends  
SC7:38 Frost Seth 1928 Springfield Church  
SC26:35 Frye Beatrice Linda 1997 Miami  
SC36:201 Frye Betty E. 2007 Miami  
SC18:285 Frye Carl B. 1976 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC11:208 Frye Charles 1944 Miami  
SC10:112 Frye Charles W. 1947 Miami  
SC21:405 Frye Clarence N. 1987 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC19:275 Frye Dorothy May 1980    
SC6:209 Frye Elizabeth 1926 Miami  
SC9:11 Frye Everett Joseph 1937 Miami  
SC36:41 Frye Gilbert S. 2007 Miami  
SC21:99 Frye Glatice C. 1985 Miami  
SC22:383 Frye Glenna C. 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC6:246 Frye Hazel Rena 1927 Miami  
SC15:12 Frye Irma R. 1965 Miami  
SC34:107 Frye Jonathan D. 2005 Miami  
SC4:89 Frye Lulu M. 1913    
SC3:240 Frye Stella 1910    
SC8:73 Fuerst Bernhard 1932 Beaver Cemetery near Alpha  
SC23:163 Fueston Ronald A. 1992 Miami  
SC11:210 Fugate Barbara Jean 1944 Miami  
SC12:216 Fugate Barry 1952 Miami  
SC12:67 Fugate Barry 1949 Miami  
SC33:85 Fugett Myrtle E. 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC17:433 Fulkerson Kathryn L. 1973 Spring Valley, OH  
SC15:236 Fulkerson Morris Amos 1968 Spring Valley, OH  
SC3:46 Fulkerson Susan 1899    
SC11:45 Fulkerson Suzanne 1936 Spring Valley, OH  
SC2:38 Fulkison Amos 1896    
SC14:300 Fullerton Arthur Herbert 1964 Morrow  
SC26:91 Fullerton Doles E. 1997 Morrow  
SC24:281 Fultz Herman Clinton 1994 Miami  
SC6:120 Funkey John A. 1924 Miami  
SC19:37 Furnas Ada 1978 Miami  
SC18:233 Furnas Atha B. 1976 Miami  
SC19:159 Furnas David 1979 Miami  
SC12:283 Furnas Davis 1953 Miami  
SC7:208 Furnas Edwin S. 1931 Miami  
SC19:157 Furnas Eli Kirk 1979 Miami  
SC22:281 Furnas Esther M. 1988 Miami  
SC15:246 Furnas Grace 1968 Miami  
SC8:155 Furnas Harriett Emma 1934 Miami  
SC9:139 Furnas Infant of Laurence & Otha 1940 Miami  
SC4:196 Furnas infant of Lawrence & Reba 1918    
SC3:148 Furnas John D. 1904    
SC28:19 Furnas John W. Jr. 1999 Miami US Army
SC17:1 Furnas Laurence 1970 Miami  
SC7:159 Furnas Margaret Rebecca 1930 Miami  
SC29:135 Furnas Mildred S. 2000 Miami  
SC14:50 Furnas Robert 1960 Miami  
SC3:92 Furnas Robert F. (Dr.) 1901    
SC10:6 Furnas Robert Hurley 1944 Miami  
SC22:333 Furnas Roscoe Conklin 1988 Miami  
SC17:115 Furnas Sara H. 1970 Miami  
SC18:9 Furnas Seth E. Sr. 1974 Miami  
SC30:133 Furnas Willard R. 2001 Miami US Army
SC15:99 Furnis Velna 1966 Glen Haven  
SC17:273 Furniss Frank P. 1971 Glen Haven  
SC17:431 Fuson Rachel 1973 Fuson, Jellico, TN.  

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