Warren County Child Support Enforcement Agency

Establishing Paternity

What are the benefits of establishing paternity?
What will the caseworker need to know to try to establish paternity?
What if he denies he is the father, or he's not sure?
What happens if I am not sure who the father is?
Who can request paternity establishment services from the Warren County CSEA?
How is paternity established?
When and where is the paternity acknowledgement signed?
Can I change my mind after the Paternity Acknowledgement is signed?
Who is an alleged father?
Who is a presumed father?
What if there are more then one presumed and/or alleged father's?
Who is an established father?
How does genetic testing work?
How long will it take to get the results of my genetic testing?
What is the cost for genetic testing?
How will the genetic test results be issued?
What will happen when the genetic test results come back?