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Landen Deerfield Park

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  • Deerfield Township
  • 2258 W. St. Rt. 22/3
  • Maineville, Ohio 45039

The Landen Deerfield Park is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio at. This park is located in Deerfield Township, the most intensely populated township in the county, 3.73 miles northeast of I-71 and 2 miles south of Kings Island. The active play fields at Landen Park are subjected to intense local use for all organized team sports and the fields are frequently busy. However there are also great opportunities for picnicking, trails, playground, basketball, tennis, a fishing lake lake and a new amphitheater that are all available for use.

The nearest development is the Landen community, which is comprised of approximately 1,300 acres and borders the park on the east, north and west with a population of approximately 13,000. However, residential development in the area has made this a nearly continuous residential community area. This park is used by everyone in the area, including residents of the township, and the city of Mason, 3 miles to the northwest, which has a population of 20,000 plus people. Deerfield Township has a population of 25,000 plus.


The total acreage is 95 acres of prime land, donated to the Warren County Park District by Joseph Landen for public recreation and was held in trust by the Nature Conservancy. Conveyance of land occurred on December 18, 1979. A Land and Water grant was applied for by the Park District, which was a 50-50 funding match for development. On June 18, 1979 the amount of $802,766.00 was awarded to the Park District, resulting in the Park District receiving $401,383.00 for the development of the Landen Deerfield Park.

WOODED ACREAGE: Approximately 45 acres
FIELDED ACREAGE: Fields - 41 acres; Lake, building, roads - 9 acres
TOTAL NUMBER OF DEVELOPED FIELDS: Baseball - 8; Soccer - 7; Football - 1
Image bicyclers in Landen-Deerfield Park
Aerial Image of Landen Deefield Park

The Landen Deerfield Park conserves 95 acres of open space for public use for recreation, offering soccer, baseball, softball and football fields, tennis, basketball and sand volleyball courts, natural area, hiking trials, mountain bike trails, fishing, shelters, restrooms, concession stand, picnic tables and grills.


Glaciers covered almost all of Warren County in the Illionian age, the Landen Deerfield Park along the ridge line, thus the majority of the soil was formed earlier than the Illionian glacier. The soil depth is generally more than 200 feet thick. The soil survey of Warren County reflects soil type as Clermont series. This soil group is light colored gray and yellow. Soil characterized by being poorly drained having low pH. The level areas have about 12 inches of silty topsoil over very tightly compacted clay subsoil. On slope areas, the silt topsoil has been eroded off exposing the subsoil layers. The park is located in the southern section of Warren County. The topography of Landen Deerfield Park high point is approximately 800 feet in elevation. The site is drained by intermittent streams, which flows into the Little Miami River.

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