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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC21:421 Gaffin Joseph Oscar 1987 Cedar Fork US Army
SC24:123 Gaffin Marlin L. "Bob" 1993 Cedar Fork US Army, World War II
SC28:13 Gaffin Mary Louise 1999 Cedar Fork  
SC19:327 Gambrel Troie 1980 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:115 Gard Gracie 1903    
SC6:95 Gard John H. 1923 Miami  
SC6:108 Gard Mary J. 1923 Miami  
SC4:150 Gard Samuel C. 1916    
SC4:137 Gard William H. 1915    
SC19:445 Gardiner Emmett F. 1981 Miami  
SC14:245 Gardiner Laura May 1963 Miami  
SC15:102 Gardner Clayton Samuel 1966 Miami Veteran, Spanish American
SC14:77 Garguilo Clara Voiers 1961 Clarksville  
SC6:104 Garner Amanda 1923 Miami  
SC24:93 Garrett James Claude 1993 Miami  
SC31:65 Garrett Lee Roy 2002 Miami US Army
SC3:170 Garrison Mary 1905    
SC18:195 Garst Clyde W. 1975 Mound Hill Union Cemetery,  Eaton  
SC25:327 Garst Helen Tucker 1996 Mound Hill Union Cemetery,  Eaton  
SC20:211 Gaskey Calvin Lee 1983 Greenwood, Knoxville, TN US Navy, World War II
SC4:110 Gaskill Elizabeth 1914    
SC3:106 Gates or Smith Infant 1902    
SC14:115 Gates Darlyne D. 1961 Miami  
SC4:111 Gates infant of Thomas 1914    
SC17:269 Gates Jimmy N. 1971 Miami US Army
SC3:221 Gates Lulu 1909    
SC7:80 Gates Rosie 1929 Miami  
SC13:152 Gates Thomas James 1956 Miami  
SC36:81 Gault Elizabeth J. 2007 Arlington  
SC3:87 Gaynon Samuel 1901    
SC18:123 Gearhart Emma V. 1975 Memorial Park - Dayton  
SC14:246 Gebhart Barbara 1963 Miami  
SC22:215 Gebhart Ethel Anna Saylor 1989 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC6:143 Gebhart Lydia Ann 1924 Miami  
SC8:87 Gebhart Maylon O. 1933 Miami  
SC28:17 Gebhart Sarah E. 1999 Miami  
SC8:140 Gebhart Wilbur Elwood 1934 Miami  
SC10:120 Gebhart William Henry 1947 Miami  
SC9:187 Gebhart Winifred Jean 1941 Miami  
SC28:129 Geiger John Joseph 1999    
SC22:389 Geis Ellanora W. 1988 Calvary  
SC21:81 Geis Ferdinand Joseph 1985 Calvary  
SC25:9 Gennette Peggy Geraline 1995 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC18:207 George Andrew H. 1975 Springfield Church  
SC17:421 George Everett F. 1973 Dayton National Cemetery US Navy, World War II
SC23:145 George Freda Veronica 1991 Miami  
SC25:55 George Gabriel Lee Hockett 1995 Miami  
SC26:21 George Michael Dwayne 1997 Miami  
SC29:81 George Thelma Hill 2000 Springfield Friends  
SC19:21 George Theodore E. 1978 Miami US Army
SC3:53 Gest Jerry H. 1899    
SC6:242 Getts Bessie Pauline 1926 Belle  
SC8:265 Gibbons Annie 1936 Miami  
SC18:377 Gibbons Kathryn C. 1977 Miami  
SC3:139 Gibbs Hannah 1904    
SC2:18 Gibbs Hazel 1895    
SC3:142 Gibbs Jennie 1904    
SC3:59 Gibbs Jesse 1899    
SC15:212 Gibson Hiley W. 1968 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC22:13 Gibson John H. 1990 Miami US Army, World War II
SC21:225 Gibson Rissie Irene 1986 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC14:200 Gibson Scott Anthony 1963 Miami  
SC9:246 Gibson William Ellsworth 1942 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC14:127 Gililand George 1961 Miami  
SC3:224 Gill Chester 1909    
SC7:212 Gill Rachael Jane 1931 Miami  
SC2:14 Gillam Baby 1895    
SC3:76 Gillam Elsie C. 1900    
SC12:263 Gillam Susan 1953 Miami  
SC9:175 Gillan Truman A. 1941 Miami  
SC28:161 Gilles Charles Edward 1999 Miami US Navy
SC32:159 Gilles Phillip G. 2003    
SC15:265 Gilliam Mary Jane 1968 Bellbrook  
SC10:88 Gillian Thomas Jesse 1946    
SC19:123 Gilliland Edward G. 1978 Miami  
SC11:134 Gilliland Howard M. 1941 Miami  
SC9:268 Gilliland Ivy 1943 Miami  
SC7:4 Gilliland Salina 1928 Miami  
SC11:281 Gilman Sarah A. 1947 Germantown Cemetery  
SC14:51 Gilroy Eva Laverna 1960 Miami  
SC3:30 Gilson Richard 1898    
SC15:190 Gingerich Martha 1967 Meltonville  
SC23:187 Ginther James Edgar 1992 Miami US Navy, World War II
SC22:289 Ginther Rosaltha Mae 1988 Beech Grove  
SC25:323 Ginther Virginia Jane 1996 Miami US Navy, World War II
SC29:13 Girz Ludwig 2000 St. Mary's  
SC2:14 Githens Charles 1895    
SC9:243 Githens Charles Henry 1942 Miami  
SC19:437 Githens Charles Lester 1981 Miami  
SC9:147 Githens Emma J. 1940 Miami  
SC18:367 Githens Forrest J. 1977 Miami  
SC31:57 Githens Harold E. 2002 Miami  
SC9:171 Githens Joseph D. 1940 Miami  
SC10:110 Githens Lawrence Everett 1947 Miami  
SC3:159 Githens Mabel 1905    
SC22:107 Githens Marie Josephine 1990 Miami  
SC30:187 Githens Mary V. 2001 Miami  
SC3:212 Githens Orlandis 1908    
SC18:395 Githens Orpha N. 1977 Miami  
SC32:117 Githens Paul R. 2003 Miami US Army
SC3:96 Githens Sarah 1901    
SC15:40 Gleadall Anna 1965 Miami  
SC34:43 Glenn Donald L. 2005 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC20:45 Glenn James 1982 Miami  
SC13:99 Glenn Minerva Jane 1956 Miami  
SC17:413 Glossip Bessie M. 1972 Miami  
SC15:253 Glossip Ollie James 1968 Miami  
SC12:46 Glossip Sally 1949 Springboro  
SC12:134 Glossip Tiff 1951 Springboro  
SC36:173 Godfrey James W. Jr. 2007    
SC19:199 Goins Cora Lee 1979 Victory LaFollette, TN  
SC34:113 Golden Linda S. 2005 Miami  
SC3:247 Goldsberry William R. 1910    
SC25:331 Gomez Myrtle Louise 1996 Sabina  
SC9:182 Gons Edith Vestal 1941 Miami  
SC10:206 Gons John Burgess 1950 Miami  
SC10:178 Gons John Quincey 1949 Miami  
SC18:321 Gons Josephine O. 1976 Miami  
SC6:157 Gons Martin 1924 Miami  
SC14:46 Goode James M. 1960 Miami  
SC6:178 Goodill Elizabeth 1925 Miami  
SC7:112 Goodman Infant of Ralph 1929    
SC7:115 Goodmin Edna 1929 Springboro  
SC3:160 Goodpaster Lucy 1905    
SC4:98 Goodwin George W. 1913    
SC27:21 Gordon Amelia (Carr) 1998 Miami  
SC6:276 Gordon Charles 1927 Miami  
SC9:14 Gordon Charles Edward 1937 Miami  
SC22:151 Gordon Doris L. 1989 Miami  
SC18:239 Gordon Everett J. 1976 Miami  
SC20:215 Gordon Gail Wesley 1983 Silver Creek, Jamestown, OH US Army, World War I
SC2:56 Gordon Harrison 1897    
SC3:226 Gordon Infant 1909    
SC4:62 Gordon infant of Charles 1912    
SC6:7 Gordon Jennie 1921 Miami  
SC17:133 Gordon Lester H. 1970 Miami  
SC4:143 Gordon Lydia Ann 1915    
SC11:51 Gordon Marion C. 1936 Miami  
SC19:451 Gordon Nellie M. 1981 Miami  
SC27:173 Gordon Pauline Francis 1998 Glen Haven Memorial Gardens  
SC19:361 Gordon Rosalia E. 1980 Silver Creek, Jamestown, OH  
SC15:258 Gotter Paul Edward 1968 Union Veteran, World War II
SC27:19 Gradel Lois Kay 1998 Miami  
SC13:252 Graham Abbie A. 1958 Miami  
SC6:11 Graham Anna 1921 Miami  
SC23:205 Graham Barney F. Jr. 1992 Miami  
SC15:84 Graham Blanche 1966 Miami  
SC1:28 Graham Caroline 1894    
SC13:16 Graham Cecilia A. 1954 Miami  
SC6:237 Graham Charles O. 1926 Miami  
SC4:117 Graham Chas Everett 1914    
SC4:139 Graham Davis R. 1915    
SC3:237 Graham Earnest Edward 1909    
SC7:237 Graham Effie Leona 1931 Miami  
SC13:2 Graham Elinor D. 1954 Springboro  
SC28:99 Graham Florence M. 1999 Miami  
SC19:495 Graham Forrest H. 1981 Miami  
SC22:263 Graham Gertrude Marguerite 1989    
SC4:54 Graham Hannah 1912    
SC6:15 Graham Harriet 1921 Miami  
SC18:357 Graham Harry L. 1977 Miami US Army, World War I
SC8:162 Graham Ida May 1934 Memorial Park Cemetery  
SC13:81 Graham infant of Barney & Florence 1955 Miami  
SC8:250 Graham James Wilson 1936 Memorial Park Cemetery  
SC3:185 Graham Joseph 1906    
SC11:191 Graham Josie Whitaker 1943 Miami  
SC14:283 Graham Kesler 1964 Miami  
SC8:158 Graham Lucy 1934 Springfield Ohio Cemetery  
SC22:227 Graham Martha A. 1989 Miami  
SC3:107 Graham Mary Jane 1902    
SC7:162 Graham Mary Jane 1930 Miami  
SC4:131 Graham Muriel 1915    
SC9:5 Graham Ralph H. 1937 Lebanon  
SC27:125 Graham Richard Hughes 1998 Miami US Navy
SC4:87 Graham Susan E. 1913    
SC13:115 Graham William F. 1956 Miami  
SC8:97 Graham William Lewis 1933 Miami  
SC11:130 Graham William Samuel 1940 Miami  
SC20:221 Grandin Irene Moss 1983 Santa Barbara, CA  
SC32:39 Grant Vicki 2003 Miami  
SC26:99 Grauman Fred A. 1997 Bellbrook US Army
SC29:69 Graumen Clara 2000 Bellbrook  
SC6:283 Gray Amanda 1928 Miami  
SC3:243 Gray Anna J. M. 1910    
SC14:247 Gray Bertha C. 1963 Miami  
SC4:194 Gray Caroline 1918    
SC12:176 Gray Charles W. 1952 Miami  
SC13:24 Gray Claude A. 1954 Clarksville  
SC21:293 Gray Cleo Marie 1986 Miami  
SC3:147 Gray Em Ja 1904    
SC12:31 Gray Essie Cobb 1948 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC8:29 Gray Ethel L. 1932 Springfield Church  
SC3:242 Gray Ethel Marie 1910    
SC33:91 Gray Frances E. 2004 Miami  
SC8:77 Gray George H. 1933 Miami  
SC6:127 Gray James Edward 1924 Miami  
SC9:8 Gray James William 1937 Clarksville, OH  
SC11:257 Gray Jefferson C. 1946 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC36:137 Gray John D. 2007 Miami  
SC13:1 Gray John Thomas 1954 Clarksville  
SC18:413 Gray Leslie T. 1977 Miami  
SC21:71 Gray Marie S. 1985 Miami  
SC9:270 Gray Mary Alice Thompson 1943 Clarksville, OH  
SC11:132 Gray Mary Eliza 1940 Miami  
SC7:67 Gray Mary Ella 1929 Springboro  
SC17:553 Gray Naomi L. 1973 Miami  
SC9:37 Gray Nathan 1938 Miami  
SC10:131 Gray Nettie 1948 Miami  
SC12:252 Gray Nettie Elizabeth 1953 Clarksville  
SC13:262 Gray Orville Jackson 1958 Miami  
SC6:231 Gray Paul James 1926 Lebanon  
SC4:116 Gray Robert William 1914    
SC7:30 Gray Sarah Martha 1928 Miami  
SC11:197 Gray Virgil 1943 Miami  
SC8:280 Gray William Leonard 1936 Miami  
SC12:98 Greathouse Arthur 1950 Memorial Park  
SC12:60 Greathouse Levi H. 1949 Memorial Park  
SC27:35 Greely baby of Rod Greely & Lisa Little 1998 Miami  
SC27:167 Greely baby or Rodney Greely & Lisa Little 1998 Miami  
SC29:19 Green Blanche Heston 2000 Westminster  
SC18:65 Green Carlisle Wayne 1974 Miami US Army, World War II
SC15:80 Green Margaret C. 1966 Miami  
SC25:335 Green Mildred Grace 1996 Northfield Crematory  
SC18:109 Green Walter T. 1974 Miami  
SC19:255 Greene Donald Newton 1979 Elliott County Memory Gardens, Sandy Hook, KY  
SC36:203 Greene Hazel H. 2007 Mt. Zion Park, Beavercreek, OH  
SC14:66 Gregory Claude E. 1960 Miami  
SC25:63 Gregory Corbitt 1995 Miami US Army Air Corp, World War II
SC24:105 Gregory Ethel Jane 1993 Miami  
SC8:296 Gresham Nettie 1937 Miami  
SC25:15 Grey Florence Rhoda 1995 Lebanon  
SC3:49 Grey Infant 1899    
SC3:169 Grey Maria 1905    
SC4:186 Grey William 1917    
SC28:61 Grieshop Edmund C. 1999   US Navy
SC22:265 Griffeth Bessie Mae 1989 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC12:292 Griffin Diane Mae 1954 Miami  
SC15:82 Griffith Louis Lester 1966 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC29:169 Griffith Susan J. 2000 Miami  
SC14:73 Griffy Margaret Rhoda 1961 Spring Valley, OH  
SC3:167 Grimes James 1905    
SC7:210 Grimes Mary E. 1931 Springboro  
SC3:79 Grimes Mary Jane 1900    
SC18:459 Grismer Donald G. 1977 Memorial Park - Dayton US Army
SC35:35 Grismer Pauline J. 2006 Dayton Memorial Park  
SC33:59 Griswold Helen R. 2004 David's  
SC21:187 Gross Anderson 1986 Miami  
SC32:113 Gross Diane Faye 2003 Miami  
SC27:83 Gross Edward 1998 Miami US Army
SC29:109 Gross Helen F. 2000 Miami  
SC29:103 Gross Irene 2000 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC19:375 Gross Larry Douglas 1980 Miami US Army, Vietnam
SC23:181 Gross Wilbur Lewis 1992 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:69 Groves Lucinda 1900    
SC6:109 Grubb John Clinton 1923 Miami  
SC10:43 Gruber Ben R. 1945 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC11:90 Grushon Catherine M. 1938 Lewisburg, OH  
SC23:199 Grushon Dale Leonard 1992 Evergreen Cemetery, West Carrollton  
SC18:211 Guenther Margaret A. 1975 Woodland  
SC17:347 Guenther Orrion A. 1972 Woodland  
SC10:144 Gullady Frederick 1948 Miami  
SC3:241 Gulliday Myrtle 1910    
SC36:47 Gunlock II Wendell D. 2007    
SC17:215 Gustin Everett L. 1971 Lebanon  
SC17:121 Gustin Irena 1970 Woodland  
SC21:95 Gustin Lola Long 1985 Miami  
SC7:93 Gustin Martha May 1929 Miami  
SC4:63 Gustin Ollie 1912    
SC20:331 Gustin Paul William "Pete" 1984 Miami  
SC10:197 Gustin William O. 1950 Miami  
SC4:175 Gutherie Emma J. 1917    
SC4:93 Guthrie Pearl C. 1913    
SC10:80 Guy Dorothy Mae 1946 Miami  
SC6:146 Guy Irving S. 1924 Bellbrook  
SC12:45 Guy Samuel Edward 1949 Miami  
SC11:273 Guy Walter S. 1946 Miami  
SC11:163 Guyer Mary 1942 Harveysburg Cemetery  
SC22:319 Gwin Charles Edwin "Bo Jack" 1988 Miami US Army
SC15:67 Gwin Clarence Homer 1965 Miami  

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