Warren County Clerk Of Courts

Filing Fees for the Court of Common Pleas

Effective - 1/1/2019
(Fees are subject to change)
Civil Case
in Civil actions – add $10.00 per additional defendants over 5
Civil Case by Publication $300.00
Domestic Relations Case with children $350.00
Domestic Relations Case without children $250.00
Domestic Relations Case by Publication $500.00
Domestic Relations Case with an Affidavit of Indigency $15.00
Answer and Cross Complaint with service $200.00
Jury Demand $200.00
Personal Service by Sheriff, each party $50.00
Motion to View the Scene $100.00
Post Decree Motion $75.00
Motion to Revive a Judgment $50.00
Third Party Complaint with service $200.00
Foreclosure $520.00
Publication for Order of Sale - per week (min. 3 wks.) $100.00
Writ of Possession $125.00
Criminal Case Sealing of Record $50.00
Notice of Appeal - Workers' Comp (with or without Complaint) $200.00
Notice of Appeal from an Administrative Body $50.00
Notice of Appeal to the 12th District Court of Appeals $225.00
Foreign Judgment (Out-of-State) $50.00
Foreign Decree of Divorce
(Filling Only)
(Petition to Adopt)

Garnishment $75.00
Garnishee Fee - Other than Employer (check payable to garnishee) $1.00
Judgment Debtor Exam $50.00
Certificate of Judgment
Preparation and Filing
Preparation for filing in Foreign Court
CJ from Foreign Court
Release of State Tax Lien

Execution $50.00
Court-Ordered Certificate of Title $50.00
Authenticated Copy $5.00
Certified Copy - Per Page $1.00
Photocopies - Per Page $0.05
Certificate of Official Character $1.00
Notary Commission
Certification and Seal on Notary Commission
Registered Land $75.00
Subpoena Witness Fee
Warren County resident (check payable to witness)
Non-Warren County resident (check payable to witness)

Electronic transmissions via fax or email
Each page of the transmission
------------------FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE------------------