Juvenile Detention Center

Warren County JDC School


To ensure that juveniles incarcerated at the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center continue to receive their schooling, the Detention Center has contracted with the Warren County Educational Services Center to provide two state licensed teachers.

The Warren County ESC believes that education is a cooperative process that involves administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community in promoting excellent educational programs through a constant cycle of diagnosis of need, implementation and evaluation. Recognizing that each district is unique and diverse, education services at JDC are designed to meet the requirements of the student's home district.

The detention centers educational program provides structured classes 6.5 hours per day, Monday through Friday throughout the school year. The class work completed allows the juvenile to obtain an excused absence from school unless he/she is suspended or expelled. While in the classroom the licensed teacher ensures that the juveniles are continuing with their schoolwork assigned by their residential school district or by the JDC teacher. All assignments from their home school are returned to the parents upon request or the release of the juvenile and should be returned to the school district for grading. JDC also has a summer school program to ensure the educational programming continues year-round.

With the cooperation of the parents and the residential school district of the juvenile, it is our plan to continue to provide education assistance while they are detained in JDC. Our ultimate goal is for all students to have a positive learning opportunities which we strive to achieve through teamwork, effective leadership and mutual support.