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Hisey Park - Caesar Creek and Gorge

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Image of Hisey Park sign
  • Wayne Township
  • 5443 Middletown Road
  • Corwin, Ohio 45068

The Hisey Park is located in Corwin, Ohio, 7 miles east of Lebanon, Ohio and 8 miles northeast of I-71.It is in Wayne Township at the corner of Corwin Road and Middletown Road 2 miles south of Waynesville.

Aerial image of Hisey Park

Hisey Park was acquired in 2003. With the help of the Hisey family, Wayne Township and the County Commissioners we were able to acquire this property and develop it into a wonderful park. This historic farm property was purchased from the Hisey Estate utilizing funding available through the Clean Ohio Grant Fund Program. The park was dedicated in 2005 and will incorporate nature trails, views, overlooks, wetlands and a learning center.


This 158 acres of land, which lies along the Caesar Creek Nature Preserve, features high views from atop the edge of Caesars Creek Gorge, mature steeply sloped wooded hillsides, and floodplain bordering the Little Miami Scenic Bike Scenic River Multipurpose Trail. This property provides a staging ares for myriad activities, including canoeing and kayaking, biking, bird watching, hiking and nature walks and fishing. Additionally the park includes the restoration of wetlands in the western portion of the site adjacent to the Little Miami Bike Trail. It is estimated that this area will include approximately 10-12 acres of jurisdictional wetlands once it matures. The property lies along the beautiful Caesar Creek Gorge and borders the Ohio ODNR nature preserve south and the Little Miami Scenic River Trail to the west. The park will feature natural trails, a wetland area and active play fields.

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158 acres


58 acres


4 acres


The proximity to the well-known and much used Little Miami Bike Scenic Multipurpose Trail assures exposure to the unique geological and ecological features of the property to tens of thousands visitors who traverse the trail annually. The wetland project includes more than 2,000 lineal feet of earth berm construction, over 5,000 lineal feet of tile searching and removal, the planting of 4,400 tree seedlings and container plants and the seeding of sediment and erosion control.


Walking and hiking trails, overlook and wetlands

Image of creek in Hisey Park Image of wetlands in Hisey Park Image of trail in Hisey Park