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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC2:52 Paff Alice 1897    
SC33:177 Palm Kevin A. 2004 Miami  
SC21:399 Palmer Cecil Allen 1987 Centerville US Navy, World War II
SC13:97 Palmer Clyde L. 1956 Miami  
SC21:213 Palmer Floyd Andrew 1986 Rose Hill  
SC20:115 Palmer John Robert 1982 Centerville  
SC19:167 Palmer Nettie Mae 1979 Centerville  
SC23:283 Park Bernice Marie 1992 Miami  
SC36:119 Park June D. 2007 Miami  
SC15:177 Parker Clinton Eugene 1967 McKee, KY  
SC4:100 Parker Hannah 1914    
SC3:110 Parker Martha 1902    
SC4:173 Parker William Spencer 1917    
SC7:251 Parlett David S. 1931 Miami  
SC3:128 Parlett Emma 1903    
SC10:205 Parshall Ida M. 1950 Miami  
SC8:215 Parshall Mathias Lowry 1935 Miami  
SC32:7 Parsons Ballard Jr. 2003 Miami  
SC17:475 Parsons Christina 1973 Miami  
SC29:93 Parsons Lucy M. 2000 Miami  
SC12:131 Partington Eliezer 1951 Caesars Creek  
SC14:204 Pasnahe Ruth Thelma 1963 Lebanon, VA  
SC19:371 Patrick Cynthia Ann 1980 Miami  
SC29:211 Patrick Hazel P. 2000 Miami  
SC33:51 Patrick Myrtle 2004 Higginbotham  
SC29:55 Patrick Verdis H. 2000 Miami US Army
SC9:2 Patterson Anna M. 1937 Spring Valley, OH  
SC4:92 Patterson Annie 1913    
SC22:385 Patterson Irene E. 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC14:63 Patterson Louella Janney 1960 Miami  
SC35:171 Patton Albert 2006 Miami US Army
SC23:255 Patton Frances E. 1992 Fairview Primitive Baptist Church  
SC25:221 Patton Joe Edward 1996 Bell  
SC17:225 Patton John C. 1971 Miami  
SC32:69 Paul Raymond H. 2003 Miami US Army, Vietnam
SC6:294 Payne Dora Marie 1928 Miami  
SC34:95 Payne James H. 2005   US Army
SC9:167 Payton Sarah L. 1940 Munise Indiana  
SC12:181 Pearson William Frank 1952 Miami  
SC11:7 Peele Mary G. 1934 Sugar Grove  
SC17:103 Pelfrey Michael 1970 Miami  
SC22:141 Pelphrey Glenn A. 1989 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Air Force
SC4:201 Pence Abigail 1918    
SC9:238 Pence Annella 1942 Miami  
SC7:227 Pence Eward C. 1931 Miami  
SC15:276 Pence Faye Evelyn 1969 Miami  
SC22:283 Pence Felcie Ruggles 1988 Miami  
SC4:72 Pence George 1912    
SC6:291 Pence George B. 1928 Miami  
SC3:214 Pence John 1908    
SC6:132 Pence Perry 1924 Miami  
SC3:202 Pence Raymond E. 1907    
SC7:216 Pendergast Elhel May 1931 Miami  
SC19:293 Pendergast Katherine 1980 Miami  
SC11:262 Penewitt Stillborn of Kenneth & Gladys 1946 Miami  
SC3:113 Pennewit Clara 1903    
SC12:120 Pennewit Estella E. 1950 Miami  
SC13:135 Pennewit Joseph Foster 1956 Miami  
SC12:64 Penney Archie Ira 1949 Miami  
SC11:211 Penney Archie Ross 1944 Miami  
SC17:185 Penney Mary Elizabeth 1971 Miami  
SC29:33 Pennington Carolyn 2000 Miami  
SC31:165 Pennington Chloe Taylor Alexis 2002 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC31:67 Pennington Dorothy Louise 2002 Springboro  
SC17:377 Pennington Henry 1972 Madison Co, KY  
SC24:213 Pennington Jesse Dan 1994 Clarksville  
SC17:505 Pennington Mollie 1973 Madison Co. Memorial  
SC11:206 Pennington Nora A. 1943 Miami  
SC30:11 Pennington Opal L. 2001 Springboro  
SC31:81 Pennington Ralph 2002 Springboro US Army
SC11:120 Pennington Robert Howard 1940 Miami  
SC35:183 Pennington Robert M. 2007 Springboro US Army
SC21:51 Pennington Sarah Ellen 1985 Spring Valley, OH  
SC23:149 Pennington William N. 1991 Spring Valley, OH  
SC27:111 Penrod Jack R. 1998    
SC14:176 Penrod John V. 1962 Miami  
SC35:17 Penwell Mary Nelle 2006    
SC15:241 Penwell Roy T. 1968 Valley View  
SC3:42 Peper Thomas S. 1899    
SC13:180 Pepper Bertha Florence 1957 Lebanon  
SC6:236 Pepper Charles 1926 Lebanon  
SC12:198 Pepper Edward Bell 1952 Bellbrook  
SC12:205 Pepper Theodore 1952 Bellbrook  
SC35:173 Perdue Warren A. 2006 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:237 Perin Ethel 1909    
SC34:151 Perkins Irene C. 2005 Memorial Park  
SC19:9 Perkins John 1978 Miami  
SC34:85 Perkins Mildred M. 2005 Dayton Memorial Park  
SC17:337 Perkins Rebecca 1972 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC14:108 Perrine infant of James & Betty 1961 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC11:290 Perry Emerson 1947 Miami  
SC13:246 Perry Hansel 1958 Miami  
SC21:261 Perry Leo 1986 Miami US Army Air Corp, World War II
SC20:327 Perry Luther A. Sr. 1984 Miami US Army, Korea
SC28:91 Perry Margaret Ellen 1999 Miami  
SC11:165 Perry Phyllis Jean 1942 Miami  
SC12:218 Perry Roy O. 1952 Miami  
SC12:36 Perry Sally Darleen 1948    
SC17:397 Perry Sinda 1972 Miami  
SC13:76 Perry Thomas Chris 1955 Miami  
SC14:97 Perry Wilma Faye 1961 Miami  
SC35:19 Peters Earl B. 2006 Heritage Hills Memory Gardens  
SC13:70 Peters infant of Ralph & Pauline 1955 Miami  
SC12:257 Peters Janet Louise 1953 Miami  
SC15:137 Peters John Emery 1967 Miami  
SC18:193 Peters Kenneth 1975 Miami  
SC14:195 Peters Martha M. 1963 Miami  
SC21:9 Peters Nancy Rachael 1985 Miami  
SC12:211 Peters Robert Benton 1952 Miami  
SC27:75 Peters Thelma L. 1998 Miami  
SC32:175 Peters Tressa "Mae" 2003 Miami  
SC21:401 Peters William H. 1987 Miami  
SC12:40 Peterson George Edwin 1948 Wilmington Veteran, World War II
SC24:133 Peterson Jeannette DeLoach 1993 Valley View Memory Gardens  
SC12:39 Peterson Roy Wilfred 1948 Wilmington  
SC15:281 Peterson Theodore Leon 1969    
SC21:33 Petrey Eugene Herbert 1985 Morrow  
SC9:78 Pettit Rachael A. 1938 Miami  
SC3:158 Pevert Maximillon 1905    
SC25:237 Peyton Clara 1996 Miami  
SC21:209 Peyton Clyde 1986 Miami  
SC13:227 Peyton Lee Roy 1958 Miami  
SC23:47 Pfeiffer Carl 1991 New Burlington, OH  
SC3:110 Phelan Patrick 1902    
SC25:115 Phelps William Lee 1995 Miami US Army
SC6:51 Phillips Ann 1922 Miami  
SC9:65 Phillips Anna Belle 1938 Miami  
SC27:183 Phillips Betty Jeanne 1998 Miami Memorial Park  
SC4:126 Phillips Caroline W. 1915    
SC35:67 Phillips Gene 2006 Miami US Army
SC2:14 Phillips Jason 1895    
SC6:8 Phillips John M. 1921 Miami  
SC17:157 Phillips Jon David 1971 Miami  
SC13:7 Phillips Kathryn 1954 Miami  
SC31:1 Phillips Lorraine F. 2002 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:100 Phillips Martha 1902    
SC3:47 Phillips Mary 1899    
SC4:109 Phillips Mary A. 1914    
SC20:133 Phillips Orville J. 1983 Miami  
SC8:156 Phillips Stephen Cook 1934 Miami  
SC10:64 Phillips William C. 1945 Miami  
SC8:256 Phillips William R. 1936 Miami  
SC9:200 Pickering Sarah M. 1941 Mt. Orab, OH  
SC32:55 Pickett Lowell G. 2003 Miami US Navy
SC25:35 Pickett Ruby Ethel (Worley) 1995 Miami  
SC13:181 Picking Laura Dill 1957 Miami  
SC14:140 Picking Paul 1962 Miami  
SC7:247 Pidinger John Eugene 1931 Miami  
SC14:178 Pierce Keith Alex 1962 Cypress Garden, Wheelersburg, Oh  
SC8:120 Pierce Thomas Luther 1934    
SC10:49 Pierson Amy Elizabeth 1945    
SC2:50 Pigeon Samuel 1897    
SC15:256 Pigg infant of Jess & Drucilla 1968 Morrill, KY  
SC11:175 Pigg Susan 1942 Miamisburg  
SC3:205 Pigon Elizabeth 1908    
SC17:527 Pine C. William 1973 Miami  
SC3:215 Pine Chas. T. 1908    
SC3:41 Pine Infant of Lewis 1898    
SC3:89 Pine Infant of Lewis 1901    
SC7:153 Pine Lydia L. 1930 Miami  
SC4:57 Pine Mable 1912    
SC3:131 Pine Marie 1904    
SC6:133 Pine Mary H. 1924 Centerville, OH  
SC14:207 Pine Ruth H. 1963 Miami  
SC23:253 Piotrowska Winifred M 1992 Miami  
SC3:189 Piper Hattie 1907    
SC11:2 Planck Infant of Wayne & Martha 1934 Spring Valley, OH  
SC12:129 Planck Jennie Mabel 1951 Spring Valley, OH  
SC12:234 Planck Ross 1953 Spring Valley, OH  
SC28:117 Plumer Burl Knisley 1999 Miami  
SC17:547 Plumly Justina C. 1973 Northern, Barnesville, Oh.  
SC21:317 Plummer Adrian Early 1987 Miami  
SC26:129 Plummer Audra Cleo 1997 Miami  
SC25:7 Plummer Matthew Scott 1995 Miami  
SC21:45 Plymire Earl Francis "Frankie" 1985 Miami  
SC20:217 Plymire Francis Arthur 1983 Miami  
SC32:41 Plymire Lucille M. 2003 Miami  
SC2:46 Pollard Samantha 1896    
SC36:61 Pons Abigail 2007 Miami  
SC36:63 Pons Trisha 2007 Miami  
SC36:89 Poole Charles A. 2007 Miami US Air Force
SC18:173 Poole Elias H. 1975 Miami  
SC30:153 Poole Lena I. 2001 Miami  
SC1:23 Poor Hiram 1894    
SC22:261 Poore Ernest Bert 1989 Miami US Army, World War II
SC3:209 Poore Florence 1908    
SC8:32 Poore Hiram 1932 Springfield Church  
SC19:525 Poore Lucinda Mabel 1981 Miami  
SC7:1 Pope Betty Jean 1928 Bellbrook  
SC11:97 Pope Charles Lawrence 1939 Springboro  
SC6:239 Pope Charles M. 1926 Davids  
SC30:75 Pope Florence S. 2001 Miami  
SC13:186 Pope Kenneth Merrill 1957 Miami  
SC15:163 Pope Lillie 1967 Miami  
SC7:77 Pope Mary Etta 1929 Miami  
SC13:51 Pope Nancy Ellen 1955 Centerville  
SC8:26 Pope Perry E. 1932 Centerville, OH  
SC11:258 Pope Sidney W. 1946 Miami  
SC30:155 Pope William K. 2001 Miami  
SC14:119 Pottorf Anna 1961 Miami  
SC13:92 Pottorf Carl C. 1955 Miami  
SC6:168 Pottorf May 1925 Turtlecreek  
SC6:235 Pottorf Robert Donald 1926 Miami  
SC6:239 Pottorf Simeon 1926 Miami  
SC27:131 Pottorf William G. 1998 Lebanon US Army
SC32:161 Powell Arra 2003 Miami  
SC15:135 Powell Byrd 1966 Miami  
SC24:265 Powell Carrie E. (Shutts) 1994 Miami  
SC14:227 Powell Cheryl Lynn 1963 Miami  
SC21:319 Powell Grace A. 1987 Miami  
SC27:133 Powell Helen 1998 Miami  
SC33:123 Powell Helen R. 2004 Miami  
SC22:147 Powell Ida 1989 Miami  
SC24:173 Powell Leatha May 1994 Miami  
SC14:275 Powell Logan 1964 Miami  
SC14:137 Powell Lois 1962 Miami  
SC29:65 Powell Marthamae 2000    
SC15:29 Powell Mary Ellen 1965 Miami  
SC21:345 Powell Miley 1987 Miami  
SC31:173 Powell Nolie 2002 Miami US Army, World War II
SC10:109 Powell Oakey J. 1947 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC11:136 Powell Paul Wayne 1941 Miami  
SC29:53 Powell Sherman 2000 Miami  
SC11:173 Powell Thomas 1942 Miami  
SC20:179 Powers Barbara Allen 1983 Cobb Hill, Cobb Hill, KY  
SC35:127 Praeter Thelma M. 2006 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC24:267 Praeter William Ray 1994 Middle Run Baptist Church US Army Air Corp, World War II
SC11:177 Prater Harry C. 1942 Miami  
SC6:48 Prater Henry 1922 Miami Veteran
SC15:296 Prater James Walter 1969 Turner, Jackson, KY  
SC3:177 Prater LeRoy 1906    
SC14:251 Prater Louisa 1963 Miami  
SC4:31 Prater Mary E. 1911    
SC24:107 Prater Mary Louise 1993 Lebanon  
SC22:321 Prater Walter James 1988 Lebanon US Army
SC3:65 Pratt Charity 1900    
SC12:268 Pratt George 1953 Miami  
SC11:55 Pratt George W. 1937 Miami  
SC6:229 Pratt Horace E. 1926 Miami  
SC7:121 Pratt Ida F. 1929 Miami  
SC6:203 Pratt Lucy 1926    
SC9:174 Pratt Mary Elizabeth 1941 Miami  
SC3:42 Pratt William H. 1899    
SC10:201 Prendergast Bryon Casey 1950 Miami Veteran, World War I
SC10:130 Prendergast Infant of Jesse & Grace 1948 Miami  
SC17:197 Prendergast Jesse J. 1971 Miami US Army, World War I
SC12:199 Prendergast William Mason 1952 Miami  
SC17:549 Prendergast Winifred A. 1973 Miami  
SC17:491 Prendergraft Paul 1973    
SC7:24 Prendergrast Rebecca 1928 Miami  
SC6:214 Prendergrast Thomas 1926 Miami  
SC21:375 Preston Helen Beatrice 1987 Miami  
SC13:84 Preston John Kearns 1955 Miami Veteran, World War I
SC15:203 Prether Lester J. 1967 Davids  
SC18:87 Prether Mary E. 1974 David  
SC35:33 Prewitt Carmen 2006 Miami  
SC8:132 Price Addie M. 1934    
SC6:138 Price Alma Francis 1924 Sunrise, KY  
SC17:147 Price Clarence B. 1970 Springfield Church  
SC14:83 Price Claude E. 1961 Sunrise, KY  
SC15:157 Price infant of Charles & Carol 1967 Miami  
SC6:139 Price Joe Wes 1924 Miami  
SC24:237 Price Julia H. 1994 Miami  
SC12:162 Price Lewis Nelson 1951 Springfield Friends  
SC29:159 Price Lucy W. 2000 Springfield Friends  
SC6:151 Price Nancy C. 1924 Falmouth, KY  
SC19:109 Price Raymond L. 1978 Miami  
SC1:20 Prichard Harrison 1893    
SC20:415 Pringle Estey F. 1984 Miami US Army, World War II
SC28:79 Pringle-Adams Evelyn 1999 Miami  
SC3:211 Printz Harry W. 1908    
SC10:91 Printz Louis N. 1946 Miami  
SC19:225 Priser Harry E. 1979 Miami  
SC16:17 Priser Mary Elizabeth 1969 Miami  
SC19:51 Priser Mina Mae 1978 Glen Haven  
SC15:130 Probasco Mary 1966 Lebanon  
SC13:253 Probst Minnie B. 1958 Vanceburg, KY  
SC15:59 Proffit James Robert 1965 Science Hill  
SC6:277 Propps Infant 1927 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC3:176 Pruitz Edwin 1906    
SC2:40 Puckett Infant 1896    
SC3:58 Puckett Infant of William 1899    
SC4:66 Pugh Carl V. 1912    
SC3:210 Pugh Eva Marie 1908    
SC3:193 Pugh Jesse 1907    
SC3:206 Pugh Samuel 1908    
SC3:199 Pugh Walter 1907    
SC15:7 Pummill Minnie Mae 1964 Centerville  
SC28:65 Pummill Paul L. 1999 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Navy
SC15:23 Pummill Sharon Yvonne 1965 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC17:19 Pummill Ward D. 1970 Centerville  
SC18:61 Pumphrey Rolland O. 1974 Dale, Connersville, Oh. US Navy, World War II
SC15:93 Purdy Maude Edith 1966 Buford  
SC21:41 Purkey Conrad Lee 1985 Miami  
SC29:11 Purkey Emma 2000 Miami  
SC12:6 Purkey Green Clay 1948 Miami  
SC34:127 Purkey Harold L. 2005 Miami  
SC36:91 Purkey Hazel 2007 Miami  
SC25:241 Purkey Homer Carl 1996 Miami US Army, World War II
SC36:19 Purkey Vina 2007 Miami  
SC24:205 Purkey William Howard 1994 Miami  
SC4:180 Purks infant of Benj. & Bertha 1917    
SC22:397 Pursley Justin Michael 1988 Miami  
SC27:13 Pursley Zachary Dillon 1998 Miami  
SC24:197 Purvis Betty Jean 1994 Spring Valley, OH  
SC32:131 Purvis Clarence G. 2003 Spring Valley, OH US Army

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