Warren County Court of Common Pleas

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid for being a juror?
Must my employer pay me while on jury duty?
Who can have a jury trial?
What if I have a special need or emergency?
What about after the trial?
Do I have to respond to the jury summons?
Got a jury summons in the mail; what is the next step?
Will I be notified of my date and time to serve?
What if I have moved out of the county or state?
What should I do if I have received a jury summons for a deceased family member?
Can I volunteer for jury service or send someone in my place if I am unable to serve?
Will I be excused for vacations, medical issues, financial hardship, etc?
What should I do if I have an unexpected event come up after my paperwork was returned and need additional excused days?
What happens during jury selection on the trial date?
What if my employer requires me to turn in a statement that verifies my attendance at jury duty?

If you still have questions please contact the Jury Commissioner: