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There is a filing fee to file a complaint for custody, plus an additional amount to publish on an absent parent or file additional motions. The court may hear this on an emergency basis if the complaint is truly of an emergency nature. Otherwise, a hearing will be scheduled on your complaint.

If an emergency hearing is held, an order for temporary custody of a child may be granted. That order will allow the children to be enrolled in school, treated medically, etc. Parents do still retain their rights to their children. Legal custody may be granted during the trial if a more long-term option is necessary. This is an ongoing order of which the court retains jurisdiction but will not review the case unless additional motions are filed.

For grandparents, a Power of Attorney may also be utilized in temporary situations such as hospitalizations, incarcerations, etc. This must be notarized and filed with the court free of charge.


Child Support may be be ordered for both parents during the custody hearing. If parents are not paying child support, caregivers can apply for cash assistance, but can generally not receive both.

Caregivers are eligible to apply for benefits through Human Services. Cash assistance and a medical card are often available for all relative caregivers not receiving other assistance for the child. Non-relative caregivers will need an order for custody prior to being approved for this assistance. All household income is considered prior to food stamps or daycare subsidies also being approved.

  • Social Security
  • 3715 Towne Blvd.
  • Franklin, OH 45005
  • Phone: 1-800-772-1213, http://www.ssa.gov/

Social Security may be an option for children with an identified disability; assistance through Human Services may be reduced if a child is approved for social security.

  • Warren County Children Services
  • 416 S. East Street
  • Lebanon, OH 45036
  • Phone: 513-695-1538

Kinship Permanency Incentive (KPI) provides qualifying caregivers with a one-time payment to defray costs of placement and possible subsequent payments at six-month intervals on a time-limited basis to support the stability of the child's placement in the home. You must have an order for legal custody, a home study approved by Children Services, and meet established income guidelines. KPI Form

WIC (Women, Infants and Children) provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support (breast pumps for special circumstances), health care referrals, immunization screening and supplemental foods.

Referrals can be made by calling Telephone: 513-695-1546 or Hotline: 513-695-1600
Week nights 4:30 PM to 8:00 AM - Weekends and Holidays

In order to ensure your referral information is received, please do not email concerns regarding a child or children.

Please call the telephone numbers above - OR - in case of an emergency call 911