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Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Homes, Inc was established in Maineville, Ohio in 1840 by Seth G. Tufts as an undertaking and carriage shop.  After a fire, the business moved to Loveland at the turn of the 20th century and continues to be operated by the descendants of the founder at locations in Loveland, Blanchester, and Goshen.  They have a website at http://www.tuftsschildmeyer.com/  Due to fires, first at their Maineville location and later at their first Loveland location, no records are available prior to June 1st, 1919.  Since then, 51 volumes of funeral home records and ledgers for Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home document 11,247 funerals conducted from June 1st, 1919 through 2000 from the Loveland location.

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Photocopies of the records are available for viewing at the Warren County, Genealogical Society Resource Library in Lebanon.  If you cannot visit in person, see procedures for requesting photocopies of individual records by mail. Mail Order Photocopy Request Form.  The original records are located at the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Homes, Inc. Loveland location.
  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Surname Given Name Year Cemetery Vol:Pg
Oatley Betty Jane 1983 Miamiville 34:162
Oatts Thomas Jay Sr 1979 Cremation, Spring Grove 30:132
O'Boyle Anabelle 1993 Cathedral, Scranton, Pa 44:15
O'Brien Anne 1953 Milford 10:180
O'Brien John W 1938 Milford 6:83
O'Brien Josephine D 2000 St Catharines, Sea Girt, NJ 51:203
Obrien Lida Tingley 1954 Milford 10:297
O'Coin Charles J 1981 Gate of Heaven 32:1
O'Connor Marie Ursula 1990 St Patricks, Fayetteville, Oh 41:98
O'Dell Banis Virginia 1997 Graceland Memorial 48:72
O'Dell Gilbert A 1997 Graceland Memorial 48:250
Odle Robert L 1960 Coeburn, Va 12:249
Ogden Bertha 1995 Union 46:127
Ogden Carl E 1975 Spring Grove 26:63
Ogden Clyde 1986 Mt Moriah 37:158
Ogden Donald F 1993 Union 44:77
Ogden Helen Louise 1993 Rest Haven 44:169
Ogden Lester 1968 Union 19:122
Ogden Lillian C 1972 Spring Grove 23:93
Ogden Melvin Clyde 1995 Rest Haven 46:130
Ogden Olive 1939 Miamiville 6:131
Ogg John J 1983 Union 34:76
Ogg Winifred Jeannette 1969 Ferncliff, Springfield, Oh 20:135
Ogle Beatrice 1972 Union 23:120
Ogle Robert LeRoy Sr 1999 St Marys, St Bernard, Oh 50:234
Oguah Kobina Ewuku 1994 Kerr 45:260
Oldenburg Jennie 1951 Goshen 10:38
Oldenburg Joe 1941 Blanchester, Oh 7:53
Oldenburg Minnie 1953 Blanchester, Oh 10:231
Oldham Raymond Harold 1977 Union 28:67
Oliver Alice Mae 1999 Slover Family, Perry Co, KY 50:119
Oliver Rebecca 1993 Graceland Memorial 44:217
Olson Arthur E 1988 Rest Haven 39:103
Olson Arthur Lavine 1988 Rest Haven 39:149
Olson Kimberly Ann 1998 Cremation 49:188
Olson Lauren Victor 1987 Union 38:144
O'Neal Francis 1928 Milford 3:190
O'Neal Virginia 1923 Germantown 1:227
O'Neill Charles C 1973 Willowood, Oh 24:130
Oney Betty Jo 1999 Cremation 50:268
Orcutt Gertrude F 1995 Spring Grove 46:224
Orcutt Howard S 1991 Spring Grove 42:32
Oren Infant 1960 Wilmington, Oh 12:285
Organ Anna 1940 Miamiville 6:272
Organ Charles 1956 Miamiville 11:162
Ormond Richard 1949 Union 9:139
Orobello Peter John 2000 Cremation 51:248
Orr Myrtle 1932   4:212
Orr Susie P 1983 Kerr 34:34
Orr William A 1979 Kerr 30:14
Orrear Mrs 1920 Miamiville 1:52
Ortkiese Rodney G 1998 St Joseph, Cecilia, LA 49:109
Osborn Alice M 1989 Rose Hill 40:5
Osborn Charles W 1998 Evergreen 49:50
Osborn Dorothy Rose 1985 Rest Haven 36:206
Osborn Willard H 1986 Rest Haven 37:75
Osborne Charles L 1988 Kerr 39:133
Osborne Emery 1944 Mason 8:21
Osborne John Merton Jr 1998 Union 49:139
Oser Leonard 1973 Rest Haven  24:66
Oser Minnie 1960 Rest Haven 12:293
Oser Robert Leonard 1972 Rest Haven 23:83
Oskamp Clemens 1937 Spring Grove 5:281
Ostendorf Carl F 1967 Gate of Heaven 15:176
Ostendorf Carl F 1967 Gate of Heaven 18:16
Ostendorf Harold A 1990 Union 41:155
Ostendorf Walter C 1967 St Marys 15:232
Ostendorf Walter Clement 1967 St Marys, St Bernard, Oh 18:72
O'Toole Jennie Lee 1998 Arlington Memorial Gardens 49:43
O'Toole Woodward Craig 1995 Arlington Memorial Gardens 46:28
Ottopal Edward H 1976 Union 27:24
Ottopal Johanna 1950 Union 9:247
Oury Alberta 1995 Cremation 46:53
Oury Sidney S 1988 Hillside Chapel 39:153
Owen Irma 1971 Maineville 22:59
Owen William Ray 1999 Gate of Heaven 50:13
Owens Alex Paul 1989 Gate of Heaven 40:10
Owens Anna 1923 Stewarts 1:189
Owens Isaac 1928 Hillsboro 3:162
Owens Judy Faye 1999 Oscar Hornsby, Mill Pond, KY 50:262
Owens Mildred Loraine 1993 Union 44:14
Owens Raymond J 1981 Union 32:3

Researchers are encouraged to come in and look up these records. For those who are unable to come in to our library to do research, we have a research department willing to help you.

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