Mental Health Services

Warren County Juvenile Court Clinic is comprised of mental health professionals and service providers, Clinic staff may be found in Mary Haven Youth Center, the same building as Warren County Juvenile Detention Center. The Court Clinic is comprised of one psychologist, a licensed independent clinical social worker, three intervention specialists, and one probation officer. We work with juveniles who are involved with the Court, including those on probation, those incarcerated at JDC, and juveniles in residential placements.

We provide a variety of services to address the needs of juveniles who are incarcerated at the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center. Each juvenile receives an assessment prior to detention hearing to assess his/her risk and unique needs. We routinely provide referrals of various community resources to parents, so that families can obtain assistance for their children once they return home. We also provide suicide risk assessments and counseling for juveniles at JDC.

Juveniles incarcerated at JDC have the option to make a "therapist request" at any time. Juveniles who make a therapist request, as well as juveniles with needs identified by JDC staff, receive one-on-one counseling from Court Clinic staff. Group programming through Mary Haven, is provided for select juveniles detained at JDC.

We work collaboratively with parents, JDC staff, judicial staff, and probation officers to integrate mental health needs into individual case plans.