Warren County Emergency Management

What is a Special Event and Mass Gathering?

By definition, a Special Event and Mass Gathering is a non-routine activity within a community that brings together a large number of people. Emphasis is not placed in the total number of people attending but rather the impact on the community’s ability to respond to a large-scale emergency or disaster or the exceptional demands that the activity places on a response services. A community’s special event requires additional planning, preparedness and mitigation efforts of local emergency response and public safety agencies. A mass gathering is a subset of a special event.

Warren County communities has many Special Event/Mass Gatherings each year that draw in not just Warren County residents but also those from other counties, states and countries. The Special Events come in the form of Professional and Amateur Sporting Events, Festivals, Fund Raisers, School Events and more. While the intent of any and all Special Events/Mass Gatherings are to provide entertainment, food and fun for individuals or their families the main focus for those who plan the events is always Public Safety.

Below you can find more information on Special Event/Mass Gathering planning. If you have any questions or need future direction regarding this topic please contact our office, Warren County EMA 513-695-1315.

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