Warren County Children Services

Foster Care and Adoption

To inquire about becoming a foster or adoptive parent please call (513)695-1546 and ask for the worker responsible for inquiries.

The Foster Care/Adoption Unit works to provide safe placement for those children who the agency, Prosecutor's Office and Court find to be unsafe in their home or those children who are found to be dependent by parents who are unable to care for them (due to factors such as incarceration or death.) The preferred option is always placement of the children in a safe, appropriate relative or kinship home. Often the placement is in an agency licensed home or when those are not available an out of county contracted home. For children with special needs this unit can also arrange for placements in a specialized treatment facility. It is important for children to have some consistency in their lives during this difficult time. The Foster Care/Adoption Unit attempts to place children together as a sibling group and within their own community if possible to minimize disruption as much as possible and allow them to maintain their network of support.

Foster Homes

This unit is responsible for recruiting, training, licensing, placement and retention of agency foster homes and adoptive placements. Compliance issues with all placements are monitored by this unit. All inquiries by community members interested in fostering or adoption are received by the Foster Care/Adoption Unit.


On Average, Warren County Children Services has approximately 15 children waiting to be adopted. All of our waiting children have experienced some form of abuse or neglect. These children are in need of a family that will provide security, stability, acceptance and love. . Adoption provides an opportunity for our children to have a lifetime of happiness with a permanent family. If you are interested in adoption, please contact Warren County Children Services, Foster Care/Adoption Unit at 513-695-1546.

Referrals can be made by calling Telephone: 513-695-1546
Week nights 4:30 PM to 8:00 AM - Weekends and Holidays

In order to ensure your referral information is received, please do not email concerns regarding a child or children.

Please call the telephone number above - OR - in case of an emergency call 911