Warren County Board of County Commissioners

County Bid Projects

2021 Chip Seal Project
2021 Resurfacing Project
2021 Striping Project
26,900 Tons Of Bulk Ice Control Salt
Guardrail Replacement FY21 Project
New Jail & Sheriff's Office Fiber & Copper Backbone Project
RFP Food Service Operations For The Warren County Jail
RFP Rental Assistance Relief Software
RFQ-Criteria Architect Services For The Warren County Court Expansion Project
Sale of Property - Parcel A of Burnham Woods Subdivision, Section One
Update Endpoint Detection And Response Project
Warren County Jail & Sheriff's Office Dental Equipment Project
Warren County Jail & Sheriff's Office RFID Inmate Tracking System Project
Body Scanner Inspection System for the Warren County Jail
Brooks-Carroll Road and Collett Road Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Project
Fosters Lift Station and Gravity Sewer Improvements
FY19 Harveysburg Storm & Sanitary Sewer Improvement CDBG Project
Hunter Sewer System Improvements
Re Sale of 2020 Water and Sewer Scrap Metal
RFP Purchase of Electronic Financial Transaction Device or Kiosk
WAR-CR21-0.23-0.41, (aka Mason-Montgomery Road Access Management Improvements) (ODOT PID 109613)
Warren County Transit - Operation
Water and Sewer Scrap Metal
WC Administration Building Electric Service Entrance Project
Wood Road Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Project
Columbia Road Widening Project
RFP-Ballots 2020 through February 2021
The Board of County Commissioners Meeting is held on Tuesdays at 9:00 am and the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm. Thursday meetings are on an "as needed" basis and the Board may schedule or cancel as deemed necessary. If you plan to attend a Thursday meeting, please call (513) 695-1250 to confirm the meeting has not been cancelled.