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The Warren County Genealogical Society published the book, "Warren County, Ohio Funeral Records, Volume 3; Waynesville Area Funeral Homes" in 2008 based on 7,519 funerals, in 35 volumes of Funeral Record Books held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home in Waynesville, Ohio.  Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County Genealogical Society in Lebanon.  The originals are held by the Stubbs-Conner Funeral home. If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year Cemetery or Crematory Veteran
SC36:159 Raby Jennifer Emma Louise 2007    
SC3:172 Rader Clint D. 1906    
SC13:56 Rader James Newton 1955 Miami  
SC18:259 Radley Louis C. 1976 Miami  
SC13:77 Rager Clarion 1955 Miami  
SC19:273 Raichel Chester Sr. 1980 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army, World War II
SC31:45 Raines James V. 2002   US Air Force
SC30:109 Raines Lola B. 2001 Pharris, TN  
SC19:89 Rainey Charles W. 1978 Miami US Army, World War II
SC24:207 Rainey Irene Inez 1994 Miami  
SC18:13 Rainey James H. 1974 Miami  
SC13:145 Rainey Tinsa N. 1956 Miami  
SC31:23 Rains Gordon C. 2002 Young US Navy
SC21:437 Rains Hazel 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC33:141 Rains Joseph P. 2004 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:95 Ralson Effie May 1901    
SC4:193 Ralstin Amie 1918    
SC18:189 Ramby Edwin W. 1975 Miami US Navy, World War II
SC14:291 Ramp Curtis McMahon 1964 Miami  
SC25:287 Ramp Mary Lou 1996 Miami  
SC24:27 Ramsey Jeffrey Charles 1993 Miami  
SC29:219 Ramsey Leland 2000 Miami US Navy
SC36:215 Ramsey Mafrey 2007 Miami  
SC10:41 Randall Anna Stoops 1945 Miami  
SC8:294 Randall Cassius Gibbons 1937 Miami  
SC11:234 Randall Ethel Wylodine 1945 Miami  
SC10:145 Randall George E. 1948 Miami  
SC9:141 Randall Jennie Bail 1940 Miami  
SC3:235 Randall Lura May 1909    
SC13:124 Randall William Arthur 1956 Miami  
SC6:24 Randalll Rebecca 1921 Miami  
SC17:391 Randolph Edgar D. 1972 Miami US Army
SC6:90 Randolph James R. 1923 West Jefferson  
SC18:333 Randolph Killis R. 1976 Miami  
SC19:215 Randolph Leona K. 1979 Miami  
SC20:47 Rankin David Lance 1982 Miami  
SC18:389 Raper Emma L. 1977 Miami  
SC20:255 Rasnake Alfred Robert 1983 Russell Memorial, Lebanon, VA  
SC20:101 Ratliff Elva Berry 1982 Miami  
SC25:355 Ratliff John Clark 1996 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC28:35 Ratliff Mamie 1999 Miami  
SC19:427 Ratliff Ruth Lee 1981 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC36:217 Ratliff Ruth M. 2007 Miami  
SC33:159 Ray Kevin Michael 2004 Miami  
SC33:157 Ray Tonya Amy 2004 Miami  
SC27:15 Rayburn Bessie Jane 1998 Hickory Flat Cemetery,  Hamilton  
SC3:125 Read Wm 1903    
SC6:80 Reader Isabil 1923 Miami  
SC6:39 Real Paul Eugene 1922 Beavertown  
SC6:174 Reason Edward E. 1925 Miami  
SC28:135 Reason Loren V. 1999 Miami  
SC18:167 Reason Opal L. 1975 Miami  
SC14:14 Reason Percy L. 1959 Miami  
SC14:255 Reason Ruth Ella 1964 Miami  
SC12:196 Reason Sadie L. 1952 Miami  
SC19:341 Rebert Natalie Erin 1980    
SC12:254 Redley Ruth Edwards 1953 Miami  
SC6:262 Redmond John 1927 Miami  
SC22:387 Reed Aloma L. 1988 Miami  
SC3:246 Reed Catherine 1910    
SC17:13 Reed Charlotte G. 1970 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC17:35 Reed Floramond V. 1970    
SC10:12 Reed Laura Varner 1944 Miami  
SC7:111 Reed Malinda T. 1929 Fairmont Cemetery  
SC35:9 Reed Margaret Ruth 2006 Miami  
SC22:361 Reed Stella L. 1988 Forest Hills  
SC6:152 Reeder Earl Taylor 1924 Centerville  
SC2:24 Reeder Frank 1896    
SC9:25 Reeder George T. 1937 Centerville, OH  
SC6:168 Reeder Ida E. 1925 Davids  
SC4:167 Reeder Isaiah 1916    
SC13:151 Reeder Jacob Ralph 1956 Springboro  
SC6:47 Reeder John H. 1922 Davids  
SC4:103 Reeder John Ralph 1914    
SC6:197 Reeder Julia Barnhart 1925 Springboro  
SC9:235 Reeder Katie Louisa 1942 Centerville, OH  
SC12:236 Reeder Linda Mae 1953 New Burlington, OH  
SC11:219 Reeder Minnie 1944 Miami  
SC23:305 Reeder Ruth Satterhwaite 1992 Miami  
SC10:26 Reedy Elwood R. 1944 Springboro  
SC24:201 Reedy Evelyn Margaret 1994 Miami  
SC25:25 Reese Jennifer Ellis 1995 Lebanon  
SC17:71 Reeves Gerald Emery 1970 Nankin, Nankin, Oh.  
SC25:283 Reeves James Earl 1996 Dayton National Cemetery US Air Force, Vietnam
SC4:168 Refund Jane M. 1916    
SC25:197 Regginello Vincent Guisseppe 1996 Miami US Air Force
SC14:210 Reno Grace May 1963 Miami  
SC33:47 Reno Helen L. 2004 Miami  
SC17:21 Reno Ova T. 1970 Miami US Navy
SC13:22 Reno Roy D. 1954 Miami  
SC4:71 Retallick Edmon 1912    
SC6:176 Retallick Edmund L. 1925 Miami  
SC2:50 Retallick Mary Ann 1897    
SC3:210 Retallick Mary Frances 1908    
SC30:173 Rexroat Hollis I. 2001 Miami  
SC14:286 Reymolds Tensa Lou 1964 Miami  
SC13:219 Reynolds Charles M. 1958 Miami  
SC22:243 Reynolds Eli 1989 Miami  
SC13:190 Reynolds George 1957 Miami  
SC6:164 Reynolds George 1925 Miami  
SC20:59 Reynolds George David 1982 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC24:155 Reynolds Mattie 1994 Miami  
SC3:116 Reynolds Nannie 1903    
SC19:483 Reynolds Roy R. 1981 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC24:19 Reynolds Ruby L. 1993 Miami  
SC32:45 Reynolds Stephen K. 2003 Miami  
SC10:58 Rhoades Infant of Virgil & Delia 1945 Miami  
SC23:169 Rhoads Cardelia P. 1992 Miami  
SC11:249 Rhoads Infant of Lawrence & Nettie 1945 Miami  
SC19:49 Rhoads Virgil B. 1978 Miami  
SC11:239 Rhoads William 1945 Miami  
SC28:103 Rhoden Alvie R. 1999 Heritage Hills  
SC9:47 Rhodes Buerle 1938 Miami  
SC12:208 Rhodes Hazel D. 1952 Miami  
SC15:293 Rhodes John Franklin 1969 Miami  
SC17:123 Rhonemus Bertha E. 1970 Mt. Zion  
SC17:37 Rhonemus Elwood H. 1970 Mt. Zion  
SC30:215 Rhoton Lenny 2001 Miami  
SC19:101 Rice Bernice E. 1978 Miami  
SC19:449 Rice Danielle 1981 Miami  
SC32:95 Rice Etta 2003 Miami  
SC14:179 Rice Flora Alice 1962 Miami  
SC29:113 Rice James V. 2000 Miami US Army
SC18:437 Rice McKinley 1977 Rose Hill US Army, World War I
SC32:143 Rice Phillip E. 2003 Miami  
SC23:303 Rice Rhoda E. 1992 Rose Hill  
SC20:367 Rice Stephen Matthew 1984 South Lebanon  
SC27:93 Rice Thomas H. 1998 Jefferson Twp US Army
SC25:289 Rice Woega 1996 Miami  
SC21:159 Rich Berkley Elbert 1986 Miami  
SC22:293 Rich Catherine Alida 1988 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC14:149 Rich Cora Bradstreet 1962 Miami  
SC6:75 Rich Doris Grace 1923 Miami  
SC19:279 Rich Elbert Earl 1980 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC15:173 Rich Florence Pearl 1967 Miami Veteran, Vietnam
SC15:243 Rich Grace Iona 1968 Miami  
SC6:24 Rich Hannah 1921 Miami  
SC23:241 Rich Hannah Lynn and Holly Lauren 1992 Miami  
SC13:169 Rich infant of Raymond & Nellie 1957 Miami  
SC8:278 Rich Ira David 1936 Miami  
SC4:202 Rich James Franklin 1918    
SC14:294 Rich John Bartley 1964 Miami  
SC31:21 Rich Judith Ann 2002 Miami  
SC3:119 Rich Lewis 1903    
SC7:241 Rich Lora Elizabeth 1931 Miami  
SC4:104 Rich N.B. 1914    
SC18:317 Rich Paul T. 1976 Miami  
SC34:129 Rich Raymond L. 2005 Miami  
SC6:30 Rich Sarah 1921 Miami  
SC27:129 Rich Thomas Claude "Dick" 1998 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC4:133 Rich Thomas William 1915    
SC31:83 Richards Floyd Edgar 2002 Springboro  
SC33:43 Richards Howard M. 2004 Springboro US Army
SC28:151 Richards Irene B. 1999 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC12:192 Richards John Edgar 1952 Miami Veteran, World War I
SC15:27 Richards Mary 1965 Miami  
SC14:111 Richards Thomas 1961    
SC8:104 Richardson John Edward 1933 Hamilton Ohio  
SC17:449 Richardson Lutie T. 1973 Miami  
SC11:270 Richardson Robert 1946 New Burlington, OH  
SC15:288 Richardson Walter E. 1969 Miami  
SC36:95 Richey Bonnie S. 2007 Miami  
SC25:93 Rickey Betty Louise (Thomas) 1995 Miami  
SC25:347 Rickey William Earl 1996 Miami US Air Force
SC9:254 Ricks Albert 1942 Miami  
SC10:139 Ricks Edward W. 1948 Miami  
SC8:64 Ricks Kathryn A. 1932 Miami  
SC6:123 Ricks N. Winston 1924 Miami  
SC10:77 Ricks Oswin L. 1946 Miami  
SC3:216 Ricks Richard C. 1908    
SC10:67 Ricks Robert Winston 1945 Miami  
SC20:333 Ridd Myrtle Loraine 1984 Evergreen, Southgate, KY  
SC22:277 Riddle Juanita Jean 1988   US Navy
SC13:241 Ridge Anne Sweet 1958 Miami  
SC8:222 Ridge Charles Forest 1935 Miami  
SC6:250 Ridge Clifford 1927    
SC15:285 Ridge Edna 1969 Miami  
SC4:122 Ridge H.E. 1914    
SC7:60 Ridge Mahlon 1929 Miami  
SC14:189 Ridge Oakley Malone 1963 Miami  
SC7:17 Ridge Orpha  Ayres 1928 Miami  
SC14:182 Ridge Pearl 1962 Miami  
SC23:313 Ridinger Barbara Jean 1993 Miami  
SC35:27 Ridinger Floretta N. 2006 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC10:52 Ridinger Harriett Louise 1945 Middle Run Baptist Church  
SC19:75 Ridinger J. Richard 1978 Miami US Army
SC23:111 Ridinger Joseph E. 1991 Miami  
SC6:240 Ridinger Louis Daniel 1926 Miami  
SC19:139 Riffle Marie 1979 IOOF, Amelia, OH  
SC21:387 Riggs Kathryn Doris 1987 Miami  
SC20:139 Riggs Lena T. 1983 Miami  
SC17:73 Riggs Orville A. 1970 Miami  
SC19:517 Riggs R. Claude 1981 Miami  
SC4:123 Riley Ada A. 1914    
SC7:104 Riley George Eran 1929 Miami  
SC11:77 Riley John W. 1938    
SC23:49 Riley Kevin Randall 1991 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC17:63 Rininger Chester A. 1970    
SC29:57 Rininger Lela O. 2000 Miami  
SC15:70 Rish Lewis M. 1965 Davids  
SC8:172 Risinger Helen Oglesbee 1934 Miami  
SC4:86 Risinger infant of Roy & Helen 1913    
SC10:118 Risinger Roi W. 1947 Miami  
SC14:2 Risk Lillie Jane 1959 Davids  
SC33:163 Ritchie Bruce D. 2004 Miami  
SC6:255 Roach Joseph 1927 Miami  
SC11:121 Roads Frank V. 1940 Eversole Cemetery  
SC11:122 Roads Lola Elizabeth 1940 Eversole Cemetery  
SC17:137 Roark Marcus Scott 1970 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC35:43 Roark Randall C. 2006 Miami  
SC20:259 Robbins James M. 1983 Miami  
SC12:155 Robbins Minnie Alice 1951 Miami  
SC26:137 Robbins Myrtle Olive 1997 Miami  
SC24:61 Robbins Nancy Louise 1993 Miami  
SC12:21 Roberson Cora Smith 1948 Miami  
SC6:225 Roberson Infant 1926 Miami  
SC13:171 Roberson John L. 1957 Miami  
SC6:167 Roberson Lafayette 1925 Miami  
SC13:41 Roberson Lillian Love 1955 Miami  
SC12:178 Roberson Orville Oscar 1952 Miami  
SC12:209 Roberson Raymond Oscar 1952 Miami  
SC4:199 Roberts Benjamin D. 1918    
SC31:3 Roberts Dorothy G. 2002 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC3:192 Roberts E. Jane 1907    
SC3:103 Roberts Edward 1902    
SC15:267 Roberts Ethel Gambrel 1968 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC33:135 Roberts Herman 2004 Dayton National Cemetery  
SC15:264 Roberts Jessie Isadora 1968 Miami  
SC11:6 Roberts John (Mrs.) 1934    
SC6:29 Roberts John A. G. 1921 Miami  
SC4:117 Roberts Mary 1914    
SC12:86 Roberts Myra 1949 Miami  
SC6:6 Roberts Sarah K. 1921 Miami  
SC14:98 Roberts Walter Arthur 1961 Miami  
SC13:278 Robertson Carlisle D. 1959 Clarksville  
SC11:35 Robertson Emma Alice 1936 Lebanon  
SC4:25 Robertson Eunice 1910    
SC3:196 Robertson Ezra 1907    
SC9:229 Robertson George W. 1942 Lebanon  
SC22:211 Robertson Helen Louise 1989 Clarksville  
SC27:177 Robey Inez T. 1998 Centerville  
SC13:172 Robinette Carrell 1957 Blackwater, VA  
SC13:231 Robinette Jerry Ray 1958 Robinette, VA  
SC14:224 Robinette Lester Elmer Jr. 1963 Fairview  
SC12:300 Robinette Martha Mae 1954 McKinley Rogersville  
SC17:423 Robinette Tanya Marie 1973 Fairview Church  
SC18:373 Robinson Carrie L. 1977 Springboro  
SC34:165 Robinson Dorothy 2005 Winchester  
SC4:32 Robinson Earnest A. 1911    
SC8:50 Robinson Ester 1932 Miami  
SC9:204 Robinson Frank Russell 1941 Miami  
SC15:260 Robinson James Alvin 1968 Winchester, KY Veteran, Spanish American
SC24:223 Robinson Jason Paul 1994 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC13:20 Robinson Lucile 1954 Lebanon  
SC4:111 Robinson Lucinda 1914    
SC19:301 Robinson Robert E. 1980 Winchester, Winchester, KY  
SC13:72 Robinson Saunders Lewis 1955 Lebanon  
SC19:501 Robinson Sherman Lewis 1981 Miami Valley Memory Gardens  
SC8:136 Robinson Venora 1934 Miami  
SC15:26 Robinson Virgil L. 1965 Springboro  
SC8:141 Robinson William 1934 Miami  
SC3:200 Robison Charles 1907    
SC4:94 Robison Ellisin 1913    
SC3:194 Robitser Mary Louise 1907    
SC3:222 Robitser Pearl Isabel 1909    
SC9:237 Robitzer Charles M. 1942 Miami  
SC18:447 Robitzer Jessie L. 1977 Miami  
SC3:116 Rodgers Anna C. 1903    
SC13:123 Rodgers Elbert Leland 1956 Miami  
SC3:204 Rodgers Rhea 1908    
SC3:118 Roger Infant of E.J. 1903    
SC12:266 Roger Vera 1953 Miami  
SC4:95 Rogers Amelia 1913    
SC8:194 Rogers Annette 1935 Miami  
SC6:279 Rogers Caroline 1927 Miami  
SC15:97 Rogers Dorothy Mae 1966 Miami  
SC6:233 Rogers Enos E. 1926 Miami  
SC11:19 Rogers Gideon Franklin 1935 Miami  
SC12:144 Rogers Hannah 1951 Miami  
SC4:64 Rogers Josiah C. 1912    
SC3:219 Rogers Lawrence 1908    
SC10:172 Rogers Margaret S. 1949 Miami  
SC13:266 Rogers Marquis P. 1959 Springboro  
SC11:204 Rogers Meta Inez 1943 Miami  
SC11:142 Rogers Morris W. 1941 Miami  
SC4:73 Rogers Rachel 1912    
SC6:57 Rogers Ruth E. 1922 Miami  
SC8:123 Rogers Thomas Elmer 1934 Miami  
SC10:203 Rogers Warren W. 1950 Miami  
SC4:121 Rogers William J. 1914    
SC32:5 Rohrback Donald R. 2003 Dayton National Cemetery US Army
SC11:114 Rohrback Mary Emma 1940 Bellbrook, OH  
SC3:135 Roland Arthur R. 1904    
SC6:85 Roland Henry Alvin 1923 Spring Valley, OH  
SC11:154 Roland Jeremiah Milton 1941 Bellbrook, OH  
SC3:166 Roland Levi 1905    
SC8:22 Roland Silas Allen 1932 Spring Valley, OH  
SC2:56 Rolland George 1897    
SC3:207 Rolland Irene 1908    
SC16:2 Roller Stephen Ranson 1969 Fairview  
SC3:221 Romine Amos 1909    
SC4:66 Romine Elizabeth 1912    
SC3:228 Romine Jesse T. 1909    
SC6:69 Romine Maria M. 1922 Miami  
SC6:100 Romine Thomas M. 1923 Miami  
SC32:75 Romine Vanessa 2003 Miami  
SC24:199 Rommes Stephen Frederick 1994 Miami  
SC3:157 Rooks Ella 1905    
SC6:157 Rooks Mahlon 1924 Sarvis  
SC11:240 Rooks Rose Marie 1945 Miami  
SC13:288 Rooney Harry 1959 Miami  
SC14:27 Rooney Lawrence L. 1960 Miami  
SC11:277 Root Jesse Elwood 1947 Sugar Grove  
SC12:109 Roper Washington Orange 1950 Miami  
SC8:69 Rose John Edwin 1932 Miami  
SC35:111 Rose Marie F. 2006 Miami  
SC30:129 Rosell Russel E. 2001 Miami US Air Force
SC10:22 Roskelly Augusta 1944 Miami  
SC13:28 Ross Arthur Lee 1954 Miami  
SC8:216 Ross Arthur Lloyd 1935 Miami  
SC15:164 Ross Chistopher Scott 1967 Miami  
SC13:148 Ross Clinton Madison 1956 Miami  
SC3:32 Ross Elizabeth 1898    
SC12:76 Ross Eva Lee 1949 Miami  
SC15:136 Ross Flora J. 1967 Springboro  
SC4:118 Ross Ford 1914    
SC2:26 Ross George 1896    
SC9:193 Ross Gladys Virginia 1941 Bellbrooke Cemetery  
SC9:297 Ross Ida Alana 1944 Miami  
SC9:219 Ross infant of John & Opal 1941    
SC9:289 Ross Infant of Tom & Ethel 1943 Bellbrooke Cemetery  
SC28:31 Ross Irma Evelyn 1999 Miami  
SC14:10 Ross Jackie Lane 1959 Miami  
SC20:119 Ross John Henry 1982 Miami  
SC9:194 Ross Joseph Nelson 1941 Bellbrooke Cemetery  
SC10:199 Ross Lafe 1950 Miami  
SC4:124 Ross Martha J. 1914    
SC9:158 Ross Paul 1940 Miami  
SC17:263 Ross Raymond R. 1971 Miami US Army, World War I
SC14:22 Ross Robert Ellsworth 1960 Miami  
SC17:181 Ross Samuel Nelson 1971 Woodlawn  
SC11:263 Ross Stillborn of Tom & Ethel Mae 1946 Bellbrook, OH  
SC14:167 Ross Thomas Gibson 1962 Bellbrook  
SC21:179 Ross William H. 1986 Miami  
SC20:235 Ross William Todd 1983 Springboro  
SC4:140 Rossell Ozro C. 1915    
SC15:121 Rothwell Cathern 1966 Miami  
SC14:269 Rothwell Ethel 1964 Bear Creek  
SC15:165 Rothwell Herbert 1967 Miami  
SC24:9 Rothwell Ora L. (Lamb) 1993 Miami  
SC15:160 Rothwell Sam 1967 Miami  
SC14:81 Rothwell William L. 1961 Miami  
SC2:62 Roush Altha Izetta 1897    
SC3:69 Roush Alwilda 1900    
SC11:14 Roush Effie 1935    
SC11:75 Roush Mortimer 1937 Miami  
SC12:59 Routzahn Enos Kerr 1949 Germantown  
SC27:25 Routzahn Eva Elizabeth 1998 Miami  
SC7:234 Routzahn Guy 1931 Tippecanoe City, OH  
SC17:271 Routzahn Keifer E. 1971 Sabina  
SC21:109 Routzahn Loren 1985 Miami  
SC19:163 Routzahn Ollie M. 1979 Maple Hill, Tipp City, OH  
SC17:311 Rowe Wilbur 1972 Miami US Marine Corps
SC4:33 Royer Catherine 1911    
SC36:165 Rudd John W. 2007 Miami  
SC18:201 Rudd Rodney Lee 1975 Miami  
SC8:284 Rudduck Frank Isaac 1937 Miami  
SC9:288 Rudduck Lydea M. 1943 Miami  
SC17:447 Ruggles Commodore D. 1973 Miami US Army
SC13:284 Runyon Anna B. 1959 Miami  
SC8:198 Runyon John Thomas 1935    
SC8:199 Runyon Joseph Carlen 1935    
SC21:89 Runyon Margaret C. 1985 Miami  
SC13:178 Runyon Peter Andrews 1957 Miami Veteran, Spanish American
SC18:369 Runyon Thomas C. 1977 Miami  
SC26:95 Ruse Dorothy Isabelle 1997 Valley View Memorial Gardens  
SC14:304 Ruse Helen 1964 Miami  
SC21:125 Rush Adam Michael 1985 Miami  
SC15:126 Rush Amalgia C. 1966 Washington Court House, OH  
SC21:245 Rush Fred M. 1986 Washington Court House, OH  
SC27:7 Rush Janet Elizabeth (Barger) 1998 Washington  
SC23:117 Rush Ronald B. 1991 Dayton National Cemetery US Air Force, World War II/Korea
SC35:57 Russel Harry T. 2006 Miami US Army
SC26:93 Russell Andy 1997 Fairview Primitive Baptist Church  
SC8:209 Russell Eli A. 1935 Springboro  
SC32:139 Russell Elmer 2003 Miami US Air Force
SC9:46 Russell Emma Isabelle 1938 Springboro  
SC13:114 Russell Lewis D. 1956 Sand Springs  
SC25:203 Russo Michelle E. 1996 Miami Valley Memory Gardens US Army
SC6:67 Rutherford Smith B. 1922 Mt. Sterling, OH  
SC31:97 Rutter Herbert C. 2002 Bethany, Hocking Co., OH  
SC13:87 Ruvoldt Martin 1955    
SC10:150 Rye Charles 1948 Miami  
SC15:52 Rye Clarence E. 1965 Miami  
SC14:61 Rye Harvey L. 1960 Miami  
SC6:154 Rye Infant 1924 Miami  
SC10:154 Rye John L. 1948 Miami  
SC8:214 Rye Luella 1935 Miami  
SC20:89 Rye Mary E. 1982 Miami  
SC9:120 Rye Mellie 1939 Miami  
SC29:1 Rye Michael W. 2000 Miami  
SC17:439 Rye Nettie 1973 Miami  
SC4:142 Rye William 1915    

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