Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application


DUE: January 4, 2019 by 4:00 PM

Warren County annually receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The primary objective of the CDBG Program, as set forth by Congress is "the development of viable urban communities, by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income." All projects must meet at least one of three objectives:

  1. Benefit to low-to-moderate income persons
  2. Prevention or elimination of slums or blight
  3. Meet an urgent need


  • $160,000 awarded to a township to repair roads in a low/moderate income neighborhood
  • $60,000 awarded to local homeless shelter to provide care for homeless persons
  • $175,000 awarded to a city to repair curb and gutter in a low/moderate income neighborhood
  • $71,000 awarded to a village to remove architectural barriers in a public restroom to make it ADA compliant
  • $103,500 awarded to a village for engineering and repair of deteriorating storm sewer in a low/moderate income neighborhood


  1. Total proposed activities must be such that they can be completed by December 31, 2020.
  2. All non-residential construction and improvements must meet or exceed State Building Codes.
  3. Cost estimates must be itemized, signed and provided by a qualified source (i.e. Engineer, architect, county engineer, etc.)
  4. All cost estimates for construction projects with an estimated cost of $2,000 or more must include federal prevailing wages.
  5. Chip and seal or gravel-base road improvements are not eligible.
  6. Only the county may enter into contracts for your project.
  7. If you are committing other funds to the project and/or if other sources of funds are included in this project, copies of letters, resolutions, ordinances, etc., committing these funds must be submitted at the time of this application to the county commissioners.
  8. A map locating the project must be included with the application. (The type of project will determine the scale to be used).
  9. Awarded public improvement projects must pass an environmental review before it is funded. The County will assist with this process.


(*) Denotes required information.
*Phone Number  
*Contact Person  
*Phone Number  
*Email Address  
*Note: are you a public service group or non-profit entity?
If yes, attach a copy of constitution and by-laws.


  1. *Project Name  
  2. *Provide a brief description of project in no more than three sentences. Provide details regarding measurements/quantity of materials, if applicable, and the need for the grant.  
  3. *Will you need to acquire easements or property to complete this project?
    If Yes, explain:
  4. Who provided the Project Cost Estimate?
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
  5. Cost of Project
    • Labor (use prevailing wage)$
    • Materials$
    • Engineering$
    • Total Cost of Project$
      Note: Attach a copy of the cost estimate.
  6. *How much CDBG money is being requested?$  
    If you are not applying for the total cost of the project, where will the other funds come from? (List source and amount)
  7. Will it be phased over several years?
    If Yes, how many?
  8. Will Village, Township or County employees perform any work?
    If yes, please describe:


  1. *Where is the exact location of the project:
    Note: Provide a map that shows the location of the activity
  2. *What is the project service area?
  3. *Who will benefit from this project?
  4. How many households are in the service area?
  5. What census tract and/or block group does the project fall in?
  6. Have you completed an income survey, if applicable?
    Note: Submit the surveys with this form.
    • What date were the households surveyed?
    • Number of Households Surveyed?
    • Number of Low-Moderate Income Households (number of surveys with check marks)?
    • % Low-Moderate Income Households (line 2 divided by line 1)?
    • Number of Persons in Households Surveyed?


  1. Does your project affect an historical property or does your project occur in an historical district?
    If Yes, explain:
  2. Is your project located in a floodplain?
    If Yes, explain:
  3. Will any access fees be charged? (i.e. sewer or water line hook-up, membership fees, entrance fees, etc.)
    If Yes, explain:


Please include the following attachments with your application:
  1. Authorizing Resolution - The applicant's governing body should adopt a resolution authorizing: 1) the submission of an application to the Warren County Board of Commissioners for grant monies to financially assist in the undertaking of the proposed project; and 2) the execution of a cooperation agreement with the Warren County Board of Commissioners upon grant application approval.
  2. Map - A map (county, aerial, etc.) of the project area indicating proposed project improvements.
  3. Letter - If your proposed project meets the national objective of either eliminating slums and blight or meeting an urgent need (imminent threat), documentation supporting that contention must be attached to the application.
  4. Survey Information - If a house-to-house confidential income survey was undertaken to determine low and moderate income benefit, the survey forms as well as the methodology used in the determination must be attached to the application.
  5. Certified Cost Estimate - A signed cost certification must be provided by a qualified party that would not directly be involved in the project grant agreement (i.e., a third party). This certification must be done on their letterhead and indicate the estimated cost of the activity, the basis for that estimate in terms of quantities or other unit costs and the period for which the estimate will be accurate. Indicate whether or not prevailing wage has been considered in the cost.
  6. Public Service Group or Non-Profit Entity - A copy of constitution and by-laws.
  7. Other - Another file you would like to send.

Please submit your subrecipient application to the Warren County Office of Grants Administration, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 4, 2019. Please submit one application for each separate project activity.