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Dave Woehr Explores Warren County Park District

Dave Woehr

After a four decade career as a mechanical engineer, Dave Woehr retired and moved to Lebanon, Ohio with his wife, Loraine, putting the commotion and hubbub of big city life behind him. Coming from a family of avid outdoorsmen, Dave grew up with an intense interest in native plants, animals, their habitats and environment. Randomly exploring the area back roads in his car, Dave stumbled onto a number of local parks and eventually into the offices of the Warren County Park District. In the county park office, Dave obtained detailed information about the parks to supplement what he was haphazardly discovering in his own wandering adventures. He met and introduced himself to the Director of the Warren County Parks as well as the Board of Park Commissioners and found that these folks share his concerns for obtaining, maintaining, and preserving habitat for native plant and animal species. Dave's long-time hobby of photography is being put to use as he captures pictures of plants, mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians as well as scenery and activities in the Warren County Parks. These photos are catalogued to indicate in which park they were taken and the subject of each picture.  Thus, the Warren County Park system now has a growing photo library for educational, promotional or other useful purposes. It is hoped that this photo collection will stimulate the interest of others in the community who are interested in viewing the beauty of Mother Nature and the other offerings of the county parks.

If you would like to contact Dave Woehr - he can be reached at dwoehr@fuse.net

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The "Why Nature article" is a scanned writing from a booklet entitled "A New Look At Some Old Things" - selected nature articles by the late Warren R. Wells, Chief Naturalist for the Hamilton County Park District. I have added this purely for the interest of anyone who is interested in nature preservation in our park systems. Mr. Wells was a personal friend who taught me a lot about "the wilds". I was 16 or 17 years old when I met him in 1959 or 1960. He helped instill in me an interest in nature and conservation that is still a strong influence decades after his retirement and passing.