Warren County Records Center & Archives

How To Guide for Searchable Records and Indexes

Here are steps to make your search of the Warren County Records Center & Archives online inventories easier and more efficient. If you have any questions, please call the Records Center at 513-695-1815.

  1. Under the “Online Resources” tab click on the “Searchable Records” link
  2. Select a department from the “Select Department” drop down list, this will then grant you access to the specific indexes for that department in the “Select Index” drop down
  3. Select your index of choice from the “Select Index” drop down
  4. You can scroll through all the entries within the selected index or use the “Search:” feature to speed up the process. For the first option, please see steps 5 and 6. For the second option, please see steps 7 and 8.
  5. To mainstream your manual search through all inventory entries, you can utilize the organization tools to set your preferences. There are arrows at the top of each column of information, if you see one arrow in bold this indicates that this column is how the inventory information is currently being organized. If you click on the heading of a column, this will then change the inventory to be organized alphabetically or numerically by entries of that column.
  6. If you would like to see more than 10 entries at a time, click on the “Show Entries” dropdown and choose from the given list as to how many items you would like to see displayed at once. NOTE: when using a computer, if a particular index holds enough columns to require the viewer to scroll left to right, the horizontal scroll bar is only available at the bottom of the currently visible entries.
  7. If you would like to search the chosen index for a particular entry, you can utilize the “Search:” box. Begin to type out your item of interest, and the system will automatically begin filtering the index to your given information. You can then filter results further in the same manner as a manual search, as described in steps 5 and 6.
  8. If you do not see the exact item you are looking for, try typing in a different spelling of the item or a portion of the item. For example, if you are looking for Jonathan Smith, and that exact name does not yield any results, try searching for Johnathan, Jonathon, Smyth, or Jo.
  9. If your index of choice has a “Document” column, then certain entries within the index may have scanned images attached to them. If you see the words “View Document” within this column, this means that this entry may have items available for viewing. To view these documents, simply click on the underlined “View Document” link, and a new tab will open in your browser with the selected images.