Warren County Emergency Dispatch

Tactical Dispatch Unit (TDU)

The Warren County Tactical Dispatch Unit (TDU) is a group of six experienced dispatchers assigned to the Warren County Tactical Response Unit (TRU). After being selected as tactical dispatchers, they receive hands on field training. Their job is to help alleviate some of the stress and duties of the incident commander, tactical commander, and negotiations team.

The TDU has been utilized to assist TRU with critical incidents, high risk warrant services, and special details. Dispatchers are a key component in supplying, relaying, and keeping track of everything that goes on during one of these high-stress incidents. The TDU members work helps to relieve some of the extra duties created inside the dispatch centers.

These dispatchers are “on-call” for rapid deployment at any given time and will respond to the scene with the mobile units. All of the members of the TDU have years of dispatch experience.