Warren County Treasurer

Our office is open for payments with standard protections for the public as well as employees. We strongly encourage mail and electronic contacts with the office.
If you wish to make a payment, please place it in a sealed envelope with information about where we should credit it and mail it, or deposit it in the Treasurer’s Lockbox, located to the left of the ATM machine in the first floor lobby, or through the mail slot in the Treasurer’s Office door. Please strongly consider making all such payments by check or money order.
We will be happy to issue a receipt, if you will enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with your payment. You can also see when payments are made if you look up your property through the Property Search feature. That page is updated overnight.
Payments may also be made online at https://www.co.warren.oh.us/Treasurer/Payments. We have successfully negotiated a reduction in the fees charged for these payments.

Warren County Real Estate Bills

A substantial percentage of Warren County homeowners have a mortgage where the mortgage company escrows monthly for their real estate tax and remits payment to the County for the homeowner. To make that process work, the mortgage company will electronically request a report of the taxes owed for the properties it intends to pay. The County responds with the relevant information and, since payment will be coming in, codes the account to not print and mail a bill. The savings to the county in printing and mailing costs avoided by this action is over $50,000 per year.

When a mortgage company fails to supply the County Treasurer in a timely manner with a list of the properties that it is going to pay, the system automatically sends a bill to the homeowner.

If any homeowner receives a bill, but they expect their mortgage company to pay it, they should call the mortgage company to be certain that it will be paid by the mortgage company.

Application for Remission of Late Payment Penalties

Tax Certificate Sales


(NOTE: mail dropped into the local Post Offices is no longer “Postmarked” by the local Post Offices – it could be several days before your envelope is “Postmarked” by the Regional Post Office).