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Compiled 2009 by Maryann Riley Vallone. Chronological abstract of 1,128 marriage records recorded during the period from 9 Jan 1902 through 1 Jan 1908, from the original marriage record books, Volume 6, pages 483-525 and all of Volume 7 of the Warren County Ohio Marriage Record books located at the Edna L. Bowyer Warren County Record Center and Archives..  This book provided the name, age, residence, parents & birth place for both the bride & groom and identifies those who have been previously married.  The every name index includes the bride, groom, parents plus names by previous marriages. 

This online index to the book contains the names of the bride and groom, year of marriage and maiden name (if not the 1st marriage) and the page number in our marriage record book, 1902-1907. If you find your ancestor listed here and you would like more information please contact our  research department.

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Name Spouse Maiden Name Date Publication Page
Vail, Joseph Lane Dougherty, Rosa A.   1902 Marriages 1902-1907 7
Vail, Lida May Darragh, Ralph Waldo   1905 Marriages 1902-1907 42
Vail, May Miller, Henry J.   1907 Marriages 1902-1907 68
Van Beuren, Harold King, Estelle Mae   1906 Marriages 1902-1907 60
Van Dyke, Anna May Randall, John Forest Jones 1903 Marriages 1902-1907 20
Van Harlengin, Kittie L. Keever, Thomas   1903 Marriages 1902-1907 16
Van Harlingen, Louie Corwin, Robert   1902 Marriages 1902-1907 10
Van Harlingen, Margaret White, Upshere M.   1905 Marriages 1902-1907 40
Van Horne, Elizabeth Kramer, Claude E.   1903 Marriages 1902-1907 23
Van Horne, Louise Alma Morrison, Richard Eugene   1903 Marriages 1902-1907 21
Van Zant, Perry C. Henderson, Sarah A.   1905 Marriages 1902-1907 43
Vandervort, Ione Whitacre, Chester L.   1904 Marriages 1902-1907 28
Vandervort, Veda Conklin, Alvin A.   1907 Marriages 1902-1907 67
Venard, Lucretia A. Cost, Walter F.   1907 Marriages 1902-1907 64
Vetor, Eva C. Procter, Lew D.   1906 Marriages 1902-1907 58
Villars, Bertha R. Pyle, Woodrow M.   1903 Marriages 1902-1907 18
Vinson, Sarah A. Hackmann, Fred Ralph   1902 Marriages 1902-1907 6
Vinson, Tressie Athela Hutchinson, Otto C.   1904 Marriages 1902-1907 37
Vizedon, Jacob F. Stewart, Edna May   1907 Marriages 1902-1907 67
Voelker, Phil C. Starke, Lorena K.   1906 Marriages 1902-1907 52
Vogel, Caroline M. Juterbock, Emil A.   1903 Marriages 1902-1907 16
Von, Eliza Million, Owen Von 1905 Marriages 1902-1907 41
Voorhis, Eva M. Ball, Burt B.   1905 Marriages 1902-1907 45

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