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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC18:237 MacInnis Claude Earl 1976    
SC8:231 Macy Cora A. 1936 Miami  
SC4:110 Macy Ed A. 1914    
SC3:151 Macy Edward 1904    
SC3:199 Macy Elija 1907    
SC6:189 Macy John Gilpen 1925 Miami  
SC3:51 Macy Nathan 1899    
SC7:48 Macy William D. 1929 Miami  
SC12:61 Madden Anna King 1949 Miami  
SC8:207 Madden Anna M. 1935 Springfield Church  
SC13:261 Madden Athalina 1958 Union  
SC9:299 Madden Charles 1944 Miami  
SC9:159 Madden John 1940 Miami  
SC8:46 Madden William H. 1932 Union Cemetery  
SC29:5 Mahoney Marti Jean 2000 Martinsville  
SC14:152 Mainoris Jennie Lynd 1962 Miami  
SC36:197 Mainous James Donald 2007 Miami  
SC18:431 Mainous Raymond S. 1977 Miami  
SC33:173 Malcolm Anna Mae 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC20:17 Malcolm Jesse L. 1982 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC21:197 Malicote Charles 1986 Miami  
SC15:9 Malicote Juanita 1965 Miami  
SC28:105 Malone Matthew Edward 1999 Miami  
SC19:421 Maloney Charles M. Jr. 1981 Miami US Army
SC1:26 Maloney Jas 1894    
SC3:171 Maloney Mary S. 1905    
SC10:166 Manary Mary 1949 Miami  
SC34:61 Manley Roy E. 2005 Miami  
SC28:59 Mann Maude Lillian 1999 Miami  
SC19:83 Mann Raymond P. 1978 Miami  
SC11:116 Manning Harriet 1940 Centerville, OH  
SC19:357 Marconet Francis S. 1980 Rose Hill US Army
SC23:263 Marconet Walter E. 1992 Bethany Cemetery US Navy
SC3:238 Margrette Infant 1909    
SC7:117 Marguerdt Charles 1929 Short Creek Cemetery, KY  
SC29:15 Marion Freida 2000 Miami  
SC25:277 Marion John Darrell 1996 Miami  
SC6:122 Marlatt Clara 1924 Miami  
SC9:50 Marlatt Clara Arminda 1938 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC10:202 Marlatt Earl Allen 1950 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC4:175 Marlatt Eleanor M. 1917    
SC23:75 Marlatt Harold Everett 1991 Miami  
SC9:163 Marlatt Jefferson D. 1940 Miami  
SC9:261 Marlatt Jennetta 1942 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC9:51 Marlatt Joseph L. 1938 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC17:499 Marlatt Lawrence C. 1973 Miami  
SC34:17 Marlatt Margaret "Peg" R. 2005 Miami  
SC7:9 Marlatt Margaret Isabelle 1928 Middletown  
SC3:221 Marlatt Mary Eleanor 1909    
SC23:215 Marlatt Mary Lorena 1992 Miami  
SC10:63 Marlatt Minnie V. 1945 Miami  
SC17:179 Marlatt Ora B. 1971 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC8:60 Marlatt Timothy 1932 Miami  
SC7:157 Marlatt Wilbur F. 1930 Middletown Cemetery  
SC30:171 Marlor Calvin T. 2001    
SC8:281 Marquardt Charles Joseph 1936 Miami  
SC4:26 Marquette Virginia E. 1910    
SC29:99 Marriott Dolores A. 2000 Lebanon  
SC7:176 Marriott Ralph 1930 Newtown, OH  
SC22:331 Marsden Daniel Webster 1988 Miami  
SC32:49 Marsden Elmer G. 2003 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC25:111 Marsden Ricky Roy 1995 Deerfield,  South Lebanon  
SC20:317 Marsh Ashley Nichole 1984 Morrow  
SC24:221 Marsh Edna Mary 1994 Miami  
SC9:40 Marsh Frank F. 1938 Miami  
SC24:49 Marsh Glenna E. 1993 Miami  
SC22:217 Marsh Homer Lynn 1989 Miami  
SC3:97 Marsh Pheobe 1901    
SC17:419 Marsh Phyllis D. 1973 Miami  
SC8:143 Marshall Anna Argo 1934 Miami  
SC32:171 Marshall Clarence M. 2003 Dayton National Cemetery US Army
SC14:154 Marshall Darrell Wayne 1962 Miami  
SC4:59 Marshall Edward 1912    
SC3:188 Marshall Edward M. 1907    
SC6:95 Marshall Fannie 1923 Bellbrook, OH  
SC3:83 Marshall James 1901    
SC4:79 Marshall James Lindsey 1913    
SC6:18 Marshall Joseph 1921 Bellbrook  
SC4:108 Marshall Lena M. 1914    
SC10:62 Marshall LeRoy 1945 Miami  
SC13:287 Marshall Logein Charles 1959 Lebanon  
SC20:153 Marshall Mary E. 1983 Miami  
SC3:71 Marshall Ruth 1900    
SC2:60 Marshall Sarah 1897    
SC36:35 Marth Esther L. 2007    
SC13:164 Martin Addie 1957 Miami  
SC8:164 Martin Albert Elmore 1934 Miami  
SC13:214 Martin Allie Leora 1958 Miami  
SC22:37 Martin Arthur Delno 1990 Miami  
SC6:187 Martin Charlotte 1925 Clarksville  
SC10:42 Martin Edward 1945 Miami  
SC11:5 Martin Ellen Mellissa 1934 Miami  
SC11:201 Martin Estella 1943 Miami  
SC4:111 Martin Frank 1914    
SC24:249 Martin Fred Earl 1994 Miami US Navy
SC12:242 Martin Gersold D. 1953 Mentor Ky.  
SC29:45 Martin Lola Tackett 2000 Clarksville  
SC21:251 Martin Lonzo 1986 Youngs Creek US Navy, World War II
SC10:13 Martin Lusinda A. 1944 Miami  
SC25:325 Martin Mabel 1996 Miami  
SC11:105 Martin Margaret 1939 Gucker Cemetery  
SC22:259 Martin Marie Lillian 1989 Miami  
SC10:45 Martin Mary 1945 Spring Valley, OH  
SC20:277 Martin Morton 1984 Clarksville  
SC12:89 Martin Rickey Lee 1950 Mentor Ky.  
SC6:179 Martin Sarah E. 1925 Miami  
SC4:127 Martin Wm. Charles 1915    
SC3:101 Marts Harry E. 1902    
SC22:127 Marvin Betty Anne Bogan 1990 Miami  
SC13:61 Marvin Mary Jeanne 1955 Miami  
SC22:301 Mason Ann Louise (Woodson) 1988 Miami  
SC3:40 Mason John (Mrs.) 1898    
SC7:183 Mason Martha 1930 Miami  
SC8:15 Mason Melvina 1932 Miami  
SC10:71 Mason Stacy Emerson 1945 Miami  
SC19:7 Mason Winifred 1978 Miami  
SC24:69 Masters Beverly Ann 1993 Miami  
SC21:49 Masters Emerson R. 1985    
SC24:157 Masters Evelyn Florence 1994 Miami  
SC13:202 Masters Jerry Emerson 1957 Miami  
SC9:129 Mather Ethan 1939 Miami  
SC7:172 Mather Mary Anna 1930 Miami  
SC3:225 Mather Ruth B. 1909    
SC4:181 Mathers Charles 1917    
SC17:113 Mathers Emma F. 1970 Sugar Grove  
SC6:126 Mathers Lillian 1924 Miami  
SC33:103 Mathews Karen J. 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC21:227 Mathis Raymond 1986 Granville US Army
SC33:143 Mattaliano John 2004 Dayton National Cemetery  
SC9:74 Matthews Wilford L. 1938 Miami  
SC15:231 Mattson John 1968 Woodhill  
SC13:279 Maurice Charles August 1959 Maple Grove  
SC7:240 Maurice J. Kline 1931 Jepprieance City, Ohio  
SC13:68 Maurice Maude Alice 1955 Tipp City  
SC25:171 Maxwell William Apt 1996 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army Air Force
SC11:192 Mayers Marrianne 1943 Miami  
SC17:293 Maynard Curtis E. 1972 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC34:103 Maynard Harold Dee 2005 Miami US Army
SC35:23 McAfee Alma 2006 Miami  
SC23:275 McAfee Owen Leonard 1992 Miami US Army/Marines
SC4:154 McAlvin Infant 1916    
SC3:99 McBryant John 1902    
SC26:15 McCandless Pamela Renee 1997 Miami  
SC36:123 McCarley Herbert Lester 2007 Miami  
SC31:49 McCarren Betty L. 2002 Miami  
SC18:199 McCarren Carrol F. 1975 Miami US Army, World War II
SC15:10 McCarren Edith Grace 1965 Miami  
SC4:150 McCarren Emmet 1916    
SC12:186 McCarren Frank 1952 Miami  
SC20:155 McCarren James Lewis 1983 Miami  
SC32:29 McCarren Mary Nette 2003 Miami  
SC35:39 McCarren Owen C. 2006 Miami  
SC14:219 McCarren Reba H. 1963 Miami  
SC22:235 McCarren Robert Warren 1989 Miami  
SC24:259 McCarren Sarah Louise 1994 Miami  
SC23:251 McCarren Wilbur K. 1992 Miami  
SC14:36 McCarren William P. 1960    
SC33:39 McCarty Ferdnand L. 2004    
SC23:153 McClain Bessie A. 1991 Miami  
SC29:165 McClain Dorothy 2000    
SC20:175 McClanahan John 1983   US Army
SC14:79 McClellan Vicki Dawn 1961 Miami  
SC25:315 McCloud Sarah E. 1996 Memorial Park  
SC4:177 McClun infant of Howard 1917    
SC9:108 McClure Carl Scott 1939 Miami  
SC6:45 McClure Charles Edward 1922 Spring Valley, OH  
SC23:95 McClure Emma Jean 1991 Miami  
SC17:189 McClure George 1971 Miami  
SC6:249 McClure James S. 1927 Bellbrook  
SC8:220 McClure Mary B. 1935 Miami  
SC3:148 McClure Mary E. 1904    
SC10:85 McClure Samuel C. 1946 Centerville, OH  
SC7:32 McClure Walter 1928 Miami  
SC7:215 McComas Eliza 1931 Miami  
SC30:145 McComas James Mayford 2001 Miami US Army
SC20:283 McComas Ora Lee 1984 Miami  
SC12:290 McConnaughey Clarnce Henry 1954 Mt. Healthy  
SC21:397 McCool Roy E. 1987 Cadiz Union  
SC21:369 McCool Syvilla M. 1987 Union, Cadiz, OH  
SC14:42 McCoy Asa 1960 Kingman  
SC20:109 McCoy Barbara Ann 1982 Miami  
SC18:251 McCoy Charles W. 1976 Jonahs Run Baptist Church  
SC11:99 McCoy Lelia 1939 Miami  
SC11:186 McCoy Reese W. 1943 Sharron Cemetery  
SC21:155 McCoy Virginia E. 1986 Jonahs Run Baptist Church  
SC7:12 McCray Everett 1928 Lord's Church  
SC3:77 McCray Infant Armstrong 1900    
SC3:108 McCray John 1902    
SC7:122 McCray Jonathan 1929 Davids Cemetery  
SC6:195 McCray Mary L. 1925 Clarksville  
SC32:167 McCulloch Jane Hartsock 2003 Miami  
SC20:69 McCullough William Everett 1982 Springboro  
SC4:81 McCune Ann Collett 1913    
SC3:91 McCune Arminta? 1901    
SC8:2 McCune Geo E. 1931 Miami  
SC14:146 McCune Grace 1962 Miami  
SC4:196 McCune Leslie 1918    
SC4:136 McCune Martha 1915    
SC4:65 McCune William C. 1912    
SC12:105 McCurry infant of Wayne & Alena 1950 Miami  
SC3:129 McDonald Anna Sabin 1903    
SC8:229 McDonald Gertrude 1936 Miami  
SC20:171 McDonald Goldie Mamie 1983 Miami  
SC19:251 McDonald James 1979 Miami  
SC8:230 McDonald James 1936 Miami  
SC33:119 McDonald Jean L. 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC7:148 McDonald Julia Ann 1930 Miami  
SC8:180 McDonald Michael 1935 Miami  
SC22:77 McElfresh Audrey Pauline 1990 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC11:106 McElfresh Laura Mabel 1939 Centerville, OH  
SC14:188 McElfresh Mae Miller 1963 Miami  
SC31:105 McElfresh Mara Loretta 2002 Miami  
SC12:38 McElfresh Marion 1948 Centerville  
SC29:149 McElhinney Bess B. 2000    
SC4:47 McElvee Alvin J. 1911    
SC20:51 McFadden Richard D. 1982 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Navy
SC13:175 McFarland Dove Ethel 1957 Miami  
SC26:113 McFarland Harold Eugene 1997 Heritage Hills Memory Gardens US Navy, World War II
SC23:17 McFarland James Eugene 1991 Heritage Hills Memory Gardens  
SC29:217 McFarland Kathleen B. 2000 Glen Haven Memorial Gardens  
SC22:173 McFarland Maude C. "Becky" 1989 Heritage Hills  
SC17:459 McFarland William M. 1973 Miami  
SC2:32 McGee Elizabeth 1896    
SC4:174 McGee Joel 1917    
SC3:234 McGee Martha A. 1909    
SC6:195 McGee Mary E. 1925 Harveysburg Colored  
SC3:166 McGee Presley 1905    
SC3:85 McGee William 1901    
SC14:20 McGinnis Harriett 1960 Bellbrook  
SC9:164 McGinnis Harry 1940 Bellbrook Cemetery  
SC28:9 McGowen Cecil 1999    
SC12:223 McGrath Carrie B. 1952 Miami  
SC16:4 McGrath Edith A. 1969 Miami  
SC7:127 McGrath Frank E. 1930 Miami  
SC15:166 McGrath George 1967 Miami  
SC23:9 McGrath Stella 1991 Buddy Spicer Cemetery, Jackson, KY  
SC4:172 McGrew Emma 1917    
SC3:89 McGrew Infant Milton 1901    
SC3:44 McGrew John F 1899    
SC3:208 McGrew Milton W. 1908    
SC1:17 McGrew Nina 1893    
SC6:258 McGrew Orillia 1927 Centerville  
SC17:535 McGuinn Howard E. 1973 Miami  
SC12:184 McGuinn Thomas Francis 1952 Miami  
SC17:473 McIntosh Ida 1973 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC19:91 McIntosh Lee T. 1978 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC32:119 McKalip Eleanor L. 2003 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC36:55 McKalip Wallace 2007 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Air Force
SC4:42 McKay Emma 1911    
SC6:199 McKay Letitia 1925 Miami  
SC25:37 McKeehan Kathern 1995 Heritage Hills Memory Gardens  
SC33:185 McKeehan Raymond Harrison 2004 Heritage Hills Memory Gardens  
SC30:71 McKeever Carl Edwin 2001 Miami US Army, World War II
SC20:167 McKeever Charles Edgar 1983 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC18:315 McKeever David L. 1976 Miami  
SC9:259 McKeever David Nelson 1943 Miami  
SC7:236 McKeever Elizabeth Ann 1931 Miami  
SC19:103 McKeever George H. 1978 Miami US Army, World War I
SC25:27 McKeever James Robert "Tay" 1995 Miami  
SC10:152 McKeever James William 1948 Miami  
SC9:125 McKeever John Henry 1939 Miami  
SC19:85 McKeever Lizzie M. 1978 Miami  
SC9:132 McKeever Raleigh Fletcher 1939 Miami  
SC19:55 McKeever Steven Todd 1978 Miami  
SC8:106 McKeever Waunita May 1933 Miami  
SC28:51 McKeever William H. 1999 Miami US Army
SC9:206 McKeever Wilma Lou 1941 Miami  
SC3:227 McKensie Nehemiah 1909    
SC12:32 McKever Chester LeRoy 1948 Miami  
SC13:225 McKever Zelia 1958 Miami  
SC12:106 McKibban Henry Seigel 1950 Miami  
SC7:16 McKillan Mary Susan 1928 Miami  
SC19:485 McKinney Hazel 1981 Miami  
SC17:361 McKinney Roger D. 1972 Miami  
SC6:238 McKinsey Christine 1926 Miami  
SC10:137 McKinsey Laura Elizabeth 1948 Miami  
SC8:292 McKinsey Lydia Alice 1937 Miami  
SC11:246 McKinsey Madison 1945 Miami  
SC9:168 McKinsey Sarah Ella 1940 Miami  
SC15:47 McKiver Theresa Mae 1965 Miami  
SC12:19 McKnight Anthony Curtis 1948 Springboro  
SC11:207 McKnight James Walter 1944 Miami  
SC12:63 McKnight John C. 1949 Springfield  
SC15:108 McKnight Martha Lou 1966 Miami  
SC14:252 McKnight Rose Myrtle 1963 Springfield Friends  
SC36:83 McLaren Ethel M. 2007 Miami  
SC19:247 McMillan Edna Leola 1979 Centerville  
SC7:235 McMillan Emma D. 1931 Miami  
SC6:257 McMillan Ester 1927 Miami  
SC29:167 McMillan Eva 2000 Miami  
SC21:211 McMillan Herbert T. 1986 Miami  
SC9:54 McMillan Joseph 1938 Miami  
SC19:257 McMillan Mark E.C. 1979 Centerville  
SC9:137 McMillan Roger W. 1940 Miami  
SC8:66 McMillan Ruth K. 1932 Miami  
SC21:173 McMullen Raymond Jerome 1986 Miami  
SC28:127 McMurray Ruth V. 1999 Shiloh Park  
SC12:55 McNabb Sarah Belle 1949 Miami  
SC12:152 McNally Jesse Ervin 1951 Richmond, KY  
SC12:135 McNeal Ida K. 1951 Centerville  
SC4:67 McNeil Susanna 1912    
SC1:18 McNight John 1893    
SC4:128 McPherson Bessie 1915    
SC19:243 McPherson Harold Leroy 1979 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC15:194 McQuitty Danny 1967 Miami  
SC4:101 McSherry Albina 1914    
SC12:112 Mead Edythe Hachett 1950 Riverside, Troy  
SC21:219 Meador David Lee 1986 Miami  
SC31:121 Meador Roger Dale 2002 Miami US Army
SC27:105 Meador-Gabbard Mary K. 1998 Miami  
SC17:509 Meadors Ernest D. 1973 Miami  
SC19:223 Meadows James J. 1979 Martin, Minford, Oh.  
SC20:357 Meager Marjorie M. 1984 Holly Memorial Gardens, Pleasant Plain, OH  
SC24:277 Meager Raymond W. 1995 Miami US Army, World War II
SC36:155 Measel Donald E. 2007 Miami US Marine Corps
SC13:242 Medley Maude Blanche 1958 Miami  
SC19:77 Medley Morris 1978 Miami  
SC9:230 Medley Nelson 1942 Miami  
SC13:263 Medley Tina 1958 Miami  
SC10:48 Medley William Clayborn 1945 Miami  
SC3:60 Meeks Mary S. 1899    
SC14:82 Melampy Okie Alice 1961 Mason  
SC24:171 Melampy Richard Allen 1994 Graceland Memorial Cemetery  
SC22:71 Melik Lois Mae 1990 Miami  
SC32:129 Melik Soss 2003 Miami  
SC19:519 Melton Charles Eugene 1981 Locust Grove, Keavy, KY  
SC10:87 Mendenhall Amos 1946 Miami  
SC10:56 Mendenhall Clarence E. 1945 Miami US Navy, World War I
SC11:271 Mendenhall Georgia F. 1946    
SC3:117 Mendenhall Jane H. 1903    
SC9:209 Mendenhall John Lindley 1941 Friends Burying Grounds  
SC9:239 Mendenhall Olive Rosella 1942 Miami  
SC17:9 Mendenhall Pattie Ann 1970 Maple Hill, Tipp City, OH  
SC11:125 Mendenhall William H. 1940 Spring Valley, OH  
SC12:29 Mercer Linda Lee 1948 Miami  
SC22:341 Mercer Sarah Russo 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC19:373 Mercer Venora Frances 1980 Miami  
SC6:36 Mercer W.J. 1922 Miami  
SC4:159 Meredith Iona 1916    
SC32:73 Meredith Robert E. 2003   US Army, World War II
SC11:279 Meredith Sallie 1947 Miami  
SC4:133 Merideth Grover T. 1915    
SC10:69 Merrick Albert Winthrop 1945    
SC4:70 Merriott Alice 1912    
SC4:200 Merriott W.S. 1918    
SC3:123 Merritt J. Clement 1903    
SC6:51 Merritt Keziah 1922 Miami  
SC8:1 Merritt Rebecca 1931 Miami  
SC6:156 Merritt W. Albert 1924 Miami  
SC35:81 Mescher Chris F. 2006 Miami  
SC34:87 Messer Charles W. Sr. 2005 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC11:252 Messer Cletus 1946 Miami  
SC14:281 Messer Edward Dillard 1964 Miami Veteran, World War II
SC23:37 Messer Ruth Christine 1991 Miami  
SC36:97 Messer Zola Mae 2007 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC4:162 Method Grace E. 1916    
SC4:34 Method Lizzie 1911    
SC4:90 Method Martin 1913    
SC28:55 Metz Horace A. 1999 New Burlington, OH  
SC6:253 Meyer Louisa A. 1927 Blanchester  
SC20:249 Meyers Anna M. 1983 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC35:137 Meyers Douglas W. 2006 Rest Haven Memorial Park,  Blue Ash  
SC4:169 Meyers Horace 1917    
SC26:61 Meyers Nancy Lucille 1997 Polk Grove  
SC11:54 Miars Edna Fay 1937 Spring Valley, OH  
SC15:116 Michael Albert Otis 1966 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC17:139 Michael Alice Marie 1970 Springboro  
SC15:238 Michael Clarence 1968 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC17:481 Michael Elvis M. 1973 Middle Run Baptist Church US Army, World War I
SC15:199 Michael Geneva 1967 Rest Haven, Harlan, KY  
SC17:141 Michael Jesse 1970 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC17:193 Michael Lena May 1971 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC27:155 Michael Lewis Preston 1998 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC11:129 Michael Martha Marie 1940 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC15:216 Michael Maud Allen Weeks 1968 Miami  
SC15:56 Michael Nettie L. 1965 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC29:193 Michael Norman Paul 2000 Springfield Friends  
SC13:134 Michael Phoebe 1956 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC7:238 Michael Samuel Preston 1931 Middletown Cemetery  
SC26:69 Michael Virginia Rose 1997 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC6:26 Michell Winonia S. 1921 Miami  
SC7:71 Michener Ada 1929 Miami  
SC13:12 Michener Charles Edward 1954 Miami  
SC6:87 Michener Donald Edwin 1923 Miami  
SC19:147 Michener Edwin C. 1979 Miami  
SC24:141 Michener Glenna Mary 1993 Miami  
SC19:307 Michener Mary C. 1980 Miami  
SC7:55 Michener Sarah Ella 1929 Miami  
SC3:84 Middleton Amanda 1901    
SC22:113 Middleton Jeanne G. 1990 Mont Cito  
SC21:91 Milby Dorothy Marie 1985 David  
SC4:83 Miler Hannah E. 1913    
SC27:119 Millard Joseph C. 1998   US Navy
SC29:141 Millard Patrick M. 2000    
SC6:19 Miller Angelia 1921 Miami  
SC11:266 Miller Caroline Sue 1946 Bellbrook, OH  
SC26:19 Miller Ethel 1997 Miami  
SC12:126 Miller Eva A. 1951 Miami  
SC35:109 Miller Everett C. 2006 Miami  
SC21:275 Miller Frank 1986 Miller  
SC8:277 Miller Frank F. 1936 Miami  
SC25:357 Miller Frank Jr. 1997 Miami  
SC19:489 Miller Freddy Dean 1981 Miami  
SC30:203 Miller Frederick 2001 Heritage Hills Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC26:173 Miller Garnet 1997 Sunset Gardens  
SC4:69 Miller Geo. 1912    
SC7:102 Miller George 1929 Miami  
SC19:269 Miller George F. Sr. 1980 Miami  
SC17:415 Miller George Thomas 1972 Miami  
SC21:331 Miller George Washington 1987 Miami US Army, World War II/Korea
SC12:273 Miller Harold Robinson 1953 Miami  
SC3:127 Miller Harry 1903    
SC3:66 Miller Infant Clarance 1900    
SC3:59 Miller Infant of Frank 1899    
SC7:154 Miller Isaac Newton 1930 Miami  
SC6:94 Miller Jacob 1923 Miami  
SC6:55 Miller James P. 1922 Miami  
SC13:282 Miller John (Dr.) 1959 Miami  
SC13:128 Miller John Walter 1956 Miami Veteran, World War I
SC3:151 Miller Kellie 1905    
SC3:206 Miller Laura 1908    
SC11:44 Miller Laura Addie 1936 Springboro  
SC27:127 Miller Leman Henry 1998 Sunset Gardens  
SC19:377 Miller Leonard Anderson 1980 Miami  
SC3:146 Miller Lizzie 1904    
SC20:263 Miller Lois Miriam 1983 Miami  
SC14:221 Miller Louella 1963 Miami  
SC11:104 Miller