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The following Warren County Marriage Records of 1963-1965 were abstracted from Volumes 26 and 27 of the Probate Court marriage records located at the Edna L. Bowyer Records Center and Archives of Warren County, Ohio, 406 Justice Drive, Lebanon, Ohio. Over 1000 marriage records were abstracted and transcribed. White every effort was made to have an accurate transcription; the researcher is strongly encouraged to review the original record.

This book encompasses Volume 26, pages 1 through 518 and Volume 27 pages 1 through 513. Both volumes contained bride and groom names, ages, birth dates, birthplaces, parents, birthplaces, residence locations, occupations, consents for marriage, officiants, and previously married information. This transcription captures all this information, with the exception of occupations.

In the back of these volumes are a second set of consents containing more information from the parents or guardians and doctor’s notes. The pages are numbered with duplicate page numbers. For example, they are identified by “(See p. 509)” within the marriage book entry.

This online index to the book contains the names of the bride and groom, year of marriage and maiden name (if not the 1st marriage) and the page number in our marriage record book, 1963-1965. If you find your ancestor listed here and you would like more information please contact our  research department.

Warren County, Ohio Marriages

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Name Spouse Year Publication Page
Nahrup, Pamela Joan Hotze, John Vincent 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 68
Napier, Freddie L. Wilhoite, Billie Gay 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 77
Neal, Arthur Earl Gilkeson, Catherine Frances 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 39
Neeley, Lana Joyce Davis, Robert Harry 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 44
Neely, Jerry Lee Bauer, Linda Lou 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 44
Nelson, John W. Long, Doris Faye 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 70
Nevels, Carlos Toler, Vickie Ray 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 77
Nevergall, James L., Jr. Hoffer, Rebecca J. 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 33
Nicely, Larry Alan Felts, Delberta Sue 1963 Marriages 1963-1965 4
Nichols, Dianne Hagedorn, Gerald C. 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 58
Nichols, Dianne Faye Davis, Carol Lee 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 37
Nichols, John Shaffer, Betty Lou 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 33
Nichols, Kenneth Hedger, Anita 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 55
Nickel, Linda Sue Harris, Robert Douglas 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 76
Nickell, Keith Lavone Roe, Gale Sue 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 69
Nickell, Phyllis J. South, Estell C. 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 11
Nickell, Ray D. Oney, Rita M. 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 52
Nicolay, Carolyn Smith, Floyd Raymond 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 63
Niece, Wendell Frederick Hopkins, Amy Margaret 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 26
Niederman, Barbara Elaine Helsinger, Daniel Edward 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 19
Nimmo, Trudy J. Ruffner, Charles E. 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 60
Nixon, Chester E. Kothe, Virginia F. 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 59
Nixon, Nancy Bailey, Richard W. 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 42
Noble, Nannie McQueen, Crite 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 16
Noe, Flossie D. Burns, Clyde 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 54
Noe, Jerry Cook, Janice 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 50
Norman, Roy Lee Hopkins, Carolyn Sue 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 23
Norvell, Ricky R. Lawson, Linda J. 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 38
Norvell, Virginia West, Arnold 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 9
Nunley, Kinsor, Jr. Deatherage, Beverly Ann 1965 Marriages 1963-1965 61
Nunn, Earl B. Heller, Janet 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 31
Nutley, Angela Sue Ferris, Terrence Ralph 1964 Marriages 1963-1965 18


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